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Assistant Director- Technical Test Conducted on 7 TH

May 2017 by NTS

1- If angle between I and V is 90, then power consumed is? Zero

2- Power deficit in Pakistan? 6000 MW
3- Expected power demand in 2020 in Pakistan will be? 29, 131 MW
4- If V= and I= and frequency is 10KHZ, then find L? 100mH
5- Which element is used to reduce speed of neutrons in Reactor? Graphite
6- Heating Value is measured by? Bomb calorimeter
7- One unit of Electric power is equal to how much heat? 3.6 MJ
8- In coal, Percentage of carbon, ash and moisture is measured by which
analysis? Proximate and Ultimate Analysis
9- How to determine Lower heating value and higher heating value? (Ans.
given at the End)
10-Which of the following is not running cost of the thermal power plant?
Equipment, Fuel, Workers, Maintenance,
11-Form factor of Sine wave of 220V and 50Hz? 1.11
12-Which waveform has highest form factor? Square, Sine, Triangular, Half
wave rectified sine wave
13-Main reason of crisis in Pakistan is? Shortage of Water, Shortage of Coal
Reserves etc.
14-Main resources of energy in Pakistan are? Thermal and Hydal
15-Calorific value is usually given by unit of energy divided by? Mass (usually),
Volume, Weight
16-The power factor of magnetic component of transformer is? Zero
17-In 2016, Pakistan has started using which fuel in thermal power station
instead of oil? Gas, Coal etc.
18-Efficiency of thermal power plant is measured by subtracting efficiency of
turbine from? Boiler, Condenser, Compressor
19-How much Auxiliary Consumption is allowed in Thermal Power Plant? 1%, 7%,
20-Load factor is given by? Avg Load/ peak load
21-The time of plant which is obtained by dividing average time by total time is
called? Plant operating factor, Demand factor, etc.
22-Total number of stages in gas turbine power plant? Four, Two, Six
23-Which test are conducted for insulating testing? Temperature rise test,
Impulse voltage test, short circuit test, All of these
24-The method in which customer pays some fixed cost along with peak demand
cost and total electricity usage cost is called? Three part tarif
25-No. of independent power producers in Pakistan? 105, 91, 85, 41
26-Largest hydal power plant in Pakistan is? Tarbela
27-Power generation capacity of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is? 400MW
28-Which hydal plant has lowest production capacity? Rasul Barrage(22MW),
Dargai Hydro Plant (20MW), Gomal Zam Zam (17MW), Duber Khawar
Hydro Plant (130MW)
29-Thermal Power Plant works on which Cycle? Rankin
30-Form Factor is given by? RMS Value/ Avg Value
31-Power in Ac circuit is given by? VI Cos().
32-Thermal Power Generation capacity of K-Electric is? 1756 MW
33-The instantaneous value of sinusoidal ac current at 45 angle is called? RMS
34-In Pakistan, Load is increasing by which percentage every year? 6-7 %
35-In common base amplifier circuit, the output is taken from? Collection,
Emitter, Base.
36-Higher Heating Value is also called? Gross Heating Value
37-In case of closed cycle gas turbine which fuel will be used as a working
substance if air is absent? Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Mono Oxide
38-Calorific Value of which fuel is highest? Hydrogen, Anthracite, etc.
39-Heat rate is a measure of? Efficiency, Fuel Consumption etc.
40-Which method is used to find depreciation in equipment with usage? Sinking
41-A cost which is independent from max demand and generating units is
42-Which of the following is used to run shaft of turbine and generator at very
low speed? Stearing Wheel, Staring wheel, Gear wheel etc.
43-How much percentage of Power is produced from Oil consumption in
Pakistan? 35%
44-How much percentage of Power is produced from Gas in Pakistan? 29%
45------------ indicates that the fuel heating value has been measured with all
moisture- and ash-forming minerals present. As Received (AR), New
Received, Received etc.
46-Antonym of Abandon is keep
47-Synonym of Acknowledge is adapt
48-2 questions related to English paragraph, 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms and
20 Analytical questions
49-Mostly question related to heating value and calorific value were from


Higher heating value[edit]

The quantity known as higher heating value (HHV) (or gross energy or upper
heating value or gross calorific value (GCV) or higher calorific value (HCV)) is
determined by bringing all the products of combustion back to the original pre-
combustion temperature, and in particular condensing any vapor produced. Such
measurements often use a standard temperature of 15 C (59 F; 288 K).

Lower heating value[edit]

The quantity known as lower heating value (LHV) (net calorific value (NCV)
or lower calorific value (LCV)) is determined by subtracting the heat of
vaporization of the water vapor from the higher heating value. This treats any
H2O formed as a vapor. The energy required to vaporize the water therefore is
not released as heat.

LHV calculations assume that the water component of a combustion process is in

vapor state at the end of combustion, as opposed to the higher heating
value (HHV) (a.k.a. gross calorific value or gross CV) which assumes that all of
the water in a combustion process is in a liquid state after a combustion process.

The LHV assumes that the latent heat of vaporization of water in the fuel and the
reaction products is not recovered. It is useful in comparing fuels where
condensation of the combustion products is impractical, or heat at a temperature
below 150 C (302 F) cannot be put to use.

Gross heating value

Gross heating value (see AR) accounts for water in the exhaust leaving
as vapor, and includes liquid water in the fuel prior to combustion. This value
is important for fuels like wood or coal, which will usually contain some
amount of water prior to burning.