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Cosby trial
AFP/GETTY No matter
the outcome,

06.05.17 is done


IN NEWS Russia
Gowdy might
lead oversight
In the USA, caution boosts
S.C. lawmaker could
replace Chaffetz and solidarity trade
Working to make
New York on alert after string of horric attacks in U.K. with
work better
Retail and fast-food
workers gaining more
N. Korea
of a say in scheduling Increase could offset
Chinese pressure
to curb nuke program
Bob Nightengale
Pujols milestone Oren Dorell
draws yawns USA TODAY
Angels slugger ninth
to reach 600 homers
As China responds to Presi-
dent Trumps call to pressure
Johnson climbs North Korea to curb its rogue
weapons programs, Russia has
NASCAR win list stepped in to help the isolated
nation stay connected to the
IN LIFE rest of the world.
Trade between Russia and
The women of North Korea rose by 73% during
summer films the rst two months of 2017
compared to the same period the
A look at 10 females year before, boosted mostly by
breaking down increased coal deliveries from
movie stereotypes Russia, according to Russian
state-owned news site Sputnik.
China, North Koreas chief
DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS, AFP/GETTY IMAGES political and economic benefac-
Faces of Pride Londoners visit a tribute at the north end of London Bridge on Sunday as the capital reeled tor, said it had curbed coal de-
from terrorist attacks that killed at least seven people and wounded dozens. liveries to North Korea and
What does LGBT taken other steps aimed at per-
pride look like New Yorkers stand in solidar- suading North Korean leader
across America? Greg Toppo ity with the people of London. Kim Jong Un to halt his nuclear
We ask the question: @gtoppo In Washington, D.C., the U.S. and ballistic missile develop-
pride.usatoday.com USA TODAY Conference of Mayors praised ment programs.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan. In addition to a boost in coal
Khan has risen above this cri- shipments, other moves by Rus-
HOME DELIVERY The U.S. Department of sis of death and destruction, as sia to expand commerce with
1-800-872-0001 Homeland Security said Sunday mayors continue to do, to alle- North Korea include:
USATODAYSERVICE.COM that it had no evidence of a viate fear, to bring comfort to
specic, credible terror threat his people of London and to

in the United States but was give support to the rst re-
monitoring developments in sponders who continue to pro-
London. tect, defend and provide
In New York, Mayor Bill de emergency care to his people of
Blasio said the city was on alert, London, conference CEO and
A division of Gannett Co., Inc. with critical-response units in Executive Director Tom Coch-
particularly prominent loca- ran said in a statement.
tions citywide. Cochran noted that so far in
USA SNAPSHOTS That means New Yorkers 2017, cities worldwide have ex- SPC. 2ND CLASS Z.A. LANDERS, AP
The USS Carl Vinson has been
today will see a heavier pres- British leader May: perienced 500 terror attacks, deployed near North Korea amid
Addiction ence at key locations around Enough is enough with 3,500 deaths and many heightened tensions.
the city, he said Sunday. You more physically and mentally
misconception will see a stronger police pres- 12 arrested in terror attack 8A wounded. uA Russian company, In-
ence, including our counterter- Homeland Security said it veststroytrest, opened a new
ror forces, which are heavily Trump slams was closely monitoring devel- ferry line in May connecting
armed and heavily geared. London mayor opments in the U.K., and it cau- the Russian port city of Vladi-
But de Blasio said the heavy tioned U.S. citizens in London vostok to the North Korean city
President takes aim at of Rajin. Mikhail Khmel, the
police presence is not a cause to maintain security aware-
political correctness 8A companys deputy director, told
for alarm that is a cause for ness. Any American citizens
comfort, to see the NYPD out in who need help should contact Reuters the ferry is aimed at
Why U.K. is a target
8 in 10
Americans dont
strength to protect us against
any situation. De Blasio said ISIS is directing followers 8A
the U.S. Embassy in London, of-
cials said.
Chinese tourists seeking to visit
Vladivostok by sea.
uRussian railway officials in
recognize prescription January visited North Korea to
drug abuse as a discuss upgrades to the Rajin-
treatable problem. Heightened security is not a cause for alarm
that is a cause for comfort. Hasan railway, which links Rus-
SOURCE Michigan State University sia to the Korean peninsula, ac-
survey of 4,600 adults New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

Theres hope for those ying cars weve been waiting for
But Toyota-backed test the automaker conrmed to USA
TODAY that it is exploring aerial
Project lead-
ers for Toyo-
Project leader Tsubasa Nakam-
ura said in a blog post that Cartiv-
barely gets off ground solutions on its own. ta-backed ator would reveal a redesigned
Toyota described its own ying start-up prototype in November.
car ambitions as in the very Cartivator Tesla CEO Elon Musk is one
Nathan Bomey early stages and said nothing gather for skeptic in the debate. The billion-
@NathanBomey has been decided yet about liftoff of their aire innovator said recently in an
USA TODAY commercialization. prototype interview at TED Talks that he
Still, the involvement of the ying car. likes ying things but ying cars
worlds second-largest automaker arent even practical.
It would be a truly Olympic reects a serious step forward for If somethings ying over
feat. ying cars amid a debate over your head and theres a whole
A start-up backed by Japanese whether theyre realistic at all. bunch of ying cars going all over
automaker Toyota revealed a pro- To be sure, the start-up ven- KOJI UEDA, AP
the place, that is not an anxiety-
totype of a ying car, aiming to ture, dubbed Cartivator Resource reducing situation, he said.
whisk a driver through the air to Management, got off to a sputter- the bottom of its frame Cartiv- abandoned. Still, the company, Youre thinking, Did they ser-
light the Olympic torch in Tokyo ing start Saturday. Using alumi- ators Sky Drive vehicle ew to which got nearly $400,000 from vice their hubcap, or is it going to
in summer 2020. num framing, eight propellers eye level for several seconds be- Toyota, declared the liftoff a suc- come off and guillotine me?
Although the start-up is not of- and sensors to y and cush- fore crashing to the ground. cess and said its charting a path
cially collaborating with Toyota, ioned by basketballs attached to Further ight attempts were toward manned ight in 2019. Contributing: The Associated Press


I am an American We are One Nation Georgia Democrat one
REMOVING WALLS of partys rising stars
THAT BLOCK TRUST Her goal? Be 1st black
female governor
inated states by turning out
low-propensity voters. In Geor-
gia, shes credited with helping to
ip six Republican assembly seats
Corpus Christis Terry Mills by reaching out to and registering
brings youth, police to Heidi M. Przybyla more minorities. Thats different
USA TODAY from the Democratic Party for-
summit for frank talk mula for winning in swing states
for the past 30 years, dating to
Stacey Abrams, the top Demo- Bill Clintons New Democrat
Chris Ramirez Stacey
crat in Georgias General Assem- approach of moving to the center
USA TODAY Network Abrams was
bly, is among her partys rising to attract moderates.
stars vying for a U.S. governors given a I intend to scale our model,
Each week, this series will introduce you to an speaking slot
mansion next year as she tests Abrams said in an interview with
exceptional American who unites, rather than at the 2016
whether progressives can help re- USA TODAY ahead of her an-
divides, our communities. To read more about Democratic
build the national party by taking nouncement. You can be talking
the American profiled here and more average National
control of statehouses. about white voters who are work-
Americans doing exceptional things, visit Convention
Abrams, a 43-year-old former ing multiple jobs just to make
onenation.usatoday.com. RACHEL DENNY CLOW, USA TODAY NETWORK
in Philadel-
romance novelist, is also aiming ends meet, rural black voters who
to make history when she an- phia. have faced voter suppression for
What does it mean to you to be Terry Mills
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas nounces her candidacy in south- decades, Latino voters in subur-
an American?
Age: 56 west Georgia on Saturday. She ban communities, said Abrams,
I love America. America to me means ... when
Profession: President, NAACP Corpus Christi would be the nations rst Afri- who was given a speaking slot at
Miss Liberty said bring me your tired, bring
chapter; Personal banking officer, Wells Fargo can-American female governor the partys nominating conven-
me your this, bring me your that. Thats the
Mission: I believe in helping people. and Georgias rst black execu- tion in Philadelphia.
America I know. I realize that were different.
tive. Nationwide, there are six The seat is now held by Gov.
And that people see America different. But
female governors; two of them Nathan Deal, a Republican who is
you know what? Id rather live in America
are Democrats. term limited. At least three Re-
than live in some Third World country,
because you dont have the freedom to vote. What gives you hope?
That Abrams could stand a There are publicans and Democratic state
chance in a formerly solid red other Rep. Stacey Evans have also an-
You dont have the freedom to do this, to do What gives me hope ... is that I know that one
state is among the signs of a shift- states I nounced gubernatorial bids.
that. And here in America, we have that. We day that, in my eyes, all this hatred thats go-
ing political landscape after the While Democrats are playing
sometimes take it for granted. But we have ing on all the dissatisfaction, all the killing,
2016 election. might defense in the U.S. Senate races,
that right, under the Constitution, to voice all the rape and all that stuff in my Amer- write off.
In an important ex of sup- with far more of their seats up for
that opinion, whether its verbally, on paper, ica, thats all going to be gone. And we can all Im not
port, Emilys List, a major force in reelection in 2018, the governors
protesting. Thats America. get along. Not just get along to get along, but
to get along and mean it.
grooming pro-choice women po- writing map is the reverse: out of 38 races
litical candidates, is offering its this one to be held in the next 2 years, 27
What moment touched and
endorsement out of the gate. off to the are Republican held, meaning
motivated you to launch this effort? What do you hope to accomplish
Stacey has proven herself to be GOP. there are a lot of Republicans
I got tired of minority kids getting pulled through your efforts?
an absolute tour-de-force in a playing defense.
over by cops. Or if you get pulled over and you We sometimes need to change the way we
state that has never before elect- Jennifer Duffy, It is these newly elected gover-
dont do what they say or you say the wrong perceive things. People dont realize that just Cook Political
ed a woman or person of color as nors who will oversee the next
thing, you might get beat up to death. Or by talking to someone ... by giving you words Report
governor, Emilys List president round of redistricting around the
you might get shot. That doesnt happen in of encouragement, you can change a persons
Stephanie Schriock said in a 2020 Census. It was the fact that
Corpus Christi. That happens in other places. paradigm. You can change a persons whole
statement to USA TODAY. so many Republicans controlled
But I got tired of seeing that throughout the way of thinking.
The state is in fact changing, statehouses in 2010 that allowed
United States. I just said we need to come to-
said Jennifer Duffy, an analyst at the party to redraw districts, fa-
gether as one.
the non-partisan Cook Political voring them to cement their grip
Report. There are other states I on the U.S. House. Democrats
might write off. Im not writing need 24 seats to take control of
this one off to Republicans. the House in 2018.
NOMINATE AN AMERICAN Abrams is becoming a leading That can happen if we have
Who are your American heroes? Share stories and nominees at onenation.usatoday.com or via party voice in the Sunbelt and an maps that are fairly drawn across
email to onenation@usa today.com or post a video submission to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram example of how progressives can the country and especially the
(no longer than 2 minutes, please) with the hashtags #IAmAnAmerican #WeAreOneNation. make gains in Republican-dom- Sunbelt, said Abrams.

Russia critical of U.S. on N. Korea

v CONTINUED FROM 1A Putin believes North Korea a war, or people could be more
takes provocative steps, but that prosperous and buying more rice.
cording to Russias state news its forced to act in that way be- But two things are clear: The
agency TASS. cause of aggressive actions by North Korean currency, the yuan,
uRussia and North Korea South Korea and the United has been stable so whatever is
have reached a labor immigration States, by having exercises and going on is not having a big ef-
agreement to expand a program military drills and sending the fect, Noland said.
that already employs 40,000 aircraft carrier and those type of And while Russias trade with
North Korean laborers in Russias things, Brown said. North Korea appears to be rising,
timber and construction indus- Chinese officials have warned at $130 million annually it is still
tries, a major source of foreign they would consider halting tiny compared to Chinas $6.6 bil-
currency for Kim Jong Uns gov- crude oil deliveries to North Ko- lion in annual trade, Noland said.
ernment, according to the Japa- rea if it engages in more nuclear Even so, Russia could cause
nese newspaper Nihon Keizai. or long-range missile tests, ac- mischief in North Korea for the
These moves come despite cording to Chinas state-run U.S. and its northeast Asian allies
Russias signing onto recent sanc- Huanqiu newspaper. South Korea and Japan, Noland
tions by the United Nations Secu- Regular oil tanker ship traffic said. Yes, it is plausible that Rus-
A candlelight vigil Sunday at Hong Kongs Victoria Park marks rity Council, which call for between Russia and North Korea, sia will try to increase trade to in-
Chinas infamous bloody crackdown on protesters in 1989. reducing trade with North Korea and the rail line that is being re- crease its geopolitical inuence.
in retaliation for two nuclear det- paired, are evidence that Russia
onations last year and ongoing could replace some Chinese oil
Annual vigil honors tests of ballistic missiles that the
North says are aimed at develop-
ing a nuclear delivery system that
supplies, but its unclear if they
could replace all of it, said Antho-
ny Ruggiero, an analyst at the
Corrections & Clarifications
A story in Thursdays edition
about cellphone charging tech-
Tiananmen dead can reach the U.S. mainland.
The Security Council issued a
unanimous statement on May 21
Foundation for Defense of Democ-
racies, a Washington think tank.
If the Chinese really crack
nology mischaracterized MRI
scans, which leverage magnetic
resonance and not ultrasound.
Thousands gather in early, others are late, but we will
all get there in the end, Tsai
that vowed to impose new sanc-
tions on North Korea after it test-
down, would the Russians be able
to completely backll? Im not sure USA TODAY is committed

Hong Kong to recall wrote on Twitter. ed yet another long-range missile. that they would, Ruggiero said.
to accuracy. To reach us,
contact Standards Editor

event Beijing blots out While mainland Chinese are

only dimly aware of what hap-
Trump is pressing China to use
its $6.6 billion in annual trade
Brent Jones at 800-872-
7073 or e-mail accu-
pened at Tiananmen Square, the with North Korea as leverage to Please indicate whether
Kelvin Chan subject is openly discussed in Tai- crack down on North Koreas youre responding to
content online or in the
The Associated Press wan, a self-governing island, and weapons development, as China newspaper.
Hong Kong, a special Chinese re- handles 90% of the Norths busi-
gion with autonomy and legally ness with the rest of the world.
HONG KONG Thousands of Hong entrenched freedom of speech But a larger Russian trade rela-
Kongers attended a candlelight and other civil rights unseen on tionship with North Korea could
vigil Sunday to commemorate the mainland. negate some of what China may
victims of the Chinese govern- The annual evening vigil in do, several analysts said.
ments brutal military crackdown Hong Kong is the only large-scale The Russian trade activity ts
on protesters in Beijings Tianan- commemoration on Chinese ter- into Russias thinking about SUBSCRIPTIONS
men Square in 1989, and Taiwans ritory of the Tiananmen blood- North Korea, said James Brown, 1-800-USA-0001
The test of a ballistic missile in North
president called on Beijing to shed. About 110,000 people an associate professor at Temple Korea has increased the urgency of
Monday Friday
8 a.m. 7 p.m. ET
face up to the history. attended on Sunday, according to Universitys Tokyo campus. sanctions against the country.
Hundreds if not thousands of organizers, while police estimat- They dont want to isolate 7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, Va. 22108,
unarmed protesters and onlook- ed the turnout at 18,000. Last North Korea. They want to en- While Chinese coal imports 703-854-3400
ers were killed late on June 3 and year, the numbers were 125,000 able North Korea to be able to have fallen to multiyear lows Published by Gannett, Volume 35, No. 184
the early hours of June 4, 1989, and 21,800, respectively. continue to conduct activities since the imposition of new sanc-
after Chinas communist leaders People held up their lit cell- with the rest of the world, Brown tions by the U.N. Security Coun- Regular U.S. subscription rates: $29 per month;
$300 per year. For customer service-related
ordered the military to retake phones some with pictures of said. Theyre against the North cil, Chinas imports of North inquiries, please contact Barb Smith, VP/Customer
Tiananmen Square from the stu- candles on the screen as a band Korean nuclear program. ... But Korean iron ore rose in April to Service, PO BOX 650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301, or
dent-led demonstrators. Com- played songs to rally the crowd the Russians also are more sym- the highest level since August fax 1-800-732-3631.

memoration of the events, public and activists gave speeches about pathetic toward North Korea. 2014 and 10% higher than in Advertising: All advertising published in USA
TODAY is subject to the current rate card; copies
or private, remains taboo in the importance of getting young Russian President Vladimir Pu- March, according to the South available from the advertising department. USA
mainland China. people to attend. tin said on May 1 that North Ko- China Morning Post. TODAY may in its sole discretion edit, classify, reject
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing- I dont want this part of histo- reas recent missile launch was The data on China-North Ko- or cancel at any time any advertising submitted.
wen said in posts on Facebook ry to become blurred, said Emily dangerous, and that Russia is rea trade is sparse and results in a Classified: 1-800-397-0070
and Twitter that 28 years ago, the Yu, 42, who attended the gather- categorically against the expan- fuzzy picture of the impact of offi- National, Regional: 703-854-3400

actions of students and citizens ing in Victoria Park. It was really sion of the club of nuclear states, cial sanctions, said Marcus No- Reprint permission, copies of articles, glossy
who challenged the political sys- a massacre of people. Those according to Sputnik. But he also land, director of studies at the www.GannettReprints.com or call 212-221-9595
tem in China inspired a young people came out and did appeared to criticize U.S. policy to- Peterson Institute for Interna-
USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press
generation. all they could for freedom and de- ward North Korea, marked by U.S. tional Economics. and subscribes to other news services. Published
She appealed to Beijing to face mocracy but didnt achieve it. military exercises near the Korean North Korean prices for food daily except Saturdays, Sundays and widely
up to June 4 with an open mind Eloise Wu, 36, who works for a peninsula and belligerent threats and fuel have spiked recently, but observed holidays. Periodicals postage paid at
McLean, Va., and at additional mailing offices. USA
and said Taiwan was willing to non-governmental organization, from both Trump and Kim. its unclear why, Noland said. He TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are
share its experiences of transi- said: We dont want to let people We need to return to dialogue ticked off a number of possible rea- registered trademarks. All rights reserved.
tioning to democracy in the late think weve forgotten, as if with with the Democratic Peoples Re- sons that supply is down be-
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to USA TODAY,PO
1980s to ease the pains of such a the passing of time its like, Oh, public of Korea, stop intimidating cause of sanctions, or its being BOX 650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301.
transition in the mainland. this never really happened. No. it and nd ways to solve these diverted to the military, the popu-
For democracy: some are Every year we remember. problems peacefully, Putin said. lation could be hoarding in fear of

Gowdy might get reins

to oversight committee
Compromise choice
for chair may appease
far-right Republicans
Eliza Collins

WASHINGTON Republicans are

about to give one of the top com-
mittee posts in the House to a guy
Mark Warner, D-Va., is on the Senate Intelligence Committee. who has never said he wants the
job: South Carolina Rep. Trey

Panel wants Comey Gowdy.

Gowdy is expected to be cho-
sen this week to take over the

to tell his version chairmanship of the powerful

House Oversight and Govern-
ment Reform Committee, despite
the fact he has not said he is run-
Main question: Did counsel to investigate the extent
of Russias interference in the U.S.
ning for the position.
The Republican Steering Com-
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, left, is retiring at the end of June,
Trump pressure him? election, whether there was collu- mittee which is made up of Re- and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., right, might replace him as chair
sion with the Trump campaign publican leadership and other of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
and whether Trump attempted to representatives will meet this
Heidi M. Przybyla
obstruct the investigation.
I want him (Comey) to rein-
week to choose a replacement for
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who
Gowdy is tried, of the Freedom Caucus and the
Oversight Committee has more
force, one, the fact that the Rus- has announced he will retire from tested and exactly than a half-dozen members who

WASHINGTON It would be un-

sians directly intervened in our
elections, which everybody ac-
Congress on June 30.
Gowdy represents an attempt
what the commit- belong to the group. But ques-
tions were raised about whether
thinkable, said Sen. Mark War- cepts except for the president and at compromise. The upstart con- tee needs at this Ryan, R-Wis., would allow a
ner, if President Trump pressured
former FBI director James Co-
maybe Vladimir Putin, said War-
ner. Another main goal for the
servative Freedom Caucus want-
ed one of their own for the job,
time. amethrower to get such a pow-
erful position and Jordan ulti-
mey to back off an investigation of hearing on Capitol Hill is for but the group has been a thorn in Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and a Freedom mately said he wasnt going to
Caucus member
his former national security ad- Comey to clarify exactly what was the side of party leadership and run.
viser, Gen. Michael Flynn. said in his conversations with nearly killed Speaker Paul Ryans Darin Miller, a spokesman for
The top Democrat on the Sen- Trump, said Warner. Jim Comey Affordable Care Act repeal bill. Judiciary Committee, which puts Jordan, told USA TODAY that de-
ate Intelligence Committee made deserves to have his, in effect, day Gowdy is closely aligned with him on the House committees in- spite Jordans qualications the
the comments in an interview in court since the presidents dis- Republican leadership, but he has vestigating Russian meddling in steering committee isnt going to
with CBSFace the Nation in ad- paraged him so much, he said. also earned the respect of mem- the presidential election. His pick someone like Rep. Jordan
vance of Comeys highly antici- In a separate interview on the bers of the GOPs far right. Arizo- name recently was on the short who has demonstrated his will-
pated Thursday testimony before same show, Maine Sen. Susan na Rep. Paul Gosar, a Freedom list to replace former FBI Direc- ingness to stand up to leaders in
the committee. Collins, a Republican on the In- Caucus member, said Gowdy is tor James Comey, whose ring both political parties.
Last month, The New York telligence Committee, said she tried, tested and exactly what the last month is already a key ele- I think that Jim is an emi-
Times reported that Comey also wants to understand the committee needs at this time. ment of the probe. nently qualied guy, said Rep.
wrote a February memo alleging tone, the exact words that were This isnt the rst time Gowdy Despite Gowdys credentials, Mark Sanford, R-S.C., who is also
Trump asked him to shut down spoken because the context is has been put up for a position he some conservative members of on the Oversight Committee and
the FBI investigation into Flynns so important. She also reiterat- didnt seek. Gowdy chaired the the committee are frustrated a member of the Freedom Cau-
ties to Russia. The paper also ed her belief that the committee special committee to investigate with what they feel has been an cus. But (Jordans) analysis was
reported that Trump asked Co- needs more resources to do a ro- the terrorist attack in Benghazi in unfair selection process, even if this is a closed case, this is al-
mey to pledge loyalty to the presi- bust investigation. 2012 and recently was named a they think Gowdy will do a good ready decided and I dont want to
dent, something Comey refused This is extraordinarily com- top Republican in the House In- job. get in a race that I have no shot of
to do. plex and we have a wonderful telligence Committees probe into Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is winning.
Trump later red Comey, staff, she said, but I think we Russian meddling in the 2016 more senior on the committee Sanford had also been interest-
prompting the appointment of would benet from having an ex- election. than Gowdy is and had previously ed in the post. After Jordan de-
Robert Mueller, Comeys prede- perienced investigator to over- In addition to Oversight and signaled his interest in the chair- clined to run, Sanford also
cessor as FBI director, as a special see the probe, she said. Intelligence, Gowdy sits on the manship. Jordan is a co-founder concluded it was a lost cause.

