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C class Final Test



A. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1. . (you / want) a pizza?

2. They .. (watch) TV now.
3. I . (not / like) spaghetti.
4. The baby . (sleep) now.
5. My mother usually . (cook) dinner in the evening.

B. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Past Continuous.

1. I (study) when Fred ..

2. While I (watch) TV last night,
(drop by) to visit me.
3. My parents . (go out) me last night but I
.. (stay) home.
4. When he.. (come) home, I .. (talk)
to my mother on the phone.

C. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect Simple.

1. Jane .. (buy) her car two weeks ago.

2. My bicycle isnt here. Somebody . (take) it.
3. Why (Jim / not want) to play tennis last Friday?
4. The car looks clean. .. you .. (wash) it?
5. When we were on holiday, the weather (be) terrible.

D. Complete the sentences with the Future Simple or be going to.

1. Next week, I (visit) the Acropolis.

2. At 7 oclock tomorrow, my mum (work).
3. The phone is ringing.
Ok. I .(get) it.
4. In the summer, I (swim).
I ..(swim) all day!!!
C class Final Test

E. Choose the correct answer.

1. If he doesnt pay the bill, he . into trouble.

a) wont get b) will get c) would get d) would have got

2. If the weather good, we would go swimming.

a) was b) would be c) were d) is

3. Your brother wouldnt have found such a nice job if he . a

university diploma.
a) didnt have b) doesnt have c) hadnt got d) hadnt

4. You would have some money in your pocket if you . it so

a) hadnt spent b) didnt spend c) couldnt spend d) dont spend

5. If you dont succeed in the test, you .. the job.

a) were not going to get b) wouldnt get c) will not get d) didnt get

6. We would be there now if we .. that airplane.

a) took b) had taken c) take d) had to take

F. Complete the sentences with the modals:

could, should, must, have to/dont have to, can

1. George has traveled a lot. He speak four languages.

2. I cant sing now but I .. sing very well when I was a child.
3. We will stay in bed till 10 oclock this morning. Because we
..go to school.
4. Many students wear uniform when they go to school.
5. Im sorry I cant come today. I .. work late.
6. Youve been coughing a lot recently. You go to the doctor.
7. You have a bad headache. So you . go to bed early.
8. I cant swim very far these days but ten years ago I . swim from
one side of the lake to the other.

G. Complete the sentences with the gerund or the infinitive.

1. I like..(play) with my friends.

2. He wants .(go) to Athens next weekend.
3. I am used to.(wake) up early on weekdays.
4. All students should..(do) their homework.
5. I would rather .(go) out than watch TV.
C class Final Test

H. Write U for uncountable and C for countable.

1. information 6. child
2. book 7. knowledge
3. computer 8. luggage
4. water 9. school
5. oil .... 10. test

I. Complete the sentences with: much, many, some, any.

A: Id like . potatoes, please.

B: Of course. How . would you like?
A: A kilo, please. Are there oranges?
B: Certainly. How do you need?
A: A kilo, please.

A: Id like olive oil.

B: How oil do you need?
A: Half a bottle. Is there . flour?
B: Certainly. How . flour do you need?
A: A kilo, please.

J. Look at the chart and write sentences with the comparative and the superlative.

Age Height Weight

Amanda 21 1.73 57 kg
James 23 1.82 76 kg
Tina 20 1.68 61 kg