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Worlds Top 30 Best Countries To Live In 2016

Where on earth the happiest people reside? Which one is the best place to live in / relocate to? If

you have these many questions racing through your mind continue to read on. Starting from 2013,

every year our team, Lifestyle9 releases the list Best countries to live in the world based on the

landmark surveys and authentic reports from the trust worthy sources around the world.

1 Denmark The Best Country to Live In the World

Lifestyle9 Score: 7.83

Have you ever heard of countries where murder and other crime rates are almost zero? Can there

be any other country offering a pollution-free and corruption-free life with stable economic growth

even at recession times? If you want to live in such a country, head on to Denmark because it is

the only country that offers almost all the mentioned facilities and securities.

According to the world happiness report, Denmark is crowned as the happiest

country in the world. Thus, it is the best country to live in the current date.

As of January 2016, Denmark is one of the countries with top credit rating. Main

exports from Denmark include machinery, meat products, chemicals, fuels,


Every Danish family enjoys a total of 52 weeks of parental leave, where mothers are

given 18 weeks of paid leave and fathers are allowed to take 2 weeks of fully paid leave.
After giving birth, nearly 79% of women rejoin their previous level of

employment. This figure is quite higher when compared to that of American women,

which is only 59%.

Denmark is one of the best countries to see your kids grow up. Little ones are given

access to either free or low-cost childcare.

Every Danish citizen receives an outstanding health care system since it is his or her

basic right.

Denmark regularly ranks in the list of top 10 countries when it comes to gender equality.

They are much concerned about their citys surroundings too. 50% of Danish people

contribute to the betterment of their cities by doing some good deeds. For example, they

use bicycles to reach their school and work. Now, this shows how protective they are,

towards their environment. The government offers an amount of 7.8 cents per kilometer

to people traveling by bicycle instead of a car. By following the rules, they are not only

taking care of their surroundings but also lessen the rate of accidents, noise and air

pollution from taking place.

Copenhagens Zoo located in Frederiksberg area is widely known for its variety of

species of animals. Other famous places are Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts. It has

modern art paintings by world renowned artists such as Max Ernst, Henry Moore,

Giacometti, Calder, Picasso and Warhol. 443 is the number of islands which this

country has and only 76 are used by humans.

Does the name Dannebrog ring a bell in your mind? Well, it is the National Flag of

Denmark, one of the ancient flags still retained since 1219.

It has over 14 Nobel Laureates, 4 in English Literature, in Physiology and Medicine it

has secured 5, and Peace Prize is 1. It also holds the second position in the world for

freedom of the press.

The worlds popular building toys Lego are from Denmark.


Lifestyle9 Score: 7.82

Sweden offers 16 months of parental leave and pays 80% of their salary too. Without

any doubt, parents get loads of time to spend with their children. It is the reason Sweden

is considered as one of the best countries to live and see your kids grow up.

Sweden offers a complete free day care service. In other words, we can state that it is

heavily subsidized. Although, the day care costs around $120 per month, you can

reimburse it with the Governments child benefits plans.

Swedens economy is aided by hydro-power, iron ore and timber. However, their major

industries include telecommunications, industrial machines, chemical goods, motor

vehicles, pharmaceuticals, precision equipment, home appliances, steel, iron and


The National Institute of Economic Research anticipates Swedens GDP growth to be

1.8%, 3.1% and 3.4% for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Surprisingly, people of Sweden are not affected even by its extreme weather conditions.

They are still seen ice skating, running down, skiing, sledding, taking long walks and

sipping a yummy hot coffee in the cold times.

Sweden serves as the best country for women too. If it is safer for women to live here,

then it is obviously best for others too.

Throughout Sweden, you can breathe fresh and clean air. Sweden is admired for its

blissful nature.

Sweden has a sound public transportation system. Trains and buses cover each and

every place, right from big cities to remote Swedish villages.

Sweden has a strong independent media and this results in most transparent politics.

Volvo, the car has its headquarters in Sweden.

It is a fact that certain parts of the country do not get sunlight in winter and so you have

to drive with your headlights in the middle of the afternoon.


Lifestyle9 Score: 7.7

Norwegians are usually pretty and well dressed. They are often known as the best party-

goers in the whole world, especially youngsters.

Shipping has always been a great support for Norways export zone, but Norways

much immense economic growth has been backed by its natural resources, even

including hydroelectric power, fisheries, petroleum exploration and production.