IN BRIEF Hackers turned cyber sleuths

SAD HOMECOMING lead Romanias tech industry
Opportunities other
than crime nally
there for the talented
Vlad Odobescu
Special for USA TODAY


Cernaianu once surfed the Inter-
net anonymously and easily
broke into the computer systems
for NASA, the Pentagon and
Then he became part of a
Mourners carry the coffin of Eilidh MacLeod, which is draped legion of hackers that turned
with the Barra ag, across Traigh Mhor beach on Barra island Romania into a center of interna-
Sunday in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland after it arrived by tional cyber fraud investigators.
chartered plane. The body of the 14 year-old Manchester at- Now, the 25-year-old is co-
tack victim was own home ahead of her funeral. founder of Cyber Smart Defense,
a security rm with 12 employees,
CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS the local and foreign militants, annual revenues of $1.45 million Romanian Razvan Cernaianu, a former criminal hacker, is
REMOVAL SOUGHT IN ARIZ. whose stunning siege of Marawi and offices in Belgium, Romania, co-founder of Cyber Smart Defense, a security rm.
has dragged on for nearly two the United Arab Emirates and
African-American leaders in weeks. Troops have battled to Santa Barbara, Calif. mate work is a long-awaited suc- purposes, not only for (criminal)
Arizona want the governor to regain control of most of the lake- A growing number of former cess story after the fall of ones. We nd hackers who did
swiftly remove the states six side city, but the militants, who criminal hackers has helped communism in Romania in bad things and served out their
Confederate monuments across are believed to be holding a Romania the second-poorest December 1989. In the 1990s, col- punishment and some of them
the state. Catholic priest and many other country in the European Union lege graduates in advanced sci- may respond and agree to help
In cities from St. Louis to New hostages, continue to control punch above its weight in the ence had few opportunities as their country.
Orleans to Baltimore, those who pockets of territory. tech industry. Eastern Europe transitioned to In 2013, after the conict in
believe the monuments glorify As knowledge prevails in this democracy and capitalism. Some Ukraine began, Romania, a NATO
slavery and racism have clashed REVOLUTIONARY WAR area, companies will tend to hire became hackers to make a living. member, led a multinational
with others who view the memo- GUNBOAT TO BE RAISED people who have a past in (crimi- Now, as Romania has stabilized a cyber defense campaign to de-
rials as symbols of Southern his- nal) hacking, said An- decade after it fend its eastern neighbor from
tory and heritage. More than two decades after it drei Avadanei, chief The hackers joined the EU, Russian attacks on Ukrainian
The leaders in Arizona will of- was discovered at the bottom of executive of Bit Senti- these people have servers.
cially make their request on Lake Champlain, a Revolutionary nel, an information se- can be other options. The country still produces In-
Monday. War gunboat will be raised, pre- curity company based directed The country ternet scammers.
(We will) discuss the meaning served and displayed for the in Bucharest. There created an ecosys- In December, three Roma-
of Confederate monuments, how public. are companies that for (good) tem that continu- nians operating a cyber fraud
they impact the community and The Spitre, a 54-foot boat appreciate a past in purposes, ously produced scheme were extradited to the
why Gov. (Doug) Ducey should thats part of a eet built by Bene- (that) area. technical and sci- United States and indicted for in-
immediately begin the process of dict Arnold before he turned trai- Romanias informa- not only for entic talents, said fecting 60,000 computers, send-
removal, the leaders said in a tor, sank a day after the 1776 tion and communica- (criminal) Florin Talpe, chief ing 11 million malicious emails
statement. Battle of Valcour Island, which tion technology indus- executive of Bitde- and stealing at least $4 million.
helped delay a British advance try employs 120,000 ones. fender, a Romanian Still, many like Cernaianu now
DUTERTE: NO NEGOTIATION down the lake. engineers and gen- Anton Rog, director of Internet security prefer legitimate hacking and
WITH PHILIPPINE EXTREMISTS The Spitre was found during erates around 6% of Romanian Intelligence software company earning a large paycheck. His big
a 1997 sonar survey of the lake. the countrys gross Services Cyberint that has hired ex- break came after his arrest for
Philippine President Rodrigo Museum divers check on it year- domestic product, hackers to provide hacking those A-list names. He
Duterte said Sunday he will not ly. Its mast is still erect and the according to the European Com- services for 500 million devices was ned $120,000 and served
negotiate with militants aligned bow cannon still in the ring po- mission. Exports of tech services around the world. three months in a Romanian jail
with the Islamic State group who sition. The ammunition and oth- doubled over the past threes and In addition to joining the cor- in 2012 before being given a two-
are holding hostages in a besieged er artifacts from the battle are generated almost $3 billion last porate world, former hackers year suspended sentence.
southern city, and that he has or- buried in mud. year. The industry is set to gener- work in the public sector. The experience helped me
dered troops to kill the gunmen For almost 250 years, the Spit- ate $4.5 billion in two years, ac- All intelligence services do it, grow up, Cernaianu said about
even if they slaughter the re has been protected by the cording to the Romanian said Anton Rog, director of his arrest. I paid a heavy price,
hostages. cold water of the lake. Employers Association of the Cyberint, part of the Romanian but it was worth it. Now Im do-
The tough-talking Duterte is- Software and Services Industry. Intelligence Service. The hack- ing what I like the most without
sued his strongest warning yet to Staff and wire reports Hackers transitioning to legiti- ers can be directed for (good) worry.

News from across the USA drivers license or interacting
HIGHLIGHT: CALIFORNIA with other state agencies, unless
the person opted out.
ALABAMA Birmingham: A
major bridge that runs into
14 poisoned by death cap mushrooms SOUTH CAROLINA Anderson:
downtown Birmingham will be Sheriffs deputies were called to
under construction and closed for T.L. Hanna High School during
about 13 months, Al.com reports. the last week of school after an
Motorists are asked to use al- Sean Rossman argument between two students
ternative routes. USA TODAY escalated into a ght. Eleven
students face charges.
ALASKA Bethel: Some remote
Alaska communities are overrun Lethal mushrooms picked in SOUTH DAKOTA Rapid City:
with stray dogs, and veterinarians the California wilderness poi- Construction has started on a
are teaming up to combat the soned 14 people late last year, series of whats expected to be-
problem, KYUK-AM reports. Vets with three, including an 18- come 12 identical sculptures on
from Alaska Native Rural Veteri- month-old girl, requiring liver an 84-acre patch of barren ridge,
nary and Humane Society staff transplants. The Rapid City Journal reports.
visited two communities last The 11 other patients recov- But the company spearheading
week to address their problems. ered and the cases were report- the downtown sculpture park
ed to the California Poison hasnt disclosed what the granite
ARIZONA Florence: The Mar- Control System over a two- and titanium art will represent.
icopa Historical Society is taking week period in December. The
ownership of a dome rail pas- Centers for Disease Control TENNESSEE Nashville: The
senger car on display near the and Prevention (CDC) an- Nashville Police Department is
Amtrak station in the Pinal nounced the incidents Friday, offering a free driver awareness
County community. The car was when the poisonings were in- class for teenagers on Saturday.
built in 1948 for the Chicago, cluded in the Morbidity and The class will focus on impaired
Mortality Weekly Report. Eating even one Amanita phalloides, or death cap, mush-
Burlington and Quincy Railroad. room can prove to be fatal. driving, distracted driving and
The Amanita phalloides overall traffic safety.
mushroom, known as the
death cap, is a fungus respon- growth brought on by rain and mushrooms picked by a strang- TEXAS Leander: A Texas man
sible for more than 90% of the warm temperatures. er in the mountains. faces a felony injury to a child
worlds mushroom-related The cases involved patients In 2012, four people died at a charge after his older son showed
deaths. It poses serious public picking the mushrooms for Northern California senior care authorities a video of his father
health concerns, said the CDC, themselves or having received facility after all ate a soup made abusing his 2-year-old disabled
which also urged freestyle for- the mushrooms from another from poisonous mushrooms. son. The older boy used his cell-
agers to have an expert inspect person. It typically took several The CDC said an antidote to phone to record video of what
their harvest before eating. hours for the patients to devel- the death cap is licensed in happened to his little brother,
The death cap contains a tox- op gastrointestinal issues such most of Europe and is currently who has cerebral palsy.
ic agent and just one mush- as nausea, vomiting and being evaluated in the U.S.
room can carry a fatal dosage. dehydration. In the meantime, the agency UTAH Salt Lake City: The Mor-
In many of the incidents in A 37-year-old man picked asks people to be careful when mon church and a rock climbing
California, patients reported and ate one mushroom in Santa picking and eating mushrooms. coalition have reached an agree-
ARKANSAS Little Rock: The eating multiple mushrooms. Rosa, north of San Francisco, Before eating, mushrooms ment to allow climbers to keep
Arkansas Board of Education has In 2016, the state noticed an and felt symptoms 10 hours lat- should rst be examined, iden- using prime routes on church-
reversed a panels decision that uptick in wild mushroom poi- er. A group of ve people, in- tied and reviewed by a mycol- owned land in Little Cottonwood
recommended revoking the char- sonings as well as an abun- cluding the 18-month-old girl, ogist, someone who studies Canyon while protecting the land,
ter of Covenant Keepers College dance of wild mushroom became sick after all ate wild fungi. The Salt Lake Tribune reports.
Preparatory School. The panel
cited concerns over nances and VERMONT Burlington: The
academic performance at the threatened the mountain com- handmade bench, owers and citys electric utility will contrib-
160-student school, the Arkansas munity a number of times over other objects from cemeteries NEW MEXICO Albuquerque: ute $1,200 to customers for the
Democrat-Gazette reports. the past decade. and using them to decorate her One of New Mexicos licensed purchase of an electric car. Bur-
home. medical marijuana producers has lington Electric is seeking to
CALIFORNIA San Francisco: ILLINOIS Chicago: Three sus- sued Expo New Mexico officials reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
Researchers want to know why pects face federal charges in the MINNESOTA St. Paul: Thou- over refusal to let the company WVPS-FM reports. Only electric
hundreds of leopard sharks are theft of 20 rearms. Prosecutors sands of Minnesota state employ- display its products at the state vehicles qualify, not hybrid vehi-
washing up dead in the San Fran- say the men crashed a stolen Jeep ees may still get access to paid fair this year. Medical marijuana cles that run on gasoline and
cisco Bay area. The San Francisco into a Chicago gun store last year parental leave for the next year has been legal in New Mexico for electricity.
Chronicle reports that one re- and took 18 handguns, a rie and even though Gov. Mark Dayton a decade.
searcher believes that closing tide a shotgun. vetoed legislation for the policy. VIRGINIA Mineral: The Nuclear
gates traps sharks during mating State officials plan to keep of- NEW YORK Albany: Federal Regulatory Commission says it
season. INDIANA Evansville: A pet pig fering the leaves, Minnesota regulators say a six-year cleanup will issue a license for a third
escaped injury when a man who Public Radio reports. of the Hudson River is producing nuclear reactor at Dominion
COLORADO Rocky Mountain thought it was going to attack positive results, but PCB levels in Energys North Anna plant, the
National Park: Trail Ridge him red shots at it, WFIE-TV MISSISSIPPI Jackson: Despite sh remain high. Until the Richmond Times-Dispatch re-
Road in Rocky Mountain Nation- reports. The man thought it was a opposition from some students mid-1970s, GE factories dis- ports. The project, which hasnt
al Park is open for the season. But wild pig, but deputies determined and alumni, Jackson State Uni- charged the probable carcinogen yet been approved by the State
park officials warn visitors to be that its tame and belongs to versitys trustees have approved into the river. Corporation Commission, would
prepared for icy conditions along people who live near the Evans- William Bynum as the schools cost about $19 billion.
the scenic route that reaches an ville boat ramp where the in- next president. Bynum is now NORTH CAROLINA Ruther-
elevation of 12,183 feet. cident occurred. president of Mississippi Valley fordton: The pastor of Word of WASHINGTON Richland: The
State University. Faith Fellowship in Spindale Department of Energy says a
CONNECTICUT Hartford: The IOWA Davenport: The former directed and participated in partially collapsed tunnel con-
aunt of a teenager in prison for executive director of a nonprot MISSOURI Holts Summit: The beating a gay church member, a taining radioactive waste will be
setting res has been sentenced that promotes affordable school merger of Lake Mykee and Holts prosecutor says. Brooke Coving- lled with a concrete-like grout.
to a year in prison for fabricating meals allegedly embezzled at Summit is official. Residents of ton will be among ve church The tunnel on the Hanford Nu-
evidence and witness tampering, least $169,000 over a ve-year the two Missouri towns voted in members to face trials in the clear Reservation contains waste
The Courant reports. Prosecutors period. An audit released last favor of consolidating them a kidnapping and assault case.
say Theresa Izzo tried to provide week says Norma LaMantia ad- couple of months ago, The News
an alibi for her nephew. mitted making personal bank Tribune reports. NORTH DAKOTA Valley City:
account deposits with checks The North Dakota National
DELAWARE Dover: Delaware meant for the School Nutrition MONTANA Bozeman: A new Guard dedicated a new mainte-
State University has commis- Association of Iowa. study says wildlife managers nance facility in Valley City with
sioned a statue of Jerome Hol- should worry more about elk a ribbon-cutting ceremony last
land, who saved the states only KANSAS Wichita: After 16 years week. The $12 million building
historically black institution of of planning, the longest biking will provide maintenance support
higher education from possible and hiking trail in Kansas is open for the combat and tactical vehi-
closure in the 1950s. for public use. The 90-mile Flint cles of the 231st Brigade Support
Hills Nature Trail could expand Battalion.
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Barack to 117 miles in the future, The
and Michelle Obama have bought Wichita Eagle reports. OHIO Lancaster: A red bus
the home theyve been renting in driver was sentenced to 175 days
the District of Columbia, The KENTUCKY Frankfort: Ken- in jail for leaving a developmen-
Washington Post reports. The tucky is celebrating its 225th tally disabled woman in a parked left over from the production of
Obamas bought the eight-bed- anniversary of statehood. The bus on a hot day last September, plutonium for nuclear weapons,
room, 9-bath mansion for $8.1 Bluegrass State was admitted to The Lancaster Eagle-Gazette The Tri-City Herald reports.
million. the union in June 1792, becoming reports. Prosecutors say the driv-
the 15th state. er failed to notice that the wom- WEST VIRGINIA South
FLORIDA Tallahassee: Under a than bison in trying to reduce an, who is autistic, was still on the Charleston: BridgeValley Com-
bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott, LOUISIANA Baker: A school brucellosis in cattle around Yel- bus when he returned to the munity and Technical College
Florida is the rst state to issue damaged by catastrophic ooding lowstone National Park. depot. could be evicted from its campus
whats essentially a birth certif- last August will be renovated. The for failure to pay almost two
icate to women whove had mis- Advocate reports that Baker High NEBRASKA Omaha: Thousands OKLAHOMA McLoud: Oklaho- years worth of rent, The Charles-
carriages. The law, known as the School students will be able to of cartons of milk that werent ma City and the Kickapoo Tribe ton Gazette-Mail reports. The
Grieving Families Act, takes return by December 2018. used by Omaha public school were selected by the EPA for amount, more than $1.8 million,
effect July 1. students have been donated to grants to assess and clean up is due by Wednesday.
MAINE Augusta: Health officials the Open Door Mission homeless contaminated areas.
GEORGIA Madison: Three say Maine has recorded two cases shelter, The Omaha World-Herald WISCONSIN Milwaukee: Boat
stolen Yorkshire Terrier puppies of encephalitis caused by a tick- reports. OREGON Astoria: A woman dealers and owners say theres a
are back home after Georgia borne virus. Both victims are found by Oregon police with severe industry-wide shortage of
authorities chased two men ee- recovering at home after being NEVADA Las Vegas: Officials are more than 40 cats in her car mechanics, and no sign that con-
ing with them down Interstate discharged from the hospital. considering installing bollards pleaded guilty to animal neglect, ditions will improve anytime
20. Authorities say the suspects along a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk The Daily Astorian reports. The soon, The Milwaukee Journal
took the puppies by force from a MARYLAND Baltimore: Former to protect pedestrians, KLAS-TV Clatsop County Animal Shelter Sentinel reports. Some owners
breeder, The Telegraph of NAACP president Ben Jealous reports. A year ago, a woman held an adoption event last week wait weeks for boat repairs, and
Macon reports. says hell run for governor of intentionally rammed her car for the womans cats. theres only one dedicated ma-
Maryland. Jealous is running in a through crowds of people. rine-engine program at a Wiscon-
HAWAII Ailuku: Fair state where Demo- PENNSYLVANIA Allentown: A sin technical college.
organizers in Ha- crats outnumber NEW HAMPSHIRE Laconia: A 3-year-old boy woke up from a
waii are hoping to Republicans 2-1. woman alerted authorities to a nap last week and decided to WYOMING Cody: The Cody
keep their events re in her Laconia apartment stroll through Allentown in a Gunghters have holstered their
running amid MASSACHU- building by pressing her medical diaper and lime green Teenage rearms for now. The Cody En-
rising shipping SETTS Boston: alert pendant, WMUR-TV re- Mutant Ninja Turtles tank top. terprise reports that the perform-
rates, The Maui News The Plainridge ports. Five families in the build- Police say the boys grandmother, ers were unable to get liability
reports. Theyre urging Gov. Park Casino has ing were displaced. who watches him during the day, insurance. The show was sus-
David Ige to waive wharf been ned $65,000 fell asleep after working a night pended last July after a gun load-
fees. by Massachusetts NEW JERSEY Trenton: Prince- shift, and the boy let himself out ed with bullets rather than blanks
gambling regulators for ton University professor Keean- of the house. was red toward spectators, in-
IDAHO Lewiston: A feder- violating minimum secu- ga-Yamahtta Taylor cancelled juring three bystanders.
al judge says a logging pro- rity staffing rules. lectures last week after receiving RHODE ISLAND Providence:
ject designed to reduce the death threats following a com- Rhode Island lawmakers are Compiled from staff and wire reports.
re risk at Orogrande can MICHIGAN Vienna Township: mencement address in which she working on an automatic voter
move forward, The Lewiston A Michigan woman faces a larce- called President Trump a racist registration bill. It would add to
Tribune reports. Fires have ny charge for allegedly stealing a and sexist megalomaniac. the voting rolls someone getting a
We have no choice (but to go). Our island is getting smaller.
It isnt getting bigger.
Ivory carver Edwin Weyiouanna


polar bears coming onto the
Alaska islanders mainland, whether to move the
bodies buried in the islands small
tied to this land cemetery, and how to overcome
the inertia that comes with hav-
forced to face an ing lived in the same small piece
of land for generations.
agonizing reality The effort to move has been un-
derway, in one form or another, for
years. Residents have voted multi-
Trevor Hughes ple times to relocate to the main-
@trevorhughes land, and several have testied
USA TODAY before Congress. A youth ambas-
sador from Shishmaref attended
the 2015 Paris climate talks.
SHISHMAREF, ALASKA Annie Still, not much has changed de-
Weyiouanna remembers her home spite more than a decade of lob-
being bigger. For decades, the re- bying, votes and media attention.
lentless Chukchi Sea has been And the clock is ticking.
washing away the ne sand that Shishmaref native Esau Sinnok
makes up Sarichef Island, and this has already seen the island lose at
Iupiaq village of 650 now faces a least 100 feet of coastline in his
stark choice: Move or drown. 19 years, and a dozen houses, in-
You are taking away our iden- cluding his grandmothers, were
tity, Weyiouanna says. Thats relocated in 1997 to stave off col-
like a punch in the gut. Thats lapse into the ocean.
who we are we are tied to this Emergency protection has
land and the sea. proved costly: In 2001, the state
Regardless of debates about cli- little vegetation to stop the top Tiny paid $110,000 to install sand-
mate change, theres no question layers from blowing away. Shishmaref, lled wire baskets along the west-
the island is shrinking. Satellite I wish we didnt have to Alaska, about ern shore. They lasted through
images taken over the past 20 move, Lorraine Jungers said as 100 miles only the next storm.
years show how far the shoreline she shopped at one of the stores from the A more expensive and exten-
has receded, drawing ever closer to with her teenage daughter. I Russian sive sea wall built in pieces in the
the small homes huddled on what know the benets of moving. But mainland, late 2000s has helped protect a
is little more than a large sandbar. wed be too far apart from the is part of small portion of the islands west
Federal officials estimate the is- people that mean the most to us. the land closest to homes, but satellite im-
land loses somewhere between 9 This is our whole life right here. I bridge that ages show it merely moved the
and 22 feet of shoreline every year, cant picture us anywhere else. once connect- erosion a little farther along the
although a massive seawall built Some residents dont think the ed North shore, closer to the airstrip.
from rocks barged in from the town will move. They say theres America to The lack of action under Presi-
mainland has slowed the process. no way to pay for it and no way to Asia. dent Obama frustrated residents
Still, that rock wall protects physically move an entire village ready to move. They wonder why
only the hardest-hit areas from across miles of open water to Obama could commit so many
erosion, and the wind carries reach the mainland. In that event, billions of dollars to ghting cli-
away sand year-round from the residents here would slowly dis- mate change abroad while not
islands highest point, about perse over time as the water doing more to help Americans.
20 feet above sea level. owed its way inland. Things will be worse, they fear,
Many of the native people here Even if the relocation happens, under Trump.
blame human-caused climate they fear there will be no way to He doesnt believe climate
change for accelerating the is- maintain the same sense of com- change is real, Annie Weyiouan-
lands erosion and worry that munity in a new place. Other na said.
President Trumps decision to struggles include questions over I think its scary.
pull out of the Paris climate
agreement will supercharge the Edwin the summer and collect crystal-
destruction thats already occur- Weyiouanna clear freshwater ice from the
ring. One government estimate shows off a mainland for drinking. They also
says the majority of the towns carving made depend heavily on food stamps to
homes could be uninhabitable from mast- buy dried ramen noodles and
within 15 years. odon ivory, eight kinds of Spam at the towns
Whats worse, they say, is whale baleen two grocery stores, along with so
Trumps proposed federal budget and rabbit much soda that the towns dentist

Father s Day
would eliminate money they fur. Many shakes his head in frustration.
hoped could pay to relocate the Shishmaref Health care is provided to most
village to the mainland about residents everyone free under Medicaid.
20 miles away in what would be a carve items Without running water, few

years-long logistics nightmare of to sell to people have ush toilets. Instead,
barges, temporary roads and con- tourists on they use buckets tted with toilet
struction of a new airstrip. One the main- seats and then bag up the waste
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers es- land. for transport to a sewage lagoon.
timate put the moving cost at Trash gets hauled to a landll at
$180 million for a town where the the islands south end and
median household income is less burned, and animal carcasses lie
than $30,000 a year. And Shish- I wish half buried in the snow or dirt.
maref is just one of more than we didnt Dogs chained up outside the
180 coastal towns in Alaska facing modest houses bark at strangers,
such problems, although federal have to and residents drive most every-
officials say its one of the most move. ... where on four-wheelers or snow-
precariously situated. This is mobiles or side-by-sides rather
Beyond cost, a move raises our whole than walking the few blocks from
more personal questions. Com- life right one end of the town to the other.
munity identity here is often tied Many of the approximately 150
to a specic location, where fa- here. houses are owned by the local
thers pass down tips on the best Lorraine housing authority, and the local PERFECT FOR
hunting sites to their sons, where Jungers government is the largest em- FATHERS DAY!
grandmothers take kids shing for ployer here. The land on which
dinner and where virtually every- the town sits is owned by the
one is related to their neighbor.
We have no choice. Our island
tribes native corporation, which
means few people have any sig-
The Happy Family Feast
is getting smaller. It isnt getting nicant nancial resources. 2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
bigger, ivory carver Edwin Wey- The plot where they might re- 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
iouanna said. locate is also owned by the tribal 2 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
Understanding whats happen- corporation. Its surrounded by
ing to Sarichef Island requires a the 2.6-million-acre Bering Land
4 (3.5 oz.) Chicken Fried Steaks
bit of a history and geology les- Bridge National Reserve, which 4 (3 oz.) Kielbasa Sausages
son. The island, about 100 miles means the federal governments 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
from the Russian mainland, is permission would be required to 12 oz. pkg. All-Beef Meatballs
part of a land bridge that once build roads and create a quarry 4 (3 oz.) Potatoes au Gratin
connected the North American for foundation materials.
continent to Asia. Researchers Flights off the island cost about
4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets
have concluded North America $400 round-trip, and that will get Omaha Steaks Seasoning Packet (.33 oz.)

$ 4999
was initially populated by people you only to Nome, population 48269KMT
and animals that made their way 3,500, about 120 miles away. The
across that land bridge before it Army Corps estimates moving Reg. $213.91 | Now Only
disappeared. The people who live and assimilating the entire popu-
on the coasts of both continents lation of Shishmaref into Nome
are related to one another and would cost about half what it ORDER NOW & SAVE 77%
used to routinely shuttle across in would take to rebuild the town in
boats before the Cold War be- an entirely new location, but resi-
tween the United States and the dents here say that would destroy Plus get 4 more
Burgers FREE
Soviet Union ended that practice. their sense of identity.
On a clear day, you can see Russia This island, be it ever so hum-
from their island. ble, is home.
Today, the residents of Shish- At least for another decade.
maref live a largely subsistence- Maybe. It depends on whether
based life. They boat to the main- sea level rise speeds up, a big 1-800-811-7832 ask for 48269KMT
land to hunt caribou and ducks storm again knocks out the de-
and gather berries. They sh and fensive wall or warmer winters www.OmahaSteaks.com/grill23
shoot seals for meat for them and continue melting the protective Limit 2 Happy Family Feast packages. Your 4 free burgers will be sent to each shipping address that
their dogs. sea ice that surrounds the island includes (48269). Standard S&H will be added per address. Flat rate shipping and reward cards and
codes cannot be used with this offer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 8/31/17. All product, prices
Few have running water inside for much of the year. The ground and sales are subject to Omaha Steaks, Inc. Terms of Use and Pricing Policy. Visit omahasteaks.com/
their homes. Instead, they buy itself is softening, the once-frozen terms-of-useOSI 2017 OCG | Omaha Steaks, Inc. SRC0614
water delivered by barge during permafrost melting, and theres

YOUR SAY Tracking the nations conversation


Trump had the U.S. take

a step back as a leader
In pulling the U.S. out Do you think President Trump Part of President Trumps cam-
of the Paris climate should remove specific paign was a promise to bring back
agreement, President Trump is regulations intended to coal jobs, but the majority of
creating damage somewhere combat climate change? Americans already knew hed
between a disaster and a catas- have no inuence in the coal indus-
trophe. Obviously, refusal to try.
curb its greenhouse gases by We need to look toward other R.J. MATSON, CAGLE CARTOONS

the worlds second biggest car- energy sources.

bon polluter (us) will accelerate
global warmings impacts, e.g.
People all around the world
Jeff Hartung
Latest London attacks
sea level rise, severe storms,
droughts, oods and extinctions
of endangered species.
look to the United States as a
global leader. What today repre-
fan terrorism fears
But thats not all. The climate sents is Trump leading us back to those people can be of any
change skeptic is also ceding the Stone Age. He is absolutely FACEBOOK.COM/ race. You cant tell who is a Mus-
Americas leadership in the No 66% deplorable. USATODAYOPINION lim by looking at them. Yes,
world. No more will other Climate change skeptics will be there could be millions of terror-
Dont know 9% the rst ones to sue the federal Authorities said 21 people re- ists who are Muslims and that
countries follow our lead, or
even agree to cooperate with us, SOURCE Quinnipiac University Poll government when their water- mained in critical condition would still only be a small per-
conducted April 12-18 of 1,062 voters. front homes in Florida are under after a rampage at the iconic centage of the total.
having seen that at any time our Margin of error is 3 percentage points.
president can pull out, rescind KARL GELLES, USA TODAY
water. Thanks, Trump, for one London Bridge and a nearby In the end, ghting terrorism
or cancel our agreed-upon massive step backward. market that left seven dead in a way that creates more ter-
responsibilities. TWITTER Michael Shea and dozens more injured on rorists is counter-productive. We
We are losing the competi- @USATOPINION Saturday night. could purge the U.S. of every
tion to lead the next technologi- What people around the world Muslim and build a wall around
Our followers shared their Im thankful we have a presi- the nation and there would still
cal revolution, that of look to the United States for is our
thoughts on President dent who gets it. We dodged a be terrorism. But we would sac-
sustainable energy production. money. The common thread to all
Trump pulling the U.S. out bullet with Hillary Clinton. Terror- rice who we are as a nation to
China now leads in solar, Den- the programs Trump is canceling is
of the Paris climate agree- ism will only stop when we elim- do so. We would no longer be
mark in wind, Netherlands in that they are all bad economic
ment. inate the threat of radical Mus- the land of the free but become
tides. America leads in turning deals for the country. He wants
backward and inward. Good for Trump. He needs other NATO countries to pay their lims altogether. the home of the fearful.
As our planets temperature to continue taking care of agreed share. What a bad man Frank Monroe Steve Evets
increases, we will suffer more America, not the world. for thinking that, right?
destruction from hurricanes, @JRivera1964 Trump is backing out of the Paris Terrorism is an idea so how London is a city of defenseless
ooding, drought and res. The agreement, which had us shipping do you destroy an idea? Can sheep circled by wolves when
productive jobs not created by lots of money to those with their you ban it or build a wall people dont have gun owner-
Trump did the best thing for hands out. For the rst time in quite around it? Obviously not. ship rights. The people need to
committing to sustainable America, not globalists!
energy will require jobs to clean a while, a U.S. president is actually It can be overwhelmed by a be armed and protect each
@kel2195 watching the store. better idea but it will never be other from terrorists. This is
up debris, ght res, build sea-
walls and bury victims. Dave Hammond completely destroyed. beginning to look like World
Bruce Joffe Countries need to know So many more innocent Mus- War II all over again.
Piedmont, Calif. were partners, not their Coal is not the future. Renew- lims are killed by other Muslims, Karl Hicks
banker. #AmericaFirst able and clean energy can be who use their perversion of
@DebbieBrandt1 cheaper and better. Lets get on Islam as an excuse for killing, I feel so sorry for the victims
board with the Paris agreement compared to non-Muslims who and everyone in London. Amer-
POLICING THE USA again. Lets keep our country are killed by acts of terror. Islam ica is standing with you to de-
POLICING.USATODAY.COM For more, follow @USATOpinion
exceptional. is a religion of 1.6 billion people feat these bad guys.
or #tellusatoday.
Robert Montgomery and, as with most religions, Jeff Hengel

Have Your Say at letters@usatoday.com, facebook.com/usatodayopinion and @USATOpinion on Twitter. All comments are edited for length and clarity. Content submitted to USA
TO COMMENT TODAY may appear in print, digital or other forms. For letters, include name, address and phone number. Letters may be mailed to 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA, 22108.

