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A Report On Organisational Structure Training at

Sudhir Power Limited

A Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the

requirement for the award of

Master Of Business Administration

A Report On Organisational StructureTraining

At Sudhir Power Limited

A Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the

requirementfor the award of

Master Of Business Administration


Ashish Gandotra


Ashish Gandotra

here by solemnly declare that the project report entitled a study

on the

Organization Structure

submittedby me is a bonafide work done and it is not submitted

to any otheruniversity or published anytime before. This
project work is inpartial fulfillment of the requirements for
the award of the

Master of Business Administration


Christ University,Bangalore.

Place: JAMMU

(Ashish Gandotra)


The satisfaction that accompanies the successful completionof

any task would be incomplete without mentioning people
whomade it possible and whose encouragement and constant
guidancecrowned my effort with success.I am grateful to external
project guide

SRI B. UmaMaheswar Rao , SENIOR MANAGER (Personnel)

and I am alsothankful to

SRI O. Ram Mohan Rao Assistant GeneralManager, Coordinator of

student trainees HRD & PROJECTWORKS and

SRI M.L.Srinivas Varma, Assistant GeneralManager, Coordinator of

student trainees HRD &

for their co-operation and in providing the opportunity to do my

project in theiresteemed organization .I especially thank all those
who have helped me directly orindirectly. I express my profound
thanks to my affectionate
parentsfor their constant encouragement throughout my educatio
nal career.

This is to certify that Ashish Gandotra student of 1st

MBA- I.B of Christ University,Bangalore having Reg. No. 1020918

has undergone his O.S.T with SamsungElectronics India Ltd. under
my guidance.

I am satisfied with his efforts.



1. History...6

2. Profile of the products........8

3. Mission/ Vision, objectives and strategies.....


4. Organisation Structure ..

5. Policies & Procedures....


6. Functions of various departments and their


7. SWOT Analysis...21

8. Key Result
Areas.229. Significant
Factors for Success....2310.
System of accounting followed..
2511.Product Promotional Measures..
..2712.Career planning and promotion policy
of employees..2913.Training
Appraisal Process..
3617.Financial highlights of the

18.Future plans.
.4419.Advantages and
Sudhir Power Ltd, is one of Indias largest generator
manufacturer & power equipment company founded by Mr. Sudhir
Seth in 1978.The relationship & collaborations with world leaders
like Cummins, Schneider Electric, and Dupont, gives the
organization a competitive edge in the marketplace leading to a
high market share. Sudhir has forged a formidable 30 years
partnership with Cummins to become Indias largest Genset
manufacturer. Sudhir has the distinction of being the first genset
company in the country to comply with the latest CPCB II norms
for air and noise pollution.


Udyog Rattan award for Excellence conferred for outstanding

performance in the field of Captive Power Generation, by the
Institute of Economics Studies, New Delhi .

Best Account Holder Award instituted by the Ministry of

Finance and presented by Syndicate Bank at their Platnium
Jubilee function.

Sudhir group span over a wide business verticals such as

Power Generation
Power Distribution
Solar Division

Power Generation: Diesel/ Gas gensets. Has a formidable

partnership with Cummins for last 30 years. Important sectors for
power generation solutions are Telecom, Construction, IT/ITES,
Realty, Hospitality, Textiles, Auto & Auto Ancillaries, Food
Processing, Data Center, Infrastructure, Pharma and
Manufacturing sector.

Power Distribution: Sudhir Transformers Ltd.(Formerly Intra

Vidyut Ltd.) based in Bangalore is the first company to
manufacture Dry type transformers in India in 1978. Later it went
to add a Technical collaboration for Dry type Transformers with
Mora Transformers AB, Sweden. It has been supplying
transformers to Thermal power stations, major Steel plants & has
esteemed EPC customers like BHEL, Siemens, ABB, L&T, Reliance
Energy, BGR Energy etc.

Solar Divison: Considering the need and large demand for

renewable energy solutions in India, and abundant availability of
its resources, Sudhir is also developing large commercial & utility
scale photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants.

Hospitality: Sudhir Group in association with Carlson Hotels has

ventured into the hospitality industry: Country Inns & Suites in
Gurugram (Gurgaon).

Strategic Alliances
At Sudhir, we are fired by an indomitable zeal to excel. To do so,
we have entered into collaborations, technical know-how support
and licence agreements with select industry giants Cummins for
Generators, Schneider for Packaged Sub Stations,
Schneider for HT Panels and DuPont for Dry Type
Transformers, and Tesar for Cast Resin
Transformers. Backed by such illustrious names we have carved
a special niche for ourselves and the Sudhir name is today, a
power to reckon with in its own right.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Sustain Business Growth.

