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Courtney Dickinson


I interviewed my 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Cedeno, who is now a pre-k teacher.

1. What inspired you to teach?

a. Probably just wanting to work with little kids and the time to be with my family.
2. What is your daily routine like?
a. Prepare lessons for that day, check messages (email), circle time with the kids, work

on writing, singing, breakfast or lunch, handwashing, gross motor play, circle time

(story or something), learning centers, work with a group on whatever the focus is,

circle time (math, whatever theyre learning about, theme based) Centers, closing

circle (sharing and song). Twice a day.

3. What do you do when your lesson plan doesnt work?
a. Scrap it and change it, change the timing or get rid of it and do something totally

4. How long have you been teaching?
a. 22nd year.
5. What do you struggle with when it comes to teaching?
a. Probably time management like the paperwork aspect of it. (has to do notes on the

kids, but not grades)

6. How have your views on education changed now that youre an educator?
a. Become a little more negative, less and less parental involvement. Society doesnt

value education or teaching. Parents dont work with the teachers for their kid. Thats

7. What grade level would you prefer to teach?
a. I like Pre-k and first, the program is more interactive with the parents, and when you

start that young the parents are more likely to be involved their childs whole school

8. What demands are placed on you as a teacher that you were not prepared for in college?
a. Assessments that are required now, professional duties away from teaching. How you

have to have all the kids doing so well, and the childs growth is on the teacher,

testing is important. College didnt prepare me at all

9. If you could change anything about teaching elementary school what would it be?
a. Probably the unrealistic demands that administrators put on teachers and time goes by

too quickly.
10. Whats the best benefit about teaching?
a. The connections you make with the kids, (references how were talking and its been

10+ years) they care about you for a long time, hugs.

In conclusion, it was interesting to get to talk to one of my former teachers and to hear

some of her opinions on the things we have been learning about and talking about in our teach

classes. I was surprised at some of her answers, and the last question made her cry a little, even

though the interview was over the phone. Overall, the interview was a good experience.