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Zion. + tax, fees.


HOTTEST: 109 COLDEST: 31 Note: For contiguous

Temperatures will Needles, Calif. Dillon, Colo. 48 states through
T-storms Rain Snow Ice/mix
approach 110 Olympia
Seattle 4 p.m. ET yesterday
degrees in the 71 Bangor
73 Spokane
Bismarck 61
deserts of Arizona, Salem Portland 70 Helena Miles City Duluth Marquette

77 87 93 69 62
southern Nevada 76 74 Burlington Augusta
Boise Fargo Mpls-St. Paul 66 Montpelier
and southeastern Bend
76 Billings 86 80 Boston
73 Burns 80
Rapid City Grand Buffalo 59 57
California early 90 Pierre Sioux Falls
Milwaukee Rapids
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this week. Eureka 70 Idaho Falls Jackson 67 76 74 Cleveland 65
93 86 65
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Des Moines Madison
Lansing 73 Pittsburgh New York
Reno 74 85 North Platte 73 TODAY
Elko 87 74 74 71
On this date in 1859, frost 92 83 Salt Lake City 87 Chicago
Harrisburg Philadelphia
Cheyenne Omaha Columbus
Carson City 85 71 78 76
was reported from Iowa to 83 80 93 Kansas City Springfield 82 Washington Annapolis
San Francisco Indianapolis
New England. Denver 89 90 Cincinnati
76 74
71 St. George Aspen Topeka 84 81
Las Vegas
99 77 86 Charleston Richmond
104 89 Jefferson City St. Louis Louisville
75 75
92 Wichita 90 91 83
87 77 Raleigh
Los Angeles Santa Fe 85 Memphis
Palm Springs Flagstaff
86 Oklahoma 81 Nashville Charlotte
107 81 City
79 84
Albuquerque 86 87
San Diego
92 81 Little Rock Birmingham Atlanta Charleston
Alaska 108
Lubbock Dallas 82 80 84
90 85 Montgomery Savannah
El Paso Midland- Shreveport Jackson 83 86
AGNES, 101 Odessa Austin
82 81 Jacksonville
IN JUNE Fairbanks Hawaii 91 87 Mobile
73 Juneau
Honolulu San Antonio
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1972. Anchorage 56 86 88 Houston 80 New
57 87 Tampa
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Shower, Rain Rain, Not as Partly Sunny, Turning
MON MON MON MON T-storm MON Cooler MON T-storm MON T-storms MON MON MON T-storms MON MON
t-storm 76/61 cooler warm sunny hot sunny
84/68 71/52 85/71 86/54 87/71
82/69 57/50 74/55 86/72 104/78 80/61
Shower An A.M. Mostly An A.M. A stray Partly T-show- Sunny, Mostly
75/54 shower sunny shower shower sunny er hot sunny
77/64 53/50 75/53
81/61 73/53 90/68 68/53 86/73 89/70 104/75 77/60
Partly Shower Mostly Partly Mostly Mostly Some Some Mostly Partly Turning
sunny 67/52 cloudy sunny sunny cloudy sun, nice sun sunny sunny sunny
78/59 58/50 80/60 73/52 80/54 70/53 87/73 91/65 103/76 76/59
AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Moderate AQI Moderate
Showers Not as Sunny, Not as Turning Partly Partly
MON MON warm MON T-storms MON T-storms MON T-storms MON T-storms MON MON MON MON MON MON Rain
around hot hot sunny cloudy sunny
80/57 82/72 71/58 85/70 76/61 76/64
88/79 108/82 85/62 70/63 71/52 71/52
Mostly Spotty Sunny, Sunny, Mostly Partly A stray
TUE T-storms TUE sunny TUE T-storm TUE TUE T-storms TUE Cooler TUE TUE TUE TUE Sunny TUE TUE
showers hot hot sunny sunny shower
89/79 81/57 82/72 82/71 70/54 68/54
63/53 107/80 91/68 70/62 78/54 78/59
Mostly Partly Showers Partly Mostly Turning Partly
WED T-storms WED sunny WED WED Shower WED T-storms WED WED WED WED WED Sunny WED WED Shower
sunny around sunny sunny sunny sunny
88/78 82/62 62/54 84/70 69/56 69/58
85/68 67/54 106/80 95/71 70/61 79/57
AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate AQI Moderate AQI Moderate AQI Good AQI Good AQI Moderate
c Cloudy f Fog i Ice r Rain sf Snowflurries sn Snow w Windy dr Drizzle h Haze pc Partly cloudy s Sunny sh Showers t Thunderstorms
Cincinnati 81/56t 76/51pc Hartford, Conn. 65/50r 56/48sh Nags Head, N.C. 81/69t 74/64c Sarasota, Fla. 87/76t 83/76t
Akron, Ohio 76/54sh 66/53sh Cleveland 73/55c 66/54sh Indianapolis 84/56s 76/53s Nashville, Tenn. 79/66t 81/58s Savannah, Ga. 86/72c 85/70t TODAY TUE
Albany, N.Y. 65/51t 56/49t Colorado Springs 80/54t 76/53t Islip, N.Y. 69/54t 62/51sh Newark, N.J. 72/58t 63/53sh Scottsdale, Ariz. 107/79s 105/76s Beijing 87/59c 66/57c
Albuquerque 92/65s 91/64t Columbia, S.C. 87/71c 80/63sh Jackson, Miss. 81/68t 81/63c New Haven, Conn. 67/52t 60/50sh Shreveport, La. 82/68t 86/64pc Buenos Aires 56/33pc 59/39s
Allentown, Pa. 77/56t 65/51sh Columbus, Ohio 82/54sh 73/54pc Jacksonville, Fla. 85/71t 84/70t Norfolk, Va. 84/68t 77/61c Sioux Falls, S.D. 86/58s 83/60pc Cancun, Mexico 88/81t 91/79t
Amarillo, Texas 84/59pc 82/58pc Corpus Christi, Texas 90/72t 92/72s Jefferson City, Mo. 90/62pc 81/57s Oakland, Calif. 72/55pc 70/56s South Bend, Ind. 76/51pc 71/51s Dubai, UAE 100/87pc 108/86s
Anaheim, Calif. 80/61pc 78/61pc Dayton, Ohio 83/54t 74/52pc Kansas City 89/62s 80/57s Oklahoma City 81/64c 88/59s Spokane, Wash. 70/51s 81/58pc Frankfurt 72/54sh 65/51t
Anchorage, Alaska 57/47r 62/49c Daytona Beach, Fla. 86/72t 84/72t Key West, Fla. 88/79t 87/80t Omaha, Neb. 93/61s 85/61s Springfield, Mo. 84/61t 79/55s Hong Kong 90/83t 90/81sh
Aspen, Colo. 77/44pc 74/44t Des Moines, Iowa 87/59s 82/56s Knoxville, Tenn. 77/65t 79/56pc Palm Springs, Calif. 107/76s 106/75s Springfield, Ill. 90/55s 81/55s Istanbul 76/66pc 77/65s
Atlantic City, N.J. 73/62r 66/57sh Duluth, Minn. 69/48s 73/46s Laredo, Texas 100/76t 98/75s Pensacola, Fla. 84/73c 84/72t St. Louis 91/62pc 82/60s Jerusalem 84/61s 88/67s
Augusta, Ga. 87/71c 83/66sh Durham, N.C. 83/66t 79/60c Lexington, Ky. 79/60t 76/54pc Pierre, S.D. 93/63s 79/59t St. Petersburg, Fla. 87/75t 86/75t Johannesburg 68/40s 65/41s
Austin, Texas 87/68t 91/70pc El Paso, Texas 101/73s 99/74s Lincoln, Neb. 93/60s 86/61pc Pittsburgh 74/54t 68/52sh Syracuse, N.Y. 70/54t 60/49t London 63/51r 61/51t
Bakersfield, Calif. 95/66s 97/67s Fairbanks, Alaska 73/52pc 74/52pc Little Rock, Ark. 82/68t 83/60pc Portland, Maine 57/46r 56/47r Tallahassee, Fla. 84/71c 84/70t Mexico City 81/58pc 83/56pc
Baton Rouge, La. 80/70t 82/68t Flagstaff, Ariz. 81/45pc 81/43s Long Beach, Calif. 75/62pc 73/62pc Portland, Ore. 77/53pc 83/56pc Tampa, Fla. 88/78t 86/78t Montreal 63/50r 67/49r
Billings, Mont. 80/52pc 75/54pc Fargo, N.D. 86/60s 87/61t Louisville, Ky. 83/63t 80/59s Providence, R.I. 64/51r 55/50r Toledo, Ohio 77/52pc 70/52pc Moscow 56/48r 63/47c
Birmingham, Ala. 80/69t 79/61c Fort Myers, Fla. 89/76sh 85/76t Lubbock, Texas 90/60pc 87/60s Raleigh, N.C. 84/66t 82/61c Topeka, Kan. 89/63s 81/57s Mumbai, India 90/82t 90/83t
Bismarck, N.D. 93/61s 84/54t Fort Smith, Ark. 82/66t 89/62s Madison, Wis. 73/50pc 75/50s Rapid City, S.D. 90/58pc 78/55t Tucson, Ariz. 104/74s 104/73s Paris 73/53pc 63/51t
Boise, Idaho 76/53s 86/61s Fort Wayne, Ind. 81/53sh 73/52pc Manchester, N.H. 59/49r 54/48r Reno, Nev. 87/55s 90/55s Tupelo, Miss. 80/68t 81/59r Rio de Janeiro 87/72s 84/71pc
Buffalo, N.Y. 66/54t 62/51sh Fresno, Calif. 92/63s 97/64s Memphis, Tenn. 81/70t 84/61s Richmond, Va. 75/64t 80/59pc Tulsa, Okla. 86/65sh 87/61s Rome 80/62pc 78/62pc
Burlington, Vt. 66/52r 59/50r Grand Rapids, Mich. 76/52pc 73/50pc Milwaukee 67/54pc 69/53s Rochester, N.Y. 67/55t 63/52t Virginia Beach, Va. 80/66t 72/60c Seoul 83/64pc 75/63r
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 81/51s 78/50s Green Bay, Wis. 74/52pc 75/52s Mobile, Ala. 82/70c 81/69t Sacramento, Calif. 92/55s 91/54s Wichita, Kan. 87/63pc 85/59s Singapore 89/82t 89/79t
Charleston, S.C. 84/72c 82/68sh Greensboro, N.C. 81/65c 81/57c Modesto, Calif. 93/59s 94/58s San Antonio 88/70t 90/71pc Wilmington, Del. 77/61t 70/53c Sydney 66/49pc 63/51pc
Charleston, W.Va. 75/59t 74/53pc Greenville, S.C. 83/67t 79/61sh Montgomery, Ala. 83/70t 80/67c San Jose, Calif. 80/54pc 79/55s Winston-Salem, N.C. 81/65t 81/58pc Toronto 64/53sh 62/50sh
Cheyenne, Wyo. 80/53t 69/49t Harrisburg, Pa. 78/60t 72/54c Myrtle Beach, S.C. 84/73c 82/68sh Santa Fe, N.M. 86/54s 84/53t Worcester, Mass. 57/46r 50/46sh Tokyo 74/64pc 76/66pc


Our view Opposing view

Learn from, dont bash, Berlin trade policy
Germanys industrial policy endangers all
France, it would seem, is no Yet Berlins trade policy also
longer the chief villain among Alan Tonelson endangers all countries. Ger-
Americas so-called European al- manys international surpluses
lies. That honor now goes to Ger- are now the worlds biggest.
many. Although his words are Major economists, and institu-
At least that is the message blunter, President Trumps re- tions such as the International
President Trump sent last week cent attacks on Germanys Monetary Fund, assign such
by blasting Germany for its pe- trade policies have been made lopsided economic ows much
rennial trade surpluses and its re- frequently by the global politi- blame for inating credit
luctance to spend more on cal and economic establish- bubbles.
defense, prompting German ment and by his predecessor Berlin and its defenders note
Chancellor Angela Merkel to de- Barack Obama. If anything, that Germany makes many
clare that Europe can no longer Trump should internationalize outstanding products and cant
rely on others and really must his critique and rally global unilaterally set the value of a
take our fate into our own hands. support against Berlins long- euro currency that keeps their
Picking a needless ght with a standing determination to rack prices irresistibly low. But emi-
key European partner has serious German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump. up trade surpluses. nently controllable are the
downsides. German intelligence Americans have valid trade wide-ranging non-tariff barri-
is important in ghting terror. the United States should learn training and retraining, and pen- beefs against Germany. Its the ers and miserly government
German support is vital in con- from Germany, not complain alties on companies for laying off third largest national contrib- spending policies that impede
taining Russia, a key objective of about it. Germanys success has workers. The German unemploy- utor to Americas trade decits. Germanys imports, and that no
the now-weakened NATO alli- two key components: ment system is less generous to And the shortfall is heavily true global free trade mainstay
ance. And European-wide back- uA tax code that encourages those who dont have a job while concentrated in advanced would maintain.
ing for the United States could savings and investment, in con- giving more incentive for those manufacturing historically Trumps critics warn that de-
play a key role in the Middle East trast to a United States code that willing and able to work. For ex- leaders in productivity and crying Berlins skimpy NATO
and the Korean peninsula. encourages borrowing and con- ample, unemployed workers who innovation. defense contributions and Ger-
While Trump does have a point sumption. Germanys corporate take a job that doesnt pay very Further, the automotive sec- many First trade policies will
that Germany underspends on income tax, for instance is just well can continue to receive part tor in the Trump cross-hairs threaten a core U.S. alliance re-
defense and consistently main- 15%, compared to the 35% in the of their jobless benets. but widely hailed as proof of lationship and the global econ-
tains a trade surplus with the United States. To make up for the As the result of its access to win-win U.S.-German com- omy. But neither system can
United States ($65 billion last lost revenue of a low corporate capital and the many incentives it merce is no exception. For all long survive German free-rid-
year), his griping followed by tax, Germany has a national con- has to keep jobs at home, manu- the vehicles German rms ing, and a broader U.S. econom-
his wrong-headed decision to pull sumption tax that runs as high as facturing makes up a quarter of make domestically and Ameri- ic indictment will resonate
out of the Paris climate change 19% on some consumer items. the German economy. It is just cans they employ, Transporta- powerfully around the world.
accord accomplishes little. Trump has endorsed slashing the 12% in the United States. tion Department data from the
This is particularly true in the U.S. corporate tax rate but hasnt If Trump wants to keep his companies themselves reveal Alan Tonelson is founder of
economic arena, where Germany come up with a credible way to promises to Rust Belt voters who that these autos and SUVs are the RealityChek, a blog on eco-
is one of the few advanced na- pay for it. helped put him in office, hed be mainly screwed together from nomic and security issues, and
tions that has maintained much uA national commitment to better off studying Germanys German and other foreign- the author of The Race to the
of its manufacturing base. In fact, manufacturing. This includes economic policies rather than made parts. Bottom.
a strong case can be made that massive public support for job lashing out at them.

James Bovard
FOOD AID Hillary Clinton:
Still stuck in 16
erhaps the most contro-
versial element of the
Trump administrations
budget is the proposal to
reduce Supplemental Nutrition
CUTS HELP Jill Lawrence
the poisonous waters of 2016.
There is blame and blame and
blame, from Obama to Clinton,

Assistance Program (food stamp) from Comey to Russia, and many
spending by 25%, or $193 billion, more. But why would Clinton
over the next decade. Forty-four SENECA FALLS, N.Y. choose to relitigate all of this, and
million people receive food
stamps, more than twice as many
Food stamps subsidize bad nutrition and Theres a familiar face at the start
of the Ludovico Sculpture Trail in
now of all moments? We cant
miss her if she refuses to be gone.
as at the end of the Clinton ad- encourage people not to work. Thats a waste. this town famous for its place in Now would be the time, after a
ministration. Spending for food the history of womens rights. terrible loss, that most people
stamps almost quadrupled in the Theres no inscription and no would retreat from the public
same period, reaching $70 billion mystery. Its Hillary Clinton. stage to regroup and emerge later
last year. The bust was placed on the with a meaningful way forward.
Food stamp enrollment sky- trail in 2013, when Clinton had The best role model for this is
rocketed during Barack Obamas already accomplished more than former vice president Al Gore.
presidency because the admini- most people do in three lifetimes. But that has never been Clin-
stration believed that maximizing Even then, everyone knew she tons style. Instead shes out there
handouts would maximize pros- would run for president, and un- talking about why she lost, about
perity. Every $5 in new (food til late on election night, most the book shes writing about why
stamp) benets generates as would have predicted any plaque she lost, about her new organiza-
much as $9 of economic activity, would start with the words First tion called Onward Together. Im
stated a White House report. woman president. sorry, but that sounds like a slog.
So the feds bankrolled food That is not happening, and its Make America Great Again is fal-
stamp recruiting campaigns. A time for closure. lacious and supercial, but at
North Carolina social services It is easy to feel warm about least it doesnt sound like a march
agency won a Hunger Champi- Hillary Clinton when youre eat- through quicksand to an unspeci-
ons Award for attacking moun- ing at places like Caf XIX (get ed destination.
tain pride as a reason to avoid it?) and stopping to grab a sele Whether you love Clinton or
government handouts. In Ala- with statues of Susan B. Anthony really cant stand her, I highly
bama, taking food stamps was and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. recommend a visit to her bust on
marketed as patriotic. And the But the real Clinton makes the Seneca Falls sculpture trail.
administration effectively sus- People wait in line for food in Brooklyn on Feb. 18. sure the warmth doesnt last. Its an experience akin to recen-
pended the three-month limit for While I wandered around Seneca tering a map on your smart-
able-bodied adults without de- Currently, state governments Infant and Children Program, Falls, Clinton was driving a dou- phone. The fraught present
pendents to collect food stamps. have little or no incentive to po- which distributes coupons re- ble-decker bus over her party. recedes, perspective snaps in, and
From 2008 to 2010, the num- lice the program because losses deemable only for relatively She had previously blamed her Clinton takes her place in the tab-
ber of able-bodied recipients dou- from fraud or waste dont come healthy foods. A 2014 Stanford defeat on James Comey, Russia, leau of history.
bled, according to the out of state budgets. Unfortu- University study concluded that fake news, WikiLeaks and media Her last chapter may not yet be
Congressional Research Service. nately, such an idea is likely dead prohibiting the use of food focus on her shockingly sloppy written, but any plaque on that
The Food Stamp Poster Boy of on Capitol Hill. stamps for sugary drinks would email arrangements. The latest bust would be crowded even now:
2013 was Jason Greenslate, a 29- The most important reason to prevent 141,000 kids from be- scapegoat is the Democratic Na- First lady, U.S. senator, U.S. secre-
year-old surfer who declared that curtail food stamp enrollment is coming fat and save a quarter tional Committee. When she won tary of State, rst female presi-
he avoids work and uses his because the program is a dietary million adults from diabetes. the Democratic nomination, she dential nominee of a major
monthly food stamp allotment to disaster. Walter Willett, chair of told Kara Swisher and Walt political party.
purchase as much sushi and lob- Harvard Universitys Department COLLATERAL CALORIES Mossberg last week at a Recode That is more than enough to
ster as $200 can buy. Then its off of Nutrition, observed in 2015, Carpet-bombing people with sub- conference, It was on the verge put her in the pantheon with An-
to the beach. Greenslate touted Weve analyzed what (food sidized calories can cause collat- of insolvency, its data was medio- thony, Stanton and the rest.
his gourmet purchases all paid stamp) participants are eating eral damage. Young children in cre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.
for by our wonderful tax dollars ... and its horrible food. Its a diet low-income families are more Not surprisingly, this did not Jill Lawrence is USA TODAYs
Its free food. Its awesome. designed to produce obesity and than 50% more likely to be obese go down well with Andrew Ther- commentary editor and author of
diabetes. than those in other families, ac- riault, the DNCs former director The Art of the Political Deal: How
TO EAT, GET A JOB A 2017 study published in cording to a 2016 report. of data science. And so another Congress Beat the Odds and
Trump budget director Mick BMC Public Health found that Republican and Democratic feud began, another backip into Broke Through Gridlock.
Mulvaney declared last month: food stamp recipients were twice governors and former New York
If you are on food stamps and as likely to be obese as eligible City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
you are able bodied, we need you non-recipients, conrming a gov- pleaded with the USDA to allow "USA TODAY hopes to serve as a
to go to work. The Trump ad- ernment study from 2015. them to restrict soft drinks; the forum for better understanding
ministration proposes phasing in It is easy to understand why. A USDA said no. and unity to help make the USA
work requirements for able-bod- 2016 Department of Agriculture There are hungry children and truly one nation."
ied adults without dependents. report revealed that soft drinks adults in this nation, and the gov- Allen H. Neuharth,
This is a good rst step for a and other sweetened beverages ernment can assist them without Founder, Sept. 15, 1982
program that swayed too many are the most common purchase subverting private work ethics or
Americans to work less. Studies in food stamp households, ac- public health. But there is no con-
have shown that single mothers, counting for almost 10% of stitutional right to free junk food. Robert Dickey
married fathers and families monthly expenditures. Desserts, Trumps proposed food stamp re- GANNETT CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER USA TODAY PRESIDENT
across the board work less when salty snacks, candy and sugar ac- forms are a clean break from the & USA TODAY EDITOR IN CHIEF & PUBLISHER
they are on food stamps. count for another 10%. Obama-era fantasy that handouts Joanne Lipman John Zidich
The Trump administration The Trump reform proposal will make America rich. EXECUTIVE EDITORS GENERAL MANAGER
also proposes requiring state gov- ignores the easiest way to save Patty Michalski, Beryl Love Susan Motiff
ernments to begin covering a more than $100 billion: prohibit James Bovard, author of Public MANAGING EDITOR CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER
share of the costs of food stamps, using food stamps for junk food. Policy Hooligan, is a member of Donna Leinwand Leger Kevin Gentzel
in addition to the share of admin- Food stamps should be remod- USA TODAYs Board of Contrib- EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE PRESIDENT, SPORTS MEDIA GROUP
istrative costs they already pay. eled along the lines of the Women utors. Bill Sternberg David Morgan



As London mourns don police officer also was
third attack in 3 Daniel Ansah, 50, a security
months, 12 arrested guard at Titos restaurant near
London Bridge, was there when
the attack unfolded. He and oth-
Jane Onyanga-Omara ers at the restaurant helped some
and John Bacon of the wounded.
USA TODAY It was horric, he said. It
could have happened to me, too.
Im traumatized.
LONDON Authorities arrested 12 President Trump tweeted soli-
people and led exhaustive search- darity with Britain, saying: WE
es across an East London neigh- ARE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS!
borhood Sunday after a weekend Trump also took shots at political
rampage that left seven dead, correctness and gun control.
dozens injured and once again We must stop being politically
brought chaos and fear to the correct and get down to the busi-
streets of Americas closest Euro- ness of security for our people. If
pean ally. we dont get smart it will only get
Three suspected terrorists also worse, Trump tweeted.
were killed in Saturday nights at- London Mayor Sadiq Khan
tack, and 21 of the 48 injured re- said he was appalled and furious
mained in critical condition late that these twisted and cowardly
Sunday. The attack at iconic Lon- terrorists deliberately targeted
don Bridge and a nearby market innocent Londoners and tour-
was the third terrorist strike in ists. He urged all Londoners to
Britain in less than three months. Police forensic officers work on road inbetween Borough Market and London Bridge in London remain calm and vigilant today
The Islamic State claimed re- on Sunday as police continue their investigations following the terror attack. and over the days ahead.
sponsibility for Saturdays at- The secretary general of the
tacks, the SITE intelligence group May also called for interna- lic suffered a gunshot wound, but ty of Barking, and more homes in Muslim Council of Britain, Harun
said Sunday. Eyewitnesses said tional agreements to regulate cy- the injury was not believed to be the area were being searched, Khan, also condemned the attack.
they heard the men shout this is berspace and deny terrorism the critical, he said. Rowley said. A possible connec- Muslims everywhere are out-
for Allah, British media safe space it needs to breed. The situation these officers tion to the attack was not re- raged and disgusted at these cow-
reported. Twitter and Google were among were confronted with was criti- vealed. Rowley said investigators ards who once again have
It is time to say enough is major tech rms issuing state- cal, a matter of life and death, were working to learn more destroyed the lives of our fellow
enough, Prime Minister Theresa ments saying they were working Rowley said. Three armed men, about the attackers, their connec- Britons, he said. That this
May said Sunday. She called for to deny terrorists an online voice. wearing what appeared to be tions and whether they were should happen in this month of
tougher measures to contain Is- Police said a van plowed into suicide belts, had already at- helped by others not at the scene. Ramadan, when many Muslims
lamist extremism, saying the re- pedestrians on London Bridge, tacked and killed members of the We will work relentlessly to were praying and fasting, only
cent attacks are not directly then drove to nearby Borough public and had to be stopped establish the facts, he said. goes to show that these people re-
linked, but terrorism breeds ter- Market, where the attackers went immediately. Some of the 48 wounded had spect neither life nor faith.
rorism. on a stabbing spree. Armed offi- Rowley lauded the courage of life-threatening injuries, and 36 Four French citizens were
They are bound together by cers confronted three suspects, officers who ran toward the at- remained hospitalized late Sun- among the wounded. French
the single evil ideology of Islamist who police said were wearing tack as it unfolded. I am hum- day, police said. Among them was President Emmanuel Macron de-
extremism that preaches hatred, hoax suicide vests, at the mar- bled by the bravery of an officer a British Transport Police officer nounced the abominable and
sows division and promotes sec- ket. who will rush toward a potential in stable condition after showing cowardly attack and said France
tarianism, she said. It is an ide- Mark Rowley, head of counter- suicide bomber thinking only of enormous courage in the face of will continue ghting terrorism
ology that claims our Western terrorism for Metropolitan Po- protecting others, he said. danger, as did many others who with all our strength alongside
values and freedom, democracy lice, said eight officers ring Counterterrorism police units were at the scene and rushed to Britain and all other countries.
and human rights are incompati- about 50 shots killed all three at- made the arrests Sunday during a help, Chief Constable Paul
ble with the religion of Islam. tackers. One member of the pub- sweep in the suburban communi- Crowther said. An off-duty Lon- Bacon reported from McLean, Va.