Foster innovation.
Drive value.
Protect the Environment.

Vision :

To be the most admired organisation offering world class Power

Generation, Distribution equipments and Solutions by ensuring
Customer Delight.

Core Values :

Product integration.
Deliver value for money.
Development of people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially alive and conscientious corporate citizen, Sudhir is

committed to empowering the society through regular initiatives.
Sudhir Foundation has always played its role of a socially
responsible organization with earnest zeal. Care for the
underprivileged represents the core value of every action we
perform as a corporate. In fact, we attribute our success not only
to our proactive attitude, but to the fact, we believe in returning
to the society manifold, what we receive from it.
Organization Structure

Policies and Procedures followed:

Sudhir Power is committed to excellence in design and
manufacture products under the most stringent quality system
complying with international IEC standards that add credibility
and superiority to its products and services.
At Sudhir the motto is Giving The Best to The Customer and to
do that its products are manufactured on the best of machines
and latest technology from across the globe that equip its
manufacturing plants. Each plant adheres to the highest
international standards in terms of product designing,
manufacturing and testing giving the customer a world class
quality product.
Sudhir strives to exceed international standards for quality,
durability and efficiency through constant improvement in our
systems and processes and is highly determined to ensure the
safety of our people & equipment so that an accident free
environment is maintained.

Functions of various departments and

their Managers
Every organization is made up of different department.
Each department contributes to the running of the business. The
most common departments are:

Marketing & Sales
Human resource

Production Department
The production department is responsible for converting inputs
into outputs through the stages of production processes. The
Production Manager is responsible for making sure that raw
materials are provided and made into finished goods effectively.
He or she must make sure that work is carried out smoothly, and
must supervise procedures for making work more efficient and
more enjoyable. There are five production sub-functions

Production and planning

They will set the standards and targets at each stage of the
production process. The quantity and quality of products coming
off a production line will be closely monitored.
Purchasing department
This department will provide the materials, components
and equipment required. An essential part of this responsibility is
to ensure that stocks arrive on time and are of good quality.
The stores department
The stores department are responsible for stocking all
the necessary tools, raw materials and equipment required to
service the manufacturing process.

The design and technical support

They are responsible for the design and testing of new product
processes and product types, together with the development of
prototypes through to the final product.

The works department

This department is concerned with the manufacture of products.
This will include the maintenance of the production line and other
necessary repairs. The works department may also have
responsibility for quality control and inspection.

Human resource Department

The role of Human resource department is in charge of recruiting,
training, and the dismissal of employees in an organisation.

Recruitment and selection

Training programmes

Training programs are held by the HRD to improve the employees

skills, as well as to motivate them. There are three main types of
training are:
1. Induction training
2. On-the- job training
3. Off-the-job training

Manpower Planning
The HR department needs to think ahead and establish the
number and skills
of the workforce required by the business in the future. Failure to
do this could lead to too few or too many staff or staff with
inappropriate needs.

Dismissal and Redundancy (retrenchment)

Dismissal is where a worker is told to leave their job due to

unsatisfactory work or behaviour. Redundancy is when the
business needs to reduce the number of employees either
because it is closing down a branch or needs to reduce costs
due to falling profits. It may also be due to technological
improvements, and the workers are no longer needed.

Marketing department
These are the main section of the market departments:

Sales department

is responsible for the sales and distribution of the products to the

different regions.

Research & Department

is responsible for market research and testing new products to

make sure that they are suitable to be sold.

Promotion department

decides on the type of promotion method for the products,

arranges advertisements and the advertising media used.

Distribution department

transports the products to the market.

Finance Department

Preparing Final Accounts

Profit and loss account and Balance Sheets
Providing management information
Managers require ongoing financial information to enable them to
make better decisions.

Management of wages
The wages section of the finance department will be responsible
for calculating the wages and salaries of employees and
organising the collection of income tax and national insurance for
the Inland Revenue.

Raising Finance

The finance department will also be responsible for the technical

details of how a business raises finance e.g. through loans, and
the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition it will
supervise the payment of dividends to shareholders.

SWOT Analysis of the organization

Strengths and weaknesses:

Availability of funds for investment and redemption of

preference equity.
Availability of land and infrastructural facilities for
expansions up to 16Mt.
Superior basic genset making technology.
Strong committed workforce.
Lack of in house or captive raw materials.
High expenses due to purchase of raw materials.
Capital repairs, up-gradation and modernization due to major

Opportunities and Threats:

High to moderate rates of economic growth.

