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Term Definition

Strategies for continuing education

continuing education Opportunities for continual learning to update career knowledge

and job skills

CPR Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation; emergency procedures for

reviving heart and lung function

cost-effective Being able to get significant value for your money

professional books, Publications of professional organizations, such as NAEYC


feedback Response to an idea or practice, such as comments about what

was seen in a teacher observation

in-service Training offered by an employer to employees in service

vendor A person who represents a company that markets


Strategies for balancing roles and managing stress

balancing roles Keeping ones life in balance while working in more than one role
at a time---for example, wife, mother, and preschool teacher

obligations Things a person must do; commitments and responsibilities

commitment Something a person has promised

reallistic expectations Expecting only what is logical and reasonable

leisure time Time available when a person is not working

reputable Having a good name, a good reputation

stress The bodys reactions, both physical and emotional, to

circumstances causing tension or strain

managing stress Handling tension and worries so that work and family life are
fulfilling and enjoyable