Norways oil manufacturing (in tons) and its strong socialist system contributes to the

wealth of every citizen here. Almost everyone here seems to have his or her own means

of transportation.
Most of them here are seen holding either an iPhone or other high-end smartphones

costing over 500 buck.

Norwegians are healthy because they eat healthy foods, drink clean water and breathe

fresh air.

Norway is well admired for its nature. Whether it is a park, mountain or forest, just take

a walk around and you will know how it feels like when you relax beside Mother Nature.

Every country has factors of significance and Norway is no exception to this aspect. Its

Laerdal road tunnel has been termed as the longest tunnel in the world (24.5 kilometers

or in miles it comes to 15.2). Its two fjords are world-famous (the Geirangerfjord and

the Nryfjord) and featuring on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In Norway you can enjoy 24 hours of Sunlight during the summer.

Nobel Prize for Medicine was won by two Norwegians, May-Britt Moser and Edvard

Moser in 2014. As per Alfred Nobels will (founder of Nobel Prize), the Nobel Prize
for Peace every year is given to the person who will be selected by Norwegian Nobel



Lifestyle9 Score: 7.62

Regardless of where they live, Australians are so good in lending their hands for

help whenever required. This special characteristic of Australians has made this

country hit the list of best countries to live in the world.

Per capita income, longer life expectancy and improved level of education are factors

that have helped Australia reach the coveted Fourth position.

Even though Australia is a home town to many deadly animals like snakes and sharks,

it is a home to some interesting and not-seen-anywhere animals like Australian Dingo

and Wombat. If not in Australia, where else can you see these rare animals? Experience

the beauty of kangaroos hopping on the go.

According to the 2015 reports, Australia is claimed to be one of the biggest capitalist

economies in the world. It has an overall GDP of $1 trillion.

It is also home to the worlds most reputed companies like Macquarie Bank, ANZ,

AMP, Telstra, Woolworths etc.

Australia is blessed with uncountable natural gifts like Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island

and so on. There wouldnt be a bigger thing in this world than experiencing those jaw-

dropping views at least once in your lifetime. Some of the tourist attractions in Australia

are the 19 World Heritage sites, The Pinnacles (limestone formations in Nambung

National Park), Flinders Ranges (mountain range), Blue Mountains etc. Animals you

can find plenty of them on the beaches such as sea lions, penguins and diverse birds.

In 2003, the literacy rate in this country was estimated to be 99 percent. Schooling is

compulsory from the age of five to sixteen (the duration can vary among different


The main form of social security assistance for elderly or aged people are the wife

pension, partner allowance, aged pension and mature age allowance.


Lifestyle9 Score: 7.52

The literacy percentage of Iceland is 99.9, where you can find people buying and

reading most books.

In the Forbes list of top 10 cleanest countries, Iceland hits the top position with a

score of 93.5.

It retains its position as among the top fifteen wealthiest countries in the world.

Icelanders have no army, instead they have extraordinary rescue teams and coast

In the year 2011, GDP of Iceland was $12.3 billion. Since there is an abundant resource

of hydroelectric and geothermal energy in Iceland, electricity supply has never been an

issue here. In fact, it is the worlds biggest electricity producer.

The states of Iceland offer 9 months of fully paid maternity leave for moms. This leave

duration could also be shared by both the parents as they please.

The crime rate in Iceland is merely zero, which is exactly why their banks hardly have

any police officers.

Worlds cleanest air can be breathed in Iceland. Safety and health measures have

made Iceland to be in the list of top 10 best countries to live in.

Societies in Iceland provide an overwhelming priority in nurturing happiness among

people. However, none of these can be possible without their self-confidence.

Iceland can be described as a country having active volcanoes and geysers. The word

Geyser has originated from the age-old first described hot water in Iceland called as

Geysir. This country is the 18th largest island in the world.

Recently, the country achieved the rare honour of being named as the most peaceful

country in the world for the seventh consecutive year by The Institute of Economics

and Peace.

One of the greatest Icelandic writers to make a mark in the field of English literature

was Halldr Laxness, having won the award for Nobel Prize in Literature (1955).

The Icelanders have fiercely protected their language for over 1000 years and have

retained the same dialect with minor modifications.

The national game is handball. Icelanders got a shot in the arm when their team got the

second place in 2008 Summer Olympics.

The Icelanders travel mostly by car as there is no railway system.

They have won the Miss World title four times and their Parliament is more than one

thousand years old.


Lifestyle9 Score: 7.51

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world. But it is not the only reason

for which it has secured the title of best country to live in the world.

Although it is one of the smallest countries, it has the highest GDP in the world.

