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Bahco, a leading, pan-European worldwide have come to expect We continue to listen to end-users when

brand, offers a wide range of from our brand. In 1886, we first engineering and developing new tools.
began manufacturing saws under This guarantees incomparable levels of
professional tools and saws performance and satisfaction. In 2001
the brand Fish and Hook; shortly
including pruning, mechanical, after, one of our founders, J.P. Bahco launched the Ergo secateur PX
woodworking and metal cutting Johansson invented the adjustable (fixed handle) and PXR (rotating handle).
wrench that went on to conquer Our know-how and continuous search for
the world. Today Bahco is SNA advanced tools resulted in the development
Europes flagship brand. (SNA of the PX-POWER, the electric secateur that
Our products are designed and Europe is a fully owned subsidiary gets the job done quicker.
manufactured according to the of Snap-on Incorporated; NYSE:
highest level of quality, innovation SNA)
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The harness
Optimised weight distribution of the batteries
and electronic devices
Anti-humidity wear resistant material

20 mm 35 mm

The battery
The cutting head Solid, slim plastic case
Double-opening servo-progressive program NiMH batteries : more power
giving full control of the blade position. and reliability for professional
Ideal tool for different professional use and particularly suitable
pruning applications : for pruning minimum one working
Narrow opening 20 mm the tool for pruning day before re-charging
small branches and vines quickly
Wide opening 35 mm ideal for pruning thick
branches and tough vines
Connection to the control box
Hermetically closed : by a rain and dust proof (IP65 graded)
Protection from dust and dirt connector

The suitcase
The electric secateur
comes with: The electronic control box
- a SAP-X to clean the blades Fixed on adjustable shoulder strap for easy accessibility
- a SHARP-X to sharpen Suitable for right and left handed use
the blades ON/OFF switch, integrated buzzer and LED light
displaying charging and function status
Maintenance of the tool
Very low maintenance
* Self-lubricating bearing system -
enables you to work efficiently without
worrying about the maintenance of the
tool. The only maintenance required
during the pruning season is sharpening and
cleaning of the blade
* Diagnostic maintenance program
Maintenance is only needed at the end
of the pruning season on or after 350,000
cuts - each cut is registered by an
internal memory chip. The integrated
buzzer indicates next service date

The holster
Attached to the belt of the
Interchangeable between
right and left-side

Spare parts
Seal of the distributor