Why has Britain been targeted? Trump

Lack of pattern has as. And that push has intensied
since last months attack at the
officials in NYC and
elsewhere on alert
concert, Bloom said.
In ISIS chat rooms there has
been a strong push to attack,
Oren Dorell
Bloom said. Ever since Man-
chester, there have been memes
about attacking in London. They
mayor on
USA TODAY actually had instructions about
ramming with trucks.
Bloom said the recent online
In the United States, New York messages have been in line with
Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday the teachings of American-Yeme-
that his city was on high alert, with ni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who Heidi M. Przybyla
critical response units in particu- taught English-speaking follow- USA TODAY
larly prominent locations. ers that if they could not join the
The Islamic State, also known war in the Middle East they
as ISIS, claimed responsibility for should act locally. Awlaki was WASHINGTON President Trump
Saturday nights attack in London killed in Yemen in 2011. responded to the terror attacks in
that left seven people dead and As U.S.-led forces continue to London by taking aim at Lon-
wounded dozens. ISIS also take ISIS territory in Iraq and dons mayor, political correctness
claimed responsibility for the Syria, the militants need to pro- and gun control.
previous two British attacks. ject a sense of still being in con- In a series of early morning
British Prime Minister The- trol, Bloom said. tweets, the president derided and
resa May said while the recent at- Andrew Parker, head of the misrepresented Mayor Sadiq
tacks were not directly linked, British domestic intelligence Khans attempt to calm London-
terrorism breeds terrorism. agency MI5, warned in 2015 that ers after the third terror attack in
We cant say theres an uptick British armed police on duty Sunday near the site of an attack several factors were contributing Britain in less than three months.
in focus on England, because at Borough Market in London. to an unprecedented level of At least 7 dead and 48 wound-
what were looking at now is a mi- threat to British citizens from ed in terror attack and Mayor of
cro trend, said Michael Pregent, 52, rammed his car into pedestri- investigators. ISIS, largely from Syrias ongoing London says there is no reason
an adjunct fellow at the Hudson ans on Westminster Bridge, kill- The London Bridge attack in- civil war. to be alarmed! said Trump.
Institute in Washington. These ing ve people, and he then volved three individuals who Britain has a large well of In responding to the attacks,
were three different attacks. fatally stabbed a policeman out- agreed to kill and be killed, all 23,000 radicalized Muslims, in- Khan told Londoners theres no
Saturday nights attack began side Parliament. Masood was three wearing (fake) suicide telligence officials told the British reason to be alarmed by an in-
when a van plowed into pedestri- shot dead by police. The Islamic vests, Pregent said. That would Sunday Times. creased police presence over the
ans on London Bridge then State claimed Masood as a sol- indicate more of a cell. It isnt surprising that ISIS coming days while vowing of the
stopped in Borough Market, dier, though police later said he The differences among the at- has claimed responsibility or terrorists that we will never let
where three men got out and had no links al-Qaeda, ISIS or tacks indicates they probably are that attacks are happening in them win.
stabbed people. The three attack- any other extremist group. not directly related, Pregent said. Britain, said Thomas Joscelyn, a We must stop being politically
ers were shot dead by police. On The attacks each show a differ- Mia Bloom, a professor of com- terrorism analyst at the Founda- correct and get down to the busi-
May 22, a suicide bomber at the ent level of sophistication, Pre- munications and Middle East tion for Defense of Democracies, ness of security for our people. If
Ariana Grande concert in Man- gent said. Masood used a studies at Georgia State Univer- a think tank in Washington. we dont get smart it will only get
chester, England, killed 22 people low-tech knife, while Abadi used sity, said terrorist groups have Theyve been putting effort into worse, Trump said on Twitter.
and injured 59. The bomber was a well-made bomb in a vest and been wanting to get Muslims off this for the better part of three On Saturday night, police said
identied as British-born Salman had recently returned from Lib- the fence in European countries, years. We dont know the precise seven people died and at least 48
Abedi, 23. ya, where his relatives have ties to including Britain, which they reason were seeing successful were injured after a van plowed
On March 22, Khalid Masood, the Islamic State, according to contend have an anti-Muslim bi- plots now. into pedestrians on London
Bridge and assailants went on a
stabbing rampage at nearby Bor-

Heroes emerge from horrors of attack ough Market.

In a nal tweet, Trump also
seemed to blast the gun control
debate in the United States. Do
Baton, bread basket the face of danger as the attack
unfolded Saturday night, Chief
Crowther said the officer, on
the force just two years, faced the
tackers targeted nearby restau-
rants and bars in Borough
you notice we are not having a
gun debate right now? Thats be-
wielded in bravery Constable Paul Crowther said. attackers only with his baton. Market. cause they used knives and a
Crowther said the officer, The bravery he showed was Florin Morariu told the Associ- truck! said Trump.
whose identity was not made outstanding and makes me ex- ated Press he saw people running Britain has stricter gun laws
John Bacon public, was stabbed in the face, tremely proud, Crowther said. in the street outside his bakery, than in the U.S. and prohibits
@jmbacon head and leg when confronting Crowther said the officer will then realized, Oh, my God, it is a semi-automatic ries. In 2011, the
USA TODAY the three knife-wielding attackers be touched when he sees the terrorist attack here. U.K. had 0.07 gun homicides for
near the London Bridge train sta- vast messages of support from He said he came upon the at- every 100,000 people; the U.S., by
tion. Other officers with guns ar- across the United Kingdom and tackers and hit one of them in contrast, had 3 gun homicides for
A police officer armed only rived a short time later and fatally around the world. the head with a basket and I every 100,000.
with a baton along with a chef shot the assailants, who wore Our thoughts are with all of knocked him out, Morariu told Trumps criticism of the mayor
wielding a bread basket were what appeared to be bomb-laden those who died or were injured, British TV. Morariu became a drew re from Republicans in the
among heroes emerging Sunday vests that turned out to be fake. and their loved ones as they try to modest social media sensation, U.S., including Doug Heye, a
after a London terror attack that I am humbled by the bravery come to terms with what hap- and his status as an immigrant strategist and former top aide to
killed seven people and wounded of an officer who will rush toward pened, Crowther added. wasnt ignored. A hero? A Roma- House Republican leadership.
nearly 50 others. a potential suicide bomber think- A Romanian chef also was lau- nianchef? You mean one of those I cant imagine Theresa May
A British Transport Police offi- ing only of protecting others, ded as a hero after he offered ref- benet scrounging immigrant Ro- tweeting like this to the mayor of
cer was in a stable condition after Metropolitan Police Assistant uge to 20 terried people in the manians? #londonattack, tweet- Orlando or San Bernadino, said
showing enormous courage in Commissioner Mark Rowley said. Bread Ahead bakery as the at- ed Zee Mitha. Heye.


Car rental companies BIG-TIME
rev up on tech, 4B WEDDING


With help from some employers, retail
and fast-food workers begin to receive Radical
a greater say in the hours they work
Charisse Jones
buffet U.S.
In an occasional series,
USA TODAY explores the employees in Houston to swap
challenges of balancing work hours via mobile app. Gap banned
and life. on-call shifts, which require em- Alia E. Dastagir
For Natasha Oxley, a two-year ployees to be available for work @alia_e
degree took almost four years to whether or not they are ultimate- USA TODAY
earn because her retail jobs gave ly needed. Last month, New York
little notice of when shed work, City joined San Francisco and Se-
and little leeway when she need- attle in passing a law that re- JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!
ed to switch shifts. quires retail and fast-food The exclamation was part
There were a lot of classes workers to have ample notice of President Trumps tweets
that I ended up failing about their schedules last month, hammering
because I couldnt catch ... being and to be paid when a home a promise that helped
up with the work or get him elected.
couldnt attend the class,
able to shift is canceled at the
last minute. Roughly But the unemployment
says Oxley, 24, who never know 17% of employees are rate is (and was before the
got more than three days when on-call or on rotating or election) between 4 and 5%,
notice about her work youre otherwise varying shifts, which many economists
schedule while studying consider full employment.
visual merchandising and
picking according to the Eco-
nomic Policy Institute. The U.S. had a record 75
marketing at the Art In- your kid Just this question of straight months of job
stitute of New York City. up from time and being able to growth under President
Its not fair to ask of school know when youre pick- Obama. The poverty rate has
somebody to drop every- ing your kid up from decreased from 19% in 1964
thing ... especially if
would school would help mil- to 13.5% in 2015, according
theyre not even paying help lions of Americans, says to the Census Bureau.
you that much. millions. Louis Hyman, a labor So why do American
The work lives of fast- Louis Hyman, historian who teaches at workers feel worse off? Why
food cooks, sales clerks Cornells School of Cornells School of In- does lamenting the state of
and other hourly employ- Industrial and dustrial and Labor Rela- work seem right?
ees are increasingly dic- Labor Relations tions. We talk about In the last half century,
tated by software how important it is for economic, political and so-
programs that automatically people to go to school and retrain, cial changes have altered not
schedule when they are supposed but its not possible if a class ROBERT DEUTSCH, USA TODAY only the makeup of the
to report to their jobs. The com- meets at X time every week and Natasha Oxley is studying nursing after years of working retail workforce, but also what it
puter algorithms have freed man- your schedule at work oats that gave her little notice of when she had to work. You never takes to get a job and sup-
agers from spending hours around. So there are all these really know what your schedule might look like ... so you never port oneself, let alone a fam-
mapping out schedules and ways volatility in scheduling know what your nancial situation will look like, she says. ily.
helped companies ensure they makes it very difficult for people Whats changed? Every-
dont pay more people than they to have any kind of certainty in that will go into effect July 1. wide. They are required to give things changed, said Alice
need when the lunch rush is the rest of their lives. New scheduling technologies workers two weeks notice of Kessler-Harris, a Columbia
done. But those platforms can On May 24, the New York City have allowed employers to imple- their assigned hours and to pay University professor who fo-
wreak havoc on the paychecks Council passed a Fair Work- ment last-minute scheduling them for on-call shifts that cuses on gender and labor
and personal lives of workers, week legislative package that re- practices that force workers to be theyre never called for, as well as history.
who may not be able to plan din- quires fast-food restaurants and available at a moments notice, changes to their hours that are uOnce dominant indus-
ner, let alone shifts at a second retailers to give employees two says California Assemblyman Da- made less than a week before the tries, like manufacturing
job, because of random, often weeks notice of their work vid Chiu, who co-authored the employees next schedule. which paid well even with-
last-minute scheduling. schedule. Employees would have San Francisco law when he was A report in 2014 from the Uni- out a college degree have
Pressure is building to give re- to be paid for changes to their president of the citys board of versity of Chicago found that 41% been overtaken by service
tail and fast-food workers a great- shifts that they were told about in supervisors. of young hourly workers learned sector jobs, most of which
er say in when they work, and less than the required 14 days. The San Francisco law applies of their assigned shifts within a are low-paying, according to
some retailers have begun to re- The New York legislation mir- to retail and food service chains week or less, and 50% said their
spond. rors a San Francisco law passed in with at least 20 local employees v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B
The Container Store allows 2014 and a similar bill in Seattle and at least 20 locations world- v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B

Dow Jones industrials
21,206.29 x 62.11
Apples Siri must quiet its Your Cup Of Tea
Dow for the week
Nasdaq composite
S&P 500
0.6% x 126.01
6305.80 x 58.97
2439.07 x 9.01
competitors in voice wars
T-bond, 30-year yield 2.81% y 0.05
T-note, 10-year yield
Gold, oz. Comex
2.16% y 0.05
$1277.80 x 10.80
Tech leader pushes its digital assistant
Oil, light sweet crude
Euro (dollars per euro)
$47.66 y 0.70
$1.1276 x 0.0062
to catch up on innovation gains this year
Yen per dollar 110.50 y 0.83

Sponsored by


Sharing spending TALKING
TECH ri, will you nally
catch up to Ama-
zon and Google
1 in 3
say the
this year?
Wed like to believe she might
say, Yes ... Jefferson. Ill have DIANA KRUZMAN, USA TODAY
maximum Sean Thomas turns to Siri to
amount more accurate, chattier re- Exhibition Tea Rolling Machine Industrial Engineers Model
of money sponses, and good news Ill ask for directions.
they have be able to understand you Precise 1:8 Scale Circa 1900 207/8sq. x 181/4h
spent without letting much better, too. from Googles Assistant, now View a video of this incredible model at rauantiques.com
their spouse/partner Will this actually happen? available on the iPhone. Its also
know is less than $100
Apple, which introduced the been wowed by the constant
world to voice-activated com-
puting in 2011 with the release
drumbeat generated by Ama-
zon for its Alexa assistant, com-
SOURCE CreditCards.com survey of 750 of Siri, is feeling the heat. ing to new speakers and other Antiques Fine Art Jewelry Since 1912 rauantiques.com
U.S. adults who live with a spouse/partner The tech media has given
raves to the superior results v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B

Pressure HEY, SIRI ... Apples ready to step

builds to Apples Siri voice assistant is

up with Siri speaker

the most liked and most used
of the top assistants, accord-

solve voice ing to an exclusive survey for

USA TODAY by SurveyMonkey.

v CONTINUED FROM 1B Which of the following voice So far, Amazon Echo, day problems with a conversa-
tional interface, says Forrester
assistants do you use the most? Google Home lead in Research analyst James
devices on an ongoing basis.
So on the eve of the Worldwide
the device category McQuivey.
According to Bloomberg News,
Developers Conference, where Apples upcoming Siri-controlled
Apple touts all the cool new Jessica Guynn speaker will provide a hub to con-
things app makers get to do in and Edward Baig trol devices such as lights, door
2017 with software updates, the USA TODAY locks and window blinds with Ap-
company is expected to put the ples HomeKit system. Its also
spotlight on a newer, improved Apples bid to keep consumers
Siri, one analysts expect to be SAN FRANCISCO OK Google. Lis- from straying to other services,
more responsive and chattier. ten up, Alexa. Siri may soon have such as music offerings from Am-
The company really needs to a say in the future of smart azon Prime Music or Google Play.
get Siri up to par and solve voice, speakers. Apple declined to comment.
or they become irrelevant, says Apples Siri Microsofts Amazons sleeper hit Echo and The stakes are high for Apple.
Peter Pham, of Science Inc., a Los 33.7% Cortana
its challenger Google Home have Its years of iPhone-powered
Angeles-based tech incubator. claimed spots on countertops and growth are waning: Last year it
Apples early entry into voice Assistant None nightstands across the USA. More Microsofts new smart speak- produced a string of quarterly
assistants, and the prevalence of 19.2% of these
and more people cant stop talk- er looks very similar to the sales drops as consumers held off
37.1% popular Amazon Echo
iPhone, still make it the most ing to these voice-activated, arti- buying new iPhones in huge mar-
commonly used and liked voice- cially intelligent devices. And kets like China. Its Apple services,
activated digital assistant. 6% that poses a competitive threat to He says he believes an Apple powered by subscription pay-
According to a survey by Sur- SOURCE USA TODAY/SurveyMonkey poll Apple. Without a speaker device smart speaker, with high-end ments for cloud storage and mu-
conducted May 26-28, 2017, of 1,004 adults.
veyMonkey Audience for USA of its own, the iPhone maker sound quality and easy integra- sic, has picked up much of the
TODAY, of the 92% of respon- could see its relationship with tion with other Apple devices and slack. CEO Tim Cook expects ser-
dents who are familiar with the loyal users begin to fray. services such as Apple Music, will vice revenue to double by 2020
top voice assistants, one third use to just type, while 7% said she Apple is expected to unveil a develop a following with people from last years $24 billion.
Siri the most, compared to 19% couldnt translate the voice accu- Siri-controlled speaker, and it like him. Gene Munster, managing part-
for Google Assistant, 6% for Alexa rately. The majority 56% could take the wraps off as soon People love Amazon, sure, but ner at Loup Ventures, estimates
and 4% for Cortana. said they didnt have a device that as Monday when the company mostly for what it does, not what that 10 million Echo and Google
When asked which assistant used it. kicks off its Worldwide Develop- it is. I know people who will Home units have shipped so far.
they cant live without, Siri wins Apples challenge is to prove to ers Conference in San Jose. pounce on anything Apple puts In order to be considered main-
by a long shot. consumers that voice search is Even though its late to the out, says Julianelle, who blogs at stream, theyd have to ship on the
Theres a big asterisk to these useful and time-saving. smart-speaker craze, Apples be- DadAndBuried.com. Theyre to- order of 500 million units, he
results: There are simply more Many consumers told USA loved brand and considerable fan tally in the tank for the brand in a says.
devices in circulation that have TODAY that Alexa does a better base could help it grab a sizable way few other tech brands can Apple is late, he says, but the
Siri built in than any other assis- job of understanding them. chunk of the growing market, manage. needle really hasnt moved in this
tant. Creative Strategies president analysts say. Analysts say voice is the biggest market.
I like Siri, says Sabreyna and Apple analyst Tim Bajarin Just ask consumers like Mike shift in how we interact with de- Still, it might not be that easy
Reese from Kansas City, Mo., who chalks that up to hardware. Julianelle, whos already ready to vices since the smartphone. Peo- to separate even diehard Apple
uses Siri to call people and text. The Echo speakers have a bet- trade in his Amazon Echo for ple are ocking to these users from their Amazon Echo or
She does what I tell her to do. ter, larger built-in microphone one. voice-controlled speakers that Google Home.
But for Tobias Nasgarde, a col- than the internal iPhone mic, and The 40-year-old blogger from play music, fetch the news, read Margaret Mariani, a 36-year-
lege student from Stockholm, most people give orders to her in Brooklyn says he got the Echo as an audio book, make a shopping old consumer insights consultant
studying in Los Angeles, hes a quiet room their kitchen, as a gift from his wife a year ago and list and answer homework ques- from Tampa, says she owns an
pretty much given up on Siri. opposed to the phone, which is uses it to check the weather or to tions. This year, 35.6 million iPhone, iPads, a MacBook Air and
My iPhone is Swedish, and generally outside, he says. ask random questions. On week- Americans will use a voice-acti- two Apple TVs. But shes sticking
sometimes she thinks Im back Apple could solve that with its end mornings, he plays the Beat- vated assistant device at least with Alexa. I dont think Siri has
home in Stockholm. answer to Alexa this year with a les or the Hamilton soundtrack once a month, according to re- a chance of stealing me away,
Christina Brown, also from talking speaker. for his 6-year-old. search rm eMarketer. And thats says Mariani, who has had the
Kansas City, is happy with the re- Gene Munster, who runs the But Julianelle says his is an Ap- heating up the rivalry among the Echo for about three years.
sults, but doesnt turn to Siri too Minneapolis-based Loup Ven- ple family with a big collection of tech giants competing to get in- Shes interested in how Apples
often. tures, says he believes consumers iPhones, iPads and iPods. Most of side peoples homes. speaker will be different from the
All she does is search, so why will be eager to buy. his music library is on iTunes. The hidden driver of the de- Echo and how much it will cost.
not just type it in myself? How people are interacting The Echo and Google Home mand is that people understand But bottom line, she says, Alexa is
In our SurveyMonkey survey, with machines is changing, from mostly dont support services that conversations could simplify her best friend who keeps her
among reasons users gave for not the mouse and keyboard to voice from Apple, and thats frustrating, their lives and they are desperate company in her home office and
using Siri, 13% said it was easier and gestures, he says. he says. for something that solves every- entertains her family.