Area of Luxembourg is just 2,586.4 Kms.

Since Luxembourg has many beautiful places like Vianden Castle, Butterfly Garden,

Red Rock Skate Park, which attract millions of tourists every year. Thus, it boosts the

economy of the nation.

It does not have any navy as it is bordered by North East Germany in the East, France

in the South and Belgium in the West.

Skype, the Internet free message and call software, has its headquarter stationed in



Lifestyle9 Score: 7.5

The reason why Switzerland is listed in the best countries to live in the world is because It

provides better life quality, trust, safety, wealth & health to all its citizens, even including the ones

living in remote places. It is renowned for its tranquility, safety, punctuality and reliability. This

is how people of Switzerland have turned their cities into unimaginable high-tech societies in a
short span of time. Switzerland is one of the most modern and stylish tourism-offering nations in

the world.

Here, with 7.2 million population and many different languages, people of Switzerland

enjoy the perks of diversity in a much sportive way.

If I had to talk about countries with stable economies, Switzerland often makes it to top

5. Political stability and long-term monetary security have made Switzerland a safe

place for investors.

Since the country has higher labor specialization and is known to be small (in size),

trade and industry are keys to its economic livelihood.

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has its headquarters in Switzerland.

The country is well-respected for its world famous watch brands (Tag Heuer, Rado,

Omega and Rolex). Another famous aspect which they score over other countries is in

the form of Swiss Chocolates, Cheese.

Swiss Banks are well-known for protecting the privacy of their clients.

If you are a mountaineer, this country should be your pick, as it has some of the highest

peaks and glaciers in Central Alps.

Known as the Pride of Switzerland Zurich city has the best quality of life and wealthy

aspects in every form.

Home to European Organization for Physics Research (CERN), the Large Hadron

Collider was designed in 2008 for getting a reply to the formation of Universe and the

Big Bang Theory.

This country is also widely known for its multi-purpose tool the Swiss pocket knives,

each blade specifically designed for a purpose.


Lifestyle9 Score: 7.49

Believe it or not, Qatar is the second richest country in the world. It had pushed

Luxembourg to second spot in 2010 and since then it is posing as a tough competitor

for the No.1 spot. 2010 is a significant year for this small country, as it gained the rights

to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Thus, becoming the first Middle East country to host

the tournament.

Apart from being one of the few countries to have the lowest tax rates, it also holds the

distinction of having an unemployment rate of 0.1% in June 2013, as well as lowest

illiteracy rates in the Arab speaking world. If you are a person who is interested in

history and nature, then this small country has some places such as Al Zubara Fort and
Museum, Dhal Al Misfir (deep cave), Desert Roses (truly, gypsum forms in the shape

of a rose), Khor Al Adaid (popularly known as the Inland Sea).

The country is ruled by the Al Thani family, since 1825. Foreign tourists are warned

not to venture outside in revealing outfits. In 2014, a modesty campaign was undertaken

to make tourists adhere to the dress code. Women tourists are requested/advised not to

wear miniskirts, sleeveless dresses, leggings and tight/short clothes during public

outings. In case of men, they are advised not to wear only shorts and singlets.

The number of millionaires in Qatar is more (close to 14%). Its Gross Domestic

Product is high compared to other countries, but it has to be noted that 94 percent of the

population in Qatar are migrant workers from many parts of the world.

It is mandatory for every child to attend Government education schools from

Kindergarten to High school. Recently, Qatar has built a campus Education City,

which is used to host local branches of reputed Colleges such as Northwesterns Medill

School of Journalism, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Weill Cornell

Medical College and other International Institutions.

Qatar follows the Shariat law and stoning to death is a legal punishment in this country.
9New Zealand

Lifestyle9 Score: 7.48

Surprisingly, only 5% of New Zealand population is human. The rest 95% are animals.

As per Corruptions Perception Index, New Zealand is taking the lead in the list of least

corrupted countries.

Worlds longest places name is

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, which is a hill

located in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

One of the major tourist attractions is the Sky Tower in Auckland. It is 1076 feet high.

It offers wonderful views till a distance of eight kilometers in any direction. In the Sky

Tower, you have 360 degrees revolving Orbit restaurant.

Factors like economic freedom, employment, prosperity, lack of corruption and

enhanced life quality have raised New Zealand as one of the best countries to live in the


If you want to enjoy clean air and water head onto New Zealand.

New Zealand holds the honor of being among the few countries which have two national

anthems God Defend New Zealand and God Save the Queen.


