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Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures

Students entering/leaving class Students line up in hallway in class’s

• Entering before/after tardy bell designated spot and wait until teacher
• Leaving before end of class instructs students to enter the classroom;
Teacher dismisses class (class left in neat
manner and chairs pushed under the desk)
The day’s date – location Today’s date visible on the front board of
the classroom
Room set-up – How will you work the Maintain a classroom setup which allows
room? for easy teacher access to all students
Bell Activities – What/Where/Is it Graded? A 5-10 minute starter to begin the class
/ Is it Timed? period – Instructions should be clear when
class enters the classroom.
Checking Attendance Check attendance during starter (use
seating chart). Call roll orally during the
first couple of weeks of school as teacher
gets to know the students. After the first
few days of school, teacher should check
roll without an orally calling names.
Students who are tardy 1st offense – Verbal Warning
2nd offense – Parent Contact (demerit)
3rd offense – Parent Contact (demerit)
After-school detention
Student receiving permission to speak/ Teacher discretion (raised hand, cues, etc.)
comment/ask questions/leave desk/ etc.
Student needing materials – pencils or Review clear expectations about supplies
pens/ paper/ textbook, etc. needed and consequences for being
unprepared to class
Students coming to attention – Work with team to indicate a cue to call
signal/expectations students to attention or signal for class to
listen for instructions (i.e., raise hand,
chimes, bell, etc.)
Students needing to go to restroom – Be consistent in expectations and all
signal/expectations teachers use student’s agenda hall pass
Students needing to throw paper away Students should not be up out of their seat
during teacher-directed activity
Students needing to sharpen pencil Teacher’s discretion (Please provide clear
Students needing tissue Teacher’s discretion (Please provide clear
Student work:
1. Heading of papers 1. Heading of paper should be uniform
2. Passing in papers across the team
3. Use of pen or pencil 2. A consistent method of turning in
papers will benefit the student
4. Writing on back of paper 3. Pen/Pencil – Teacher’s discretion
4. Writing on back of paper –
Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures
Teacher’s discretion
5. Neatness 5. Neatness – A teacher should expect
quality work and let students know
about their high expectations.
6. Incomplete work/Late work 6. Incomplete work/Late work – If an
assignment is important enough to
give, it should be important enough
to receive it. Make sure the student
knows that teacher expects all
assignments to be done – no matter
7. Due dates 7. Students should be given a
8. Make-up work for absent students reasonable time to complete
assignments and communicate due
dates to students.
9. Notebook expectations/ grading 8. Make up work for absent students –
10. Homework – when/how much/ 1 day for each day the student is
grading/ turning in absent.
9. Team discretion
10. If homework is assigned, the
teacher needs to check the student’s
work and provide feedback.

End of class dismissal The teacher will dismiss the students after
students straighten up. Student chairs need
to be pushed under desks before students
Teacher pacing of instructional time The teacher will maximize the use of
instructional time and transition times
between different classroom activities.
Class Movement
-going to PE/Related Arts -The teacher will instruct students to walk
-going to theater for special event on the right side of the hall when going to
-going to gym for program related arts classes. Students need to keep
-class changes/ hallway expectations a low volume of talking when making hall
-transitions in class changes.
-The teacher will lead the students in a line
to lunch, assemblies, and special events.

