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What are Replicators?

Part 1/3
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Steve Beckow
The Arcturians through Sue Lie made a helpful comment recently. They said:

In fact, as Gaia moves more and more into Her fifth dimensional
resonance, the use of money, gold or any form of material exchange
will end, to be replaced by replicators, which can be used to create
anything that you need.

By the time Gaia fully resonates to the fifth dimension, money will
become obsolete, as ALL fifth dimensional societies have the ability
to create all that they need off of their personal replicator.

In fact, replicators are now available to all of humanity, but they are
hidden along with the MANY inventions that are available NOW, but
are being concealed from masses, and are only available to the few.
Captain Janeway uses a replicator. Many Star Trek
technologies have been borrowed from known galactic The replicator is among the many third-dimensional secrets that have
appliances not yet been released to give comfort and support to those in need
and/or humanity as a collective. (1)

For those new to the subject, what is a replicator?

I first heard of a replicator-like device in 1977 during a stay at an Indian gurus ashram. It was said that the guru had
given several yogis, who were doing important work meditating in a remote Himalayan cave, an Akshaya Patra, a
wish-fulfilling bowl. (2) They took from it all their nourishment needs. Could there in fact be such a thing?

In more recent times, the galactics and celestials have discussed the subject with us. The fullest discussion can be
found in Sheldan Nidles messages.

Sheldans sources consider the replicator an important gift one of two theyll introduce to us right away.

Once we feel that this new reality is working and beginning to achieve its first goals, we are going to do two things.
First, we need a mass landing to introduce you to your mentors. Second, we intend to introduce our replicators to
you. The way is then set for a swift path to full consciousness! (4)

Why the replicators second? What purpose do they serve? Apparently they serve a number of purposes, besides
just making an Earl Grey, hot.

One is to have us experience their realm and feel at peace with it.

As you begin to integrate [our] new concepts [on matter and spirit] into your worldview, you become capable of
entertaining ideas that had previously seemed fantastic. This is when our technology can begin to make sense to

We live in a very different realm from yours and would like you to experience some of what our reality is like. This
will allow you to compare both worlds and to revel in just how easy it is to adapt to and welcome all we have to offer

Our technology can form the first support of a bridge between us, and the second support will be your growing
consciousness. Consciousness is basic, as our tools are predicated on telepathy and telekinesis and on the mutual
interplay this provides between our tools and us. (5)
So our use of the replicator will introduce us to telepathy, which will help us later communicate with our star family.

He broadens our understanding of what a machine is and what a being is, whats insentient and whats sentient:

From our perspective there is no real separation between our technology and us. Whether the device is a ship, a
transporter, or a replicator, all are living entities which merge their sentient potential with our own to create
something. This something can be a trip through the universe, the invention of a special implement to make life
easier, or dinner!

The point is to move beyond your present notion that there are living and non-living states. Your planet and your
Sun are alive! And as you progress into the sciences of nanotechnology, nanobiology, and artificial intelligence, new
definitions of sentiency are sure to come up. What we are doing is jump-starting these concepts and demonstrating
their potential.

The use of a technology such as ours relies on your as-yet untapped mind-consciousness link, and our purpose is
to bring forth this now latent ability in you, as it constitutes one of the stepping-stones on your road back to full
consciousness. Then, as you blend your technologies with ours, something wonderful happens. (6)

So far weve seen several purposes: Replicators allow us to compare both worlds and come to ease with the higher;
they serve as a bridge between our civilizations and lifestyles; they broaden our knowledge of sentiency; they
develop our latent mind abilities; and they help blend our technologies. Replicators do more than make a good

But theres more, all of this brought to us by the use of a seemingly-magical device and gift, the replicator:

The activity of practicing how to operate our devices has the effect of strengthening your life force field. Many
devices acquired and back-engineered by your secret government have a similar effect.

As you become proficient in their use, you will become aware that you possess a number of immense hidden
talents, which we have been hinting at. These talents are remnants of your former fully conscious self, and once you
set foot on this path there will be no avoiding the fact that you are much greater Beings than you presently believe.

We have refrained from openly revealing these technologies to you before now because to do so ethically would
have required a peaceful and cooperative environment in order for them to be in any way beneficial to you. This is
why we are waiting until your new regimes have moved your societies beyond war and aggression. Once global
cooperation is set up, we can bring in a whole slosh of technologies which will define the parameters of a new
spiritual science for you.

Creating this new science makes it possible for you to perceive your reality in a new light. (7)

So there is much more to to the use of replicators than meets the eye. Theyre one among a number of entres into
galactic society.

Lets stop there for today and carry on tomorrow.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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