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Ass 2

This is the assignment brief for Unit 54 assignment 2, which was the graphics for the
posters. Looking at the brief it shows the different criterias that need to be met. I have
made sure that for my report I cover the range and illustrate.

Here is a client meeting which we did before we started the assignment and
the reason why we did this is that it helps define what the client wants from
the assignment. The client wants to have an a3 poster up to a high standard
and use the logo, which will be incorporated into it. For this assignment I made
sure I met the requirements which were set by the client. I created a CD cover
logo and poster, which was up to a high standard the client. I also made sure
the documentation was high quality to match the assets. The assignment brief
states that the poster should be the correct size, which is a3, and I made sure I
did this by setting the size in Photoshop to the default a3 size.

On Assignment 2 there is no diary however there is a diary in assignment 3 in

which I used after this assignment. For this assignment, we had to create a
number or assets including a logo to meet the assignment brief.
Diary for graphics

Aim For this lesson, the aim is to create my logo and Poster. I will be creating all of the
assets in Photoshop and documenting in this diary providing screenshots.

Creating my logo
Opened Photoshop and then created the document and made sure size of the canvas was

Inserted the background for the logo which is the target

After this I added a text which says the pixels and changed the colour to light blue

Then I added another layer behind it to create a 3D look

Final design of logo

Learnt - todays lesson I created my logo and I am very happy with how it turned out. Also I
think that the logo looks very professional.

AIM- todays lesson will be starting to create my poster to hand out to people. I need to
make sure the poster is eyecatching so it will attract the crowd.
Firstly created my poster size which is A3

Added my logo at the top of the poster and made sure I centered it.

After this I added the text on Tour and also created another layer which made it look 3D
After this I added the dates of the tour at the bottom

The added an image of the band and did the same as the text I added another layer

Final design
Learnt - Today I created my poster and I made sure the poster was high quality and the
correct size.

Aim aim of todays lesson is to create my CD Cover to a high standard

Firstly created the canvas size.

Added the logo and other images to cd cover

After this I added in disclaimer for copyright

Created song list

Final design



Evidence of folder files

Looking at the diary you can see the different ways I created the logo to meet the briefs
requirement. For example using the various tools that Photoshop use.
To meet the brief the final product has to be what the client has asked so therefore I
ensured that the logo was meeting the brief. This was the same with the poster. I ensure I
did this because the client wanted a clean and professional looking assets and I think I did
do that.

Questionnaire review
I did not do a questionnaire in this assignment so I cannot do it.

Legal & Ethical

When creating a multimedia product you need to ensure that you make the assets included
in the product suitable for the target audience. For example if the target audience were kids
you will need to ensure that anything you put in the product that wont offend the users.
Also this protects such as racist comments which will offend people and affect the product.
This will always be breaking the law and could cause a lot of problems. People may be most
likely to break the law on the internet because people may think that theyre anonymous.
But you can be tracked and found so everything needs to be considered before publishing to
the world. There is rules that can help you to avoid is.
- You arent allowed to use a picture, video or sound unless the person who has full
control of the assets give you permission to use them.
- You cant make a written statement of someone which could offend them and any
abusive language which could affect their reputation.
- You arent allowed to use anyones piece of work without permission (copyright law)
- You have to be careful that you dont offend someone this goes by
- Race
- Gender (female and male)
- Sexuality (homosexual and heterosexual)
- Disability
- Nationality
- Class ( higher class or lower class)
- Age ( adults and children)

On my product I made sure that I did not breach any of the above. I made sure that the
product was suitable for anyone for example different races and made sure any content on
my product wouldnt offend anyone. I did this by not using images and any video content
that are copyrighted so I will not break any laws. Also not using anyones work this includes
any assets or design of the product. Another way I did not break any ethical rules is that I
made sure that the text in my product didnt have any abusive language and made sure it is
suitable for my target audience.

