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Yanuar Muhammad Iqbal

LT-3C (22)

How Electricity Gets To Your House

In indonesian, there are many power plant with various sources energy, such as
Today, power plants all across the country are connected to each other through the
electrical system. And if one power plant can't produce enough electricity, another power
plant still can send some electricity where it's needed.

This time, i want to tell you about Steam Power Plant.

A steam power plant is a power plant in which heat energy is converted to electric power.
It uses coal as the primary fiyuwel to boil the water becomes steam. The work principal of
steam power plant is noted below.

1. First the pulverized coal is burnt into the furnace of steam boiler to boil the water.
2. High pressure steam is produced in the boiler.
3. This steam is then passed through the super heater, where it further heated up.
4. This supper heated steam is then entered into a turbine at high speed.
5. In turbine this steam force rotates the turbine blades. The rotating is converted into
mechanical energy and acts as a prime mover of the alternator to produce the
6. After rotating the turbine blades, the steam has lost its high pressure, then enters
into a condenser.
7. In the condenser, the cold water is circulated with help of pump which condenses
the low pressure wet steam.
8. This condensed water is then further supplied to low pressure water heater where
the low pressure steam increases the temperature of this feed water, it is then again
heated in a high pressure heater where the high pressure of steam is used for
9. The turbine in thermal power station acts as a prime mover of the alternator.
In the power plant, electricty will be produced for only about 8-12 Kv.
After that, the electricity current flows to step up transformer in the transmission
substation to increase the voltage until 150-500 kV. The higher the voltage, the
lower the losses.
The electrical charge goes through high-voltage transmission lines that stretch
across the country.
It reaches a distribution substation, where the voltage is lowered to 20 kV, so it can
be sent on smaller power lines and sent into large industrial user.
PLN has some sub-units office that control electric power transmission to
1. APD or Area Pengatur Distribusi
control and manage power distribution system.
2. APJ or Area Pengatur Jaringan
Sub unit for customer service and electrical network distribution service.
3. UPJ or Unit Pengatur Jaringan
UPJ is a unit below APJ. Helping manage customer service and electrical
network distribution. Usually UPJ serve 1 rayon
If there is a problem about the electicity of your home, you can make a contact
to pln 123 call center. APD will receive it then they will contact APJ and APJ
will continue to the UPJ of your home area. Then the first action will be
handled by UPJ.
Electricity travels through distribution lines to your neighborhood, where smaller
pole-top transformers reduce the voltage again until 220/380 kV to take the power
safe to use in our homes.
It connects to your house through the service drop and passes through a meter that
measures how much our family uses.
The electricity goes to the service panel in your basement or garage, where
breakers or fuses protect the wires inside your house from being overloaded.
Kids, never touch a service panel! It is only to be operated by your parents or a
The electricity travels through wires inside the walls to the outlets and switches all
over your house.