Lifestyle9 Score: 6.39

Netherlands enters this list with the best scores in infrastructure, security, health,

education and freedom.

It has highest numbers of prestigious universities that make it a perfect place for

international students.

Holland is known as the bicycle capital of the world. Regardless of the seasons and

time, you have to cycle everywhere to get around the cities. Not to mention, it keeps

them healthy and happy.

It is very common for students at Netherlands to take up a master Degree after their

Bachelor. After all, employers at this country only consider what you did in your

masters, they hardly consider the Bachelors degree. So students here have the luxury

of pursuing their interest in their first degree.

Netherlands has many exciting attractions. If you ever get a chance to visit Netherlands,

never come back without visiting its most charming city, travellers who had been into

multiple countries claim, no other city comes close to the charm of Amsterdam.

Lifestyle9 Score: 6.24

Finland is highly industrialized. It is often said to be maintaining an economy equal to

Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Finland is greatly admired for its trade and manufacturing industries. In fact, it is one

of the leading manufacturers of machinery, equipment, electronics, metals and


Finland offers great education system in which students hardly fail in their

academics. The literacy rate in Finland is 100%. Your fingers are enough to count
the Finlands academic failures. Finns have done well in the recent years. According

to OECDs PISA report, Finnish children are the best readers in the world.,

Finns are fond of enjoying their holidays with nature. Over 80% of families have at

least one lake and a summer cottage. At present, total number of lakes in Finland,

count over 187,888. And even if a day comes when the whole world runs out of

drinking water, Finns will still stay safe and never face any water issues.

When compared to other nations in the world, Finnish people own the highest number

of email addresses and mobile phones per head.

Finland offers up to 90 days of maternity leave for mothers. It is a nation with lower

infant death rates.

Finland has an excellent public transportation system. You will be astonished to read

that all their transport vehicles are punctual by seconds. There is a rare delay and

that too of only a few seconds. Well, they do value time!

People of Finland enjoy a great life quality too. High life expectancies, healthy work

and life balance, excellent literacy rates, low corruption levels and wide access to health

care system are few attributes that have made Finland hit my list of top 15 best countries

to live in 2015.

Besides being the country with the highest number of metal bands, it is also known for

its population drinking large amount of coffee.

We all know, December month in a year is famous for Santa Claus. But a few know

that there is a Real Santa, Mrs. Santa and Little Elves in a Santa Claus Village. Will you

believe it? The village has a post office where millions of letters are received, and

Santas Little Helpers reply to the concerned people.


Lifestyle9 Score: 6.21

This small Island is located exactly in the mid of Atlantic ocean. It is blessed with

remarkable scenery and, of course, the amazing people.

Being a small country in size, it has made some significant contributions to the worlds

culture, science, and technology.

It is the only nation that keeps a musical instrument as their national symbol.

This Island is so small and is so green. Since the animals and plants utilize the best food,

water and light available here, their food tastes way better than it does in any other

country. So if you want to enjoy some super healthy, super tasty food, plan a trip to

Ireland is like a home to Golf hence it takes the pride of producing many best golfers in

the world.

Ireland has many numbers of restored, not seen anywhere castles in the world.


Lifestyle9 Score: 6.2

Canada is regarded as one of the best countries to live in the world because of its

exceptional factors like high rate of life satisfaction, lower murder rates and wide

cultural diversity acceptance.

There exists a strong correlation between this countrys reputation and its intent to visit.

As Canada tops this reputation, its tourism industry has generated more than $81.9

billion over the last year.

Canada has ranked high in its unique old age pension programs and health care system.

In fact, this country is regarded as the 5th best country to see yourself grow old. If

you are a Canadian, you are lucky indeed.

At present, 14.9% of the total Canadian population is aged over 65. This rate is

anticipated to get doubled in the next 25 years.

With highly equipped healthcare system, newborn Canadian kids can enjoy a life up to

or more than 81 years on an average.

According to the reports, Canada is the 14th biggest economy in the world. Thus,

making it one of the wealthiest nations as well.

Like other developed countries, the Canadian financial system is dominated by its

service industry employing around 3-quarter of Canadians.

People who are living here are often mocked for apologizing. They never hesitate to ask

for pardon when they commit mistakes. This characteristic multiplies the happiness and

even strengthens of their relationship.

Roughly, 64% of Canadians donate their money to charities.

Canadians have a lower unemployment rate.

As far as the banking sector is concerned, they have outstanding services.

Canadian sons/daughters earn twice as high as their parents do. Thus, providing a good

income ladder to its citizens. For example, children born to poor parents can quickly

raise their positions and they rarely die as poor.

