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Company Background

De Sports Equipment Sdn Bhd is a company that provide renting sports equipment services for
our customer who enthusiast in sport activities from beginners to the expert. Our company is
unique because we do not selling the products but we rather than provide a rental service of our
product to the customer. The founder of this company is Sarah Bin Othman who hold a master
in business management.

Our company was form on 4 December 2016 which located in M2-G-01, 8Trium, Jalan
Cempaka SD12/5, Persiaran Kenanga, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur with the
vision to make the pleasure and benefits of sports accessible to all and our mission is to ensure
all the people can enjoy and playing their sports.

Although our company is just newly form in one year, but the support from the people was
higher from our expectation. The location was strategic for the people to come by since it is
located in the urban area. The operation hour of our shop is from 8.00 am until 10.00 pm. Thus,
our customer can use our services from the stipulated hour to come and rent our products. They
can come to our shop or just by calling to our hotline 03-3369203 to make a booking for the
equipment if needed.

Our product are consist of sports activities equipment such as archery activities, badminton
sports, snorkeling, cycling, swimming, hockey, tennis, and many more. Most of the products
provided are comes with high prices .All our products are come from high quality and well-
known brand that can be used for many times .We also provided a member cards for our
regular customer so that, they can enjoy some of our benefits of becoming the members such
as discount or free gift.

2.0. Problem Statement

We are aware that most of the sports equipment which have high quality is quite expensive
.This is because high quality approval of sports equipment would guaranteed its durability and
safety of the equipment. The safety and durability of a products especially the sports equipment
is important because most sport activities are lasak Due to the higher in price made the
customer hesitate to buy the sports equipment thus their interest in sport sometimes could not
be fulfilled.

The reason we choose this business to ease the athlete, sports student as well as sports
school in doing sport activity without buy new sport equipment. They also can rent sport
equipment that they dont have. Therefore, it can save their cost to buy a new sport equipment
by only renting our sport equipment reasonable price.
3.0. Objectives

i. To provide a quality sports equipment for the customer especially for young sports
enthusiasts as they can just rent any sports equipment they want to use rather than to buy

ii. To give customer the best experience in any sports activities they never try and being the
number one of sports rental equipment company being choose to rent sports equipment.

iii. To promote healthy lifestyle to the public since the public not aware of their health and the
benefits involving in sports activities.

iv. To assist government in promoting health awareness and healthy lifestyle and
empowerment of individual and community to be responsible for own health.

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