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2) Test Case ID Unit to test Steps to be executed Expected result Actual Result


1 Test if user has entered all fields, Enter firstname, Expected: Details submitted,
Please correct the highlighted fields

2 Test if form works with lastname also entered, Enter last name, Expected:
Details submitted, Actual: Please correct the highlighted fields

3 Test if form works with email also entered, Expected: Details submitted,
Actual: Please correct the highlighted field

4. All fields entered Expected: Details submitted Actual: Details submitted, Test

5. All fields filled, last name incomplete. Expected: Details submitted. Actual:
Please correct the highlighted field

3) Boundary Value Analysis: Boundary value analysis is a black box test strategy. It tests boundaries
between partitions. It has a lot to do with the input conditions. In this analysis our goal is to test the stress
conditions. It helps to find more bugs rather than using random input values Example:

The program tests inputs for values between 1 and 100 characters. We can focus on corner cases such as 0
to 99 and 2 to 101. In this no input would be an invalid character. Any negative input would be invalid
101 is out of bounds.

A program accepts values between -100 and +100. These values are divided into three equivalent
partitions these are -10 to -1, the negative range, 0, Zero and 1 to 10 and the positive range. -101, -100,
-99 -2, -1,

4) Black box vs White Box Testing:

Black box testing is defined as the degree in which we have access to the software. We are given the full
software as it is and required to test it.
White box tests involves programmatic access to source code in order to be able to test functions within a
Black Box Tests involve:

Automated tests are difficult in most cases

Limited testing covered

Tester may lack knowledge

White Box Tests involve:

Mostly automated tests are performed

Code can be optimized and maximum coverage is done

Tester must have coding knowledge

5) Regression testing is a combination of unit testing and integration testing. It is important because it re
tests functional parts upon every new release. It allows the tester to keep track of potential bugs and helps
ensure that the addition of new code doesnt have adverse effects on the existing functionality.

7) Before testing a new script, I would ensure that I have a release of my application already deployed at
the client site. It so happens that a critical issue arises in a script that I am aware of and the client calls me
and tells me its an issue. I would tell the system engineer at the client site to troubleshoot using different
IP settings or provide me with some additional input from the client site with respect to the settings till
Im fixing the script. I would then record what I have done and the clients inputs and forward it to my
manager for suggestions.

6) Mac Address

Media Access Controller Internet Protocol.

Communicates on physical network segments

Provided by NIC (Network Interface Controller)

IP Address

Connects all participating devices within a network - printers, Computers, Laptops

Provided by ISP (Internet service provider)