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The International Permaculture

Solutions Journal
Published by Yankee Per maculture
Barking Frogs Permaculture Center
P.O. Box 69, Sparr FL 32192-0069 USA
A project of Barking Frogs Permaculture Center

Yankee Permaculture has revived its journal, TIPS (The International Permaculture Solutions
Journal). Vol. 2, 100 pages of tight copy and illustrations with no advertisements, is now
shipping! TIPS II is mainly available as a PDF file on CD*, though also ran a small hard copy
(paper) print run, which is now more than half gone.


In addition to TIPS II, the CD version contains extras, including information on our online
course and a database of information valuable to permaculturists. It will also include a full set
of the Permaculture Design Course pamphlets, available separately as a free download from
our web site.

The paper version features color covers but black and white illustrations inside. Otherwise, it is
identical to the CD version. There is no practical way to include the extras with TIPS II on

TIPS II features more than 2-dozen articles and dozens of illustrations, with sections of
Permaculture Basics, Patterning In Permaculture, Useful Plants, Urban Permaculture and a
special treatment of 20 pages on humanure composting (Technology Section). Authors
include Joe Jenkins, Robert Waldrop, Dan Hemenway, Thelma Snell, Noboru Motohashi,
Richard Webb, Bill Mollison, and Lonna Natchigal (graphics article).

See the cover, masthead and Contents page, attached.

