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Mexico have a lots of problems in the society for example the insecurity, the poverty,

corruption, however, one of the most serious problems facing our country is the poor or no

education that receives some people, this happens for many reasons, eg. the corruption,

or the inequality in societies, being that in Mexico exists many rural zones and in some

cases this zones are marginalized, and for this they dont have a good education.

According to The INEGI in Mexico the 5.5% of the population is illiterate and the school

grade in the poorest zones (Oaxaca and Chiapas) is just the primary school. Another

problem is the communication, because in many parts of Mexico only speak their language

(for example the mayan language or many other that exist) and is impossible going to

school because many children cant understand the classes and cant progress in their

education. For this ciphers we decided to help the communities in Oaxaca which present

this problems, we decide this because this state is the poorest in Mexico, and in this zone

have the lower grade of education with third grade of primary, and with people who more

speak a native language (the zapoteca language) with 371.740 persons who speak it.

We decide help this people with an app for smartphone or for computer, the name of this

app is Guacanee. The meaning of this word is help in zapoteca language, with this name

we try to introduce it in this zones because is more attractive and more easy to understand

it for this persons, because as we said many people only speak their native language and

with this app we want to make more easy their lives.

How does this app work?

As mentioned this app start in zapoteca language, and the first objective is to teach

Spanish to this persons, but in a different way, like a games. The game is divided into

different levels and each time a person finished a level the app give some points and
different gifts for the persons. The gifts could be clothes or coupons to change it for foods

or other things.

Then when the people already finish the Spanish course this persons will obtain a

certificate that they can speak Spanish, and they can study in any school. But another

great function of this app is the next. When the people finish the course the app

automatically works similar to UBER, because the app gives the different schools which

are near of that zone, this is for the people that can go to school for free thanks to some


Another problem of these populations is the lack of doctors in the area, for this reason the

app use a gps, that gives the most near doctors office, or the other option that the app

gives is that the people can call to some doctors that are available and the doctor go to the

community to attend the people and can and if the people need an ambulance the app

have the option of this, so this app is great to help the most needed persons.

Which person can use it?

Gacanee is an app aimed to this persons who doesn't have the opportunity to pay some

school or doesn't know how to do to progress in their lives, this is the principal object of

this app, and we do it because we know that if we made progress in this persons Mexico

can grow a lot like country.

This app can be use by all the people, because thats the target that all the people

(including old man and child) could be able to take care of themselves and the people

close to them. The reason?, we want to decrease the numbers of people who dont have

the opportunity of study in a normal school. Knowing that many people does not have

money to pay this apps the company with the collaboration of the government and some

foundations will install centers with devices this with the objective that people can go there

to study with the app.


As we see the most important problem in Mexico is the education and the problems to

communicate to many people who only speak their language. And with this app try to

reduce this and can make more competitive our country in education and make that this

persons seen as someone who want grow for their families and for the country, because

Mexica have a lot of things to be a first world country, obviously this project is long term,

because this is only for people in Oaxaca, but we want to be in all the mexican



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