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My Healthy Recipe Final

Hearty White Bean and Kale Soup April 26, 2016 Gen Murstig & Erin Schulberg
Total Recipe Weight (EP): 69.33 oz Total # portions: 4 1 Portion Weight (EP): 14.7 oz
(Allow for 15% moisture loss in cooking)
Total Volume Yield (cups): 13.5 cups & 3 Tbsp Cost/serving: $4.95

Nutrients: Entree has both legumes and root vegetable.

Fat: 24% kcal, Saturated fat: 8.7% kcal, Sugar: 8.3% kcal
Protein: 2.3 g protein/1 g fat, Fiber: 9.8 g/serving

Pan/Equipment needed: 6 qt stock pot, 11 saut pan, portion scale, can opener
Cooking utensils: Solid metal spoon, 4oz ladle, chefs knife, cutting board, Tbsp/tsp
Serving/Garnish: Soup bowls, spoons & additional parsley

Ingredients Unit Volume Weight Method

Cost Measure

turkey, ground $4.99/lb 3/4 cup 6.0 oz AP Using solid metal spoon and 11
4.5 oz EP saut pan, saut turkey on medium
cumin seed, ground $2.44/oz 2 tsp 0.17 oz heat until no longer pink. Drain fat
cinnamon, ground $1.05/oz 1/8 tsp 0.01 oz and discard fat. Add spices & cook 1
chili pepper powder, ground 84/oz 1 tsp 0.08 oz minute. Put aside.

butter, unsalted $.27/oz 1 Tbsp 0.5 oz Using chefs knife and cutting board,
carrots, diced $.70/oz 1 cup 4.0 oz cut carrots, celery, bell pepper,
celery, diced $.89/oz 1 cup 4.0 oz onion and garlic. Use scale to find
bell pepper, any color, diced $3.00/lb 1 cup 4.0 oz appropriate weights. Use the saut
onion, yellow, diced $1.67/ea 1 cup 4.0 oz pan and spoon to melt butter over
garlic, 3 cloves, diced $.60/lb 2 Tbsp 0.33 oz medium heat. Add carrots and
powder, garlic $.89/oz 1/4 tsp 0.03 oz celery and cook for 3 minutes, add
powder, onion $1.68/oz 1/4 tsp 0.03 oz pepper and onion and cook for 2
minutes. Add garlic and spices and
cook two more minutes.

stock, chicken $2.19/ea 3.0 cups 24.0 oz Open stock with can opener and
rosemary, 1 sprig $1.65/oz place into 6 qt. stockpot over
potatoes, white, diced $.87/ea 1.5 cups 10.0 oz medium heat. Once heated, infuse
beans, drained $1.00/ea 2.0 cups 14.5 oz AP rosemary in stock for 3 minutes.
1.8 cups 12.0 oz EP Remove and discard. Using knife
kale, bitesize pieces $.14/oz 2.5 cups 2.0 oz and cutting board, dice the potatoes
and add to the stock. Cook for 10

parsley, chopped $1.09/ 1 Tbsp 0.08 oz Add beans, turkey, vegetable and
bunch simmer for 20 minutes. Add kale and
parlay and simmer for an additional
5 minutes.
Use label to spoon into bowls.
Garnish with parsley.