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Im Jazza, or at least thats what I go by online. I put together this Anatomy Reference pack
to be a resource for creative individuals who want to explore the human body and develop
their familiarity with its form and function. Both the Male and Female figures used as models
are featured in hundreds of pose photos (4 angles to each pose), some with weapons,
some without - as well as many static and dynamic movement shots and isolated areas of
anatomy. Doing things like sketching and duplicating the poses within, or using them as
references when drawing your own illustrations, may help you further improve your
understanding of the human body and your skill in drawing them.

Thank you SO much for in purchasing this Reference Pack. Your support and interest in my
work is sincerely appreciated and I hope you enjoy the product.

Thanks, and until next time, see ya later!

- Josiah (Jazza) Brooks