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Answers of 200 confusing bcqs from your bcq books

1. Potassium is mainly regulated by - Aldosterone.

2. Tip of scapula at level T7.
3. Oblique fissure of the lung at level - T3 to T6 Costochondral.
4. Decussating of medial lemniscuses - Internal Arcuate Fibers.
5. Superficial temporal artery relation with which nerve - Auriculotemporal nerve.
6. Correct about Thyroid gland - lymph drainage to deep cervical lymph nodes.
7. Anemic hypoxia occur in Methemoglobulenemia.
8. In cerebral circulation brain arteries - Do not anastomose once entered in the brain (controvertial).
9. Phase 1 of transformation of drug metabolism Oxidation.
10. Standard deviation shows - Variability of individual observation.
11. Counseling in patients is - To help themselves.
12. A young girl who is going to die and asks you Am I going to die? Doctor response should be
What your parents have told you?
13. In whole wheat Thiamine.
14. Cholesterol enriched diet Egg.
15. Origin of peroxisomes SER.
16. Organelle where protein combines with carbohydrates, packed and released - Golgi complex.
17. Correct about DNA Euchromatin is transcriptionally active.
18. ADPKD associated with Renal failure (vs) Cerebral haemorrhage (controversial) here most
probable Renal failure.
19. Cause of delay in healing Infections.
20. PaO2 decreased, PCO2 increased, hydrogen ion increased; manifestation (looked like kind of
COPD) Hypoventilation.
21. PCO2 31, HCO3 19, pH increased (Metabolic alkalosis scenario) - Hyperventilation
22. Person with tachycardia, and heat intolerance with low level of TSH, on giving TRH; level of TSH
and thyroid hormones increases. Diagnosis Hyperthyroidism with thyroid problem.
23. Origin of oxytocin and ADH Hypothalamus.
24. Difference between systemic and pulmonary circulation - Low resistance in pulmonary
25. Mean systemic filling pressure is regulated by - Venous return.
26. Systolic pressure is directly related to which one of the following Renin.
27. ADH responds to Osmolarity.
28. Osmoreceptors ADH.
29. Right border of heart on X-ray also visible a part of SVC.
30. In MI sensitive cardio marker Tropinin T.
31. Diabetic nephropathy investigation - Urine albumin.
32. Young boy with generalized edema and proteinuria - Lesion of basement membrane.
33. Lesion of parasympathetic system affects mostly - GI muscles.
34. Stress hormone of our body - ACTH.
35. S2 sound heard on - Closure of aortic and pulmonary valve.
36. A patient with history hemorrhage (trauma) receives a bag stored for 2 weeks mainly contains
37. Due to inspiration Decreased negative intrapleural pressure.
38. Important buffer of blood - HCO3-.
39. Max increase in ECF due to infusion of - Hypertonic NaCl.
40. Auscultation of tricuspid valve best heard at Right lower end of the body of sternum.
41. GVE vagus nerve for preganglionic fiber arises from Dorsal nucleus.
42. Thorn prick in left lower limb caused abscess - Staph aureus.
43. Diabetic female after abdominal surgery; dyspnea and cough - Pulmonary embolism.
44. MCC of pulmonary embolism DVT.
45. Typhoid fever 1st week test Blood culture
46. Typhoid fever 2nd week test Blood culture and Widal test.
47. Typical feature of falciparum - Black water fever.
48. Alcoholic patient with deranged LFTs; on biopsy Mallory bodies.
49. Councilman bodies seen in Apoptosis.
50. Natural self-defense against tumors Apoptosis.
51. P53 gene absent results in - cell survival.
52. Pain mediator - Bradykinins.
53. Metaplasia Functional change in cells.
54. Female with infection of HPV, comes after 2 years, Pap smear shows prominent nucleoli and
increased nucleus size Dysplasia.
55. Gas exchange occur - Simple squamous epithelial layer.
56. Patient with granulomatous disease, biopsy done. Microscopic finding that suggests TB
Epitheloid cells.
57. The spindle fibers will decrease in discharge of impulses when - Muscle contracts (vs) When
efferent gamma discharge occurs. (controversial) here most probable muscle contracts
58. Diagnosis for leprosy, initial investigation - Nasal scrapping.
59. Benign neoplasm Adenoma.
60. 3 germ layers tumor Teratoma.
61. When adrenalin release from medulla, causes vasodilation by acting on - Beta 2 adrenergic
62. Increased GFR and increased plasma flow occur due to - Dilation of afferent arteriole.
63. Charateristic of cerebellar lesion - Dymetria
64. Emax of a drug depends on Efficacy
65. Study in which every person of a population has equal chances of being selected Random
66. Amniocenthesis is done - After 14th weeks.
67. 1st response against acute inflammation in tissue Macrophages.
