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You will have the remainder of the year to engage with and
complete an independent novel study which will culminate in an
oral book report in June. You may choose a novel (fiction) or a
non-fiction piece of writing about something that interests you
(sports, self-help guides, travel writing, biographies about people
you are interested in, survival stories etc).

You will have responsibilities for EACH CLASS which will include the

1) Silent Reading
2) Note taking on key plot events for reading completed in class and between classes
(chapter summary notes) in preparation for your oral book report
3) Two consultation meetings with me
a. One meeting to set reading goals
b. One meeting to follow up on accomplishments of reading goals
4) Daily reading log (brief writing for accountability handouts will be provided)
5) Preparation for your oral book report

6) Completion of ONE of the following CREATIVE assignments

10 marks
1. Create a poster to sell your novel. The poster should state the title, the author, and should have a design
that reflects the nature of the story. Be persuasive a nd creative. Your poster must be neat, complete,
and detailed.
10 marks
2. Create a comic strip that depicts a section of your novel. Your comic strip should take up a page, and
have a definite beginning and conclusion. It should effectively depict the scene you have chosen. Do not
choose this activity if it is not appropriate for your novel, or you have no drawing talent whatsoever J
10 marks
3. Create a new book jacket for your novel. R emember a book jacket includes a cover drawing or photo,
title, author, and price information, as well as a blurb on the back that describes the novel.
** Rubrics will be provided
Name: _______________________ English 8


n Title, author, year it was published, publisher
n Identify the protagonist (main character)
n and antagonist (opposes the main character)
n and tell us a little bit about each character
n The central conflict
n What type of conflict is it?
n and who or what is involved
n The complicating incident (the event that really begins the action of the
n Some Major events BEFORE the climax
n a) Read us a sample passage from the novel you have been reading to
give us a taste of the author and his or her writing style. The passage
should be no more than two paragraphs long.
n b) tell us why you chose THIS particular passage to share.
n Tell the class whether you would recommend this book to others and why
or why not. Explain.
n Over all, how many stars out of 5 would you give your book?


1. Do you speak clearly? Yes ___ Sometimes ____ No___
2. Do you make eye contact with your audience? Yes ____ Sometimes _____ No ____
3. Do you look alert and attentive? Yes _____ Sometimes _____ No _____
4. Do you rely h eavily on your notes? Yes ____ Sometimes _____ No _____