Student expectations for intercom When intercom announcements are made,

announcements/ calling of students to the students need to be quiet and listen to
office all announcements.
Student expectations – emergency • Fire – Upon alarm sounding,
• Fire/ evacuations students will stand, push chairs in,
• Bad Weather and exit the building quietly and
• Lockdown, etc. orderly. The students will stay in
one line while waiting for signal to
Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures
reenter the building. The teacher
will call roll when students are
safely out of the building.
• Bad Weather – After intercom
notification, students will stand,
push chairs in, and exit to the
hallway or designated spot to sit in
the floor during a disaster drill or
bad weather scenario. The teacher
will have a roll book in hand.
• Lockdown procedures – Refer to
Teacher Safety Manual.
Student expectations for The teacher will assign an ambassador
• Visitor in room for the class to welcome a visitor to the
• Principal in room class. The student ambassador will
• Community representative inform the visitor what the class is
doing at the moment. All students need
to show respect to visitor and continue
with the lesson as normal.
Student needing to go to Students will use the agenda to leave
• Office the classroom during class time. The
• Nurse teacher will sign the agenda pass to
• Counselor dismiss student from class. Office
(behavior in hall) personnel, the nurse, and/or counselor
will sign agenda to dismiss student
back to class.
Collection and Distribution of student work A consistent approach to collecting and
distributing student work should be
established across the team.
Ask-Pause-Call The teacher will allow time for students to
process answers during a discussion or oral
review session.
Volunteers to answer The teacher should allow for volunteer
responses with raised hands. However,
non-volunteers will be called upon at times,
too. The teacher will establish a method to
call on students (i.e., names on index cards,
popsicle sticks, etc.)
Choral Response The teacher needs to determine volume
level for choral response. An early practice
of this procedure with simple questions and
answers will establish a productive way to
respond this way.
Signal Response The teacher will provide prior instructions
to students responding with signals (thumbs
up – thumbs down, stand up-sit down,
Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures
raised hands, etc.).
White Board Response The teacher will share with students about
the timing of showing white board
Going to board – expectations The students will use one marker to write
answers on board and the eraser to make
corrections. The students need to keep
hands and feet to themselves when moving
from desk to dry erase board.
Substitute expectations – teacher/students The teacher will provide detailed lesson
plans in a prominent location near the
teacher’s desk. A substitute folder will be
left with lessons in case of an emergency
Students will show respect and behave as if
the regular teacher is there.
Random questioning of class The teacher will have a way to call on
students in a random way (i.e., clothespins,
note cards, electronically, etc.)
Think-Pair-Share The students will keep volume down and
talk with partner. Students should not talk
with other students in different groups
(volume tends to go up if this happens).
This approach can be used for
brainstorming and reviewing for lessons.
The teacher needs to establish ways for
students to pair up (assigned student
numbers, seating chart, etc.)
Group work expectations The teacher will preview with students how
to work in a group. The teacher will share
expectations for the year (volume level,
individual jobs, etc.)
Food/drink/candy/gum in classroom A student may drink water from a clear
water bottle during class. Candy is allowed
during the teacher’s classroom who gave it
for a reward. Unless drinking water,
teachers should refrain from drinking and
eating during instructional time.
How will student assignments be posted? The teacher will post assignments on
assignment board in classroom.
Breaking of rules The teacher will be use the agenda as a
• Signal guideline for school rules. However, the
• Consequences/discipline ladder teacher will establish signals and methods
• Writing referrals to manage their classroom. Teachers
• How will you keep up with it should be creative to manage their
classroom and communicate behavior
expectations from the beginning of the
Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures
school year.
Students exchanging/grading papers Teachers should limit this approach to
checking student’s work.
Students keeping progress report Encourage students and parents to monitor
grades on-line. Students should record
grades at progress report period.
Positive Incentives for students Teachers should promote PBS and give
• PBS tickets to students for behaving positively.
• Student of the Week Review PBS guidelines at the beginning of
• Team Incentives the school year. The teacher should discuss
other team incentives at the beginning of
the school year.
Communication with parents Teachers will lead the way in
• Back to school letter communication with students and parents
• Beginning of Year Positive Phone by calling all homeroom students’ families
Call during the first 3 weeks of school. These
• Materials needed for class early contacts should be positive and
• Parent Contact Log encouraging.
• Planner/ Agenda Students will use their agenda to help
communicate progress to parents.
• Email
• Webpage
Grade book maintenance The teacher will keep grades updated on a
• Determining report card grades weekly basis, at minimum. Teachers
• Recording grades should expect quality work from students.
• Updating grades Teachers should understand that 0s do not
• Extra credit show student understanding and progress.
A teacher should expect students to do
everything they can to provide the assigned
work. Teachers may assign a working
lunch for students who need to complete a
late assignment.
Posting of student work Teachers should display completed projects
without the grade. However, teachers may
post exemplary work to boost student’s
Students working on other assignments The teacher will communicate with
students what they are allowed to do when
finished with assigned class work.
Students need to understand if they can
work on other class assignments if finished
with current work.
Students writing/passing notes The teacher will notify the students about
classroom consequences for writing and
passing notes.
Rules and procedures test for your class After the second week of school, all
teachers should test students on classroom
Cleveland Middle School Class Procedures
rules and procedures.