Employability skills
For my animation, I will probably have a budget which the BBC will have to set
me. I have to manage this so I do not run out of money for expenses which will
be bad for the project. I will also need to make sure I save money to cover
costs such as if something breaks so that is the only section for use of maths.
English is very important to the project because there is a lot of writing to be
include to the project for example a diary, ILP and analysis. I will need to make
sure all my written work is done to a high standard in order for me to meet my
bench mark target. Most of the project will be written work so I need to make
sure I dont only focus on the editing side and I will need to include written
Having good ICT skills will benefit the project because it involved using various
types of software such Flash and Word. Flash is very hard to use for someone
who has never used it and this is the same with director so that is why we had
software skills lessons to help us understand the software and all the tools to
Communication is also very important to the project because communication
can be very beneficial if done correctly. For example, the project includes a
questionnaire which will be answered by the members of the class so I will
need to make sure that the questions are beneficial to the project and are
answered with ease by the pupils.
Punctuality is very important to the project because I will need to make sure
that I meet the deadlines and that my work is up to the bench mark target. In
addition, punctuality means that I will be reliable to the project so I will arrive
to lesson on time and work consistently on the project to a high level.


Extent to which brief has been realised

For this assignment I have been given a certain ammount of time to finish it and this will include
creating all of the graphics for my new band and the brief states that the band should have a target
audience and the graphics should relate to a specific target audience. In this evaluation I will be
going through what I think are my strong points throughout this assignment and how I could
improve on the assets I have produced. I will also talk about the different methods I used to
complete the work to deadline.

Use of methods and techniques

When creating my logo, I wanted to make a clean and professional logo. I got the idea to make the
logo professional because I searched on the internet other clothing companies and saw a lot of logos
which looked professional. I needed to make the logo stand out and be noticeable so the users will
be able to remember the logo. My intentions were to make the logo straight from Photoshop
however I found out it will be difficult to do this. I looked online for logos to get an idea of what I
should have on mine and I came up with having a target as the background and then some text over
it which is obviously the bands name "the pixels"

I wanted to create my logo in Photoshop because this is the program I am more familiar with and I
think I will be able to create the logo I want. The canvas size for my logo is 545 x 550. I have made it
this size because I think it is big enough for other assets I will be creating for example a poster and
CD cover. I made sure that the resolution of the file would be high quality so it will look good on any
platform. I will be using various tools such as Effects, e.g. layer effects, filters, channels; image
adjustments. The types of effects I have used are Outer Glow This gives the image a faded light
surrounding which is quite nice looking. You can also change the outer glow to a more intense,
precise so that it is only a thick outline around the image. Also Bevel and Emboss creates text and
images a 3D effect as well as customizing how soft you want the 3Dness to be or alternatively how
intense and pronounce it is.


When producing the graphics for the band it was very important that the graphics are very
proffessional because if they weren't it would not fit the purpose and it will make the whole project
not successful. The target audience is very important to this project because the band is targeted
towards a specific audience so I need to make sure that the graphics are professional. Originality is
really important to professionalism because if the logo and other assets are original and not seen
before it would make the whole brand stand out from the rest.

Looking at other bands I did notice that originality came out from their different designs so I took
this on board and made sure that my logos were up to standard with the most of the top bands.

Final version

The final version of the graphics suprislingly I was very happy on how they turned out.i do think that
looking back over at the final product I could of done better however with the time I had I think that
the product is high quality especially the logo and poster which is the main part of the assets. Not
only that I do think the branding I did was very original I haven't seen a design like this so I overall I
am very happy with the final version for the assets especially. With the tools I had in Photoshop I
tried to make use of the tools but some tools I coudlnt use because I had no experience using them
so I used the only tools I knew which could of made it less attractive if I only used certain tools but I
didnt have enough time to learn more tools which could of benefitted my assets.


The development of the project ran quite smoothly when creating the graphics and also the
storyboards. The storyboards that I created were my original design which made it much easier for
me as I had already had a plan. This made it easy for me to work on Photoshop because I had
something to work off and it made it less time consuming. There was no diffculties with the software
so that didnt disrupt the

Sources of information

Self evaluation

Personally I think I did a fairly good job creating all the graphics because with the amount of time I
had I stuck to the brief and made sure that the graphics were up to a high standard and targeted
towards the target audience. Before creating my graphics I think that.


