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UNIT 1 Hello There ! The verb to Be

Greeting and saying goodbye Possessive adjectives
Introductions with basic personal info
Countries and Nationalities
Numbers 0-100
Talking about occupations

UNIT 2 Favorites The verb have

Describing personal items Possessive case ____s
Talking about members of the family Adjectives
Describing peoples appearance This, that, these, those
Expressing possessions Plurals
UNIT 3 Daily life Present simple
Talking about routines (affirmative, negative,
Telling the time questions and short
Talking about spare time activities answers)
Making suggestions Wh- questions
Days of the week Prepositions of time

UNIT 4 At home Adverbs of frequency

Discussing habitual actions and routine There is/are
Talking about frequency Articles: A An the
Talking about furniture, appliances and parts of a
Understanding house advertisements and plans
Describing ones house/apartment
UNIT 5 In the city Verb Can (ability)
Expressing ability Imperative
Referring to the location of places in town Object pronouns: me, you,
Describing a place him, her
Talking about places in ones city
Modes of transportation
UNIT 6 Grab a bite Countable/ uncountable
Talking about food nouns
Ordering food and drinks a an vs. some
Making, accepting and refusing offers how much/ many
UNIT 7 Online Present progressive
Talking about current activities
Talking on the phone
Talking about the weather
Making suggestions
UNIT 8 Memories Past simple
Talking about past events Past simple of be
Talking about famous people in history and their There was/ there were
Talking about accidents and responding to bad
School subjects
Parts of the body
UNIT 9 Extreme Comparative forms
Making comparisons Superlative forms
Talking about clothes
Talking about prices and sizes
Discussing facts
Expressing opinion, agreement and disagreement

UNIT 10 Get away Future going to

Talking about vacations The verb should
Talking about dates and seasons
Making plans and future agreements
Inviting, accepting and refusing an invitation
Asking for and giving advice
Expressing opinion and giving reason