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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

How to Create Infographics With Connector

Tools in CorelDRAW
byMary Winkler 29 Jan 2015
Difculty: Intermediate Length: Short Languages: English

Infographics CorelDRAW Vector Graphic Design

What You'll Be Creating

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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

In this tutorial we'll use some of CorelDRAW's excellent tools for creating infographics
and owcharts. Using the Connector Tools, found in the Toolbox, we'll quickly and easily
draw lines from various nodes to create a fantastically designed owchart. You'll also
learn techniques in using the Pen Outline Tool, Attributes Eyedropper, and the Smart Fill

1.Setting Up the Document's Layout

Step 1
Create aNew Documentand use theRectangle Tool (F6)to draw a large rectangle
over over your document page. Set the rectangle's color in theObject

Draw a small rectangle and adjust the corner's radius in theProperty Barto0.22"or so.
HitNo Outlineunder theOutline Pen (F12)and set the ll color in theObject

Step 2
Figure out your infographic's layout by drawing various rectangles and circles with
theRectangle Tooland theEllipse Tool (F7). Use theSmart Fill Toolto ll your current
rectangle (or any shape) with any color and you'll instantly have a copy of that rectangle
in a new color, eliminating the need toCopy (Control-C),Paste (Control-V), and recolor
singular objects. Set up your ll and outline options in theProperty Bar.

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 2/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Step 3
A graphic like this works well with a limited color palette. I chose brown, teal, pink, and
white.Group (Control-G)together your objects once satised with their placement.

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 3/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Copy,Paste, and recolor all of the objects in the group to dark teal in theObject

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 4/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Place the pasted group behind the original group in theObject Managerdocker. Use
your arrow keys to move the pasted group down and to the right so it's offset slightly
(see below).

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 5/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

2.Using the Connector Tools

Step 1
Using theRight-Angle Connector, connect the top brown box to the brown circle.

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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

In theProperty Bar, choose from a variety of arrow styles for the path's end cap.

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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Adjust the connector stroke's style, radius, and size in theProperty Bar.

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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Step 2
Selectthe connector and choose a color with theOutline Color Tool (Shift-F12).
Choose a color that easily stands out from your background color.

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03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

I chose a white dotted line with an arrow on the right side of the connector line. Draw
another connector line from the top rectangle to one of the rectangles on the side (try
the top shape in the left column).

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 10/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Step 3
Let's say you've been playing with different connector lines and styles and want to easily
change one or more to an existing color and style. Choose theAttributes
Eyedropperfrom theToolbox, sample the connector you want to keep, and apply it to
the other two connector lines.

Every attribute of the sampled object will transfer over to the object to which the
eyedropper is applied.

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 11/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Step 4
Connect the smaller rectangles to each other with theStraight-Line ConnectorTool.
Connect the circles to the rectangles with theRounded Right-Angle Connector Tool.

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 12/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

3.Finalize Your Design

Step 1
If you nd you don't like your layout, use thePick Toolto drag objects around your
layout, and you'll notice that the connector lines, unless deleted, will change with the
moved object. Additionally, not all of the objects need to be connected or have the drop
shadow applied earlier.

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 13/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Step 2
Use theText Tool (F8)to write out information or ller text on each of your owchart's
objects. Choose header and body text and adjust text attributes in theText

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 14/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

Propertiesdocker. For more on using theText Tool inCorelDRAW, check outHow to

Use the Text Tool in CorelDRAW.

Great Job, You're Done!

CorelDRAWhas fantastic tools for the creation of infographics. From itsText Tool
toPerfect Shapes to theseConnector Tools, the process of creating various styles of
graphics is streamlined and incredibly easy. Check out these relevantCorelDRAW
tutorials for more tools in creating informative illustrations:

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https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 15/16
03/02/2017 HowtoCreateInfographicsWithConnectorToolsinCorelDRAW

https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/howtocreateinfographicswithconnectortoolsincoreldrawcms22944 16/16