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My Curriculum Proposal

Title: Learners-Centered Curriculum (LCC)


In this proposal, the selection of proponent was deemed crucial as it went through major
analysis for the relevance of the views of great people such as Palma on 1992. She viewed that
the curriculum is the sum of all learning content, experience, and resources that are purposely
selected, organized and implemented by the school in pursuit of its peculiar mandate as a distinct
institution of learning and human development.

Location: The most highly potential venue for this type of Curriculum is within the vicinity of
the Cotabato City and its neighboring municipalities and gradually, upon its wide and
strong implementation, it may also be applied nationally.


This Curriculum is way better than that of the K to 12, which has been implemented in
the whole region. Why do we say so? Although the concept of K to 12 is to provide for job for
their graduates even without stepping college, do you think it would be enough? The mainstream
here is the preparation for the outside world of students in engaging in a problem-centered
situation which I think is lacking to K to 12. We need to admit, still, some of the parents get
burdened with the aforementioned curriculum. However, with this latest proposed curriculum,
the Learners-Centered Curriculum (LCC) was made to address the students learning needs,
psychological needs, and sociological problems.

The objectives were selected using Benjamin S. Blooms Taxonomy of Educational

Objectives, whereby, this proposal meticulously examined its outcome for a short period of time
and to make sure that its result will be feasible at the end of the desired time frame.

Therefore, this Curriculum seeks to resolve the recurring problems on the learners
weakness on communicative basis on second language acquisition; the English. Since it is a
community-based in nature, the programs will be covering course subjects under English like
Writing in the Discipline, Developmental reading, The Art of Communication, and so on. As we
can observe, the subjects are balance not focusing only to speaking development using the
English language , thus, reconstructing the students level of efficiency in writing; not
compromising the two remaining macro skills; the reading and listening which are both


Due to the changing needs of the society, the demands of competent graduates
were also increased. In a complex society, more knowledge has been acquired than any
individual can study and make use of his existence. Therefore, the teaching profession is
confronted with the duty of deciding what subject matter to include in a curriculum and
what philosophy is to adhere. In lieu, we do not want our student to become
unproductive as our goal is to make them an asset of development, thus, we need a set of
teachers who are learner-centered capable of facilitating students who want freedom in
class. In the sense that they are free of choosing activities but those teacher who are fond
of accepting consequences from error if theres such. That is clearly what we need, an
existentialist molder and developer; and can integrate values and moral. With inductive
method of teaching, there is a great avenue for students in exploring more of what they
can do as far as second language acquisition is concern.
Implementation plan:

The implementation of this program shall consider readiness, resources available,

calendar shifting and the government agencies whose support is solely for the fast development
of the curriculum. As soon as it is seen possible for the part of staffs, students, administration and
teachers, the Learners-Centered Curriculum (LCC) shall be implemented. With the advent of
various seminars available in the locality, we are rest assured that it will eventually manifest its


With the presence of educational agencies such that of the Commission on Higher
Education (CHEd)--- the governing body covering both public and private higher education
institutions as well as degree-granting programs, it may provide random monitoring personnel to
cope with its lacking components. Of course, as we provide community-based curriculum and
programs that are focusing solely on students welfare especially on addressing language
barriers, they may help on passing accreditation.


On the over-all evaluation, the proposed curriculum shall pass the requirements based
from the on-going process which is the assessment under the assessing bodies; perhaps the CHEd
and DEpEd to continue its goal and mission. The list of activities and its desired time table shall
met at the end of the evaluation.

Program Directorate:

Since it is community-based curriculum, the center beneficiary here would be the poor
but deserving students. Regardless of students status, they are welcome provided that theyve
pass the inclusive placement exam. The focal director here is he whom was chosen and through
meeting phases of qualifications; it could be the principal for high school or if the superintendent
is made to be elected, it will do.

Financial Plan:
As we made to analyze the budgetary allocation, the proposed curriculum could cost for
around 50 million php only. We decided not to be very ambitious as in every proposal or
program, there can be revisions that will be made thereafter because we expect for further
difficulties during the whole process. We consider the support of stakeholders as part of the
decision making is where can be taken from, thus, we made the budget lesser in amount.



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