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1. SALT's OZ graphic will be cued up at start of house in FULL SCREEN

2. After curtain speech, PLAY until fade to black.
3. PAUSE after fade out.
4. PLAY immediately at start of overture.
5. PAUSE after Kansas corn rises completely.
6. PLAY after Gulch says "That is the last time I buy something from a
charity bazaar"
7. PAUSE when Marvel's caravan stops on screen.
8. PLAY after Marvel says "Poor little kid, hope she gets home alright"
9. PAUSE after tornado scene fades to black
10. PLAY at start of munchkin "Ah's"
11. PAUSE after bushes part in munchkinland
12. PLAY after Dorothy says "We must be over the rainbow!"
13. PAUSE after Glinda's big bubble enters and fades.
14. PLAY when witch music begins after "Tra la la la la....."
15. PAUSE after smoke fades on screen.
16. PLAY while witch is exiting and has passed Dorothy's house
completely on stage right
17. PAUSE when smoke fades completely
18. PLAY after Glinda's "Just follow the yellow brick road" when
munchkins are saying goodbye to Glinda
19. PAUSE when bubble is gone
20. PLAY when lights on stage fade.
21. PAUSE when corn stops on screen
22. PLAY at end of scarecrow scene when lights begin to fade
23. PAUSE at blackout and wait for stage to be set
24. PLAY when stage is set
25. PAUSE IMMEDIATELY after screen fades in
26. PLAY when Witch flashes fire Here scarecrow, want to play ball?
27. PAUSE IMMEDIATELY when trail of smoke fades
28. PLAY after tree says If I grew there, Id be petrified!
29. PAUSE when panning on screen stops
30. PLAY when Were off to see the Wizard ends.
31. PAUSE in blackout
32. PLAY when witch yells Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!
33. PAUSE when poppies are completely on screen.
34. PLAY at Glindas I hear you scarecrow
35. PAUSE when Emerald City fades up completely.
36. PLAY after each character has said Weeeeeeeere off to see the
37. PAUSE when screen fades to black.
1. PLAY when gates split (right before Merry Old Land)
2. PAUSE when Emerald City is completely faded up
3. PLAY at lions Tell me when its over (after King of the Forest)
4. PAUSE when smoke fades (before Wizards face appears)
5. PLAY when Lion says Oh look at that
a. NEED to start and stop periodically. Pause for no more that
2 seconds at a time 4-5 times to ensure face lasts until the
end of his scene.
6. PAUSE when Wizard fades regardless of whether or not he is still
7. PLAY at transition to the gates of emerald city
8. PAUSE when Emerald City is full
9. PLAY at Lions the scarecrow isnt the only one who needs a new
10. PAUSE when witch transition smoke fades out
11. PLAY after Fly! Fly! Fly!
12. PAUSE when scene pans fully to Haunted Forest
13. PLAY at Whats happening? (after jitterbug and monkeys
start to attack)
14. PAUSE when scene pans to cliff fully
15. PLAY at end of Dorothys line Oh, Aunt Em, Im so
16. PAUSE after Witch fades off screen
17. PLAY at blackout (after witch melt)
18. PAUSE when fully dark
19. PLAY when lights fade up.
20. PAUSE when Wizard face fades away
21. PLAY at Wizards Step this way (transition to balloon
22. PAUSE IMMEDIATELY when Balloon is fully on
a. MUST pay attention very closely to monitor when balloon
stops rolling on
23. PLAY 2 seconds after Wizard steps off stage
24. PAUSE when balloon is gone from top of screen
25. PLAY at Dorothys Now its further away than the furthest
26. PAUSE when bubble fades
27. PLAY when lights fade during Theres no place like home
28. PAUSE when cyclone effect fades to black
29. PLAY at Henrys Dorothy!
30. PAUSE when Kansas full fades up
31. PLAY at Dorothys There really is no place like home
32. PAUSE when rainbow appears
33. PLAY when finale music swells
34. PAUSE on The End
35. PLAY to blackout
36. PAUSE when screen fades to black