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It was just an obligation when it all started,

Working in tandem, never got to know the person inside.
But time is the essence of change they say,
A change that can cause drift in the sierra and torsion in the seas.

Embodied in the archives as a warrior of the realms,

Not on the battlefield but still resembled as one,
Like a beguiling canary fluttering her plumage to hover in the sky,
You flied high, a colossus in the sun kissed blue skies.

From a droplet in the ocean, you became a constant,

With a value illimitable by infinity,
Days passed faster than hours and hours faster than seconds,
Though the bond remained intact, like ingenuity in the tales of beedle the bard.

Turbulences did happen, forgotten in the relics of the dark ancient past,
The artist often breaks the strings of his guitar,
But the passion unperturbed still looms over the fingers hard,
Cause music defies borders, its fragrance spreads peace, and your presence does
the same to me.

Never lose, Never fear, Do not undermine those instincts,

Enjoy the madness that is filled up to the brim, let it overflow.
You are a majestic river, ignore the barriers that come aloof.
We all are anonymous and abstract entities in the kingdom, you are born to rule.

In your afterglow, an aurora will follow, littering the sky with your honey clad smile
Ill rejoice it, standing atop the lighthouse at a distant mile.
Those glittering eyes which you just can't hide,
Are juxtaposed with something of a different kind
Do not conceal them, let them shine.