Help for hourly workers Everythings changed

when it comes to jobs

employers came up with the

schedule without their input. v CONTINUED FROM 1B nancially drained from juggling
Last-minute schedules that the health costs of aging par-
dont take employees needs into the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ents and childcare needs of
account can be a particular chal- At the same time, knowledge- growing families. Americans
lenge in the gig economy, as based jobs, which exclude low- are constantly arranging and
more workers balance a work life er-skilled workers, are con- rearranging the puzzle pieces
that may include working for a tinuing to grow. of work, family and (if theyre
restaurant, selling in a store and The boundaries of whos le- lucky) leisure that never seem
driving for ride-hailing services gally and culturally considered to t quite right.
such as Uber or Lyft. From 2005 a worker are redrawn persis- You end up with this per-
to 2015, 94% of the jobs created tently, said Jennifer Klein, a fect storm where workplace
in the USA were on-call, freelance Yale University history profes- and public policies are mis-
or contractual, according to a sor and author of Caring for matched to what the workforce
Princeton study. Labor activists America: Home Health Workers and families need, said Vicki
and others say it can be difficult in the Shadow of the Welfare Shabo, vice president at the
to plan hours at one job when you State. non-partisan National Partner-
dont know when you will have to uThe cost of getting a col- ship for Women & Families
show up at another. lege degree is up more than (NPWF).
John Waldmann, founder and The Container Store is piloting the use of an app by its employ- 1,000% since 1978, according More than 60% of Ameri-
CEO of Homebase, a rm that ees in the Houston area that will enable them to swap hours. to Bloomberg. Millennials are cans say theyve either taken or
helps primarily small businesses They are already able to use the app to ask for time off. saddled with more student are very likely to take time off
move work scheduling online, has loan debt and, despite being from work for family or medi-
software that enables employees
to trade shifts via a laptop or mo-
Everybody has NRF said, We are a rm believer
that businesses should be making
more educated, earned 20%
less in 2013 than Boomers did
cal reasons, Pew Research Cen-
ter reported in March.
bile app. friends and family decisions that are best for their at their age in 1989, adjusted However, fewer than 40% of
A lot of these automatic
scheduling tools lean most to
whove worked in customers and employees so that
they can continue to remain via-
for ination.
uDecades of stagnant
workers qualify for the Family
Medical Leave Act (FMLA), ac-
what the needs of the business a local business, ble in a highly competitive indus- wages mean both parents must cording to the NPWF, and
are, Waldmann says. We want
to make tools that are great for
so we understand try. A one-size-ts-all,
government-mandated solution
often work to make ends meet,
creating a need for child care
those that do are guaranteed 12
weeks of unpaid leave far
businesses but make it easy to ac- what it feels like ignores the realities of what it and elder care that didnt exist less than workers in other in-
commodate the needs of their
employees as well. ... Everybody
on both sides of takes to run a business and adds
to the growing number of laws
in 1950, for example, when
two-thirds of women were full-
dustrialized nations.
Bills on both sides of the
in (our) company has worked the equation. and regulations that drive up con- time homemakers, aka care- aisle have been introduced to
hourly jobs. Everybody has John Waldmann, founder and CEO, sumer costs and contribute to the givers, according to the Bureau address the need for paid leave.
friends and family whove worked Homebase loss of jobs in communities the of Labor Statistics. Women The GOP-backed Strong Fam-
in a local business, so we under- retailer serves. now make up nearly half of the ilies Act, rst introduced in
stand what it feels like on both own schedule, The Container Oxley, who has worked for Na- U.S. workforce, but are paid 2014, was reintroduced by Sen.
sides of the equation. Stores store operations director thans Famous, Macys and Target less than men on average in the Deb Fischer, R-Neb., in Febru-
In 2015, Gap, whose brands in- Paul de Freitas said in a is glad to see New York Citys new same jobs, according to the ary.
clude Gap, Banana Republic and statement. law. A member of the Retail Ac- non-prot Institute for Wom- The bill would provide tax
Old Navy, got rid of on-call shifts In January, Target, which uses tion Project, a group focused on ens Policy Research. credits to encourage compa-
after an inquiry into on-call prac- software to create employee improving the rights of workers, The power of unions has nies to offer employees at least
tices by New York Attorney Gen- schedules that are reviewed man- Oxley says she has seen friends waned, which some research two weeks of paid leave per
eral Eric Schneiderman. ually by store managers, began to quit inexible jobs because they suggests has contributed to year. Employers would receive
Schneiderman said at the time pilot an app in 130 stores that al- couldnt arrange child care. She lower pay for non-union work- a tax credit equal to 25% of
that Abercrombie and Fitch and lows employees to see their has struggled to budget amid uc- ers, too, according to the Eco- what they pay employees dur-
Victorias Secret also decided to schedules and switch hours. Ma- tuating hours. nomic Policy Institute. ing their leave.
end such shifts. cys has a software system that You never really know what uThe gig economy (Uber, The Democrats plan, rein-
Other store chains pilot more takes into account employees your schedule might look like ... Airbnb) has exploded, giving troduced in February by Sen.
employee-friendly uses of sched- shift choices while making sure so you never know what your - workers more control and ex- Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and
uling software. Container Store the stores have the right number nancial situation will look like, ibility, but fewer benets or le- Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Colo., is
employees in the Houston area of staffers at all times. she says. As soon as you get paid, gal protections. The FAMILY Act, which would
take part in a pilot in which they Though some retailers em- you want to stretch that out as The nations work structure create a national fund to pro-
are able to swap hours and say brace technology that empowers much as you can. doesnt work with many reali- vide workers with two thirds of
when theyre available for work employees, some business advo- Oxley works at a consignment ties of American life. their income for up to 12
through the Kronos mobile app cates are concerned about the store on Manhattans Upper East Americans fear that de- weeks, no matter where they
and website. They are able to use urry of local laws that dictate Side. She is back in school, study- mands of work mean they live or work. The Democrats
the app to ask for time off and see how businesses handle schedul- ing nursing at Medgar Evers Col- dont spend enough time bond- proposal would be funded by
their schedules and time cards. ing. The National Retail Federa- lege a career path that could ing with their children, con- employee and employer pay-
We know that shift swaps are tion, which represents the allow her to leave retail behind necting with their spouses or roll contributions, averaging
huge from an employee engage- industry, said no executives from for good. caring for themselves. Many less than $1.50 per week for a
ment perspective as it gives em- the group were available for an workers are emotionally and - typical worker.
ployees more control over their interview. In a statement, the Contributing: Diana Kruzman


17 ways to save big-time on your wedding

Your big day doesnt cluding cake-cutting and corkage
fees or power for your DJ and 15 GET THE MOST OUT OF
have to be a big photo booth. Naylor says you A larger ower, such as a hydran-
nancial headache dont have to take them as they
are. If a cost seems unreasonable,
gea, naturally looks fuller and
takes up more space with fewer
respectfully request to have it stems, Cain says. And you can re-
Courtney Jespersen removed. purpose ceremony owers for the
NerdWallet reception, instead of buying
more. For instance, use a ceremo-

First comes love, then comes

Some venues provide ta-
bles and linens, Cain says. If you
ny arch to adorn your sweetheart
table at the reception.
paying for the wedding. opt for a backyard wedding, youll
Weddings cost an average of have to rent items like these. Al-
$35,329 nationally excluding
the honeymoon according to
ways read a venues contract in its
entirety before signing so you
The Knots 2016 Real Weddings know what is and isnt included. Save money by shaving off some
Study. We asked experts how to And keep an eye out for require- of the time your photographer
set a budget and cut costs on ments. You might not want to be and videographer are present,
some of the most expensive ele- obligated to use the venues cater- Naylor and Cain suggest. Youll
ments of your upcoming nuptials. er, for instance. likely want them there for the
ceremony, but you might not
need footage of the end-of-recep-
1Dont start your marriage in

debt, says Anne Chertoff, a trend

Naylor says some oral designers
tion dancing.

expert for WeddingWire. Most have warehouses with excess in-

couples dont anticipate how
much a wedding is actually going
ventory theyre willing to give
away or lend out for free. Once
Arrange for the bartender
to serve your signature drinks in
to cost, so they end up underesti- youve placed an order, ask about smaller glasses. Most people will
mating what theyre going to expanding your options. go and try the signature drink,
spend and then going over their take a sip, put it down and go
budget, she says. Set realistic back to their regular drink, Nay-
spending limits from the begin-
ning that account for all areas of
Ask friends who have recently
lor says. Minimize the cost of
your bar tab by opting for
your wedding. If you overspend gotten married if you can borrow shooters.
in one area, cut back in another. centerpieces or other items they
have left over. Jespersen is a staff writer at Nerd-
Cutting down on the size of your cake can save you money. Wallet, a personal-nance website
It can be smart to use a credit
card for wedding-related pur- Naylor says. You can pick up a 13 STICK TO IN-SEASON

chases as long as youre not

taking on more debt than you can
Instead of giving all guests a plus
white dress in the prom or party
dress section of any department
You might have your heart set on
pink owers to accent your INVESTMENT TIP
afford to pay off. Chertoff recom- one, limit them to couples you store. A simple Google search for bridesmaids bouquets, but con-
mends using accumulated points socialize with regularly, says white prom dresses pulls up inex- sider settling for a different shade Though it may be uncomfort-
toward your honeymoon, partic- Sharon Naylor, author of 1,001 pensive options. or variety. Local blooms that are
able, having a conversation
ularly if you have travel rewards. Ways to Save Money and Still in season at the time of your wed-
Have a Dazzling Wedding. ding generally are less expensive. before the wedding about


Look at WeddingWires wed-
Theres more to your dress bud-
Also, local owers tend to look
fresher because they didnt have
finances is very necessary.

ding date calendar to see if theres 6 Youll probably want to mail

CHANGE UP INVITATIONS Talk about your assets, debts,
get than the dress. Cain suggests to travel for days, Cain says.
and spending habits. Use
more demand for a given date. traditional invitations, says Ste- taking extras such as tailoring
phanie Cain, an editor at The fees, shoes, jewelry and a clutch online tools and calculators to

Saturday is a popular day for
Knot. But you can post wedding
weekend itineraries on your wed-
into account when setting a
spending limit. To save on your
The more tiers on your cake, the
strategize for a strong financial
future as a married couple.
weddings, but its also generally ding website and email save-the- veil, Chertoff recommends mak- more itll cost you. Cain suggests
the most expensive day to get date alerts. Thatll save you the ing it your something borrowed sticking to two tiers and having
married. You can likely reserve cost of printing and postage. and wearing a family members. sheet cakes to serve. The cake you
your venue at a lower price if you cut for your pictures doesnt have
hold your wedding on a Sunday, to feed all of your guests.
or even a weeknight. 7 Brides arent nding dresses 9 Lots of unexpected expenses

at just the bridal shop these days, can pop up during planning, in-


Guidance starts with hearing you out.

TD Ameritrades Financial Consultants take the time to understand what matters to you and why, before
discussing investment strategies. To help you find the plan that works for you, we want to get to know you first.
Schedule a complimentary goal planning session today and get up to $600 when you open and fund
an account.

Call (800) 870-9668 or

visit tdameritrade.com/goalplanning to learn more.

See tdameritrade.com/600offer for offer details and restrictions/conditions. All investments involve risk, including risk of loss. This is not an offer or
solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. TD Ameritrade, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. 2017 TD Ameritrade.



Special for USA TODAY

Q : Conspiracy theorists
claim that the exhaust
from jets is chemtrails and
chemicals being dumped on
populations. Is there any
truth to these theories?
Starling Johnson,
A: No, there is no truth to the
chemtrail claims. The moisture in
the air when heated by a jet en-
gine, then cooled, causes ice crys-
tals we see as white contrails. The
Internet is full of conspiracy
theorists with various untrue
claims; the chemtrail claim is one
of them.
Services Nancy Trejos
a reservation, choose the exact
car they want, access the rental
Avis Car
Rental is Q : Is it true that a soda
can or a bag of chips will
race to @nancytrejos agreement and get help if they doubling the pop in a plane at high
innovate USA TODAY need it on demand.
Scott Deaver, executive vice
size of its
eet of fully
Kamal, N.J.
and president and chief marketing of- connected A: Not in normal circum-
accomo- Car rental companies are in-
creasingly adapting their vehicles
cer of Avis Budget Group, says
the program has improved the
cars to
stances. The cabin is pressurized
to no more than 8,000 feet; there-
date for a more connected world. companys operations. He says it fore, a soda can or bag of chips is
drivers Avis Car Rental announced
that it will double its eet of fully
has been a boon for business trav-
elers as well.
no more likely to rupture than if
it were sent up to a town in the
and connected cars by early 2018, Our research revealed that mountains above 8,000 feet.
their tech bringing the total number of such
vehicles to 100,000. ENTERPRISE
corporate travelers on a tight
schedule want speed, efficiency Q : Is it true that ight
times are padded by
Enterprise, which owns Na- Enterprise has launched and control over their travel ex- about 20 minutes?
tional Car Rental and Alamo Rent LaunchPad, which stream- perience, he says. When they Phillip Demarest, Pots-
a Car, introduced LaunchPad. lines the rental car reserva- need something, they expect it dam, N.Y.
Rather than having to go to a tion process. quickly and with transparency. A: No, there is not a blanket
counter, the customer is greeted He added: Business travelers 20-minute padding. Airlines will
by an employee with a tablet who vices Uber and Lyft and short- can focus on work, enjoy some look at the history of the ight
has the reservation on le. The term rentals such as ZipCar. downtime before a meeting or get time and the taxi time to publish
employee can immediately take Its certainly accelerated the home from a business trip faster. the block time.
the customer to the car. A receipt
is emailed to the customer upon
return of the vehicle.
need to take steps further into
this new world of smart mobil-
ity, Brown says.
And from the perspective of their
employer, this time can ultimate-
ly save our corporate partners
ly, ease of Q : Youve mentioned that
a non-pilot would fail in
being talked through a land-
Hertz gives its customers more In an interesting twist, both tens of millions of dollars in staff use and ing. A Mythbusters epi-
control over the cars they rent by Avis and Enterprise have invested time. efficiency sode showed that it
rolling out a service called Ulti- in car-sharing companies. Avis Enterprise is testing Launch- is the probably can be done. Also,
mate Choice. The program, avail- owns Zipcar and Enterprise Pad across the USA, as well as word of Wikipedia documents two
able at 24 top U.S. airport Holdings owns and operates En- France. instances where it has been
locations, lets customers select terprise CarShare. Lee Broughton, a vice presi- the day in done.
any vehicle within their assigned Avis connected cars expedite dent at Enterprise Holdings who terms of Paul, Austin
zone based on their loyalty status the rental process during pickup manages the Enterprise brand, transpor- A: I will look for the episode.
and chosen car class. and drop-off by providing real- says LaunchPad has streamlined tation. My response is based on the
Certainly, ease of use and effi- time access to vehicle informa- the rental process while allowing complexity of the tasks to land an
ciency is the word of the day in tion such as maintenance needs. the company to learn more about Chris Brown, airliner.
terms of transportation, says Employees can see fuel consump- its customers preferences executive editor of On Wikipedia, I found no en-
Auto Rental News
Chris Brown, executive editor of tion measured to a tenth of a gal- through pre-lled reservations. tries documenting an airliner
Auto Rental News. No one wants lon, as well as precise mileage It has allowed employees to get landed by a non-pilot. There were
to have to take a shuttle bus to a readings. away from the counter so that two small airplane incidents, to
rental car facility and wait in line. Customers benet from one- they can interact with customers which you refer. One was a pilot
They want to get where they touch returns and instant email anywhere to provide more op- that had not own that type of
want to go. receipts. They can lock and un- tions. In other words, they con- airplane previously. One was a
The companies are reacting to lock the cars doors through the duct business on the customers true non-pilot. General aviation
a world in which drivers have im- Avis mobile app. They can even terms, he says. aircraft are signicantly less com-
mediate access to cars through use the app to ash the vehicles The opportunity to get to plex than commercial jets.
smartphone apps. Customers also headlights, so they can easily nd know the consumer in an even
have many more transportation it. more intimate way is something Have a question about ying? Send it to
options such as ride-hailing ser- The app allows renters to make that is available, he says. travel@usatoday.com.

Get attention during travel-complaint season

These tips will help complaints, grudge-holding and
please these angry customers,
short of refunding their entire
you stand out from The media frequently covers vacation.
the chorus of gripes negative issues like crowded
planes, delays, people getting
uIf you dont do what I want,
Ill sue. This ones even worse
thrown off planes, he says. The than taking a gripe to the media.
tension levels, and levels of dis- How many travelers actually take
Christopher satisfaction, begin to rise before a travel company to court? Only
Elliott the experience even begins. a few. Complaints of this nature
Special for Rather than adding your voice are not ignored. Instead, theyre
USA TODAY to the chorus of pointless gripes forwarded to the legal depart-
and loud bellyaching, which is of- ment which ignores them.
ten ignored by thick-skinned uDont you know the cus-
travel companies that have devel- tomer is always right. Thats a
ON Its complaints oped a form response for every- common sentiment among sum-
TRAVEL season in the travel thing, why not do something mer vacationers, who tend to
EVERY industry, as Adeoda- effective this year? To gure out travel infrequently. Their expec-
ta Czink will tell you. how to do that, you need to re- tations-meter is set somewhere
Her favorite sum- view the bad complaints and GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO in 1975, when the American trav-
mertime gripe? The tourist who learn from them. This is going to Now, more than ever, people love to vent. el industry particularly the air-
waved a brochure in front of her be fun. line industry was a
face, vowing to sue because her This is no laughing matter, SECRETS FOR A MORE EFFECTIVE COMPLAINT standards-setter in the customer
expensive hairdo had been though. If youre worried about service department. When the
ruined. Czink, an etiquette expert the coming onslaught of negativ- uCite the rules, chapter and verse. If you have a strong case service isnt perfect, they make
and tour guide from Toronto, ity, the travel industry should be for compensation or a refund, itll be in the contract. For ex- outrageous demands. Or they
couldnt x the problem. deathly afraid. ample, airlines have a contract of carriage the legal agree- complain about waterfalls.
We were in Niagara Falls, she The effects are undeniable, ment between you and the airline the outline of what theyll What do you say, instead?
laughs. I cant control the mist. says Ben Jost, CEO of TrustYou, do in case of a delay or a denied boarding situation. Cite the Thats easy. File your complaint
Czink wasnt dragged into which helps hotels analyze and contract if its relevant. in writing, if possible. Keep it
court. But ridiculous complaints respond to guest feedback. Travel uLawyer up without lawyering up. Without threatening to brief, unemotional and polite.
such as the one she heard are as companies that ignore the nega- go to court, let the company know that it may be violating the Write in complete and grammat-
common as summer thunder- tive feedback suffer a measurable law (if, indeed, it is). For example, your hotel is regulated by ically correct sentences. Above
storms. I ought to know: I see co- decline in booking. state lodging laws, which determine an innkeepers liability for all, make sure your expectations
pious quantities of travel At the same time, a lot of the your personal property. Gently indicate that you know you have are reasonable.
industry complaints through my gripes miss the mark badly. legal rights. Thats often enough to secure a quick resolution. No, your tour guide cant con-
consumer advocacy website and Here are a few phrases that auto- uAppeal to a companys customer service culture. Travel trol the mists of Niagara Falls,
a companion syndicated column. matically send your email to the companies frequently promote warranties, customer promises any more than your airline or ho-
Believe me when I tell you that recycler: or mission statements that claim to put you rst. A quick refer- tel can control the weather.
now, more than ever, people love uI demand a free rst-class ence to these documents can be enough to persuade an airline, If you ask for the moon, your
to vent. ticket anywhere your airline car rental company, hotel or cruise line to do the right thing. complaint will just nd its way
Its getting worse, researchers ies. I searched my complaint into the bulging digital trash can
say. le for this phrase and found on a company server. You can do
There just seems to be so thousands of cases that refer- are trained to ignore it. I have the media involved are also so over- better.
much more to complain about, enced this particular request for a denial letters as proof. used that they induce a reexive
says David Aron, a marketing free rst-class ticket. Its such a uIm telling everyone how eye roll for the average travel in- Elliott is a consumer advocate and
professor at Dominican Univer- complaint cliche that Im con- terrible you are! Threats to take dustry employee. Part of the editor at large for National Geographic
Traveler. Email at chris@elliott.org.
sity who has studied consumer vinced customer service agents my case to Twitter or get the problem: Its often impossible to

Millennials eager to avoid student debt
They are saving new loans made beginning July 1
through June 30, 2018. Rates on
earlier for their kids existing federal student loans
college than Boomers with xed rates will not change.
On average, undergraduates
took out $4,060 in unsubsidized
federal Stafford loans in 2015-16,
Susan Tompor according to Mark Kantrowitz,
stompor@usatoday.com publisher and vice president of
USA TODAY strategy for Cappex.com. The av-
erage annual amount was $3,727
for undergraduate subsidized fed-
eral Stafford loans.
Parents who borrowed to help
PERSONAL Many Millennials their children attend college took
FINANCE who know the bur- out $14,112 in Parent PLUS loans
dens of student debt on average in 2015-16.
could be aiming to Kantrowitz said he would ex-
treat college savings pect the interest rates on federal
a bit differently from their education loans to increase by
parents. 0.50 percentage points to 0.75
After becoming parents, about percentage points in July 2018 if
56% of Millennials began setting the Federal Reserve continues to
aside money for college for their raise interest rates.
children sometime between birth
and age 5. That compares with DONT EXPECT TOO MUCH IN
only 33% of Baby Boomers who study of parents with children 529 plan, according to Young tention to the expense ratios and SCHOLARSHIP CASH
did that, according to the How younger than 18 noted that 61% Boozer, Alabamas state treasurer fees charged through their 529 Its tempting to tell yourself that
America Saves for College 2016 of parents who are saving for col- and chair of the College Savings plan. Pay attention to any annual your child will get a full ride so
report released last fall by Sallie lege for their children do so with Plans Network. maintenance fees that can be you dont need to save. We all
Mae, the private student loan gi- a general savings account. A college-saving plan is much charged, as those fees can drive hear plenty of happy stories dur-
ant, and Ipsos, an independent By contrast, 37% of parents use like a 401(k) plan in that savers up costs, too. Some websites al- ing high school graduation sea-
global market research company. the tax-favored 529 plans. Money can select their own mix of in- low consumers to compare plans: son. But your star high school
They are paying attention, in a 529 plan can be used toward vestments. Typically, many par- www.collegesavings.org and student might be looking at
said Robin Lott, executive direc- tuition, room and board and oth- ents choose age-based options www.savingforcollege.com. $1,500 or less in scholarship cash.
tor of the Michigan Education er qualied expenses. It also can Another advantage: Money Kantrowitz noted that the av-
Trust and program manager for
the Michigan Education Savings
be used for undergraduate educa-
tion or toward graduate degrees.
The 529 industry taken out of a 529 savings plan to
cover qualied college expenses
erage scholarship based on
scholarships that are not con-
Program and the MI 529 Advi- Millennial parents are more is built on is tax-free on the federal and trolled by the college ends up
sors Plan.
Maybe, Lott said, some young-
likely to use 529 plans (44%) than
Gen X or Baby Boomer parents
state-sponsored state level. being just under $4,000 a year,
even though that average in-
er consumers recognize how (36% and 23%, respectively), ac- plans and tax PREPARE FOR HIGHER RATES cludes some fairly large-sized
much they beneted when their
parents saved for them, or they
cording to the study.
The 529 industry is built on
breaks. Wyoming ON STUDENT LOANS
The average account balance in
Private scholarships might be
dont want their children to be state-sponsored plans and tax is the only state 529 plans is about $21,000, based from a neighborhood association,
overburdened by student loans.
Whatever it is, I applaud
breaks. Wyoming is the only state
that does not have a state-spon-
that does not on information from the College
Savings Plans Network. So, most
philanthropists, corporations,
foundations, community founda-
them, she said. sored 529 plan, according to the have a families arent paying the full cost tions, 501(c)(3) organizations and
Here are some tips to consider
whether a child is in kindergar-
College Savings Plans Network.
There are key benets of 529
state-sponsored of college just by tapping into sav-
ings. Federal student loans re-
Kantrowitz said about $6 bil-
ten or high school when in college savings plans: 34 states 529 plan. main part of the picture. lion in private scholarships are
comes to college savings: and the District of Columbia offer Beginning July 1, interest rates awarded each year. That does not
an income tax deduction or some that gradually reduce the amount on federal student loans will include money awarded by the
DONT OVERLOOK TAX-SAVVY kind of tax credit if you save mon- of stocks in the portfolio as the increase by 0.69 percentage college, which is just a discount
COLLEGE SAVINGS PLANS ey in a 529 plan. Check the specif- child moves closer to college. points. The new rate is 4.45% for on tuition, he said.
While 529 college-savings plans ic rules for your state. Six states Leo Acheson, a senior analyst undergraduate Stafford loans, 6% Parents need to understand
hit a record $248 billion in assets Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Missou- at Morningstar who tracks 529 for Stafford loans for graduate that fewer than 1% of students
at the end of 2016, many parents ri, Montana and Pennsylvania plans, said fees on college-savings school and 7% for the federal Par- win a completely free ride
still arent using such plans. The offer residents a state tax break investments continue to fall. ent PLUS loan. through scholarships, Kantrowitz
How America Saves for College no matter where they invest in a Even so, investors need to pay at- The interest rates will apply to said.

Shrinking stock market cuts

money-making opportunities GOLFS ABOUT
Mom-and-pops are
get in at ground level The number of publicly traded stocks available to investors is the
lowest since 1971. Companies in Wilshire 5000 Total Stock Index: Replace your
Adam Shell 3,295 3,599 hard-to-hit
@adamshell 8,000
1971 20171
Hoping to get in early on the 5,000
next Amazon before it becomes, 4,000
well, the next Amazon?
Good luck. Its not as easy as it 3,000
used to be. 2,000
Thats because the number of 1,000
U.S. stocks has been shrinking for 0 SPECIAL
20 years. At last count, there were OFFER
3,599 in the Wilshire 5000 Total 1970-79 1980-89 1990-99 2000-09 2010-17 7 iron
Market Index, which tracks all Only $49 99
1 As of March 31 +sh
stocks actively traded in America. SOURCE Wilshire Associates; Renaissance Capital
Thats down more than 50% from GEORGE PETRAS, USA TODAY

the 1997 peak of 7,459. most exciting parts of the market. stocks are temporarily mispriced, More forgiving Extra distance Higher ight
The smaller pool of stocks to Silicon Valley is a crown jewel of says Bill Hornbarger, chief invest-
invest in has been driven by a the economy, and the average ment officer at Moneta Group.
number of factors. Fewer young person is not being allowed to ORDER ONLINE OR CALL
companies are opting to sell their fully participate (in those early-
shares to the public through ini-
tial public offerings, or IPOs.
stage companies) directly.
He notes that Amazon, which
But not all is lost. Individual in- LEADER IN HYBRID
Mergers have eliminated many went public in May 1997, had a vestors can gain access to private T EC H N O LO GY 888.833.7371
stocks. The rise of private equity rst-day market value of roughly companies via mutual funds.
rms, which buy entire compa- $440 million. Amazons market Fund tracker Morningstar says
nies and run them privately with cap is now $473.2 billion, accord- about 3.6% of the mutual funds it
the goal of xing them up and ing to S&P Dow Jones Indices. By monitors held investments in pri-
boosting protability, has taken contrast, Snap, the parent compa- vate companies, according to sec-
hundreds of stocks out of circula- ny of popular photo app Snap- ond-quarter 2016 data. The most
tion. And every remaining stock chat, went public in March. At its widely held private company in-
is under the microscope like nev- offering price of $24 per share, it vestments were Uber, cloud stor-
er before. had a market value of roughly $33 age plan Dropbox and lodging
Heres how fewer stocks affect billion on its rst day. The takea- app Airbnb.
mom-and-pop investors. way: Tens of billions of dollars of Funds make investments in
newly created wealth were en- high-potential private companies
joyed by early Snap investors to get a piece of the business at a
1With young companies more fre-
WINNERS professionals, who excluded
lower price than they might at
the IPO and to generate better re-
quently opting to get money from turns, says Katie Reichart, asso-
private investors instead of
through IPOs, small investors 2 FEWER STOCKS, HARDER
ciate director at Morningstar.
But individual investors who
USA TODAYs Afuent Readers
have a harder time getting early
access to upstarts, such as Ama-
While individual investors might
miss out on gains generated by
own private companies through
funds that own hundreds of other
Have Mass Buying Power
zon and Facebook. private companies, both Main stocks should not expect turbo-
The primary disadvantage is Street and Wall Street investors charged returns. A $10,000 in- USA TODAY is a powerful one-stop source
that (small investors) are not get- are equally hamstrung by a small- vestment, for example, in a single
ting an opportunity to buy stocks er pool of stocks to choose from. stock that doubles in value will for goods and services.
when they are in the biggest part Why? It is even harder to get net a $10,000 prot. But a simi-
of their growth phase, bemoans market-beating returns because lar-sized investment in a fund To advertise, call: 1-800-397-0070
Jason Trennert, chairman of the smaller number of shares that that owns 200 other stocks will usatoday@russelljohns.com
Strategas Research Partners. are trading are over-analyzed and net a smaller gain because the in-
You have less to pick from the picked over, which means fewer vestment is spread out.