68. In dark granules containing cells; IgE attaches to Basophils.
69. Opsonization - C3b.
70. Exudate - more than 3g of proteins.
71. About active transport of drug all are true except - All drugs pass via active transport.
72. Pulmonary artery supply to Alveoli.
73. Muscles of back innervated by - Dorsal rami.
74. In young boy dyspnea produced on lying - Retrosternal goiter.
75. Most important cause of bronchogenic cancer Smoking.
76. Edema caused by - Increased hydrostatic pressure.
77. Edema caused by - Lymphatic blockage.
78. BP 210/180mmHg and creatinine 8% damaged part Juxtaglomerular apparatus.
79. Female with blood group A, have 2 children; one with O and other with AB, blood group of father
is B.
80. Genetically true hermaphrodite XX/XY.
81. DNA replication occur in Interphase.
82. Glycogenolysis caused by deficiency of which hormone - Insulin
83. Investigation for liver amoebic abscess Serology.
84. Surgery of submandibular gland; nerve damaged - marginal mandibular branch of facial.
85. On posterior surface of oblique and transversalis fascia - Arcuate line.
86. Aspirin overdose causes Coma.
87. Cardiac output measurement via thermodilution Temperature change downstream with CO.
88. Father with defective gene on one autosomal chromosome, develops disease later in his life;
chances of getting disease in children Half of the children will be affected.
89. If left circumflex artery occluded - Infarction of left atrium and left ventricle.
90. MCC of multiple fractures in adult Osteoporosis.
91. Patient with fracture of many bones and low BP immediate treatment - Volume replacement.
92. Most common fracture of long bone - Tibia.
93. Collagen fibers Eosin stain
94. Gamma efferent supply to Intrafusal muscle spindles.
95. Micturition Self generating.
96. Hallmark of HIV Proliferation of virus in T-Cells.
97. 1g protein gives energy 4 kcalories.
98. Isotonic and isometric contraction difference is that isotonic contraction consumes more
phosphate bond.
99. Autonomic nervous system parasympathetic increase salivary secretion.
100. Protrusion of mandible Lateral pterygoid.
101. After feeding the baby, diarrhea develops Gastrocolic reflex.
102. Both sides of 5th posterior intercostal spaces is supplied by - Thoracic aorta.
103. 2 years old child with medially rotated arm lesion in - Upper trunk.
104. Female with uterus cancer which travels to labia majora following which route - Round ligament.
105. Pain in epigastrium due to ulcer, transmitted by - Greater splanchnic nerve.
106. Vesicular lesion on the tip of nose and eyelid - Ophthalmic nerve.
107. Patient cant abduct till 30 degree, which muscle is responsible Supraspinatus.
108. Nerve supply to plantar surface of foot - Posterior tibial.
109. Medial arcute ligament Psoas major muscle.
110. Bitemporal hemianopia due to lesion of - Central part of optic chiasm.
111. Ventral spinothalamic tract - Coarse touch and pressure.
112. Dorsal column Proprioception.
113. Vibration and touch via - White matter of posterior spinal cord.
114. Function of notochord - Induction of ectodermal neural plate to produce neural tube.
115. Midbrain reticular system Unusual stimulus causes arousal.
116. Most radiosensitive tumor Medulloblastoma.
117. Hormone increased during sleep as compare to at day wakefulness Cortisol.
118. In Trigeminal neuralgia anesthesia given to block trigeminal ganglion at which site - Middle
craneal fossa.
119. Patient with intentional tremors and facial paralysis lesion at Cerebellopontine angle.
120. Opioids produces vomiting by acting on - Chemo trigger zone in medulla.
121. Patient working in mine with tuberculin test positive. Cough, fever, weight loss with hilar
lymphadenopathy Silicosis.
122. Male working in construct factory with pleural plaques Asbestosis.
123. Neoplastic cells with continuous mitosis due to persistence of Telomerase.
124. During exercise venous return is due to - Contraction of calf muscles.
125. During exercise increased blood supply to muscles - Local metabolites.
126. Action of steroids as anti-inflammatory is due to - Inhibiting phospholipase.
127. Intermediate filaments staining with immunofluorescence to diagnose Carcinoma.
128. VPL nucleus of thalamus when damaged cause somatosensory loss of contralateral body.
129. Thiazide diuretic cause Hypokalemia.
130. Man living on side of a river, got blindness from nematode; organism - Onchocerca volvulus.
131. MCC of HTN Idiopathic.
132. Adult female with breast atrophy due to decrease in Estrogen.
133. Female with hirsutism, galactorrhea, infrequent heavy menstrual cycle. U/S both ovaries with
cystic lesions and LH:FSH :: 3:1 - PCOD
134. Female with hot flushes - Increase FSH and LH.
135. Injection of atropine will cause - Dryness of mouth.
136. Female with severe loss of vibration, Investigation of choice - Stomach biopsy.
137. Child with yellow sclera and colored urine, best Investigation - Bilirubin and ALT.
138. Female with weakness and lethargy with RBCs 5.5 diameter and very thin red line of RBC in
peripheral smear - Microcytic hypochromic anemia.
139. Monitoring of Hep B Serum glutamate-pyruvate transaminase.
140. Female with reactive anti HBe and reactive total anti HBc along with non-reactive HB IgM and
non-reactive HepBs Ag - Acute recovery phase.
