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College of Law, De La Salle University

Subject: LAW202M Agrarian Law and Social Legislation (2 units)

Teacher: Atty. Aison S. Garcia

Schedule: Wednesday 1615-2030

Room: A1002 and A1202


This course will discuss the basic human rights principles of Agrarian Reform,
the economic basis, the Constitutional basis, the major jurisprudence and the
implementing laws and administrative issuances. There will be a discussion
on the procedures and rules of agrarian and tenancy cases, drafting of
contracts that are compliant to agrarian laws and participating in the current
policy discussions. A survey of the different social legislations affecting the
basic sectors will also be discussed. The method of learning is a combination
of lecture, group work, research, film viewing and field exposure.

1. To be able to know the basic principles of Agrarian Reform Program in the
2. To be able to appreciate different social legislations in the Philippines like
the Social Security System.
3. To be able to advocate (i.e. cases, legislation, executive policies) for
reforms in the implementation of agrarian laws and other social


1. Basic Principles of Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

2. Developmental Economics and Social Justice
3. History of Agrarian Reform
4. Agricultural Leasehold and Tenancy
5. Agrarian Law Implementation (Coverage and Beneficiary Identification)
6. Just Compensation
7. Rights of Landowners (Retention, Protests, Exemption, Preferred
8. Land Conversion
9. Indefeasibility of Agrarian Reform Titles
10.Economic Schemes and Contracts under Agrarian Reform
11.Social Legislations


The following are required readings:

1. Republic Act No. 1199
2. Republic Act No. 3844
3. Presidential Decree 27 EO 228
4. Republic Act No. 6657
5. Republic Act No. 9700
6. Republic Act No. 8550
7. Republic Act No. 8371
8. Republic Act No. 7279
9. EO 129-A, EO 229, Proclamation 131
10.AO 7, Series of 2011 (and its amendatory AOs)
11.AO 6, Series of 2011


1. Landowners Rights by Attys. Gil Alba and Eduardo Hernandez

2. How Asia Works by Joe Studwell
3. Making the Most Agricultural Investment by Vermuelen
4. Land Reform in Developing Countries by Michael Lipton

A student must have basic knowledge on the following courses:

Prerequisite Topics

1. Constitutional Law
2. Land Titles and Deeds
3. Obligations and Contracts

The following are reference materials for enhancement:

1. CARP Impact Assessment by Arsenio Balisacan

2. Why Nations Fall by Robertson


A. Grading
100-99 4
98-97 3.75
96-95 3.5
94-93 3.25
92-91 3
90-89 2.75
88-87 2.5
86-85 2.25
84-83 2
82-81 1.75
80-79 1.5
78-77 1.25
76-75 1

B. Papers (topics to be assigned)

Legal Paper shall be in Font No. 12 Arial. It must be submitted in Legal
Size. Plagiarism will result to a failing grade and administrative sanctions.

C. Film Showing and Field Trip (tentative)

At least one film viewing and field trip is required

D. Exams and Recitations

a. Daily oral recitation
b. Quizes
c. Midterm Exam
d. Final Exam

E. Legal Research and Library Work


1. Attendance. A student with four (4) absences shall be dropped from the
course and will get a failing grade. Three (3) tardiness are equivalent to
one (1) absence. Coming in 15 minutes after class has started is
considered tardy.
2. Socratic Method of Learning
3. No using of Cellphones during class
4. When reciting, no looking at notes. No coaching.
5. Legal Research and Library Work


Note: The Supreme Court Cases assignment will be added as the class

Concept of Agrarian Reform

May 21 How Asia Works


- Art II, Sec 10

- Art XIII, Secs 1-2
Social Justice

- Calalang vs Williams (G.R. No. 47800)

Police Power, Eminent Domain

Economical Viability of small landholdings

World Bank Report 2008
Vermuelen Making the Most Agricultural
Investment (IFAD, 2010)
Constitutional Issues

- Association of Small Landholders of the

Philippines vs. Secretary of Agrarian
Reform (G.R. No. 78742)
Agricultural Tenancy

May 28 RA 1199, as amended by RA 2263

- Secs 3, 5(a), 5(b)

RA 3844

- Secs 4-38

Parties are owner/possessor and tenant
Subject is agricultural land
Purpose is agricultural production
Personal cultivation
o Cayetano and Tiongson vs CA
(G.R. No. L-62626)
o Caballes vs DAR (G.R. No. 78214)
o Hilario vs. IAC (G.R. No. 70736)
o Qua vs CA (G.R. No. 95318)
Personal Cultivation
o Guerrero vs. CA (G.R. No. L-
44570) Cultivation
Right of security of tenure