The TIPS II CD requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or later, or equivalent PDF-reading software. If your computer is too
old to support this free software, notify us when you mail your order and we will burn a custom CD for you for an
additional $5 (our standard custom burn fee). Or order the paper version while they last.
The International Permaculture Solutions Journal
1SSN: 1046-8366
The International With this issue, TIPS Journal Staff
Permaculture Solutions begins primary publication on Editor: Dan Hemenway
(TIPS) Journal is a computer CD. We will also print a
sporadic publication of small number of paper copies for Associate Editor: Cynthia Hemenway
Yankee Permaculture. folks who prefer this format. Managing Editor: Bob Waldrop
TIPS addresses Individual articles may be purchased Art Director: Dan Hemenway
SOLUTIONS to todays on CD or, on a custom basis, hard Staff Artist: Chastity Garcia
environmental problems. copy.
Permaculture is a Subscriptions to TIPS are based Advisory Board
solutions-oriented on a volume. Each volume contains
approach to the equivalent of 100 pages in the Cynthia Hemenway, Design for Health
simultaneously restore print (hard copy) version. Those Florida, USA.
health to Mother Earth pages contain little or no Dan Hemenway, Permaculture Design,
and provide abundance advertising. Even our own projects Florida, USA
for people. In usually have to advertise outside of Tim Packer, Computer Applications,
permaculture, we learn the main body of the journal.
to apply design We will accept advertisements for North Island, New Zealand
principles learned a separate section of the CD Willem Smuts, Earth Sciences, South
from Nature and to tap version, only. They will not appear Africa
into design strategies Nature has with articles. We reserve the rate to Robert Waldrop, Urban Permaculture,
adopted in the place where we live. reject any advertisement without Oklahoma, USA
The result, when applied with care cause. Advertisements must be of
and patience over time, is informative value to our readers in Chastity Garcia, Hispanic Community,
reintegration of people with their our judgment. Graphics, Florida, USA
environment. A full volume of TIPS journal may
TIPS provides tools, inspiration and be licensed on CD or purchased as
discussion of the permaculture design paper copy at somewhat higher
process, including the philosophical, cost.. (Issues Nos. 1 & 3 of Vol. 1 COPYRIGHT, 2009, Dan &
ethical and pragmatic aspects of remain in print on paper at the Cynthia Hemenway, Yankee
permaculture. We encourage people original price.) CDs will contain Permaculture, Sparr FL USA.
of divergent views to share them additional information about our All rights reserved. No portion
here. courses, advertisements, and other of this publication may be re-
extras. Black and white offprints
produced in any form,
Volunteers may be purchased at $2 per page +
including photocopy, or for
any reason, without express
Except for the services of the post p&h. Rates subject to change. Add written permission from
office and printer, volunteers execute $1/page for color offprints. Prices Yankee Permaculture.
all aspects of this publication. We of popular articles may be lower. Copyright of individual articles
always need new volunteers to Because we are a grass roots remains the property of the
supplement the work all of us now effort, we request donations so that author, unless otherwise
contribute and to replace folks who we may provide copies free of assigned.
move on to other projects. Always charge to workers in regions where
needed are digital typists, artists, US exchange is difficult or
order fillers, and skilled proofreaders. impossible to obtain.
Fund-raisers, marketing workers,
publicists and others of similar
inclination are badly needed. We Published by UNSOLICITED MATERIALS
depend upon volunteer researchers
to unEarth valuable information from Yankee Permaculture Send unsolicited manuscripts
libraries so we can re-Earth it Barking Frogs and/or graphics to our mail or email
We always welcome articles. typed
Permaculture Center address at your own risk. We will
double spaced or, preferably, on CD. not accept email attachments
High quality, pertinent, and informative P.O. Box 69
graphics are always in short supply. without prior arrangement. We will
Sparr FL 32192-0069 USA
To volunteer, contact Robert not return paper submissions
Waldrop, Managing Editor, at unless accompanied with a self-
bwaldrop@cox.net www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org
addressed envelope bearing
adequate postage.
The International Permaculture Solutions Journal Vol. 2
Article Theme Author Page
We are back! Letter from Editor Dan Hemenway 4
What Is Permaculture? Basics Dan Hemenway 5
Living Lovingly on the Earth Basics Dan Hemenway 15
Principles of Sustainability Basics Dan Hemenway 19
Growing Permaculture Designs: Patterns as Seeds: Patterning By Dan Hemenway 23-54
Circles, Hexagons and Mandalas except as noted
Circle Gardens Patterning Bill Mollison 24
Arraying Circles Patterning With Richard Webb 25
Using the Hexagonal Array Patterning 27
Marala: A Permaculture House Design Using Hexagonal Array Patterning 30
Circle Gardens on a Slope Patterning 32
Take the A-Frame Patterning 35
How to Make and Use an A-Frame (dawings) Patterning Lonna Natchigal 37
Gangamma's Mandala: The Tropical Home or Village Garden Patterning Bill Mollison 39
Nelsons Mandala Patterning 42
Draw a Mandala Patterning 44
Casting Fertile Crescents Patterning Michelle Maggiore 46
A Medicine-Wheel Garden Patterning Thelma Snell 48
Spiraling Below the Medicine Wheel Patterning 51
Bill Mollisons Famous Spiral Garden Patterning Bill Mollison 53
Composting Humanure: How to Build a $25 Composting Toilet Technology Joeseph Jenkins 55
Humanure Strategies Technology Dan Hemenway 69
The Humanure Handbook, 3rd Ed. Book Review Dan Hemenway 73
Kudzu Utilization Project: Concept Paper Useful Plants Dan Hemenway 75
Old Man Kudzu (poem) Useful Plants Dan Hemenway 84
Usage of Kudzu-vine in Chinese Traditional Medicine Useful Plants Noboru Motohashi 85
Developing a Local Food System Urban Permaculture Robert Waldrop 94
Themes for Future Issues of TIPS Journals 29
Back Journals Available 29

CREDITS Front Cover

Uncredited photographs throughout: Dan The International Permaculture Five-thousand-year-old stone
or Cynthia Hemenway. Solutions Journal seeks to be a carving of the Celtic Triple
Sp ecial tha nk s to Hami lto n Rott, reader-produced publication. Goddess, now located in front of
DOM, L.Ac., MS., who reviewed Usage of We recommend submitting a burial mound at New Grange,
Kudzu-vine in Chinese Traditional Medicine query letter by email before Ireland.
for accuracy. A graduate of American College Back Cover
writing articles. Download a
of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San
copy of suggestions for Kudzu growing near Ocala,
Francisco., who also studied in Hangzhou
potential contributors from our Florida. Article starts on p. 75.
and Chendgdu China, he is associated with
Dragon Rises School of Oriental Medicine in web site.
Gainesville, Florida, USA. Both photos by Dan Hemenway.

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