Mustafa Abdul Hassa Samer Mohammed Aboud Hassan al-Anbaki Mohammed Marwan al-Issa Joo Miranda do Carmo
In Syria In Syria In Iraq In Syria In Brazil

David Gilkey Marcos Hernndez Bautista Karun Misra Jeroen Oerlemans Sagal Salad Osman
In Afghanistan In Mexico In India In Libya In Somalia

Sami Jawdat Rabah Pavel Sheremet Saif Talal Zabihullah Tamanna

In Syria In Ukraine In Iraq In Afghanistan

This morning, the Newseum adds the names of 14 journalists who died while reporting the news in 2016 to
its Journalists Memorial. They represent the 48 journalists who died last year, some murdered to silence
their work, others covering wars or dangerous assignments.

Join our mission to promote, explain and defend free expression and the
First Amendment at newseum.org/withoutnews


Photo credits (left to right, from top): Courtesy Al-Masdar News; Courtesy AhlulBayt News Agency; Courtesy Iraq News Today; Courtesy Al-Nateq News Network; Courtesy Miranda do Carmo Family and O Popular;
Michael M. Phillips/The Wall Street Journal/Courtesy The Associated Press; Courtesy Oaxacamira.com; Courtesy ABP News via YouTube; Roger Cremers/Courtesy PhotoQ.nL; Courtesy NUSOJ;
Courtesy Musa al-Omar via Twitter; Valentyn Ogirenko/Courtesy Reuters; Courtesy Iraq News Today; Parwiz Sabawoon/Courtesy Agence France-Presse
French fade
Venus Golden
falls in Kevin Durant
and Stephen
French Open, Curry help the
leaving no Warriors take a
Americans 2-0 lead on the
in singles Cavaliers in the
draws, 8C NBA Finals, 3C


At 600
Clean sweep
Graham Rahal goes
2-for-2 in Detroits
Orioles shortstop Ryan Flaherty
on Twitter, talking about Orioles
radio announcer Fred Manfra,
IndyCar races, 5C
who called his final game
Sunday. getting
Bob Nightengale

Lets face it: Albert Pujols

600th home run didnt capti-
KEITH SRAKOCIC, AP vate the sports world like it
should have.
TWEET OF THE DAY Much of the country was
@TeamJuJu asleep when he became the
USC will always hold a spe- ninth player to achieve the feat,
cial place in my heart but Im and the rst to hit a grand slam
excited for my next chapter as his 600th homer, while the
in Pittsburgh! rest of America yawned.
Steelers rookie wide receiver Maybe weve just gotten im-
JuJu Smith-Schuster mune to these milestones.
After all, there were only
Jimmie Johnson enjoys Sundays victory, which tied him for sixth on Cups career list. plished the feat before 2002:
Quarterfinal appearances for
Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and
Willie Mays.
Rafael Nadal in the French
Open, tying the record set by
Roger Federer. Nadal beat
Roberto Bautista Agut 6-1, 6-2,
JOHNSON NOT READY In the last 15 years, weve had
six new members of the club,
most recently Jim Thome when
he hit his 600th homer Aug. 15,


Weve become conditioned to
indifference unless it involves
94 someone screaming, ranting
and raging or at least rooted
Age in years of Harriette
Thompson, who, according to in controversy.
race organizers, became the But if Pujols were to hit his
oldest woman to finish a half-
marathon, at the Rock n Roll
Jimmie Johnson moved another rung up the
700th home run, maybe then,
and only then, will it jolt our
San Diego Marathon. She fin-
ished in 3 hours, 42 minutes, delivers vs. Larson ladder of all-time Monster Energy NASCAR
Cup Series winners Sunday, with his 11th at
consciousness, knowing that
only Barry Bonds, Aaron and
56 seconds. Dover: Ruth have reached that mile-
stone in the history of baseball.
Rank Driver Wins
Postseason goals for Penguins
Brant James
Richard Petty
David Pearson

forward Jake Guentzel, who USA TODAY Sports 3. Jeff Gordon 93

needs one to tie Dino Ciccarel- 4. Bobby Allison 84
lis rookie record of 14 in 1981 for Darrell Waltrip 84
the North Stars. 6. Jimmie Johnson 83
DOVER , DEL . The proverbial guard didnt Cale Yarborough 83
change. The house was defended, and whatever
other clichs might apply.
Jimmie Johnsons victory Sunday at Dover The 41-year-olds record 11th win on the 1-
International Speedway was like many of his mile concrete oval tied him for sixth on the all-
previous 82 career wins, a product of a sleek time Cup wins list with boyhood idol Cale Yar-
Hendrick Motorsports race car, honed by crew borough. And he did it on the day he wore a
chief Chad Knaus and harnessed by arguably helmet honoring the Hall of Famer. JAYNE KAMIN-ONCEA, USA TODAY SPORTS
the greatest stock car driver of all time. But there also was a symbolism to it. In tak- Albert Pujols celebrates
And as is so often the case these days, it was after becoming the ninth
historic. v STORY CONTINUES ON 5C big-leaguer to reach the
600-homer plateau.


Penguins plan: REAL DADS.


Caroline Wozniacki, who ad-
Seize moment JEREMY HART
vanced to the French Open
quarterfinals and will play Game 4 of Final
Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia.
vs. Predators
Compiled by Roxanna Scott
will be pivotal
Penguins stars Sidney Cros-
by, right, and Evgeni Malkin

Consecutive Pittsburgh Pen-
were neutralized Saturday.

tention. If he wants to make

for Florida State guins captain Sidney Crosby has stuff up, what can I do?
in the NCAA game, but hes not into games- If we are going to discuss
Division I manship. whether the Predators have g- Chain Saws Starting at: MS 170 CHAIN SAW

baseball The day after Nashville de- ured how to stop Crosby and Ev-
tournament, fenseman P.K. Subban reported geni Malkin, Crosby will make
the longest
active that Crosby accused him of hav- sure we take personalities out of
streak ing bad breath during a close en- the equation. All prices MSRP. Available at participating dealers.
counter during Game 3 of the Subban has his style, and 2017 STIHL 17STN007-42-135638-7
Stanley Cup Final, Crosby said, Crosby has his.
He made that up; I didnt say
that. Hes a guy that likes the at- v STORY CONTINUES ON 6C