Projected and strong demand for industries.
Shift of value chain towards raw materials-rising input costs.
Expansion plans of existing competitors.
Key Result Areas of the organization

Key Result Areas or KRAs refer to general areas of outputs or

outcomes for which the departments role is responsible.

Importance of KRAs.:
Set goals and objectives
Prioritize their activities, and therefore improve their
Make value-added decisions
Clarify roles of department or individual
Focus on results rather than activities
Align their roles to the organizations business or strategic
Communicate their roles purposes to others.

Key result areas (KRAs) capture about 80% of the departments

work role. The remainders are usually devoted to areas of shared

Human resource:

Motivational Trip
Harmonious Employee Relations
Counselling Trouble Makers
Effective Grievances Handling
Handle issues like staff, production, salary
Performance Appraisal
Training & Quality Circle


Product promotion
Customer care

P & L statement
Balance Sheets
Financial analysis


Manufacturing, quality control and purchase of

raw materials.
Significant factors for success
Implementing change in an organization is a lengthy and
often difficult process. It requires collaboration between
departments within the organization and

persistence to drive the change initiative forward. This document

outlines a number of factors that, taken together, impact the
dynamics of change and ultimately help determine whether
change efforts are sustained over time. These change initiatives
within organizations are commonly referred to as organization
development. OD is an effort that is
a) planning
b) organization wide, and
c) managed from the top
d) increase organization effectiveness and health
e)planned interventions in the organizations processes.

In a sense, organisation success is never ending because it is a

process of constant striving to become a more healthy, productive
and viable organization. In order for change to take hold,
however, Organisation success must include clear, measurable
goals along the road of development.
Performance Appraisal System
Summary of the organization
Sudhir is a name synonymous with Power. An Industry leader in
the field of setting up Diesel base Captive Power Plants upto
20MW having its corporate office in Gurgaon & revenue of over
300 Million USD, it stands tall in the Indian Power Generation
Sector, providing complete turnkey Electrical solutions
Founded in 1973, Sudhir Group is committed to new and
innovative technology and strives to develop breakthrough
products to meet the ever changing need of power industry. The
Company has a wide blue-chip customer base and operates
through multiple manufacturing facilities across India. The
product line focuses on 7.5KVA 3000 KVA Diesel & Gas
Generators, 100 KW Solar Panels, Oil & Dry Type Transformers, HT
11KV & 33KV Panels & LT Panels, Packaged Substations and
Turnkey EPC contracts covering electrical and mechanical
Significant collaborations, technical know-how support and license
agreements with selected industry giants, including Cummins for
Generators, Schneider for Packaged Sub Stations, Schneider for
HT Panels and DuPont for Dry Type Transformers, and Tesar for
Cast Resin Transformers have helped Sudhir to achieve
unprecedented growth and become a name to reckon with.
Sudhir has also forayed into Hotel business by leveraging its
relationship with Carlson group and setting up luxurious property
Country Inn & Suites in the fastest growing Gurgaon city.
Backed by a talent pool of experts of over 2500 employees, 8
state of art manufacturing facilities, 14 Branch offices,
international presence and dedicated training & service centres,
Sudhir is continuously serving the width and depth of the Indian
industry with its power solutions.
Indeed, Sudhir have achieved and leapfrogged towards this
unprecedented growth. For us, this is just another step in our
ongoing journey to greater goals and broader horizons.
The financial analysis of Sudhir Power Ltd by the use of various
techniques i.e. Ratio, Cash flow analysis shows that:

1) The liquidity position of the company is excellent.

2) The company is zero debt/low debit company.
3) The net worth is satisfactory
4) It is noted that the inventory level is increasing.
5) The profitability ratio is in decline state
6) Liquidity position is very good.
7)The company has accumulated funds which are available forexp
anding business operations and expansion works.
Recommendations to overcome the drawbacks:
The following suggestions will improve the financial position
of the Sudhir Power Limited.
1) Need for continuous upgradation of
technology for improving the processes.
2) Effort should be made at cost savings particularly in spares and
energy consumption.

1)Improving financial leverage ratio for better returns.


1) Rationalization of existing man-power with effective training for

future expansion of the plant.
2) Improving efficiency through better HRD programs.
3) Providing better motivation.
4) Striving towards becoming the most chosen employer.

1) Continuously monitoring the indigenous sale, export sale
ratio to capture the best of markets.
2) Increasing the net realization by selling in the most profitable r
3) Identifying new markets and new application of the companys
4) Improving realization by identifying value added products and
providing feedback to production department.
5)Value added products (high value items) are to be produced
instead of selling semi-finished products in order to increase profit