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Nama : Nur Ifiati (165100307111061)

Kelas : L
A. Title
Small Producers, Big Markets

B. Topic
The economic value chain in food industry is supported by relation between the firms
and the farmers.

C. Source : http.//spore.cta.int (Spore Magazine)

D. Main Ideas
- Paragraph 1
ACP countries as a small-scale producer have a big challenge for facing a big
industry, especially in finance and technology factors because of their poverty
- Paragraph 2
The managing of Haitian mango by farmers as one association for harvesting
and postharvest operations is the one of example how they contribute to
sustainable sourcing in an ACP food industry.
- Paragraph 3
The isolated village farmers can produce export quality products supported by
the agency so it can be make a good impact for the value chain.
- Paragraph 4
The linked in palm oil production between Unilever and small-scale producers
in West Africa, helps in increasing the income and outs from poverty.
- Paragraph 5
Small-scale farmers in ghana is provided the facilities to produce maize so the
result make higher outputs and secured supply for the marketing company.
- Paragraph 6
There is also the negative side between a big firm and small-scale producer,
likely it will be happen side-selling by farmers.
- Paragraph 7
The main industry and small-scale farmers should has a strong relation for
stronger value chains.
- Paragraph 8
Factors supporting small-scale farmers on accessing finance and technology is
about the facilities and skills in market development.
- Paragraph 9
Increasing the value chains and building up the farmers leader is the aim from
the CaFAN, the agency support.

E. Vocabulary
- Stereotype : stereotip (konsepsi suatu sifat golongan) / oversimplified
(penyederhanaan suatu makna)
- Thereby : therefrom
- Strengthening : establishment (penetapan)
- Acumen : is the ability to make good judgements and take quick decision /
awareness / brightness
- Working capital Requirements : Persyaratan modal kerja
- Involvement : keterlibatan / implication / connection
- Inclusive : termasuk (adj)
- Adherence : commitment
- Staple : primary (pokok)
- Skewed : slant (condong)
- Bargaining : dealing (tawar-menawar)
- Triggers : pencetus
- Procurement : is the purchasing deartement of a company.

*ACP Countries is the countries group in Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific that is
created for reducing poverty and developing sustainable in the member states within
goal to be great in integration in the worlds economy.

F. Reason why you choose the artcile

The article tends to how the big problem in Africa can be solved as long as there
is a teamwork on both side between the strength and the weak to grow up the country
that is maximally attended. This is actually the problem that in agroindustrial
technology should know about the good development sources while develop the
human sources by supporting the isolated area. This article makes the good attantion
that anybody cannot stand alone itself.

G. Summary
ACP farmers, small-scale producers in Africa, is supported by the big firms for
repairing the economic cycle in value chain particularly on food industry. There is
Haitan mango, Vanuatu vanilla extracts, palm oil, and maize developing rapidly and
can supply the need of the company. Therefore, the value chain of ACP Countries
becomes better and lifts them out of poverty.