Tigers 7, White Sox 4 Rockies 3, Padres 1 Astros 7, Rangers 2 Phillies 9, Giants 7
Chicago 101 000 020 4 Colorado 000 300 000 3 Houston 212 110 000 7 San Francisco 102 002 200 7
Detroit 000 103 003 7 San Diego 000 010 000 1 Texas 000 011 000 2 Philadelphia 221 010 12X 9
Chicago ab r h bi bb so avg Colorado ab r h bi bb so avg Houston ab r h bi bb so avg San Francisco ab r h bi bb so avg
Engel cf 5 0 1 0 0 3 .182 Blackmon cf 5 0 2 0 0 2 .328 Springer rf 5 2 3 3 0 1 .280 Span cf 4 2 1 0 1 0 .261
Cabrera dh 4 1 2 0 0 0 .259 LeMahieu 2b 4 0 2 0 1 0 .285 Altuve 2b 4 0 0 0 1 2 .323 Nunez 3b 4 1 1 1 1 1 .286
Abreu 1b 3 0 0 0 2 0 .279 Arenado 3b 3 0 1 0 2 2 .289 Correa ss 3 1 2 1 2 0 .315 Belt lf 3 1 0 1 1 1 .234
A. Garcia rf 5 0 3 1 0 2 .330 Reynolds 1b 5 1 1 0 0 2 .295 Gattis c 5 1 0 0 0 0 .276 Posey 1b 2 1 1 1 1 0 .343
AMERICAN LEAGUE Frazier 3b 5 2 3 1 0 1 .195 Parra rf 4 1 0 0 0 1 .308 Beltran dh 4 1 1 1 1 2 .255 Crawford ss 4 1 2 4 0 2 .268
Last Sanchez 2b 3 0 1 0 2 0 .301 Desmond lf 3 1 0 0 1 2 .266 Gonzalez lf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .312 Hundley c 4 0 0 0 0 1 .231
East W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away Anderson ss 4 1 1 1 0 2 .266 Story ss 4 0 2 2 0 1 .214 Gurriel 1b 3 2 2 2 0 0 .267 Law rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Smith c 4 0 1 1 0 0 .230 Wolters c 3 0 1 1 1 1 .301 Bregman 3b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .250 Panik 2b 3 0 1 0 1 0 .247
New York 32 22 .593 L-1 5-5 17-8 15-14 W. Garcia lf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .227 Hoffman sp 3 0 0 0 0 0 .125 Marisnick cf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .253 Calixte rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .211
Boston 31 25 .554 2 W-2 6-4 17-10 14-15 L. Garcia ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .296 Valaika ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .230 Totals 35 7 9 7 5 6 Moore sp 1 1 1 0 0 0 .100
Totals 37 4 13 4 4 9 McGee rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 u Batting 2B: Beltran (12); Gonzalez Tomlinson ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .241
Baltimore 29 26 .527 31/2 L-2 4-6 19-10 10-16 u Batting 2B: Anderson (7); Cabrera Holland rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 (8); HR: Correa (11); Gurriel (5); Springer 2 Kontos rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Tampa Bay 29 30 .492 51/2 L-3 5-5 16-13 13-17 (7); Frazier (9); Smith (6); HR: Frazier (8); RBI: Totals 35 3 9 3 5 12 (16); SF: Gurriel (2); RBI: Beltran (22); Correa Hill ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .143
Anderson (17); Frazier (25); A. Garcia (38); u Batting 2B: Blackmon (12); LeMahieu (39); Gurriel 2 (22); Springer 3 (37); GIDP: Gearrin rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Toronto 28 29 .491 51/2 W-1 7-3 17-14 11-15 Smith (5); GIDP: Sanchez LOB: 11. (11); Reynolds (6); Story (10); RBI: Story 2 Marisnick LOB: 7. Osich rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Last u Baserunning CS: Sanchez (5). (22); Wolters (8); GIDP: Parra LOB: 11. Pence rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .241
Texas ab r h bi bb so avg Totals 32 7 7 7 5 7
Central W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away u Fielding E: Beck (1); Sanchez (3); DP: San Diego ab r h bi bb so avg Choo rf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .244
1. Cordoba lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .287 Andrus ss 3 1 1 0 0 1 .305 u Batting 2B: Panik (12); HR: Crawford
Minnesota 29 24 .547 W-1 4-6 12-18 17-6 Detroit ab r h bi bb so avg Solarte 2b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .250 Mazara lf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .276 (4); Nunez (3); SF: Posey (1); RBI: Belt (25);
Cleveland 29 26 .527 1 W-1 5-5 12-14 17-12 Machado 2b 5 0 1 0 0 1 .294 Myers 1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .260 Beltre dh 4 0 1 0 0 2 .391 Crawford 4 (24); Nunez (21); Posey (14);
Castellanos 3b 4 1 2 0 0 0 .219 Schimpf 3b 3 0 0 0 0 2 .161 Gallo 1b 3 0 1 1 1 1 .204 GIDP: Hundley; Pence LOB: 5.
Detroit 28 28 .500 21/2 W-4 6-4 15-10 13-18 Cabrera 1b 4 0 0 0 1 1 .274 Renfroe rf 3 1 1 1 0 0 .227 Chirinos c 4 0 0 0 0 3 .239 u Fielding E: Nunez (5); DP: 1.
Kansas City 24 31 .436 6 L-1 5-5 15-14 9-17 J. Martinez dh 4 2 2 1 1 0 .292 Cordero cf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .320 Odor 2b 4 1 1 1 0 1 .204 Philadelphia ab r h bi bb so avg
Upton lf 4 2 2 3 1 0 .258 Hedges c 3 0 0 0 0 1 .214 Hoying cf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .196 Hernandez 2b 3 2 1 0 2 0 .290
Chicago 24 31 .436 6 L-5 4-6 12-11 12-20 Hicks c 4 1 1 1 0 1 .313 Aybar ss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .196 DeShields ph 2 0 1 0 0 0 .270 Herrera cf 4 2 3 3 0 0 .234
Last Mahtook rf 2 0 1 0 0 0 .212 Cosart sp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Kozma 3b 3 0 0 0 1 2 .148 Kendrick lf 3 1 1 1 1 1 .323
V. Martinez ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .264 Stammen rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Totals 33 2 6 2 2 13 Joseph 1b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .238
West W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away Romine pr 1 1 1 0 0 0 .248 Szczur ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .203 Ramos rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
u Batting 2B: DeShields (5); HR: Odor
Houston 41 16 .719 W-10 10-0 20-10 21-6 Jones cf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .137 Yates rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 (8); RBI: Gallo (34); Odor (24) LOB: 8. Rodriguez rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Presley ph 1 0 0 1 0 0 .313 Buchter rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 u Baserunning SB: Andrus (14). L.Garcia rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Los Angeles 29 31 .483 131/2 L-1 4-6 18-12 11-19 Iglesias ss 3 0 0 1 1 0 .250 dArnaud ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .281 Nava ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .295
u Fielding E: Hoying (1); DP: 1.
Seattle 28 30 .483 131/2 W-3 7-3 17-10 11-20 Totals 34 7 10 7 5 4 Maurer rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Pitching ip h r er bb so era
Neshek rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
u Batting 2B: Hicks (4); J. Martinez (4); Totals 29 1 3 1 0 10 Neris rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Texas 26 31 .456 15 L-4 2-8 17-13 9-18 Houston Altherr rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .283
HR: J. Martinez (10); Upton (11); S: Presley u Batting HR: Renfroe (11); S: Cosart
Oakland 24 32 .429 161/2 L-1 3-7 16-12 8-20 (1); RBI: Hicks (12); Iglesias (17); J. Martinez (2); RBI: Renfroe (27) LOB: 2. Peacock W,3-0 6 4 2 2 1 9 2.30 Franco 3b 4 1 1 1 0 0 .223
(22); Presley (4); Upton 3 (30); GIDP: J. Marti- u Fielding DP: 1. Sipp 2
/3 1 0 0 0 1 3.60 Rupp c 4 1 1 0 0 2 .230
nez LOB: 9. Feliz 11/3 1 0 0 0 2 2.19 Galvis ss 4 2 2 3 0 1 .236
Pitching ip h r er bb so era Gregerson 1 0 0 0 1 1 5.32 Hellickson sp 2 0 1 0 0 1 .150
u Baserunning SB: Hicks (1); Romine
(3). Colorado Texas Stassi 1b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .197
NATIONAL LEAGUE u Fielding DP: 1. Hoffman W,3-0 7 3 1 1 0 9 2.61 Perez L,2-6 32/3 7 6 5 3 2 4.64 Blanco ph 2 0 0 0 0 0 .184
McGee H,5 1 0 0 0 0 0 1.59 Barnette 2 1 1 1 2 2 5.96 Totals 33 9 10 8 3 6
Last Pitching ip h r er bb so era Holland S,21 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.25 Martinez 31/3 1 0 0 0 2 4.88 u Batting 2B: Hernandez (9); Herrera 2
East W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away Chicago San Diego (16); Kendrick (5); HR: Franco (7); Galvis 2
Holmberg 32/3 3 1 1 2 1 2.50 Cosart L,0-2 4 6 3 3 3 5 4.88 HBP: Choo (by Sipp). Batters faced; pitch-
Washington 35 20 .636 W-1 7-3 16-9 19-11 es-strikes: Peacock 24; 86-55; Sipp 4; 17- (6); Herrera (4); RBI: Franco (29); Galvis 3
Swarzak 11/3 3 1 1 1 1 2.81 Stammen 1 0 0 0 0 0 4.70 (28); Herrera 3 (20); Kendrick (7); GIDP: Alth-
Atlanta 24 30 .444 101/2 W-2 4-6 10-12 14-18 Beck BS,1 1 2 2 1 1 1 3.00 Yates 2 1 0 0 1 3 1.65 11; Feliz 5; 25-17; Gregerson 4; 23-12; Perez
err LOB: 4.
Kahnle 12/3 1 0 0 0 1 1.19 Buchter 1 1 0 0 1 2 3.18 21; 92-57; Barnette 9; 38-23; Martinez 11;
New York 24 31 .436 11 L-1 5-5 14-19 10-12 Robertson L,3-2 2
/3 1 3 3 1 0 3.54 50-32 u Baserunning CS: Kendrick (2).
Maurer 1 1 0 0 0 2 5.25 u Fielding E: Joseph (5); DP: 2.
Miami 24 31 .436 11 W-3 8-2 14-16 10-15 Detroit uUmpires HP: Blakney; 1B: Tumpane;
Verlander 2 6 2 2 3 3 4.63 Cosart pitched to 3 batters in the 5th. IBB: 2B: Barrett; 3B: Hernandez Pitching ip h r er bb so era
Philadelphia 19 35 .352 151/2 W-2 4-6 12-14 7-21 Saupold 4 2 0 0 0 4 1.84 Arenado (by Yates). HBP: Parra (by Buchter). uGame data T: 3:18. Att: 39,204. San Francisco
Last A. Wilson BS,2 11/3 3 2 2 0 1 2.49 Batters faced; pitches-strikes: Hoffman Moore 4 6 5 4 2 1 5.22
Stumpf 0 1 0 0 0 0 0.00 24; 89-62; McGee 3; 9-8; Holland 3; 9-5; Co- Kontos 1 1 1 1 0 2 3.96
Central W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away sart 21; 96-57; Stammen 2; 5-2; Yates 8; 20- Blue Jays 3, Yankees 2
Greene 2
/3 0 0 0 0 1 1.67 Gearrin 1 0 0 0 0 2 1.66
Milwaukee 30 27 .526 W-1 5-5 15-17 15-10 J. Wilson W,2-1 1 1 0 0 1 0 2.74 16; Buchter 6; 33-21; Maurer 4; 15-11
New York 000 101 000 2 Osich BS,1 1
/3 1 1 1 1 0 4.05
uUmpires HP: Ortiz; 1B: Gibson III; 2B: Law L,3-1 12/3 2 2 2 0 1 3.60
Chicago 28 27 .509 1 W-3 4-6 17-11 11-16 Stumpf pitched to 1 batters in the 8th. WP: Iassogna; 3B: Gorman Toronto 000 002 01X 3 Philadelphia
St. Louis 26 28 .481 21/2 L-3 3-7 14-15 12-13 Verlander. IBB: J. Martinez (by Robertson). uGame data T: 3:06. Att: 24,763. New York ab r h bi bb so avg Hellickson 51/3 4 5 3 4 4 4.50
HBP: Castellanos (by Robertson). Batters Gardner lf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .269 Ramos H,2 1 1 1 1 0 1 3.70
Pittsburgh 26 31 .456 4 W-1 5-5 14-13 12-18 faced; pitches-strikes: Holmberg 16; 74- Sanchez c 3 0 0 0 1 2 .259 Rodriguez 0 0 1 1 0 0 6.49
Cincinnati 25 30 .455 4 L-2 4-6 15-15 10-15 41; Swarzak 7; 25-16; Beck 7; 29-22; Kahnle Judge rf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .324 L.Garcia BS,1 2
/3 2 0 0 0 0 1.93
6; 21-15; Robertson 5; 17-11; Verlander 15; Braves 13, Reds 8 Holliday dh 4 0 1 2 0 1 .271 Neshek W,1-1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0.84
Last 72-49; Saupold 13; 55-37; A. Wilson 7; 24- Castro 2b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .315
West W L Pct. GB Strk. 10 Home Away 15; Stumpf 1; 2-1; Greene 2; 5-4; J. Wilson 4;
Atlanta 135 020 002 13 Neris S,5 1 0 0 0 0 2 3.46
Hicks cf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .321
18-10 Cincinnati 200 321 000 8 Gregorius ss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .308 Rodriguez pitched to 1 batters in the 7th.
Colorado 36 23 .610 W-2 5-5 15-13 21-10 uUmpires HP: Culbreth; 1B: Whitson; Atlanta ab r h bi bb so avg WP: Moore. HBP: Nava (by Law). Batters
Headley 3b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .228
Los Angeles 35 23 .603 1
/2 L-1 7-3 21-8 14-15 2B: Carlson; 3B: Gonzalez Inciarte cf 5 2 5 5 1 0 .299 Refsnyder 1b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .125 faced; pitches-strikes: Moore 19; 88-52;
uGame data T: 4:07. Att: 30,208. Swanson ss 6 0 1 1 0 2 .193 Carter 1b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .180 Kontos 4; 13-11; Gearrin 3; 14-10; Osich 3;
Arizona 34 25 .576 2 L-3 4-6 21-8 13-17 Kemp lf 6 0 0 0 0 1 .335 Totals 31 2 6 2 1 9 12-6; Law 8; 23-15; Hellickson 25; 103-63;
San Francisco 23 35 .397 121/2 L-2 3-7 13-14 10-21 A. Garcia 3b 5 0 0 0 0 0 .253
u Batting 2B: Holliday (9); RBI: Holli-
Ramos 4; 12-10; Rodriguez 1; 1-0; L.Garcia 3;
San Diego 23 35 .397 121/2 L-2 6-4 13-16 10-19 Brewers 3, Dodgers 0 Adams 1b
Flowers c
5 1 2 1 0 1 .279
2 4 1 0 2 0 .365
day 2 (37); GIDP: Gregorius LOB: 3.
10-6; Neshek 3; 18-12; Neris 3; 18-12
uUmpires HP: Ripperger; 1B: Hallion;
Los Angeles 000 000 000 0 u Baserunning SB: Headley (6); Judge 2B: Cuzzi; 3B: Lentz
D. Santana rf 5 3 4 3 0 0 .200
(5); CS: Gregorius (1). uGame data T: 3:28. Att: 25,063.
Milwaukee 110 000 01X 3 Camargo 2b 4 3 1 1 1 0 .188
u Fielding DP: 1.
Teheran sp 0 0 0 1 0 0 .105
Los Angeles ab r h bi bb so avg Motte rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Toronto ab r h bi bb so avg
SUNDAYS RESULTS Forsythe 3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .215 Ruiz ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .234 Pillar cf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .270
Seager ss 3 0 0 0 1 2 .271
Taylor cf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .318
Krol rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Donaldson 3b
Bautista rf
4 1 1 1 0 1 .279
4 0 0 0 0 1 .238
Marlins 6, Dbacks 5
Markakis ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .283
American League Gonzalez 1b 3 0 1 0 1 0 .263 Jackson rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Morales dh 4 1 2 0 0 1 .265 Arizona 101 300 000 5
Bellinger lf 4 0 1 0 0 2 .252 Totals 39 13 14 12 4 4 Smoak 1b 4 1 1 2 0 1 .283 Miami 031 010 10X 6
Seattle 7, Tampa Bay 1 Cleveland 8, Kansas City 0 Grandal c 4 0 1 0 0 1 .273 Tulowitzki ss 3 0 0 0 0 2 .241
Minnesota 3, L.A. Angels 2 Boston 7, Baltimore 3 Barnes 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .270 u Batting 2B: Adams (6); Camargo (1); Arizona ab r h bi bb so avg
Travis 2b 2 0 1 0 0 1 .259
Houston 7, Texas 2 Detroit 7, Chicago White Sox 4 Hernandez rf 3 0 0 0 0 2 .239 Flowers (4); D. Santana 2 (5); HR: Adams (6); Descalso 2b 5 2 2 2 0 3 .225
Goins 2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .220
Maeda sp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .111 Inciarte (6); D. Santana (1); S: Teheran 2 (5); Herrmann lf 5 0 0 0 0 2 .159
Toronto 3, N.Y. Yankees 2 Coghlan lf 2 0 0 0 0 0 .211
Dayton rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 SF: Teheran (1); RBI: Adams (19); Camargo Goldschmidt 1b 4 1 2 2 1 1 .306
Carrera lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .289
National League Puig ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .241 (2); Inciarte 5 (24); D. Santana 3 (7); Swanson Lamb 3b 4 0 1 0 1 3 .280
Maile c 3 0 1 0 0 1 .132
Milwaukee 3, L.A. Dodgers 0 Pittsburgh 11, N.Y. Mets 1 Fields rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 (21); Teheran (2) LOB: 8. Owings rf 4 0 0 1 0 1 .296
Totals 29 3 7 3 1 8
Stripling rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 u Fielding DP: 1. Bradley rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Philadelphia 9, San Francisco 7 Colorado 3, San Diego 1 u Batting 2B: Morales (11); HR: Don- Chan rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Utley ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .236 Cincinnati ab r h bi bb so avg
Atlanta 13, Cincinnati 8 Chicago Cubs 7, St. Louis 6 Romo rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 aldson (6); Smoak (14); S: Coghlan (1); RBI: Iannetta c 2 0 0 0 2 1 .221
Peraza 2b 5 1 1 0 0 0 .256
Miami 6, Arizona 5 Totals 30 0 3 0 3 11 Donaldson (10); Smoak 2 (39); GIDP: Cogh- Ahmed ss 3 1 0 0 1 1 .270
Cozart ss 4 2 3 5 1 0 .344
lan LOB: 5. Fuentes cf 4 1 3 0 0 0 .188
Interleague u Batting GIDP: Grandal LOB: 6. Votto 1b 4 0 2 0 1 0 .286
u Baserunning SB: Pillar (9). Shipley sp 3 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Washington 11, Oakland 10 Duvall lf 5 0 1 0 0 2 .271
Milwaukee ab r h bi bb so avg u Fielding E: Maile (3); DP: 1. De La Rosa rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Gennett rf 5 0 0 0 0 1 .269
Sogard 2b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .378 Suarez 3b 3 2 1 0 1 2 .286 Pitching ip h r er bb so era Peralta rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .306
Thames lf 3 1 1 1 1 1 .273 Alcantara cf 4 1 1 2 0 2 .255 Totals 35 5 8 5 5 12
Aguilar 1b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .274 New York
Barnhart c 4 1 2 0 0 1 .276 Severino 7 6 2 2 1 7 2.90 u Batting 2B: Descalso 2 (5); Fuentes
Santana rf
3 0 0 0 1 0 .292
4 1 1 1 0 1 .270
Garrett sp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .063 Clippard L,0-3 1 1 1 1 0 1 1.88 (1); Goldschmidt (14); Lamb (11); RBI: Des-
Buchanan rp 2 1 1 1 0 1 .500 Toronto calso 2 (15); Goldschmidt 2 (45); Owings
AMERICAN LEAGUE Pina c 3 1 0 0 1 1 .290 Kivlehan ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .226 Stroman 6 5 2 2 1 4 3.25 (30) LOB: 8.
2017 Statistics Broxton cf 3 0 0 0 0 2 .242 Wood rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 u Baserunning CS: Goldschmidt (3).
Barnes rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Loup 1 1 0 0 0 0 2.14
Pitchers GS W-L Pct. WHIP ERA IP K Totals 37 8 12 8 3 9 J. Smith W,2-0 1 0 0 0 0 2 2.93 u Fielding E: Goldschmidt (4); Iannetta
Franklin ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .194 (1); DP: 1.
Houston at Kansas City, 8:15 p.m. ET (Line: HOU -125) Knebel rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 u Batting 2B: Barnhart 2 (10); Votto Osuna S,13 1 0 0 0 0 3 2.78
Arcia ss 3 0 0 0 0 2 .246 (14); 3B: Cozart (5); HR: Alcantara (1); Co- Miami ab r h bi bb so avg
HOU: Fiers (R) 10 2-2 .500 1.50 4.96 52.2 46 HBP: Travis (by Severino). Batters faced;
Davies sp 2 0 0 0 0 1 .067 zart 2 (9); S: Garrett (2); RBI: Alcantara 2 (6); Gordon 2b 5 0 2 0 0 0 .284
KC: Kennedy (R) 9 0-5 .000 1.23 5.12 45.2 40 Buchanan (1); Cozart 5 (33); GIDP: Gennett pitches-strikes: Severino 28; 98-65; Clip-
Drake rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Stanton rf 4 1 1 0 1 0 .290
LOB: 6. pard 4; 13-9; Stroman 23; 105-65; Loup 3;
Toronto at Oakland, 10:05 p.m. ET (Line: OAK -113) Perez cf 1 0 1 0 0 0 .271 Yelich cf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .270
u Fielding E: Cozart (5). 6-5; J. Smith 3; 10-8; Osuna 3; 11-9
Totals 29 3 5 3 5 10 Ozuna lf 4 1 2 0 1 0 .325
TOR: Happ (L) 4 0-3 .000 1.20 4.50 20.0 23 uUmpires HP: Cederstrom; 1B: Mo-
Pitching ip h r er bb so era Dietrich 3b 3 2 1 2 0 1 .212
OAK: Manaea (L) 9 4-3 .571 1.03 3.91 48.1 54 u Batting HR: Santana (10); Thames rales; 2B: Johnson; 3B: Cooper
Moore 1b 3 1 1 3 1 1 .212
(15); RBI: Santana (31); Sogard (9); Thames Atlanta uGame data T: 2:27. Att: 46,782.
Ellis c 3 0 2 1 1 0 .209
(29) LOB: 8. Teheran W,5-4 5 11 7 7 2 4 5.40
NATIONAL LEAGUE u Baserunning SB: Franklin (2). Motte 1 1 1 1 0 0 1.84
Riddle ss
Worley sp
4 0 2 0 0 1 .261
1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
St. Louis at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. ET (Line: STL -130) u Fielding E: Arcia (6); DP: 1. Krol H,2 2 0 0 0 0 3 5.48 Red Sox 7, Orioles 3 McGowan rp 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Pitching ip h r er bb so era Jackson 1 0 0 0 1 2 1.74
STL: Martinez (R) 11 4-4 .500 1.11 3.08 73.0 80
Boston 201 002 101 7 Barraclough rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
CIN: Wojciechowski (R) 1 1-0 1.000 1.00 5.63 8.0 6 Los Angeles Baltimore 300 000 000 3 Suzuki ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .171
Garrett L,3-4 22/3 7 9 8 3 1 7.17 Garcia rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Maeda L,4-3 4 2 2 2 3 7 5.16 Buchanan 51/3 4 2 2 1 1 6.00
Philadelphia at Atlanta, 7:35 p.m. ET (Line: ATL -125) Dayton 1 1 0 0 0 0 4.11
Boston ab r h bi bb so avg Wittgren rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
PHI: Pivetta (R) 4 0-2 .000 1.81 5.12 19.1 21 Wood 1 3 2 2 0 2 4.67 Betts rf 4 2 1 0 1 0 .264 Bour ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .295
Fields 1 0 0 0 0 1 1.50
Benintendi lf 4 3 3 3 1 0 .269 Phelps rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
ATL: Colon (R) 11 2-6 .250 1.66 6.99 55.1 36 Stripling 1 1 0 0 1 0 2.51 WP: Garrett. IBB: Inciarte (by Buchanan). Bogaerts ss 5 0 2 0 0 1 .330 Ramos rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Romo 1 1 1 1 1 2 6.41 HBP: Flowers (by Buchanan). Batters
San Francisco at Milwaukee, 7:40 p.m. ET (Line: MIL -105) Milwaukee faced; pitches-strikes: Teheran 27; 97-69;
Moreland 1b 4 1 1 0 1 0 .263 Totals 34 6 12 6 4 5
SF: Samardzija (R) 11 1-7 .125 1.18 4.63 72.0 84 H. Ramirez dh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .253
Davies W,6-3 6 3 0 0 1 6 4.69 Motte 4; 7-7; Krol 6; 38-23; Jackson 4; 19-12; Bradley Jr. cf 3 1 1 2 1 0 .233 u Batting 2B: Dietrich (7); Ozuna (9);
MIL: Guerra (R) 3 1-0 1.000 0.95 1.84 14.2 13 Drake H,4 2
/3 0 0 0 0 0 4.64 Garrett 19; 85-52; Buchanan 22; 56-40; Sandoval 3b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .234 Stanton (13); HR: Moore (2); SF: Dietrich 2
Barnes H,8 11/3 0 0 0 1 2 2.76 Wood 7; 24-16 (2); RBI: Dietrich 2 (15); Ellis (2); Moore 3 (8);
Miami at Chi. Cubs, 8:05 p.m. ET (Line: CHC -130) Knebel S,5 1 0 0 0 1 3 1.29 uUmpires HP: Muchlinski; 1B: Foster;
Rutledge 2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .246
GIDP: Gordon LOB: 11.
MIA: Straily (R) 11 4-3 .571 1.12 3.56 60.2 64 Leon c 4 0 0 0 0 1 .224
2B: Winters; 3B: Wegner Marrero 2b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .171 u Baserunning SB: Gordon (18).
CHC: Butler (R) 4 2-1 .667 1.58 4.42 18.1 14 Davies pitched to 2 batters in the 7th. HBP: uGame data T: 3:23. Att: 26,227. u Fielding E: Gordon (5).
Arcia (by Maeda). Batters faced; pitches- Totals 35 7 9 5 5 7
Washington at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. ET (Line: LAD -125) strikes: Maeda 18; 92-59; Dayton 4; 15-9; u Batting 2B: Sandoval (2); HR: Benin- Pitching ip h r er bb so era
WSH: Gonzalez (L) 11 4-1 .800 1.40 3.03 68.1 60 Fields 3; 12-8; Stripling 5; 19-11; Romo 5; 29- tendi 2 (7); RBI: Benintendi 3 (30); Bradley Jr. Arizona
18; Davies 23; 101-61; Drake 1; 5-3; Barnes Shipley 5 7 5 4 3 3 7.00
LAD: Ryu (L) 8 2-5 .286 1.39 3.91 46.0 42
5; 23-14; Knebel 4; 25-16
Twins 3, Angels 2 2 (24) LOB: 6.
u Baserunning SB: Benintendi (8); De La Rosa L,2-1 11/3 1 1 1 1 0 4.22
uUmpires HP: Holbrook; 1B: Wolf; 2B: Minnesota 001 002 000 3 Betts (9). Bradley 1 3 0 0 0 1 1.40
Odds provided by Pregame.com. May; 3B: Reyburn Los Angeles 001 100 000 2 u Fielding DP: 2. Chan 2
/3 1 0 0 0 1 2.21
uGame data T: 3:12. Att: 30,330. Miami
Minnesota ab r h bi bb so avg Baltimore ab r h bi bb so avg
Rickard rf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .262 Worley 32/3 6 5 5 3 5 6.59
Dozier 2b 4 0 0 0 0 3 .236 McGowan 11/3 2 0 0 1 1 3.45
RESULTS, UPCOMING GAMES Grossman lf 3 1 0 0 0 1 .267 Jones cf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .252
Barraclough 1 0 0 0 0 2 4.24
Machado 3b 3 1 2 0 1 0 .219
American League
American League
American League AL LEADERS Buxton cf
Mauer dh
0 0 0 0 0 0 .193
4 0 0 0 0 2 .287 Trumbo dh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .267 Garcia
Wittgren W,1-0
/3 0 0 0 0 1 4.24
/3 0 0 0 1 0 2.86
NYY 7, TOR 0 BOS at NYY, 7:05 TOR at OAK, 3:35 Sano 1b 4 1 2 2 0 1 .303 Davis 1b 4 1 1 2 0 2 .232
Mancini lf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .294 Phelps H,7 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.79
KC 12, CLE 5 CWS at TB, 7:10 BOS at NYY, 7:05
DET 10, CWS 1 LAA at DET, 7:10 CWS at TB, 7:10
BATTING Kepler rf
Escobar 3b
4 0 1 0 0 2 .269
4 0 3 0 0 0 .229 Schoop 2b 4 0 3 1 0 0 .284 Ramos S,8 1 0 0 0 0 2 4.19
BOS 5, BAL 2 HOU at KC, 8:15 LAA at DET, 7:10 Dickerson, Tampa Bay .342 Kintzler rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Pena c
Kim ph
3 0 1 0 0 2 .500
1 0 0 0 0 0 .258
WP: McGowan. IBB: Lamb (by McGowan).
HOU 6, TEX 5 TOR at OAK 10:05 HOU at KC, 8:15 Rosario cf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .257 Batters faced; pitches-strikes: Shipley 26;
LAA 7, MIN 2 MIN at SEA, 10:10 MIN at SEA, 10:10 Adrianza ss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .321 Hardy ss 4 0 0 0 0 2 .210 102-61; De La Rosa 6; 20-12; Bradley 6; 29-
SEA 9, TB 2 National League National League Segura, Seattle .341 Castro c 3 1 1 1 0 1 .219 Totals 35 3 9 3 1 11 22; Chan 3; 13-8; Worley 20; 72-48; McGo-
National League STL at CIN, 7:10 WSH at LAD, 3:10 Totals 34 3 8 3 0 14 u Batting 2B: Machado 2 (12); Rickard wan 7; 21-15; Barraclough 3; 19-11; Garcia
CHC 5, STL 3 PHI at ATL, 7:35 STL at CIN, 7:10 Trout, Los Angeles .337 u Batting HR: Castro (5); Sano (14); (4); Schoop 2 (17); RBI: Davis 2 (24); Schoop 1; 5-3; Wittgren 3; 12-6; Phelps 3; 10-7; Ra-
PHI 5, SF 3 SF at MIL, 7:40 PHI at ATL, 7:35 RBI: Castro (17); Sano 2 (43) LOB: 5. (28); GIDP: Hardy; Schoop LOB: 6. mos 3; 14-7
MIA 3, ARI 0 MIA at CHC, 8:05 MIA at CHC, 8:05 u Baserunning SB: Escobar (1); CS: u Baserunning SB: Machado (3); Rick- uUmpires HP: Danley; 1B: Tichenor;
ATL 6, CIN 5(12) SD at ARI, 9:40 SF at MIL, 8:10 Bogaerts, Boston .330 Adrianza (1). ard (4). 2B: Hamari; 3B: Miller
COL 10, SD 1 WSH at LAD, 10:10 SD at ARI, 9:40 u Fielding DP: 3. u Fielding E: Pena (1). uGame data T: 3:32. Att: 20,387.
LAD 10, MIL 8 Interleague Interleague
NYM 4, PIT 2 PIT at BAL, 7:05 CLE at COL, 3:10 Garcia, Chicago .330 Los Angeles ab r h bi bb so avg Pitching ip h r er bb so era
Interleague NYM at TEX, 8:05 PIT at BAL, 7:05 Simmons ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .267 Boston
Calhoun rf 2 0 1 0 2 1 .227 Sale W,7-2 6 6 3 3 1 9 2.89
OAK 10, WSH 4 CLE at COL, 8:40 NYM at TEX, 8:05 Altuve, Houston .329 Escobar 3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .282 Boyer H,1 12/3 2 0 0 0 0 1.69
Pirates 11, Mets 1
Valbuena dh 3 1 1 0 0 0 .167 Scott H,8 1
/3 0 0 0 0 1 1.42 Pittsburgh 202 100 123 11
Judge, New York .324 Pujols ph
Cron 1b
1 0 0 0 0 0 .248
4 0 1 0 0 0 .233
Barnes 1 1 0 0 0 1 3.65 New York 010 000 00X 1
Pittsburgh ab r h bi bb so avg
Nationals 11, Athletics 10 Indians 8, Royals 0 Hicks, New York .321
Revere lf
Pennington 2b
4 0 2 1 0 0 .220
3 0 0 0 1 1 .240
Tillman L,1-3 6 6 5 3 4 3 5.59
Frazier lf 4 1 2 2 0 1 .308
Wright 21/3 2 2 2 1 3 9.00
Washington 000 003 035 11 Cleveland 040 211 000 8 Young Jr. cf 2 1 0 0 0 1 .348 Bleier 2
/3 1 0 0 0 1 2.35 Harrison 2b 2 1 1 0 0 1 .308
Oakland 010 000 216 10 Kansas City 000 000 000 0 Graterol c 3 0 1 0 0 0 .258 Moroff pr 1 1 0 0 0 0 .091
Castro, New York .315 Totals 30 2 7 1 3 4 WP: Sale. Batters faced; pitches-strikes: Jaso rf 4 3 2 1 1 1 .231
Washington ab r h bi bb so avg Cleveland ab r h bi bb so avg Sale 25; 110-75; Boyer 6; 20-12; Scott 1; 3-3; Freese 3b 4 1 3 3 0 0 .258
Turner ss 4 2 2 2 1 1 .256 Kipnis 2b 2 2 1 2 1 0 .232 u Batting 2B: Valbuena (2); RBI: Re- Barnes 4; 16-12; Tillman 27; 103-59; Wright Bell 1b 5 0 0 1 0 1 .221
Goodwin lf 4 0 0 1 0 1 .270 Gonzalez 2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .267 ERA vere (6); GIDP: Graterol; Pujols; Simmons 10; 32-23; Bleier 3; 14-10 McCutchen cf 5 3 3 3 0 0 .232
LOB: 5.
Harper rf
Zimmerman dh
2 2 0 0 3 2 .318
5 2 3 3 0 2 .374
Robertson lf
Lindor ss
5 0 2 3 0 0 .237
5 0 1 0 0 0 .268
Keuchel, Houston 1.67 u Baserunning CS: Revere (1).
uUmpires HP: Blaser; 1B: Nelson; 2B: Mercer ss 5 1 1 0 0 1 .264
Diaz; 3B: Eddings Cervelli c 4 0 3 0 1 0 .258
Murphy 2b 5 0 1 2 0 0 .340 Santana 1b 3 1 0 0 2 1 .227 Pitching ip h r er bb so era uGame data T: 3:06. Att: 31,819. Williams sp 2 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Difo pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .190 Encarnacion dh 4 1 1 0 1 1 .231 Vargas, Kansas City 2.08 Minnesota Gosselin ph 1 0 0 1 0 0 .129
Rendon 3b 5 0 0 0 0 0 .288 Ramirez 3b 4 0 2 0 0 1 .291 Berrios W,4-1 6 6 2 2 2 4 2.76 Marinez rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Lind 1b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .338 Jackson rf 2 2 1 0 2 0 .268
ESantana, Minnesota 2.44 Duffey H,4 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.25 Mariners 7, Rays 1 Osuna ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .230
Wieters c 3 2 2 2 1 0 .278 Zimmer cf 3 1 0 0 1 1 .277 Rogers H,13 1
/3 0 0 0 1 0 3.38 Watson rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Taylor cf 4 2 2 1 0 0 .270 Perez c 3 1 1 2 1 0 .136 Tampa Bay 000 000 010 1 Totals 38 11 15 11 2 6
Belisle H,9 2
/3 0 0 0 0 0 7.91
Totals 36 11 11 11 5 7 Totals 32 8 9 7 8 4 McCullers, Houston 2.71 Kintzler S,15 1 1 0 0 0 0 2.55 Seattle 200 203 00X 7 u Batting 2B: Cervelli (11); Frazier (5);
u Batting 2B: Zimmerman (18); 3B: u Batting 2B: Jackson (7); Lindor (15); Los Angeles Tampa Bay ab r h bi bb so avg Jaso (9); HR: McCutchen (9); S: Harrison (2);
Turner (3); HR: Taylor (6); Wieters (5); Zim- Perez (2); Robertson (2); HR: Kipnis (7); SF: Nolasco L,2-6 52/3 7 3 3 0 7 5.05 Souza Jr. rf 4 0 1 0 0 2 .266 Williams (2); SF: Frazier (1); Freese (2); RBI:
merman (16); SF: Goodwin (1); RBI: Good- Kipnis (2); RBI: Kipnis 2 (22); Perez 2 (8); Rob- Miley, Baltimore 2.82 Alvarez 1
/3 0 0 0 0 1 4.71 Dickerson lf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .336 Bell (25); Frazier 2 (20); Freese 3 (20); Gosse-
win (6); Murphy 2 (40); Taylor (17); Turner 2 ertson 3 (4); GIDP: Encarnacion LOB: 6. Petit 1 0 0 0 0 2 2.04 Longoria dh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .248 lin (2); Jaso (12); McCutchen 3 (28) LOB: 7.
(26); Wieters 2 (20); Zimmerman 3 (48);
GIDP: Goodwin; Murphy LOB: 4.
u Fielding DP: 2. Sale, Boston 2.89 Middleton 1 0 0 0 0 2 2.19 Beckham ss 3 0 1 0 0 2 .264 u Fielding DP: 4.
Kansas City ab r h bi bb so avg Norris 1 1 0 0 0 2 2.60 Martinez 3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .167 New York ab r h bi bb so avg
u Baserunning SB: Harper (1); Turner 2 Escobar ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .179 Weeks Jr. 1b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .223
(16). Severino, New York 2.90 HBP: Young Jr. (by Berrios). Batters faced; Conforto lf 3 0 2 0 1 0 .308
Moustakas 3b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .255 Kiermaier cf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .252 Cabrera ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .243
pitches-strikes: Berrios 25; 103-65; Duffey Robertson 3b 3 1 1 0 0 1 .213
Oakland ab r h bi bb so avg Cuthbert 3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .182 3; 8-7; Rogers 2; 9-5; Belisle 1; 2-2; Kintzler 3; Bruce rf 4 0 2 0 0 1 .248
Miller 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .194
Joyce rf
Pinder ss
4 2 2 4 1 1 .195
5 0 1 1 0 0 .244
Cain cf
Burns cf
3 0 1 0 0 0 .273
1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Bundy, Baltimore 2.94 15-10; Nolasco 24; 96-58; Alvarez 1; 5-4; Pet- Sucre c 3 0 0 1 0 0 .234
Smoker rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
it 3; 13-10; Middleton 3; 11-8; Norris 4; 17-10 Walker 2b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .263
Lowrie 2b 5 1 1 0 0 0 .293 Hosmer 1b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .305 Totals 31 1 4 1 1 9 Duda 1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .269
uUmpires HP: Little; 1B: Kellogg; 2B:
K. Davis lf 4 3 3 2 0 0 .226 McCarthy rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Fulmer, Detroit 3.00 Fagan; 3B: Timmons u Batting 3B: Robertson (1); RBI: Sucre Flores 3b 4 1 2 0 0 1 .313
Alonso 1b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .297 Perez ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .254 uGame data T: 3:13. Att: 39,701. (14) LOB: 4. Granderson cf 2 0 1 0 1 0 .201
Healy dh 4 1 1 1 0 0 .278 Bonifacio rf 3 0 0 0 1 2 .281 u Fielding DP: 1. dArnaud c 3 0 0 0 0 0 .233
Vogt c 4 1 1 1 0 0 .216 Merrield 2b 4 0 3 0 0 0 .307 Seattle ab r h bi bb so avg Pill sp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Plouffe 3b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .216 Moss dh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .186 Gamel rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .323 T. Rivera ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .260
Olson ph 0 1 0 1 1 0 .000 Butera c 3 0 1 0 0 0 .239 Powell lf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .217 Sewald rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
R. Davis cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .200 Gordon lf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .173 Cano 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .282 Edgin rp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Totals 37 10 10 10 2 4 Totals 32 0 7 0 2 7 NL LEADERS Cruz dh 4 2 2 2 0 0 .297 Reyes ph
Ramirez rp
1 0 0 0 0 0 .190
0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
u Batting 2B: K. Davis (6); Pinder (6); u Batting GIDP: Bonifacio; Cain LOB: Seager 3b 3 1 1 0 1 2 .255
HR: K. Davis (17); Joyce (7); RBI: K. Davis 2 7. Valencia 1b 3 1 2 0 0 0 .283 Lagares cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .219
(34); Healy (28); Joyce 4 (25); Olson (1); Pin- u Fielding E: Merrield (4); DP: 1. BATTING ERA Smith ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .500 Totals 30 1 7 0 3 3
der (15); Vogt (13) LOB: 2. Motter ss 4 1 1 0 0 1 .215
u Fielding DP: 2.
Pitching ip h r er bb so era Zimmerman, Wash. .374 Kershaw, Los Angeles 2.28 Dyson cf 3 1 1 2 1 1 .231
u Batting 2B: Conforto (11); Flores (6);
GIDP: Cabrera; Duda; Walker; dArnaud
Cleveland Zunino c 4 0 2 2 0 1 .216
Pitching ip h r er bb so era LOB: 5.
Bauer 12/3 2 0 0 1 0 5.83 Cozart, Cincinnati .344 Scherzer, Washington 2.56 Totals 34 7 11 6 2 8
Washington u Fielding E: Conforto 2 (2).
Otero W,1-0 21/3 1 0 0 0 1 3.22
Roark W,6-2 72/3 5 4 4 1 4 3.95 McAllister 12/3 2 0 0 1 0 2.31 u Batting 2B: Dyson (7); HR: Cruz (14); Pitching ip h r er bb so era
Glover H,5 1
/3 4 5 5 1 0 4.58 Shaw 11/3 1 0 0 0 1 2.45 Posey, San Francisco .343 Leake, St. Louis 2.64 RBI: Cruz 2 (45); Dyson 2 (17); Zunino 2 (14);
GIDP: Motter LOB: 5.
Kelley S,4 1 1 1 1 0 0 6.00 Miller 1 0 0 0 0 3 0.33 Williams W,3-3 7 7 1 1 2 3 4.57
Oakland Allen 1 1 0 0 0 2 2.49 u Baserunning SB: Motter (6).
Marinez 1 0 0 0 1 0 4.39
Gray 7 4 3 3 3 6 4.57 Kansas City Freeman, Atlanta .341 Strasburg, Washington 2.91 Pitching ip h r er bb so era Watson 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.33
Madson L,1-4 2
/3 2 3 3 1 0 2.82 Skoglund L,1-1 2 4 4 4 2 2 4.32 Tampa Bay New York
Montas 1 5 5 5 1 1 6.11 Wood 12/3 3 2 2 2 1 9.31 Murphy, Washington .340 Nova, Pittsburgh 2.92 Ramirez L,3-1 42/3 7 4 4 1 5 4.09 Pill L,0-2 5 8 5 3 0 4 4.09
Smith 1
/3 0 0 0 0 0 5.79 Maness 11/3 1 1 0 1 0 3.72 Pruitt 11/3 4 3 3 0 1 7.61 Sewald 1 1 0 0 0 1 4.15
Young 2 1 1 1 2 1 5.93 Alvarado 1 0 0 0 1 1 3.55 Edgin 1 1 1 1 0 0 2.59
Glover pitched to 5 batters in the 9th. WP: McCarthy 2 0 0 0 1 0 0.00 Kemp, Atlanta .335 Lynn, St. Louis 2.97
Gray. IBB: Harper (by Madson). Batters Farquhar 1 0 0 0 0 1 4.67 Ramirez 1 2 2 2 1 0 7.85
faced; pitches-strikes: Roark 29; 105-72; Batters faced; pitches-strikes: Bauer 7; Seattle Smoker 1 3 3 3 1 1 7.43
Glover 6; 22-14; Kelley 4; 15-10; Gray 27; 30-16; Otero 7; 16-14; McAllister 8; 34-21; Harper, Washington .328 Ray, Arizona 3.00 Miranda W,6-2 9 4 1 1 1 9 3.74 HBP: Harrison (by Edgin). Batters faced;
104-63; Madson 5; 26-14; Montas 9; 33-22; Shaw 5; 17-12; Miller 3; 14-10; Allen 4; 18- WP: Pruitt. Batters faced; pitches-strikes: pitches-strikes: Williams 27; 95-60; Mari-
Smith 1; 6-4 13; Skoglund 11; 46-28; Wood 9; 49-31; Ma- nez 3; 15-7; Watson 3; 11-8; Pill 23; 88-61;
uUmpires HP: Barry; 1B: ONora; 2B: ness 6; 28-16; Young 9; 45-26; McCarthy 6; Blackmon, Colorado .326 Gonzalez, Wash. 3.03 Ramirez 21; 92-62; Pruitt 8; 34-23; Alvarado
4; 16-9; Farquhar 3; 15-11; Miranda 32; Sewald 4; 19-12; Edgin 5; 14-9; Ramirez 6;
Emmel; 3B: Wolcott 33-21 105-75 17-10; Smoker 7; 27-20
uGame data T: 3:12. Att: 21,265. uUmpires HP: Meals; 1B: Conroy; 2B: Ozuna, Miami .326 Greinke, Arizona 3.06 uUmpires HP: Barksdale; 1B: Davis; uUmpires HP: Reynolds; 1B: Gibson;
Woodring; 3B: Hickox 2B: Hoberg; 3B: Segal 2B: Barrett; 3B: Scheurwater
uGame data T: 2:58. Att: 28,185. uGame data T: 2:41. Att: 28,579. uGame data T: 2:54. Att: 35,323.