141. Patient with obstruction jaundice; now bleeding cause - Vit K deficiency.
142. Investigation of Hashimoto thyroiditis Antimicrosomal and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies.
143. Cimetidine interaction with warfarin causes - Decrease hepatic clearance of warfarin.
144. Patient using some anti-coagulant, how will you know that anticoagulant is warfarin because it
is being monitored by PT.
145. BP drops from 100mmHg to 70mmHg Decrease in carotid sinus nerve activity.
146. Erythropoietin is secreted via Mesangial cells.
147. Patient with all symptoms of Cushing along with increased ACTH cause - Cushing disease.
148. Child with machinery like murmur PDA.
149. PaO2 is 100% in - Left to right shunt.
150. Kallmann syndrome Gene defect in Kal1 gene.
151. Diplamotoylphosphatidyl choline + carbohydrate + proteins is a content of Surfactant.
152. In asthma - Decrease FEV1.
153. Splenectomy is most useful in - Hereditary spherocytosis.
154. Findings in glycogen storage diseases - Hepatomegaly and hypoglycemia.
155. Corynebacterium diphtheria produces Exotoxins.
156. Common specie of Corynebacterium affecting human is Diphtheriae.
157. Typical symptom of food intoxication by Clostridium botulinum - Flaccid paralysis.
158. CSF with increased proteins and polymorphs with decrease glucose the drug of choice
159. About the pharmacology of Neiserria gonorrhea - Pencilin G.
160. Major histocompatibility is related to HLA.
161. Kidney is transplanted, gets cyanosed in 10 minutes, type of reaction - Antibody mediated.
162. A child with Agammaglobulinemia is prone to - Pyogenic infections.
163. Diagnostic criteria for sarcoma - Increased vascularity (Rabia Ali) / Pleomorphism (Tumor
164. Soldier coming down from height, now with discoloration of fingers, dyspnea - Secondary
165. Vitamin D acts on intestinal mucosa via - expression of genes.
166. Release of neurotransmitter due to - Influx of calcium in presynaptic fiber.
167. Calcium influx via slow channels in ventricle cells causes - Ventricular ejection.
168. Increased a wave in JVP due to - Tricuspid stenosis.
169. Person with HR 80/min, on ECG RR interval would be - 0.75 sec.
170. Class III Antiarrhythmics Amiodarone.
171. Increased ASO titer - Rheumatic fever.
172. In hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Myocytes disarray.
173. 5 month of pregnancy, lady with thyrotoxicosis, drug of choice Methimazol (2nd & 3rd
Trimester) / PTU (1st trimester).
174. 30 years old smoker, psychotic, vomiting of fluid with visible peristaltic movements on abdomen
cause - Pyloric stenosis.
175. Myenteric system of parasympathetic is potentiated by Ach.
176. Pethidine is preferred over Morphine Fast acting.
177. Philadelphia chromosome CML.
178. Male with fever upper lobe consolidation, fever from last 3, productive cough, AST 135 and ALT
111, alkaline phosphatase normal, bilirubin 10, he died on autopsy weight of liver increase and with
fat droplets seen on hepatocytes. Diagnosis - Chronic alcoholic disease.
179. Alpha 2 macroglobulin inhibit Trypsin.
180. Male with all symptoms of LV failure and pulmonary edema without any previous illness and BP
125/85mmHg, on X-ray cardiomegaly; cause of heart failure - Alcoholic cardiomyopathy/Bicuspid
aortic valve?.
181. Highest potential difference in the wall of stomach is when Aspirin ingestion.
182. Calculate Alveolar ventilation where Tidal volume is 500ml/respiration. RR 10 - 3500ml/min
183. Calculate Clearance where Urinary flow 20 ml/min, Concentration of substance in urine 10 and
Plasma 10 20ml/min.
184. Excessive eversion of foot damaged which structure - Rupture of deltoid ligament.
185. About descending aorta - starts at T4 on left side.
186. Counterpart of Mullerin tubercle - Seminal colliculus.
187. Histology of cornea - Stratified squamous non-keratinized.
188. Left shift of HbO2 curve - CO poisoning.
189. Humans are intermediate host in - Hydatid cyst.
190. Clot retraction is mediated by Thrombosthenin
191. In late pregnancy the uterus is most sensitive to Oxytocin.
192. About bicep brachialis muscle attaches to supraglenoid tubercle of scapula.
193. Hyper-resonance is mostly heard at T2-T4 of right midclavicular line.
194. Conus medullaris terminates in neonates at the level of L3
195. Cimetidine is used preoperatively Inhibits H2 receptors competitively.
196. Nursing mother with herpes labialis, drug of choice Acyclovir.
197. PO4 increased, Calcium decreased and PTH increased Chronic Renal Failure.
198. Labetalol acts on Alpha and Beta receptors.
199. Women after delivery, Platelet: 70,000, aTTP normal, PT raised DIC.
200. Tumor screening test is for - Early diagnosis of a disease.