Roller Coaster

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Pimnada Kongsinpeeraboon (Best) 5861107
Thunyaporn Koprasopsuk (Jean) 5861170
Chisanucha Kraiwas (Stang) 5861024
Pakchaporn Lertphipak (Jinny) 5861187
Chonnipa Watcharatit (Bambam) 5861025

PVC Transparent Tube A Marble Tape / glue A Glue Gun

Wood board & stick
Wooden Sticks
What is our objective?
-To build a roller coaster and make the marbles reach the end point.

-This project will investigate how much of the gravitational potential energy of

a marble at the starting point is converted to the kinetic energy of the marble

at various points along the track.
Background research
Background research
-Gravitational potential energy is the energy the object has
from the height of its started point

-Kinetic energy is opposite from potential energy, which
means that the highest- energy will be at the lowest point
and at the highest point energy will be lowest
Let see the design
Discussion of Design

We design the roller coaster in
form of from high place to low
place. We discuss that the roller
coaster cannot be moved in a
circular motion because the
plastic tube is too soft which
make the tube cannot stand still.
What are physics concept applied?
Discussion of Physics Concept
Kinetic energy : When the ball has velocity, and and have no potential energy, so the ball will
have the highest kinetic energy

Potential energy : Since the formula of potential energy is mass gravity height, meaning
the height will be considered as a factor that can increase or decrease a potential energy.
Therefore, the highest located of the ball, the highest potential energy that can transformed

Law of conservation of energy : Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be
transformed. The amount of energy is remain the same wherever the ball is located.
This is our data
Trial Mass (Kg.) Length from Distance Time Potential Energy
ground ( Meter ) ( Second )
( Meter )

1 0.32 grams 0.5 meters 1.2 meters 1.41 sec. 1.6 (joules) at highest location

We record the time and it reach the end point at 1.41 sec every time we record.
Therefore if the marble are heavier so the time it take will be lesser than 1.41 sec
For the future experiment, the roller coaster should made from other materials such as wood or

steel to be able to compare the roller coaster with different materials to get the best results. Next

recommendation, the rollercoaster should be tested with various types of balls. For instance, plastic ball,

metal ball, wooden ball and etc. Moreover, the height of the roller coaster in future can be increased or

decreased to get different results.
Thank you for listening

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