Canada also offers high rate of life satisfaction to its citizens. The reason behind it is

that this nation has a minimal number of suicidal rates.

Statistics says that Canadians make more than 10 million overseas trips every year.

Now, this clearly states their luxury and economical freedom.

Canada is also regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Canadians make a lead in quantum computing, medical discoveries, space science and


Lifestyle9 Score: 6.19

When the economic crisis hit Europe, you wont believe, it had gone down only by

0.1%, in Austria. This factor alone is enough to declare, Vienna is immune to the

crisis. So if you are into any business, investing in Vienna would be a profitable


Vienna is a historic, economic, cultural and political center of Austria. It has secured

the highest per capita GDP when compared to all other cities in the world.

The population is around 1.731 million (Vienna alone).

The average net income of people is 19,769 per year (in Vienna).

The average age of people comes around 43.4 years.

In 2010, Vienna received the urban planning award from United Nations.
The main reason was that people of Vienna have managed to transform its old

infrastructure into modern homes, in a short span of time.

Through the multimillion-dollar program, Vienna has renovated nearly 5000 buildings

with more than 250,000 apartments.

Vienna is often referred as The City of Music & The City of Dreams.

Nearly 5 million tourists from all over the world visit Austria every year.

It is the worlds most chosen place for conducting conferences.

In Austria, 90% of people claim that they are satisfied with their housing and basic


Schnbrunn Palace, located in Vienna, Austria is famous for its numerous rooms (1441)

and is one of the major tourist attractions of the world. The history of the palace dates

back to 300 years.

People of Austria manage to save $28852 per head, on an average, annually. This figure

is higher than the OECDs average of $23047.

Austria has the best schooling system and it promises high-class education to all

its pupils.

Apart from being a well-developed country, it is a great pick for International tourism


Austria is reported to be one of the richest countries in the world. Not only Austria is

rich but is also the home to biggest industry firms.

It is the only European continental country that has not joined the NATO.

Till the year 2012, the country had the distinction of having 19 Nobel Prize laureates.

Lifestyle9 Score: 6.03

Research and development constitute a major role in the economy. The majority of

Germanys scientists have won the Nobel Prize in the Science category. Mainly physics,

physiology, chemistry or medicine.

Germany, popularly known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a prominent

country in Western-Central Europe. It comprises of 16 separate States, known as

Lnder. The largest city and capital of Germany is Berlin.

Apart from being, the largest population bearing country in the European Union, it

is also the most favored nation for expatriates next to United States.
In the world market, Germany has a workforce of high skills, less corruption, a high

degree of innovation and large capital stock.

Reputed brands in Germany, which have attained international fame, are BMW,

Volkswagen, Siemens, Audi, Adidas, Bayer, Nivea, Bosch and Mercedes-

Benz.Most of Germanys industries are concentrated on small, medium scale

enterprises, commonly and popularly known as the Mittelstand model.

The most popular sport in Germany is association football. The National Football

team won the FIFA World Cup in the years 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014. The other

famous titles they won were the UEFA European Championships in 1972, 1980 and

1996. The country had the rare honor of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 1974 and 2006.

Germany is one of the leading countries in motor-sports and its world famous drivers

are Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Some of the world famous events in Germany are the Oktoberfest (people gather to

enjoy beer, food and German culture). Germany is well admired for its delicious

cuisines. It is a place, where people relish both wine and beer with their food.
16United Kingdom

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.93

Similar to UAE, United Kingdom is a combination of four countries England, Wales,

Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This country is famous for its famous old buildings, River Thames and a Parliament

comprising of House of Lords and House of Commons.

Some of the other major tourist attractions are Big Ben (Great Bell in the Elizabeth

clock tower), Jewel Tower, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and The Royal

Observatory in Greenwich.

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.76

If you look into the pages of history, Sang Nila Utama, who is considered as the founder

of modern Singapore, saw Temasek islands shape resembling a lion and named the

place as Singapura or, in other words, the Lion City. In due course of time,

Singapura became Singapore and the name has remained ever since.

Singapores Changi Airport has been recognized as one of the best International

Airports by many organizations and institutions.

One of the worlds best zoological attractions in this country is Singapore Zoo and Night

Safari. This small country has achieved the rare distinction of having the highest number

of millionaire households in the world. The country is hot and its population density
can be rated as one of the highest in the world. The majority of the population are

foreigners and in recent times, the cost of living has risen.

