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Organ System Excretion Phases Inflammation Phases Deposition Phases Impregnation Phases Degeneration Phases Dedifferentiation Phases
Skin Episodes of Sweating Acne Nevi Allergy Scleroderma Melanoma
Nervous System Difficulty concentrating Meningitis Cerebrosclerosis Migraine Alzheimers disease Gliosarcoma
Sensory System Tears, otorrhea Conjunctivitis, otitis Chalazion, Iridocyclitis, tinnitus Macular degeneration, Amaurosis, malignant tumor
media cholesteatoma anosmia
Locomotor Joint pains Epicondylitis Exostosis Chronic rheumatoid Spondylosis Sarcoma, chondroma
System arthritis
Respiratory Tract Cough, expectoration Bronchitis, acute Silicosis, smokers Chronic (obstructive) Bronchiectasia, Bronchial carcinoma
lung bronchitis emphysema
Cardiovascular Functional heart Endocarditis, Coronary heart Heart failure Myocardial infarction Endothelioma
System complaint pericarditis, disease

Gastrointestinal Heartburn Gastroenteritis, Hyperplastic gastritis Chronic gastritis, Atrophic gastritis, liver Stomach cancer, colon
System gastritis malabsorption cirrhosis cancer
Urogenital Polyuria Urinary tract infection Bladder stones, Chronic urinary tract Renal atrophy Cancer
System kidney stones infection
Blood Reticulocytosis Leucocytosis, Polycythemia, Aggregation disturbance Anemia, Leukemia
suppuration thrombcytosis thrombocytopenia
Lymph System Lymphedema Lymphangitis, Lymph-node swelling Insufficiency of the lymph Fibrosis Lymphoma, Hodgkin-/ non-
tonsillitis, system Hodgkin lymphoma
Metabolism Electrolyte shift Lipid metabolism, Gout, obesity Metabolic syndrome Diabetes mellitus Slow reactions
Hormone System Globus sensation Thyroiditis Goiter, adenoma Hyperthyroidism, glucose Menopausal symptoms Thyroid cancer
Immune System Susceptibility to Weak immune Weak reactions Autoimmune disease, AIDS Slow reactions
infection system, acute immunodeficiency, chronic
infection infections
Alteration* Reaction* Fixation* Chronic Forms* Deficits* Decoupling*
Psyche Functional Reactive depressive Psychosomatic Endogenous depression, Schizophrenic defective Mania, catatonia
*Phase psychological syndromes, manifestation, psychoses, anxiety states, mental deficiency
nomenclature in disturbance, hyperkinetic neuroses, phobias, neurosis, organic
psychology nervousness syndrome neurotic depression psychosyndrome
The six-phase table is a field matrix reflecting medical experience based on careful observation and empirical learning. It is a phase-by-phase arrangement of disorders with no direct relationship
between them. No causal pathogenetic link between disorders can be inferred. The structure of the table makes it suitable for developing a prediction system giving a better assessment of the
possibilities for a vicariation effect. From the International Society of Homotoxicology; Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. Adapted from http://www.homotoxicology.net/Documents/biotherapy.pdf