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Final Personal Statement

The time of my interest in business started by a grade 10s course called Introduction
to Economics. It taught me the basic concept of economy and business, also their influence
and involvement in every inch of our life. In one year of study, I realized the endless power of
business under the current international society. Hence, I endeavor to seek opportunities to
attain a basic foundation in business, because I believe learning the basics is essential to
mastery of it. For these reasons, NYU Stern has become the perfect choice of university for
me. Being in the center of the world economy and having campuses all around the world
bring countless opportunities for the students, not only on the academic but also the practical
experience. These experiences bring different angles to view the same thing and the success
both within and outside the school. Moreover, the idea of solving global problems by a single
man through business also inspires me to apply for this program, because I believe one of the
solutions for global problems is to find profit for solving the problems and one of the easiest
ways to find this kind of profit is to use the power of business.
The main word of my life is multiculturalism. I'm a Chinese in Thailand and have
been to five countries in Europe and Asia. I grow up in Northeast China. At the age of twelve
when I just finished primary school, my parents brought me to Thailand because of their jobs.
Then, I entered a local middle school, most of my teachers and classmates are Thai.
Therefore, the first giant challenges I had were learning to interact in a different language and
culture. In first two years of middle school, I had not only learnt Thai language, but also the
Thai perspective. After I finished my exchange program to the United Kingdom, I started to
study harder in English, but I couldnt study in the western world. So, For high school, I
chose to study in an international school in Thailand based on American education system
and most of my teachers are American. Under these influences and experiences, I not only
gained multicultural perspective but the ability to adapt to new environments. In addition, I
want to continue my journey to other countries. In my freshman year of high school, I was a
member in human resource department of JA program. This experience lets me developed the
insight on others' strengths which can help me to efficiently assign tasks to my teammate, as
well as good communication skills. It was hard at the beginning because everyone has their
own perspective. Later on, I solved this problem by understanding my audience's perspective,
then I will use their perspective to convey the information to them. Furthermore, I got to
know how a company work and the importance of collaboration between each member in this
program. In my junior year, I became a newly joined member of Model UN club. It started
from the time I experienced fear of public speaking. After I joined Model UN club, I attended
every conference, both in and out of the school, including in Singapore, and recorded all my
failures like lack of eye contact in each conference in order to improve in the future. Through
all these conferences, I became more than fearless in public speaking, also the awareness of
the global problem, whether it is poverty in Africa or religious conflict in Southeast Asia.
I have a few expectations of the college life. Opportunities of having close
interactions with world economy are the first thing I will seek. The ultimate outcomes which
I'm eager to gain are the global perspective and wider view on this world. Later on after the
college, I plan to assume a post in business related area for three to four years; furthermore,
my expectation is to return to NYU Stern for a graduate program, such as MBA and EMBA.
With all the experiences I expect to obtain during these degrees, I will bring all these
knowledge back to my country and promote in a way which tighten the connections of China
with the western world. My final goals are to become the bridge between two of the world's
biggest economies and strengthen their connections.