There are a few noteworthy accomplishments namely:

It finds its place among the top five financial centers and ports of the world.

It has policies for a clean environment. Moreover, it has carved a place once again

amongst the top five countries in the Environmental Performance Index.

Other prominent facts are as follows:

In casino gambling, it has secured the second place.

It is a home to some of the best oil refining corporations and has a major dock/port for

repair of ships.

Singapore finds its place as one of the top logistics centres. It possesses an exemplary

educational system.

It is entitled the best country by the World Bank, in 2012, where you could do/start any

business with ease.

Buddhism is the major religion followed by Christianity, Islam and other religions. Its

Universities National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University

find their place in the Top 50 Institutions of the world.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.69

Spain attracts millions of tourists every year which ultimately brings billions of Euros

to the nations Economy. It crowned as the 3rd most visited country in the year 2014.

Spain is ranked in 3rd position for having maximum number of World Heritage Sites


The world famous dance of Spain Flamenco is declared as one of Masterpiece of

the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Spain holds the pride of producing some of the worlds best wine. If you are a tourist,

you can notice a Spanish friend who will sip beer in the afternoon and go for wine at
dinner time. The culture can be related to bar-hopping and another vital drink is

the Spanish coffee having a peculiar taste.

Football is a religion in Spain and the National team has won every International title

and League tournaments.

La Tomatina festival attracts tourists from every nook and corner of the world. The

special day falls on the last Wednesday of the month of August. On the streets of

Bunyol, you will see a food-fight of one-hour duration where tomatoes are

specifically grown for the sole purpose of participating in this festival. However, there

are rules and every participant has to adhere to them.

Some of the famous painters from Spain are El Greco and Diego Velazquez, Salvatore

Dali, Juan Gris, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.65

Belgium produces the world class chocolates. It has an interesting mix of history and


Most of the Belgians are multilingual and multicultural. This country has 3 languages

as their national language.

Their healthcare system is recognized as one of the best health care systems in the

world. It offers world class medical care at the lowest prices to all of its citizens.
Belgium has a sound transport system. You can easily move around the Belgium

through any mode of transportation. Its roads, railways, and waterways are known as

the densest in the world.

Americans, Japanese, French and many other expats can find their own cultural

associations. Apart from being the informational resources, they offer excellent

supportive mechanisms to all newcomers.

According to the international surveys, Belgium is one of the most peaceful countries

to live in the world.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.64

Probably it might be the first time you ever heard about this country. But seriously,

dont overlook it. This country is located in the southern central Europe. To be more

precise, its located between the famous countries Italy and Croatia.

People of Slovenia are most welcoming. You can expect to see the friendly faces and

high level of hospitality throughout the entire country. I am sure, as an expat you

wouldnt have even a single bad experience in this country.

Population in Slovenia comes only around 2 million. As I pointed out earlier, people of

Slovenia are so good. So its no wonder, how this country has ridiculously a low crime


This country offers spectacular sceneries, Predjama castle, Lake bled, Postojna caves

are just few of them. The one you seen in the picture that is stuck in the sides of

mountain is Predjama castle. Even the cities and houses boast the architectural beauty.

They are all picturesque.

However the storms in Slovenia is the only thing that bothers the people over here.

Luckily, these storms are not as bothersome as the storms we can expect to face in


The clouds in Slovenia are usually heavy, black and rolling. Thunders and lightning are

bit scary. The rain, that can emerge out of nowhere and can completely soak you in

seconds. But these does not known to make any harms so far.You will get used to it.

Later on you will start to feel its weather so refreshing.

This country offers better life style, high level of happiness, education, jobs and better

work life balance. It has established a solid economy, decent earnings, stable

government and fairly safe disaster risk management systems. So what else you can

expect from a country to make into the list of best countries to live in?

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.51

French people are well known for their lifestyle. They usually enjoy a better lifestyle

than any other people in the world.

France is set to have the highest number of Muslim population in the whole Europe.

(Nearly 6 million).

One of the main factors which enable France to win the ranking is its world-class health

care system. Expecting moms are treated like a treasure here.

It has won the title of Best places in the world for 5 times in a row by International

Living magazine which awards 100 points for its health care, safety & risk and 92 points

for its infrastructure.

Special things about France are TGV trains, beaches, Food and culture, ski resorts,

Extra hospital beds last, but not least its always warm climate.

22Costa Rica

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.44

People of Costa Rica are expressed the highest level of life satisfaction than in any other

countries. Apart from that, there are hundreds of reasons that suggest why you should

move to Costa Rica if you ever consider relocation.