- Cases:
o Talavera vs CA (G.R. No. 77830)
o Endaya vs. CA (G.R. No. 88113)
o Milestone Realty vs CA (G.R.
No. 135999) succession
o Villaviza vs Panganiban (G.R.
No. L-19760) Prescription
of action
Right of pre-emption and redemption

Case: Basbas vs Entena (G.R. No. L-
Lawful Consideration

- Case: Tan vs Pollescas (G.R. No. 145568)

Share tenancy, abolition

- RA 1199, Sec 4
- Cases:
o Hidalgo vs Hidalgo (G.R. No. L-
o Guerrero vs. CA (G.R. No. L-

Latest A.O. on Leasehold

June 4: Library Work

Will CARP end by June 30, 2014?

Agrarian Law Implementation

June 11 RA 6657, as amended and AO 7, series 2011

as amended

CARP Coverage

Private and Public Agriculutral Lands

Land Classification and Titling (C.A. 141 and

P.D. 1529)
Untitled Private Agricultural Land (UPAL)
Notice of Coverage

Livestock, above 18% undeveloped, DOJ Opinion

44 lands

Beneficiary Identification
Inclusion, Exclusion, Disqualification

Just Compensation

June 18 Constitution

- Art XIII, Sec 4

- Art III, Sec 9
- Cases:
o Association of Small Landholders
of the Philippines vs. Secretary of
Agrarian Reform (G.R. No. 78742)

R.A. 6657, as amended

- Secs 17-19
RA 9700

- Sec 7
Executive Order No. 228


o LBP vs Rufino (G.R. No. 175644)
o LBP vs Banal (G.R. No. 143276)
o LBP vs Celada (G.R. No. 164876)
o LBP vs Soriano (G.R. No. 180772
and 180776)
Time of taking

- Cases:
o Apo Fruits vs LBP (G.R. No.
164195, 12 October 2010)
o LBP vs Soriano (G.R. No. 180772
and 180776)

June 25 Midterm Exam

July 2 Constitution

- Article XIII, Sec 4

R.A. 6657, as amended

- Sec 6
LOI 474

- Daez vs CA (G.R. No. 133507)
- Heirs of Grio vs CA (G.R. No. 165073)
- Estribillo vs DAR (G.R. No. 159674)
- Read Daez in consonance with the
following cases:
o People vs Donato (G.R. No. 79269)
o PNB vs Nepopucemo Productions,
Inc. (G.R. No. 139489)
A.O. 7, Series 2011

Film Showing Lupang Hinarang


July 9 AFMA

Conversion vs Reclassification

Ros vs DAR

R.A. 6657, as amended

- Section 65

1. Land ceases to be economically feasible

and sound for agricultural purposes
2. Locality has become urbanized and the
land will have a greater economic value
for residential, commercial, or industrial
Prohibition: irrigated or irrigable

5 year development period

Awarded land:

- 5 year prohibition
- Investment requirement (10%)
- Full payment

- Alarcon vs CA (G.R. No. 152085)

- Province of Camarines Sur vs CA (G.R.
No. 103125)
- Fortich vs Corona (G.R. No. 131457, 17
November 1998)
Cancellation and Indefeasibility of Title

July 16 R.A. No. 6657, as amended by R.A. No. 9700

- Sec 24

PD 1529


- Heirs of Grio vs CA (G.R. No. 165073)

- Estribillo vs DAR (G.R. No. 159674)
- Deleste vs LBP (G.R. No. 169913)
Economic Schemes

July 23, 2014 Stock Distribution Option

R.A. No. 6657

- Sec 31
Case: HLI vs PARC (G.R. No. 171101, 5 July
2011 and November 2011)

Jurisdiction of PARC, DARAB,

Arbitration Clause

Agribusiness Venture Agreement (AVA)

RA 7905,AO 9 series 2006, AO 2 series 2008

Diamond Fruits vs Diamond Fruits Workers ( GR

1929999, 18 July 2012)


July 30, 2014 SSS and GSIS Law and Cases

Aug 6, 2014 Urban and Development Housing Act

Aug 13, 2014 Forestry Code, Fisheries Code,

Cooperative Code,

Aug 20, 2014 Indigeneous Peoples Rights Act

La Bugal Case
Aug 27, 2014 Final Exam