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Kendrick Noetzelman


8th Language Arts

25 January 2017

Have you ever wondered why youre able to sleep soundly in your bed without

worry of terrorists? The answer to that question is in this essay. A group formed on January 1st,

1962 with one purpose in mind. But where did they operate? Or what have they achieved? If

youre looking for answers about the Navy SEAL group youve come to the right place.

It all started in January 1st, 1962 when John F. Kennedy decided that the United States

needed a Special Operations Force for dealing with things the normal average army couldnt deal


Todays SEALs symbolize in a single force the heritage, missions, capabilities, and combat

lessons-learned of five groups that no longer are in action but

were essential to US Victory in World War II. These were

Army Scouts and Navy Raiders; Naval Combat Demolition

Units, Office of strategic Services Operational Swimmers,

Navy Underwater Demolition Teams, and Motor Torpedo

Boat Squadrons.(SEAL History) All of those teams deployed

all over.

Today's Navy SEALs operate all over the globe. The term SEAL means sea land and air.

The Navy SEALs are a fully operational Special Operations team that will deal with anything the
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average military cant. For example the SEALs will take out highly dangerous terrorist cells.

They are involved in operations such as the following types:

Direct Action: Neutralize, Capture, Kill Enemy Forces

Offensive Strikes

Special Reconnaissance: Observe, Report

Counter Terrorism: Eliminating Threats, Pre-emptive Strike

The Navy SEALs have embarked on many missions and have got plenty of successful

operations under their belt. Some of these operations include SEAL team 6 taking out Osama Bin

Laden. Operation Anaconda destroyed the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In 2009, for example, they rescued an American captain taken

hostage by pirates off the coast of Somalia. (Lewis).

The Navy SEALs are the reason you're able to sleep so

soundly in your bed at night

without worry of terrorists. They

have so far filled out their purpose to exactly what John F.

Kennedy had in mind when he formed the group. They have

operated all over the globe and have completed many operations

the best one being Operation Neptune Spear. There is the biggest

baddest group in the world. The United States Navy SEALs.

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