It offers an excellent lifestyle at the best possible cost. Its well established, transparent

political state makes this country more appealing, happier and fast growing.

Costa Rica is well known for their safety. You can rarely hear of people involving in

any kind of crime here and there.

It is one of the greenest, happiest countries known for their beach destinations.

Since this peaceful country can cut back the costs on standing army, they spend their

money for offering universal health care and free educational programs.

Their high quality up to date health care systems make its people healthier. Life

expectancy of Costa Rica comes around 79 years which is one among the highest scores

in the world.

Costa Rica is not behind in technologies too. It offers reliable high speed internet even

in the remote areas. People of Costa Rica update their lifestyle with up to date


It also offers lots of business opportunities for those who intend to start their own

23United Arab Emirates

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.42

UAE and Qatar are the two Islamic countries from Gulf region made our list. These

countries may not sound the best place to live for many people because you can not

own anything if you are not a citizen there. And you will not get citizenship even if you

live your whole life there. Culturally they may not be suitable for Europeans and

Americans. But for the people who are born in UAE and who are the actual citizens, it

is the best place to live without a question.

Almost every resident of United Arab Emirates is rich. Their government does not

impose any tax on the income. Disregarding the common belief, oil resources are not
the only reason for their richness. In fact, they account for only 7% of the total wealth.

Rest of the income is generated from the heavy investments made in Industrial

organizations and technologies.

United Arab Emirates, also called as UAE or Emirates is a country comprising of seven

emirates. These seven are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah and

Khaimah. Every emirate is ruled by a monarch and all the monarchs collectively form

the Federal Supreme Council. Being a Muslim country, Islam is mainly practiced while

Arabic is regarded as the official language. It has multiple oil reserves (fourth largest)

and natural gas reserves.

Burj Khalifa is a famous skyscraper in Dubai. It has achieved the honor of being the

tallest man-made structure in the world.

The judicial system is based on the Sharia law flogging can be given as punishment

for acts such as premarital sex, adultery and alcohol consumption. The number of

floggings can vary depending on the case for example, people kissing in public may

receive 80 lashes. For premarital sex, the number of lashes is 100.

Homosexuality is considered immoral in Sharia law and labeled a capital offense.

Stoning and amputation are considered a legal punishment in the UAE.

If you are an expatriate, you are forbidden to publicly smoke, drink or eat during the

month of Ramadan between the duration of sunrise and sunset. People exempted from

the strict practice of Ramadan are children and pregnant women. The law applies to the

entire public, whether you be a Muslim or a non-Muslim. You would find all restaurants

closed during the set time. Football is a very popular sport in the UAE.
24United States

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.39

Its needless to say that United States is one of the countries which offers convenience

to the core. This is the place where you can get anything, at any point of time.

One of the best things that include United States in the best countries list is

its, Freedom of Speech which means they respect each others rights to voice their

opinion. You can criticize even the President, the Government, Politicians,

Professionals or anyone.

Just like Australians, even Americans are very kind hearted. When it comes to disaster-

scale events, nothing can stand before the strength of Americans unity.
People of United States are remarkably creative. No other country in the world has

as much expertise as Americans have in almost all fields.

Racial diversity & The Great Cultural Mix are two other important factors that anyone

can enjoy in the United States.

When we talk about United States, it becomes inevitable to skip the entertainment

industry, especially the movie industry.

The Grand Canyon, as the name signifies, is a geological wonder situated in the desert

of Arizona.

Las Vegas in Nevada is popular for its gambling casinos and night life entertainment.

The moment you hear the word United States you are reminded of the Statue of

Liberty the sculpture in New York City. The statue, a female figure in robes,

represents Libertas (Roman Goddess).


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.38

In Italy there are lots of things that need to be improved to make it a perfect nation but

still these few not to love about Italy cant make this wonderful country stay behind

from the best countries list. Break your pre assumed thoughts if you had any before you

start to read about this country.

Once a home to ground breaking arts and artists, today the modern Italy attracts expats

by boasting love in the air. We all knew it!

Accompanied by its rich culture, each part of a country tells a different fascinating story

and boasts the world class restaurants, art works, monuments and museums.

With more than 4,600 miles of coast lines, Italy boasts 27 marine parks and the

Mediterranean beaches in Europe. Spending your leisure time at these beaches is more

like swimming in the tropical water.

Italians are well known for their famous work of music and arts, close family ties and

not to mention their food addictions.

