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your choice CorelDRAW Classic

MGI Software
LOONEY TUNES PHOTOFUN lets kids create
Corel hundreds of digital photography projects with
Bring your imagination to life with the help of their favorite cartoon characters
legendary graphics power. Packed with in a fun, easy-to-use photo playground.
first-rate illustration and page layout tools, ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100005w
CorelDRAW Classic is pro-quality software.
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100001w
PhotoSuite III Select Edition
MGI Software
PhotoSuite III SE adds to an already powerful
lineup of sophisticated features, becoming the
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 delivers everything most comprehensively easy and most Internet
you need for professional image editing, enabled PC photography software available.
photo retouching and painting, plus
exceptional Internet graphics support! ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100006w
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100002w
Corel Print Office 2000 MGI Software
Corel PhotoVista is an easy-to-use application for
Ideal for small business, Corel Print Office photography enthusiasts and Web designers
2000 is an easy-to-use publishing package who want to create zoomable 360
that lets you create high-quality graphics panoramic images for both print and the Web.
projects for paper or for the Web. ITEM NO: Mac/Win-CD: 020002h
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100003w Mac-CD: 100003m

VideoWave III Select Edition

Corel Ventura 8 MGI Software
MGI VideoWave III SE is powerful PC video
Powerful Publishing. Professional Results. software for home and business users. Its
Corel VENTURA 8 delivers high performance, storyline - driven approach allows even novice
ease-of-use and Internet integration. users to create powerful video presentations.
(Includes Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8.)
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100008w
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100004w

Corel WordPerfect 2000 YM Digital Makeover Magic

Corel MGI Software
Get going with an office suite that works your Want a new look? Try YM Digital Makeover Magic!
wayWordPerfect Office 2000. Its packed with This easy-to-use software lets you experiment
the features you need. Word processing, with different looks. Choose from hundreds of
compatibility, Internet tools and more. hairstyles, makeup colors and accessories!
ITEM NO: Win-CD: 020001w ITEM NO: Win-CD: 100007w

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