With this course it isnt all creating graphics most of the course is documentation so I needed to
make sure anything I create I need to document it and this is what I did. I created a diary for my
graphics so when I used a tool I documented it using pictures and screenshots. The storyboards
consisted of creating a front cover, back cover, logo and tour poster and these were out drafts that
we had to create and I think it came out the way that it should have compared my Photoshop file.
The only other documentation we had to keep is a digital diary to show the whole process that we
have completed every day that shows what we created in-between those sessions and this was
basically made to be a tutorial so that someone who sees my graphic will be able to create it off of
my diary, this also helped me keep to schedule the only other documentation was some research
and a proposal that we did to introduce into the unit. Also the other documentation is this

Production process

Pre production, planning

The pre production and planning was very vital to the unit because I needed to do a lot of research
so I can get a good idea of what branding I will have for my band. During the planning process I got
some concepts of design ideas and then once the ideas became my own I began to storyboard them
for the client. After this I started to create them in Photoshop and the reason why I sketched them
out in the first place was to get an idea of what the final product will look like. The storyboards that I
created were my original design which made it much easier for me as I had already had a plan. This
made it easy for me to work on Photoshop because I had something to work off and it made it less
time consuming.

I used mainly google and other band websites like oasis to get inspirations for my designs before
creating my own original graphics.

Production time management and project management

When designing and creating my graphics for my band I made sure that my workflow was good and
made sure that I wasn't behind in work. I managed my time by making sure I finished all my work off
before the end of the lesson or if not I spend more time doing work in my free lessons. When doing
my work I didnt want to rush it and get a lower grade so I decided to spend more time on my
graphics to make them look more professional because I knew if I rushed my graphics it wouldnt
turn out to be a high quality graphic. On the last week of the deadline I was ill and had the week off
from college which lead to me falling behind on some work. So to make sure I worked to the
deadline I worked from home and made sure that the work was submitted to the deadline. The
teacher gave us deadlines for each lesson to set and if we didn't finish it we will do it for homework
which helped making sure that we met our deadlines. Also I created a timeline in Visio which shows
different sections of tasked which needs to be completed. I looked at this at the start of every lesson
to see what part of work I should be doing. Originally the client gave me a deadline for this
assignment when I was given the new brief. With that I made an ILP and a Gantt chart. The ILP is
something a use on a regular basis as it allows me to see what I am doing every lesson and when
things need to be completed by. There is also a section where you can add a session review and this
shows progress made and it allows me to keep track of where I am up too. Also if any changes are
made to the deadline or anything other I can change it easily on the ILP.

Monitoring work

Technical competence
When creating my graphics in Photoshop I was already familiar with the program so I knew the
basics of what each function of different tools were so I was quite happy creating my graphics in
Photoshop. When I first started to create my graphics I had problems with the software when trying
to add different layers. However I found a solution to it and carried on creating the graphics. The
software I used mostly was Photoshop however I got my text from a website called "Dafont" this
website is very popular to use in Photoshop and allows you to download different types of fonts. I
previously used this website in another assignment so I knew how to download the fonts. Also I used
Photoshop in a different assignment but I wasnt pleased with the outcome of the graphics because I
felt like I didnt spend enough time on it. So I made sure on this assignment I took my time and
worked with different tools. One tool in Photoshop which is called "Styles" This allowed me to have
different effects on the text which I used on every text on my banner and my logo. throughout
creating my graphics I have gained a lot of Photoshop skills which I am happy to have because I know
I will be using these tools for a long time. Before creating the graphics I had a Photoshop booklet
which showed how to use each tool and this helped me create them.

Creative ability

When creating the graphics I had to ensure that the graphics sizes were correct especially the CD
cover because when printed out it needed to fit the normal standard size CD cover. I believe it was
171mm x 133mm x 11mm. Im not entirely sure if this is correct but I had to divide this up for the
front, back and spine. I set this up in measurement of mm in Photoshop. For the poster, it was
simple I had to make an A3 poster. In Photoshop there is already a dimension set for this. I had to set
the resolution up for the most part I had the resolution at 96 as this worked really well with most of
the graphics because I didnt lose and image quality.