For expats, its one of the most welcoming countries. Expats population comes around

6% of Italys total population. Its needless to say that foreigners will not find it hard to

develop friendship with locals.

26 South Korea

Lifestyle9 Score: 5.37

Whether want to visit or settle down in South Korea, you can pack your baggage without

any second thought because people of this country are amazingly nice. However, its

good to not plan around its below freezing winter seasons. Winter of Korea is not a


People of Korea are tech savvy and have a strong liking towards the luxury brands.

They swipe their credit cards more often than any other people in the world. Their credit

card usage, high-speed internet everything turned this country as a perfect marketplace

for the online luxury retailers.

South Korean Television shows and their pop culture often create a direct influence on

international consumer purchases.

They are the most wired people in the world.82.7% of the South Korean population use

the internet they have a virtual super market, digital countdown installed at bus stops

and GPS system in every cab.

People around the world fly to South Korea not only for their awesome plastic surgical

results but also for getting the ideal deals.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.26

Strong religious freedom, Excellent healthcare, High literacy rate, High life expectancy

are some important factors that make Japan standout from the rest of the world.

In Japan, people die hardly due to diseases. They maintain a high record for keeping

diseases at a minimum. Unlike other countries,in Japan diseases are not a major national

threatening issue that kills people in the bunch.

In Japan, Garbage Cleaner is given the title of Health Engineer. Getting this job is not

that easy. He has to take up certificate courses to qualify for this job. Monthly salary of

a typical health engineer come around $8000 while in other countries this role hardly

exceeds $300.
People of Japan follow the rules and regulations by their nature. It made this country to

be recognized as the 8th safest country in the world.

Regardless of the work pressure, they undergo in their working environment, they still

show their compassion to co-workers and other members of society. It is often

represented as one of the best qualities of these people.

People of Japan are known to be the inventors. Their inventions and successful adoption

of technologies often take the world by surprise.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.22

Officially known as the Republic of China, Taiwan has grown into a full-fledged

economy and is a member of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) and WTO

(World Trade Organization).

Taiwan gains substantial points in providing healthcare, economic freedom, public

education and freedom to the press.

For the 2nd time in a row, this year Taiwan has made its spot to the list Top 10 safest

countries in the world as well.

People of Taiwan are more friendly, kind hearted and well mannered.
Major attractions of Taiwan are the National Palace Museum (it comprises of more than

650000 artifacts, items and pieces of Chinese history painting, calligraphy, porcelain,

jade etc). Other attractions are Penghu Islands (Archipelago), Ximending, Alishan

National Scenic Area and Yang Ming Mountain.

Taroko National Park is situated on the East Coast of Taiwan. The park covers portions

of Nantou County, Hualien County and Taichung City. Taking its name from Taroko

Gorge, the park contains steep cliffs, breathtaking valleys, beautiful scenic waterfalls

and streams. The world famous part of Taroko Gorge is known as Tunnel of Nine



Lifestyle9 Score: 5.18

If you are planning an escape route to South America, your best option to settle down

cant be anything better than this Beautiful Chilie. Expats who live here Call this

country as American Switzerland.

Its natural beauty, gorgeous weather, clean exciting cities, well planed efficient

transportation systems, strong economy all these factors has started to attract the expats

attention more and more in the recent years.

Its Lake District with pale green lakes, skiing, wild life and snow capped volcanoes are

really hard to beat.

With its long 3999 miles of coast lines, Chilie offers 4 different climates and a variety

of lifestyle options. From sunny Sea side beaches to the beautiful mountain villages to

the busy breeze filling towns you can choose to live anywhere in your budget.

Huffington post rates this country as the best place to retire and settle down.

Unfortunately, the people here are food addicts and their addiction goes with the name

ICE CREAM. They love Ice Creams. In most of the times, either you can see them

eating ice creams or lined up in a queue to buy it.


Lifestyle9 Score: 5.08

This country offers the most stable climate than any other country in the whole

Europe.(3,300 hours of sunshine).

Portuguese are very welcoming, gracious & friendly. 90% of the total population speak

foreign languages. Mostly English.

Being situated in the middle of 3 continents (America, Europe, and Africa) Portugal

serves as a central place for all international routes. You can find international airports

all around the country.

Portugal is one of the very few countries that has a well-defined border with a political


For those who want to explore the beauty of Portugal, it offers a modern road network.

It only takes not more than 2 hours to move around the major cities from north to south.

Its clear and transparent taxation rules make Portugal to be one of the best countries to

invest in properties.

According to UBS, Cost of living in Portugal is very low when comparing with the all

other European Countries.