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Melissa Franco



To the principle of Carl Lauro Providence RI ,

This letter is in regards to the Elementary 3 ESL teaching position you

have posted. I am the most qualified person for this position. I have a wide

range of experience with ESL students and a vast range of knowledge of all

types of learning disabilities. While being in school as a child I was also was

an ESL student, so being part of the program English as a second language I

can relate to many of these kids and I have a good idea of what type of

struggles they might have. This is the reason I majored as a Bilingual

Generalist. I have a Bachelors degree in Education as a Bilingual Generalist

in grades EC-6.

I would have excellent teaching strategies for them that could help

them excel and learn the English language the proper way. I would have the

patience and dedication to help them. I would also relate to them because I

would try to incorporate the students culture so that they feel welcomed and

part of the class. The class needs to be as comforting and fun for the kids to

enjoy the class.

While obtaining my degree I had a wide range of experiences with

inclusion and restrictive classroom settings. I got to observe many classes

and obtain a good amount of experience on how to teach and help these

students. I got to experience and observe a SSALT 2 and 3 units and also I had

an excellent teacher role model that taught me good techniques in how to

help these students. I have also had a chance to attend many trainings that

have taught me excellent strategies when it comes to working with ESL

learners or any other type of learning disability the child might have.

Many of the things I know about working with kids that have a learning

disability is that they are not different from anyone else they just have a

special way of earning and I believe that a good teacher has to be prepared

for any type of class and have good ideas that will help the child excel in life

and in education. From all the experiences I have had and the vast training I

have received about different type of disabilities from hearing, visual and

physical impaired and emotional, behavioral, autism disorders, ADHD and

gifted and talented. I also have a good background on how IEPs, RTI

meetings and transition plans work and the importance they all have in the

childs education career.

As my resume portrays all of the qualities and skills I possess because

of the wide range of knowledge and the vast trainings I have had the past

few years and the experience with other disabilities. I have had the privilege

of observing them and helping them. I have worked with them. I just hope

you take in consideration all of my many qualities. I am eager to be part of

this team. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Melissa Franco