For size something I could have done would be to make the front, back and spine out of one
workspace. I decided not to do this as I believe it would be even more difficult to size as I would have
to use the ruler one Photoshop and Im not familiar with that tool. Further, I believe it would be
harder to cut away, whereas if the graphic was on its own on just a plain sheet of paper it would be a
lot easier to cut up.

Own work and teamwork

When doing this unit it was very important that the final product was my own original work and that
I didnt get anyone else to do it for me. However I did know that guidance off my peers will really
help me to decide what sort of path I should go and I think that constructive critism from others will
really benefit my project. While doing this assignment we had some group discussion's on a few
things throughout making the graphics. In the class I'm the one who is fairly use to using Photoshop
so if anybody needed help doing something in Photoshop I would help them by showing what they
have to do. Also we had a peer to peer discussion on how to improve the graphics we made so it
would benefit all the class if we reviewed the graphics from a user perspective. My peer said that my
graphics were "too bland" so I took the constructive critisim and added some colours to my banner
and some images and my peer reviewed it again and he thought it looked much better

Finished product

Compared with original intentions

Looking at my storyboards for my original intentions I do think that the final product does reflect on
my original plans but I have done some minor changes that come into when designing in Photoshop.
One change is the poster because the layout in the storyboard is quite different to the final design
and the reason why this is because the font I used in photoshop didnt look right so I changed it to
something else then changed the layout.

The logo was suprisingly the same I stuck to my original intention of having a target and then the
text over the top and the reason why I did this is because I think that it looks really clean and
proffesional but also stands out so it will be a eye catch for people.

Appropiate for audiences

When creating the original designs, I had to make sure that they fit within the audience ages. This
could be that the images and assets do not have any inappropriate content if my target audience is
younger than 18 however my band is over 18 but I do think it isnt a good idea to put risky content
which will be published to the public to view so I have made sure any assets are not going to offend

Identifying a target audience of consumers is among the most crucial elements for a new business
operator to consider. Without knowing your target market, or whether an audience even exists, you
can't realistically expect your business venture to survive. Business owners who learn how to identify
target audiences of consumers stand a better chance of convincing lenders to support them.
Learning to distinguish between different audiences makes it easier to determine what segments of
consumers truly support your business and whether they are going to become more than one-
purchase customers.

Technical qualities

With Photoshop and the amount of tools it has completing the project and assets were quite easy
however I did have some time with illness so it was a struggle handing in everything. Also they
werent were any technical problems throughout the project with the software which was very
pleasing. This doesnt mean everything went according to plan though. Technically all the tools on
Photoshop worked how I planned them to, and I was happy with the results Photoshop. I just wish I
changed some things about the designs before going on to producing them.

Overall though with all the tools I used there were no problems on Photoshop which made creating
the graphics a whole lot easier. However, there were some days where I couldnt get anything right
when creating the graphics. Luckily this wasnt too much of a problem as I managed to get away with
leaving it and completing it another day.

I have produced a checklist and a diary which keeps track of how I created my graphics with that it
accompanies the text with pictures showing in detail how I did everything. The checklist kept every
single tool I used in this project so I if I ever needed to look back to find out how to do something the
checklist is a great way of doing so.

Aethetical qualities
The aesthetics for these graphics were really hard to come up with because I didnt know what sort
of style I should do the brand however I did some research meaning designing and producing the
graphics was easy as all I had to do was manipulate previous graphics and better them as its a band.

When it came to including some graphics into the cd cover poster. For some areas I managed to get
some photorealistic images but this was a rare occasion as using these images was like stealing
something from another band. For the majority of the images I added a filter to them on Photoshop.
There were better ways to make the image look realistic but I needed something quicker and more
efficient I had a lot of graphics to produce in such a small amount of time. I added a filter called
poster edges and messed around with the sliders to get my look. The filter changed normal looking
images to a more cartoon like, animated whilst still looking real.

