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The unique Programming

system for Automation

28.02.2002 Folie 1
FST4 An overview
Multitasking/Program/Function/Function Block
Huge set of operands/variables
Open Hardware Interface
Open Driver Interface/Open C Interface
TCP/IP support
WEB Server
Tradition and Future

28.02.2002 Folie 2
Programming as you think
Describe the process and program simultaneously
Have a clear concept of SET / RESET
Program in relation to the automation task

28.02.2002 Folie 3
Unreachable simple programming of sequential processes
More than 75% of all automatic tasks are sequential tasks
No other textual language can program sequences as easy as
Much more compact than any graphic tool
Much better online help than any other method

28.02.2002 Folie 4
Unreachable simple method of multitasking
Program and ProgramStatus gives complete control over
simultaneous and alternative tasks
Up to 64 simultaneous tasks
Clear concept of task switching
Up to 100 function blocks may include steps
Up to 100 functions without step without task switch

28.02.2002 Folie 5
Set of operands
Almost unlimited set of operands/variables
Up to 64 programs, 100 functions, 100 function blocks
Up to 2048 inputs and 2048 outputs = 4096 IOs
Up to 256 timers and 256 counters and 256 registers
Up to 160,000 flags (10,000 flag words)

28.02.2002 Folie 6
Open hardware interface
A script language describes the access to any hardware
New modules can be added at any time of a project
Module scripts may be updated at any time of a project

28.02.2002 Folie 7
Open driver interface/Open C interface
Driver interface
The PC based concept allows to call drivers before the FST
The driver interface is open
New drivers can be added/updated at any time of a project
C interface
Open C interface to write functions in C/C++
Completely open development system for high-level language

28.02.2002 Folie 8
TCP/IP support
FST supports Ethernet and TCP/IP for
Real Time communication between CPUs
Program up- and download

28.02.2002 Folie 9
WEB Server
WEB server is available for all CPUs
Leading in WEB technology
WEB server for even the smallest CPU (FC34)
WEB server works simultaneously to the process control

28.02.2002 Folie 10
Order Information
Part Number: 191 440
Only CD, no printed paper
User interface: English, German
Programming language: Statement List
Order with your local Festo office

28.02.2002 Folie 11
FST4 is tradition and future in one
More than 200,000 projects worldwide are programmed with any
one of the FST versions
Tens of thousands of FST customers worldwide
Thousands of experienced FST programmers worldwide

28.02.2002 Folie 12
Contact us

Tel: +49/(0)711-347-0 Fax: +49/(0)711/347-2144

eMail: service_international@festo.com
Internet: http://www.festo.com

Author: Bernhard Plagemann

28.02.2002 Folie 13