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Church Activities July 25th – August Saturday 8:30 AM Prayer meeting

On August 21st we have an opportunity to share the love of Christ with our community. As part of the 50th anniversary of Pincourt we will be handing out free hotdogs and freezies in Bellevue Park. If you would like to be part of this event please let Pastor Luke know. There is a sheet on the bulletin board to sign up to be on one of the teams. .

Come take part in “Following Christ Together” at The Presbyterian Church of Ile Perrot

The Hospitality Committee is looking for people within our congregation who would be willing to prepare meals for those members who are sick or unable to prepare proper meals for themselves. If you are interested, please see or call Nancy Carito (514-453-8700) or Rose-Marie LeBel (450-510-1188). Thank you and God bless

Hospitality Schedule On August 25th You are invited to a discussion forum where a variety of Christian believers will gather to discuss our shared faith. Location: Holiday Inn: Time 9:00 am -5-pm For more info. Talk to Doreen July 25 Prayer Desk Ruth Greeters Phil and RoseMarie, Leona Vincia and Joyce Ivan and Jolly Fellowship Amelia and Patrice Jolly and Ivan Rosemarie and Phil

August 1 August 8

Jack Eric

"A church without prayer doesn't have a prayer" Every Saturday morning we enter into the presence of our awesome God in prayer. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Come and be blessed! See you here at 8:30 A.M. Saturday.

We extend a WARM WELCOME to any guests who are worshiping with us today. We invite you to review our church activities and to participate and share in the fellowship after the service.

ATTENTION: If you would like something announced in the bulletin please send the announcement to

Our Mission: We reflect the light of Christ Through our passionate love for God, As we follow Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the good of our neighbour.

SERMON NOTES July 25th, 2010 Pastor Luke Vanderkamp
Mission Capsule:

Part 3



Scripture: Gen. 18 22 - 33

CANADA: Presbytery of Kamloops Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support outreach to the Nazko and Area Dakelh communities in British Columbia’s CaribooChilcotin region. Working with Cariboo Presbyterian Church, the Reverends Jon Wyminga and Shannon Bell Wyminga serve house church ministries in Nazko and Quesnel, a children and teen girls program in Nazko, and a visitation ministry in the remote village of Kluskus. They dream of building up a missionary team, made up of Native and non-Native people, serving side by side in the name of Jesus. Shannon writes, “When the apostle Peter took the first step of crosscultural mission some 2000 years ago, it must have been exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. We find mission in our area is like that today. Yet Jesus’ love for all people and the leading of the Holy Spirit compel us forward.”

Prayer Corner: Please pray for the Abrokwah family this week. Lord Yahweh God Almighty, blessed be your holy name. Thank you for the free access to your throne, in that we your children may freely come and be ministered to by your Divine Holy Spirit.

What did I discover/feel today? _________________________________________ _____________________________________ What am I going to do with what I discovered/felt?

Jehovah," Let me pray the prayer of sincerity each time I come to talk to you. That you may hear and respond to me. Adonai, Please help me to pray with persistency, fervency, humility and sincerity and that I may walk upright before you always. Amen


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