Content and style

The content and style was very important to this assignment because I was creating graphics that
need to appeal to the audience so therefore the content and style is important. For the poster the
content showed the bands logo and tour dates clearly and the style throughout of this was themed
on the CD cover as well. The CD cover showed the logo and then on the back the different song
names and also a barcode and copyright claim. I made sure I kept to the guidelines for making the

Colour was really important to my designs because I wanted to make it stand out from the other CD
covers so the colour shceme was blue and green which is a vibrant colour.

Looking at the evaluation for this unit I think that I could everything that was on the
assignment brief so I did meet the guidelines and also I did provide some illustrations
in the evaluation and explained how I felt the assignment went well. There is many
headings that I Included which wasnt on the brief and I did this because I felt it will
make the evaluation more appealing because it was my own heading. The main
heading which I wanted to make sure I cover was the target audience because I feel
for this assignment the target audience is very important as well as the client.
Next assignment

As you can see the deadline is quite close to the start date so each lesson is shows In the
box and every day I write what I did that lesson so then the next lesson I can go back to see
what I did the previous lesson which helps keep track on where I am up to on the
This assignment is unit 78 assignment 2

Looking at the assignment brief is states generate a concept of ideas computer games.
There is a big range as well to cover so for the range I do need to cover it with illustration
There is also a legal and ethical document that I used from another assignment and then I
adapted it to suit this assignment.
The reason why I created a legal and ethical is because in the assignment the client needs to
make sure that the project I finish will not offend anyone for example by racism or sexism
and I do this on every assignment because if a media product is offensive it will not be
In most assignments there is a legal and ethical because we are creating a media product so
we need to consider what we put into the product and make sure it doesnt offend anyone
or copyright anyone elses work.

For this assignment I created a diary in which I will be creating my own character and
other assets for example the poster.
Diary for graphics


To create my character and finish it by the end of the lesson


Used an image of a template from google

Then drew round the image using the brush tool

Used the colour tool to define the colour of the different parts of my character

The final design when coloured in. I used various colours to colour the character


Todays lesson I used all kinds of tools to create my character for example cropping, colouring and
other objects to finally finish the first character.

Aim to create my dvd cover

Set the canvas size which is the right size for a DVD cover

I got this image from google which is part of a DVD cover

Title which is the force

Imported the character to the front page.

Also duplicated the layers to create 2 more characters

Got images from google and made a square to make a box over the graphics.

Used the rubber tool to help fit the graphics in the square.

Added them all together and also added a background.

After this I researched the labels which feature on the back of video game covers and found this.
This shows the system requirements for the game to be played. Also other details.

Imported a age 18 so that it will be on the cover.

Final version of the cover with all the graphics on it.

Also added a barcode

Final version of the DVD cover.


Create the poster

Started on the poster and here is the dimensions

Added the background to the poster

Added some text at the bottom also used an effects tool, which created an effect on the text.
The effects used.

Added the logo of my game to the poster

Added all the logos of the platforms that the game will be played on

Imported my character and added a shape around it

Final version

Asset Evidence

My character
DVD cover


Folder showing all of the assets and other documents

As you can see I have evidence of the assets in the folders and they are all named in
order. Also I explained what tools I used in the diary and the reason why I did
this is because it states that in the assignment brief so I need to make sure I
meet the requirments.
To meet the brief the final product has to be what the client has asked so
therefore I ensured that the logo was meeting the brief. This was the same
with the poster. I ensure I did this because the client wanted a clean and
professional looking assets and I think I did do that.

Client meeting
There wasnt a client meeting in this assignment.

As you can see I made a reflection on my finished product and the reason why I did
this is because I think that it shows how I think the whole assignment went and also
the brief states this. I talked about the designs I made for the game for example the
hand drawings and then imported to the software and then I compared them both
The fitness for purpose was very important because the assignment was for a client
and I needed to make sure that the project was up to standard with the client and
looking professional.