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May 13, 2016

Thro to Grossman

First, the current version of Administrative Regulation 6.2, but

not the Appendix, went through the Regulation Review
Committee and was approved in December 2014. Second, the
Appendix to Administrative Regulation 6.2 was discussed
formally during the May 2015 Board meeting and informally at
one of the June 2015 Board meals. [DJ NOTE: Bob determined
that the appendix was not available to the BoT dashboard of
documents for either the May or June 2015 BoT meeting). At
that time, the consensus of the Board was to refrain from
voting on the Appendix and allow the President to promulgate
the Appendix. Third, although the Board implicitly authorized
the President to promulgate the Appendix, the Regulation
Review Committee currently is reviewing the Appendix to
ensure both clarity and consistency. Given that the Regulation
was properly vetted through normal channels and the Board
implicitly approved the Appendix, it would be inappropriate to
designate the Regulation or the Appendix as "interim.