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Issue 13

Peter and Sar ah S h o l l | p s s h o l l @ c m s . o r g . a u

Feb 2010 Pedr egal del Lago 6824, C ol. Ped re g a l de l a S i l l a 64890, Mo n t e rre y N.L . Me x i c o
ph. 0011 521 81 1771 9216 Blog: www.petesholl.blogspot.com

I’ve started work Please Pray

God has opened the doors and opportunities to extras, have enrolled in the course, and are
be teaching the Bible are rolling in. After Whatworking it’s all about!
well. I was uncertain how some of the ๏ Thanks that God can use
spending the last two years in dedicated older men would feel about doing a structured me in my weakness and
preparation for this job - time at St Andrew’s course that is completely unfamiliar, but I have
Hall in Melbourne, deputation in Sydney and received positive comments from several. One that I can teach in Spanish
language learning here - member of this group, Miguel, ๏ Pray for ongoing fluency in
it’s great to be finally has been so enthusiastic that Spanish
working! (Yes, language he encouraged 15 of his ๏ Thanks for the enthusiasm
learning is work, but you friends to do the course! and desire to learn and
know what I mean.) Some of them live in other grow in godliness of Omar,
states and will do the course Daniel, Juan and Esteban.
Currently I am teaching independently using the ๏ Thanks that the men’s
‘Creation to New online material. It’s a great group are studying the
Creation’ (‘Introduction to blessing that Adrian and course and pray that there
the Bible’ in the Moore Anita Lovell (who will be will be a flow on effect
College course) to two going to Bolivia to do throughout the church with
groups each week here in MOCLAM work) have been people hungry to read and
Monterrey. The first is three working with Grahame and understand God’s word in
university students (Daniel Patty and getting the online context, and grow in
from Costa Rica, Juan from resources more functional. godliness as a result of
Mexico and Esteban from what they learn.
Costa Rica) plus Omar (a My big pressure, and need ๏ Thanks for the opportunity
‘grown up’) from Mexico. for urgent prayer, is my trip to teach and equip pastors
Pete, Esteban, Omar, Daniel, Juan in Cuba, who in turn will
They are all very keen, to Cuba next week. I’ll be
coming each week with their preparation sharing the with a group of pastors in a local train others.
complete and thoughtful comments. They are seminary and a Cuban pastor will teach Old ๏ Pray for safety and good
enjoying the challenge of working out the Testament 1 in the same intensive week. I’m health for Pete.
application of a passage by looking at the feeling that time is very short to get the ๏ Pray for Sarah and the
context, and always have lots of good remaining classes prepared before I go! girls at home in Pete’s
questions that show they are starting to think Thankfully, God has organised the timing such absence.
theologically about life issues. These men are that I have taught half of the course in ๏ Pray for the Cubans who
Miriam’s school concert (centre top)
also very helpful in correcting my Spanish Spanish twice before. So third time lucky – or face political oppression
(which feels very inadequate for the task, but more accurately… third time can benefit more because of their faith, and
I’m making progress). from the fruit of hard labour! pray for their perseverance
amidst poverty and
The second group is the Friday night men’s I’ve also preached my first sermon in Spanish hardships.
Bible study that I have been part of for a to our church. I think they understood … and
year. All of the regular group, plus lots of they definitely liked getting chocolate prizes!

Fun on a concrete
Bible Verse
slide with Miriam.
Christ we proclaim, warning
Fun with the family
everyone and teaching
on Saturday outings.
everyone with all wisdom, that
Fun with church
we may present everyone
mature in Christ.
Colossians 1:28
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