Guard Smith has made leaps

during time with Cavaliers
Jeff Zillgitt

OAKLAND We know the mischie-

vous J.R. Smith. (Untying an op-
ponents shoelaces during a free
throw.) We know the wisecrack-
ing J.R. (You cant have it all,
Smith told GQ about LeBron
James disappearing hair.)
We know the playful J.R. (Tak-
ing seles on stage with James in a
postgame news conference.) We
know the no-conscious, free-
shooting J.R. (When in doubt,
shoot the ball, he says.)
Its time to know more about
the caring, kindhearted, loving
J.R. Smith.
Smiths and wife Jewell Har-
ris infant daughter, Dakota, was
born ve months premature in
January and weighed about 1
pound. Once a prankster, J.R. Smith, left, guarding Klay Thompson, is
When I rst had my daughter a loving dad chasing a second NBA title with the Cavaliers.
on the second day of January,
she was no bigger than this Life is tough. Basketball is a one thought Smith could play
Stephen Curry was in ne form Sunday, with 32 points, 11 phone, the Cleveland Cavaliers game. Just not having control that kind of defense.
assists and 10 rebounds in the Warriors Game 2 Finals win. guard told reporters during the over whats going on in your life, But a year ago at Quicken
rst round of the NBA playoffs. Smith told USA TODAY Sports, Loans Arena before the Cavs

Smith and Harris have been when asked about the most diffi- championship parade and be-
open about their ordeal. They cult part of Dakotas rst days. fore Smith decided shirtless was
posted a touching video when You have to put your belief the way to go he drank Dun-
they told the world their story ahead of everything. kin Donuts coffee and talked

CLOSER TO DESTINY and shared adorable and heart-

ones the day Dakota left the hos-

The most joyous part? Bring- defense.
ening photos, including joyous ing her home, Smith said. More than anything, I just
His growth since joining the wish I did it a long time ago and
pital in May after nearly ve Cavs in a 2015 trade has altered made that turn, he said.

VS. JAMES, CAVALIERS months in the neonatal intensive his image from talented but
care unit. They also bought ow- imprudent knucklehead to trust- career?
ers on Mothers Day for every ed, respected and reliable team-
Why now and not earlier in his

Im not sure, he said. Proba-

the planet again after a subpar mom with a child in the NICU. mate committed to defending bly right team, right situation,
Sam Amick Game 1. Its great to have her home, rather than just chucking shots. everybody buying in and putting
@sam_amick But Curry, who surely re- Smith said. All our thoughts and Smith, who is averaging 6.4 pride aside.
USA TODAY Sports members the way James gave prayers and points and is Just days before the parade,
him the little brother treatment wishes came shooting he helped Cleveland to that

OAKLAND There is no revenge

in those 2016 Finals when he
struggled so mightily, was the
true fortunate-
ly, and shes do-
My family, 45.1%
on championship with eight of his
12 points in the third quarter.
to be had for the Golden State
Warriors in these NBA Finals.
one smiling and smirking this
ing well. Shes
good. Shes a
thats the ers in the After the game, with his dad,
playoffs and Earl, in the news conference
By adding Kevin Durant to
the NBAs best rivalry last sum-
The back-to-back NBA MVP
had a triple-double in the play-
bundle of joy.
She smiles all
biggest had an im- room on Fathers Day, Smith
pressive +19.1 gave his parents a beautiful spo-
mer, everything changed about
these annual June clashes with
offs for the rst time in 72 tries,
nishing with 32 points, 11 as-
the time. Shes
always hungry,
inspiration in net rating in ken-word gift.
the rst three My parents, my family, thats
LeBron James and his Cleve- sists and 10 rebounds. so that means my life. ... If it rounds, is a the biggest inspiration in my
land Cavaliers. Now its about His capper came midway shes getting necessary life, Smith began. Ive been in a
nishing the job that everyone through the fourth quarter, bigger, so that wasnt for part of Cleve- lot of dark spots in my life, and if
expects them to do, a super when he buried a deep three- helps. Overall lands success. it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be
team reigning supreme. Now its pointer from the left wing that shes doing them, I wouldnt Smith has able to get out of it. But they are
about avoiding the infamy that pushed the lead to 22 points great. found a home who they are. They fought with
would come with having just and was inspired to pull out his Life-chang- be here. I dont in Cleveland me. They yelled at me, they
one ring on the rsum after twin six-shooters nger style ing events pro- and with the screamed at me, they loved me,
three years of historic domina- that he double-holstered on vide know where I Cavaliers, they hugged me, they cried with
tion in the regular season. his hips as the locals reveled. enlightening turning what me, and they always stuck by my
But when Stephen Curry It was quite a way for them to perspective, would be. was a decent side, no matter right or wrong.
toyed with James in the third welcome back Warriors coach magnifying the Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith career into The cars are nice, the houses
quarter of the 132-113 win Sun- Steve Kerr, who returned to the difference be- one that in- are nice, but none of this matters
day at Oracle Arena, pulling him sideline after missing the previ- tween the important and the in- cludes three Finals appearances without them. If it wasnt for
from the perimeter to the paint ous 11 games because of symp- signicant. Live long enough, and a title. He sacriced, elimi- them, I wouldnt be here. I dont
and sneaking that right-handed toms from his botched back and light shines brightly on the nating golf in the season, though know where I would be, honest-
layup into the net before James surgery two summers ago. Kerr meaningful. his outings are legendary. He ly. If it wasnt for them, if it
paw swung behind his head, it had been out for six weeks, ever Smith, 31, knows. once golfed 54 holes 36 one wasnt for the structure and the
was as close as hell ever come since April 22, when he decided Is pressure making a three- day, 18 the next in Orlando and backbone that I have, I wouldnt
to a dose of retribution. Four- he couldnt coach in Game 3 of point shot in the Finals? Is pres- played in a Cavs-Orlando Magic be able to mess up and keep
teen dribbles. Four hand the rst-round playoff series sure guarding Golden State War- game after that. coming back and being able to sit
changes. A 10-point lead. And against the Portland Trail riors guard Klay Thompson? But he didnt want golf to be in front of you as a world
one step closer to the goal the Blazers. Going through everything we an excuse why Cleveland came champion.
Warriors simply must reach. The high-powered Warriors went through, I really dont con- up short of a title in 2015 or this His mom, Ida, cried. His dad
The Cavs put up a better ght also received another strong sider this stress, Smith said. I season. I put golf away until af- gave him a hug.
this time, cutting the lead to as showing from Durant on Sun- consider it as much fun and play ter the season, he said. It was very special to me,
little as four at one point in day as he had 33 points, 13 re- as possible. Thats the stressful It paid off last season, as Smith Smith said.
large part because James (29 bounds and six assists. part, worrying about her and ev- dedicated himself to defense Thats the J.R. Smith you
points, 14 assists, 11 rebounds) Game 3 is Wednesday in erything as far as medical. So this while still providing a scoring should know, too.
looked like the best player on Cleveland. stuff is playtime. This is easy. threat, just like this season. No


ESPN brings back Williams, iconic MNF song

lming the commercial. Im feel- bringing Williams back.
Cindy Watts ing at home, and its a real good Im sure therell be some, but
@CindyNWatts thing. Its my song. Im not concerned, she said. We
USA TODAY Sports Williams rst performed the discussed it internally, and it was
song, based on his hit All My just the right time to bring him
Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over back.
NASHVILLE ESPN is bringing Tonight, during the 20th season The move to renew its rela-
Hank Williams Jr. and all his of Monday Night Football in 1989. tionship with Williams comes
rowdy friends back into the ESPN dropped him from the amid a tumultuous period at
Monday Night Football fold, six program in 2011 after remarks ESPN.
years after the cable sports net- Williams made about a golf out- Several high-prole on-air per-
work parted ways with the brash ing between Obama and then-Re- sonalities, including Trent Dilfer
country singer because of his publican House Speaker John and Jayson Stark, were among
controversial remarks involving Boehner. those laid off from the network in
then-president Barack Obama. Williams described the outing, a round of cuts in April that re-
Williams new version of All famously dubbed the golf sum- portedly numbered nearly 100.
My Rowdy Friends Are Here on mit, as one of the biggest politi- Bringing back Williams might
Monday Night, with his trade- cal mistakes ever. be one way the network is trying
mark opening, Are you ready for Williams said on the Fox News to get back its mojo as The
some football? will premiere be- Channels Fox & Friends: It Worldwide Leader in Sports.
fore the Sept. 11 season opener would be like Hitler playing golf In listening to the recent cuts
between the New Orleans Saints with (Israeli leader) Benjamin that Ive gotten, its phenomenal,
and the Minnesota Vikings. Netanyahu. When asked on Fox Druley said of the new version of
I think its a return to our past Hank Williams Jr. lms a new video for his All My Rowdy to explain his analogy, Williams the song. It just immediately
in that its such an iconic song as- Friends Are Here on Monday Night song Sunday in Nashville. said Obama and then-vice presi- gets you psyched for the game
sociated with football, said Ste- dent Joe Biden were the enemy. youre going to watch, and for
phanie Druley, ESPNs senior vice day night party, and thats what ESPN is an unexpected home- Williams responded to criti- football fans, thats a big deal. I
president of events and studio were all hoping to get back to. coming. cism over the remarks, saying he think people will be really, really
production. The music video, which will air I never said, Are you ready for was simply trying to show how excited about it.
It was the original, Druley during ESPNs Monday Night some football? on stage one time stupid it seemed to me how lu-
said. It belongs to Monday Night Football each week, was lmed the last ve or six years, but I will dicrous that pairing was. Watts writes for The (Nashville) Ten-
Football. It really is about return- Sunday in Nashville. now, said singer, 68, seated in his Druley said he was not con- nessean, part of the USA TODAY Net-
ing to what fans know. Its a Mon- For Williams, returning to dressing room during a break in cerned about a backlash over


Pujols dares to dream of becoming home run king

v CONTINUED FROM 1C People ask me
Pujols, the Los Angeles Angels when Ill retire,
DH, breaks into a slow grin,
knowing he has something even but as long as Im
greater in mind. still producing in
Sure, he is 37 and slowing
down, but as long as his body this game, as long
doesnt completely break down,
hell let you in on a secret. as Im still
He would love to have the
chance to become baseballs competing, as
home run king, and if hes close to
Bonds record of 762 when his
long as Im still
$240 million contract expires af- having fun, why
ter the 2021 season, hell keep on
going. should I stop?
God willing, I hope I get the Angels slugger Albert Pujols
opportunity, Pujols recently told
USA TODAY Sports. If Im close, ne me.
and Ive played 20 some years al- Now that Pujols has reached a
ready, why not play one more and place where only eight men had
try to get it? gone before, it will be weeks,
It would be so special. I cant maybe even a month, he says, to
even imagine. fully grasp the magnitude of his
Considering that Pujols is the accomplishment. It was that way
fourth-youngest player to hit 600 three years ago, too, he says,
home runs and has averaged 29 when he hit his 500th. Hell be
home runs even during ve inju- able to reect on the past and,
ry-plagued years with the Angels, yes, dare look ahead.
its hardly unimaginable. When that time comes, and it
Lets put it this way, Pujols hits me, it will be really emotion-
should reach 700 home runs be- al, Pujols says. Im being honest
fore anyone else again passes the with you. I cant think about it
600 barrier. There are eight other now, but I will. There are other
active players with more than things Im looking at too.
300 homers, but only Miguel Ca- Yes, like 3,000 hits. Like 2,000
brera of the Detroit Tigers has RBI. Like another World Series
450. title.
Pujols hit his 500th homer Pujols, who has 2,876 hits, hav-
three years ago. If he has 700 ing passed Ruth this past week,
home runs by the time hes 40, and 1,859 RBI, should join Aaron
why couldnt he do it? and Alex Rodriguez as the only
You cant put nothing past Al- players in history with 600 hom-
bert, Angels two-time MVP ers, 3,000 hits and 2,000 RBI. He
teammate Mike Trout says. is the third player in history to
And once he hits his 700th, have 600 homers and 600 dou-
with Bonds in his sights, Pujols bles in a career, along with Aaron
suddenly will have everyone pay- Albert Pujols is nearing the 2,000-RBI mark for his career, a number achieved by four players. and Bonds.
ing attention, rooting for him to Thats a pretty special club,
break the record, becoming base- having fun, why should I stop? toughest ballplayer Ive ever caught up with things in the com- Pujols says, laughing. If you had
balls presumably clean home run The game will tell me when seen, Angels manager Mike puter, Pujols says. Take the told me 17 years ago, that when I
champion, with no ugly taint of its time to stop, but I know Ive Scioscia says. Being able to go knowledge I have for 18 years, was drafted by the Cardinals, that
steroid use. got four more years after this, and out there and play at 50% and you just dont nd in your com- I would have had a career like
To be able to accomplish what then, who knows? still be extremely productive. puter. You can type in whatever this, I would have laughed at you
I have in 17 years, with the time I Pujols no longer is the same Its Pujols consistency that numbers you want, but comput- in the face. What a journey Ive
missed, over 100 games with inju- player who averaged 40 homers separates him from just about ev- ers are not going to tell you how had.
ries, its pretty special, Pujols and 121 RBI in 11 seasons with the eryone else. smart a player you are. And you know what, its not
says quietly. If that time comes St. Louis Cardinals, but he is a He has driven in at least 95 I dont care about launch an- over yet.
and I have a chance to accom- guy who has hit 80 home runs runs in every season except 2013, gle and all of that stuff. Who cares Maybe not even close.
plish it, I know people will talk with 256 RBI since the start of when he was limited to 99 games if your home run goes 500 feet or
about that for a long, long time. the 2015 season. He is second in because of a torn foot ligament. 400 feet, as long as it goes over
People ask me when Ill retire, the American League with 42 He has hit 30 home runs in all but the wall? I consider myself a line- FOLLOW MLB COLUMNIST
but as long as Im still producing RBI and has more RBI than any- two seasons. And never, ever, has drive hitter with power. Ive al- BOB NIGHTENGALE
in this game, as long as Im still one else in the league since 2016. he struck out 100 times. ways been that way. @BNightengale for analysis and
competing, as long as Im still This guy is probably the Right now, people are getting No computer is going to de- breaking news from the diamond.


Pereira understands difficulty of job Well, nobodys going to see it.

NFLs new director of officials Not anymore. Now a mistake in
Buffalo is tweeted by a fan and its
Riveron faces scrutiny, pressure everywhere. That makes it a lot
more difficult.
Theres more pressure nowa-
the league, Pereira declared. Ill days to be perfect, which is
Jarrett Bell give Roger (Goodell) the toughest impossible.
jbell@usatoday.com job. As commissioner, he deals Thats why Riverons ability to
USA TODAY Sports with everything, plus 32 owners. establish himself as a credible
But its hard. Theres so much vol- voice in addressing the contro-
atility. You dont make friends in versial calls will be a crucial sub-
that post. You make enemies. plot during the coming season.
The frequency of turnover in This while every replay deci-
the position is hardly lost on Pe- sion will ow through the nerve
Mike Pereira chuckled when reira. Riveron, 57, will be the center at NFL headquarters in
asked whether he missed his old third new officiating chief in eight New York.
job. years, after Dean Blandino and I get what theyre doing, Pe-
I think I can do without those Carl Johnson, raising questions reira said. They are trying to
80-hour workweeks during the about the organizational consis- speed it up.
season, Pereira, who served nine tency. Through Pereiras nal sea- But Pereira is no fan of central-
years as the NFLs director of offi- son, the NFL had just three ized replay, sensing that on-eld
ciating, told USA TODAY Sports officiating directors including officials are now less empowered.
last week. Jerry Seeman and Art McNally Im kind of in one of those
He left the rigors and, well, in 41 years. camps where I feel like it hurts
perks of overseeing the game offi- Blandino, who headed the de- officiating, he said. It gives them
cials to become the high-prole partment for four years, is a a bit of a crutch.
rules analyst for Fox in 2010 tough act to follow. When replay was reinstalled in
and now often second-guesses A lot of people in the league 1999, the prevailing sentiment al-
the officials on national TV. will miss Dean, Periera said. It lowed the calls to remain under
Theres a shelf life with that makes it very hard for Al. Hes got the power of the referee, who
job, added Pereira, 67. I think I size 16s hes got to ll. would review the plays on a mon-
took it right to the edge. The loss Blandino, who reportedly will itor at eld level. This season, ref-
of sharpness was evident. In my soon work for a network, too, erees will be able to review the
prime, I could cite the page where earned tremendous respect de- plays on a tablet while in commu-
you could nd something in the spite having never worked on the nication with headquarters, but
rule book, the article and even ex- eld as a game official, which the ultimate decisions will be out
ceptions to the rules, without each director dating to McNally of their hands.
looking at rule book. Toward the had on his rsum. The relation- Officials have traditionally
end, I had to think about it. ships that Pereira developed in been viewed as an entity that,
Sure, it was a loaded question. communicating with the teams while paid by the NFL, operated
Pereira was speaking from San and his ability to explain contro- in a zone that was separate from
Sebastian, Spain, a coastal resort versial calls to media and fans, the teams and the league office.
town in the Basque Country, which included a vibrant social Now Pereira senses the lines
winding down from an extended media presence, were essential to NFL referees will ditch the replay booth for tablets this season, are blurred with rulings to come
getaway. Clearly in vacation his role. and the league will ultimately make decisions from New York. from league-paid employees who
mode, it was after 10 p.m. local Now Riveron will be the ulti- spend their weeks at headquar-
time, and he still hadnt made it mate authority as senior vice partment, Russell Yurk was bigger. ters.
to the restaurant for dinner. The president of officiating, the tran- named vice president of instant Its not only tougher, Pereira Theres no buffer now, Perei-
intense, highly scrutinized re- sition aided by his years as Blan- replay and administration and added, because the league is im- ra said.
gimen of his old job was way in dinos right-hand man. Wayne Mackie became vice presi- plementing centralized instant That, too, he senses, will add to
the rearview mirror. The jury is out, Pereira said. dent of evaluation and develop- replay this year. Exposure has the pressure of the man now in
Yet here was the purpose of the How he will relate to the coach- ment. The moves appear to ease added to the pressure. the tough job that burned him
reminder: If theres anyone who es, general managers, the media some of the burden of responsi- Social media amplies every- out.
can sense the challenge confront- will be so important. bility for Riveron. thing, Pereira said. I dont think
ing Alberto Riveron, recently In promoting Riveron, the Dean was going to do that if there are more mistakes, but FOLLOW NFL COLUMNIST
named the NFLs new director of league restructured the officiat- he stayed, Pereira said. That more people are talking about it. JARRETT BELL
officiating, its Pereira. ing hierarchy. Although Riveron plan was already in the works. Before there might have been a @JarrettBell for commentary and
Its the second-hardest job in is responsible for the entire de- The job has become so much mistake somewhere, and its, analysis from the league.

Rahal doubles down in Detroit GP
He dominates IndyCar weekend, Rahal opted for a two-pit strat-
egy both days, while other com-
is rst to sweep Belle Isle races petitors, notably Helio Castro-
neves, who started second Satur-
day, planned for three pit stops.
to be very hard to pass me those Rahal was able to stretch his fuel
George Sipple last two laps. Wasnt that close. and build a big lead in both races,
@GeorgeSipple Newgarden said he didnt think a key factor that allowed him to
USA TODAY Sports hed be able to pass Rahal on the pull off the sweep.
restart, which came after an 18- In the opening race, Rahal took
minute delay. the lead for good on lap 51, after
DETROIT Graham Rahal wasnt Honestly, no, Newgarden Scott Dixon pitted on lap 50. Dix-
happy about a red ag that result- said about whether he thought he on, driving with an injured foot
ed in a late restart. He also said he could catch Rahal. If he would after a horric crash in the Indy
wasnt worried about holding off have done something stupid, I 500 the previous Sunday, closed
Josef Newgarden to complete a would have been like, I had you. that lead to 6.1 seconds over the
weekend sweep in the Verizon He didnt do anything bad. Like I next 10 laps, but Rahal had too
IndyCar Series. said, it was going to be difficult to much left.
Rahal became the rst IndyCar do anything on that restart. (Will) Dixon nished sixth Sunday
driver to complete the double- Power had twice as much push to and retained the points lead. Ra-
header sweep of the Detroit pass than I did. He couldnt do hal moved up to sixth.
Grand Prix on the 14-turn, 2.35- much with me because with two Bobby Rahal referred to it as a
mile Belle Isle course. He swept laps to go, theres so much pickup dream weekend.
in dominating fashion, leading 96 on the tires, youre trying to hold The car was obviously really
of 140 laps over the two races, in- on to the thing at that point. good, Bobby Rahal said. Gra-
cluding 41 Sunday. The red ag came out after ham obviously did a great job.
Well, obviously I wasnt super Spencer Pigot lost turbo on lap Graham Rahal now will go to
geeked about the red ag scenar- 67. Texas Motor Speedway to try to
io, Rahal said. You know, to me, Newgarden was second and win a third race in a row. Hes the
racing is racing. I would have Will Power nished third, both defending champion there.
liked just to nish the thing off for Team Penske. Team owner As I said to you all last night,
obviously. When we went red, I Roger Penske brought IndyCar these things dont happen very
knew that the lap car, (Ryan) racing back to Belle Isle, and this often, Rahal said of getting his
Hunter-Reay, was going to be race weekend is very special to fth and sixth career wins.
moved out, that would put New- him. Indianapolis 500 winner Ta- Through the ups and downs of
garden right behind me. Not that kuma Sato, who started on the Graham Rahal exults after winning Saturday in the rst race of my career, when you get a chance
I felt threatened by him, honestly. pole, nished fourth. the IndyCar Detroit Grand Prix doubleheader. to win a race, you never take it for
I knew what his pace was all day. Honda has won ve of the granted. So its pretty special for
The guys were keeping me up to years eight races. out one lap later than Sato on the sequence ve seconds ahead is a me.
date. Rahal got grief from some of rst pit stop as the key to Sun- huge accomplishment for me on The guys are going to certain-
Obviously, we would have his fellow drivers after saying Fri- days win. a personal level, Rahal said. ly feel good going into Texas next
liked to have nished the thing. day that he thought he had a car I was just pleased with our That was a good sequence week, a place we know we can
We pretty much dominated the capable of dominating if it ran up performance to get by Hunter- there. win at. Hopefully we can get it
day again. It would have been front. He backed up that talk over Reay at the start to save a ton of It was similar to the strategy done again.
nice to just close the thing out. two full races. fuel, to be able to go longer than the pair used in winning Saturday
We got it done anyway. Had he Rahal, and his father, Bobby, Sato, to do those two phenomenal in the rst race of the double- Sipple writes for the Detroit Free Press,
gotten a run on me, it was going credited the strategy of staying laps, and to come out of that pit header in dominating fashion. part of the USA TODAY Network.

Chef Ramsay
spices up Dover
as grand marshal
mile away, he said with a laugh.
Brant James Lingering coming in, you think,
@brantjames Wow, ribs. Overcooked stewed
USA TODAY Sports hot dogs you can smell 10 miles
away. Gray burgers you can smell
20 miles away.
DOVER , DEL . Gordon Ramsay Maycroft, who played a pit
brought his personal sense of crewmember and served as a
what NASCAR cuisine should be stunt double for Will Ferrell in
but checked his combustible tele- Talladega Nights: The Legend of
vision persona at pit road Sunday Ricky Bobby, said he initially was
as grand marshal of the Monster intimidated by the prospect of
Energy NASCAR Cup Series race sharing a burner with the intense
at Dover International Speedway. chef. Ramsays humbling experi-
Ramsay lmed segments for ence attempting to change lug
his cooking show The F Word in nuts alleviated that, Maycroft
the driver coach lot in conjunc- said.
tion with his duties as grand mar- We got to bring him into our
shal. Among the segments the wheelhouse rst, so that made it
celebrity chef lmed were chang- a lot easier for me, and hes actu-
ing tires, cavorting with Danica ally more personable than I ever
Patrick (a former winner on the thought he would be coming off
Jimmie Johnson, with owner Rick Hendrick, got his 11th Dover International Speedway win. Chopped cooking competition of the TV show, he said.
show) and fashioning crab om- Maycroft said of Ramsays apti-

Johnson keeps rolling along

elets, hash and fruit smoothies tude with an air gun, In one
for her crew with Eric Maycroft, a word: terrible.
tire changer for Patrick Stewart- What we do is a very tough
Haas Racing teammate Kevin skill, taking ve lug nuts off the
Harvick. car in one second, Maycroft said.
v CONTINUED FROM 1C Kyle (Larson) is mattered, I was actually ahead of
him by a couple inches. They can
Ramsays call for drivers to
start their engines was typical
And so we hit some lug nuts and
it took him about ve seconds, so
ing advantage of Kyle Larsons going to win lots protest all they want. I got the fare, though. I told him if that was compared to
lengthy spin of his tires to snag trophy, Johnson said with a These guys are focused, so being a chef, hed be working at
the lead in an overtime restart of races and be a grin. (the) last thing they needed is McDonalds.
and run off before a caution household name But Larson conceded his mis- anyone (expletive) around, he Ramsay humbly agreed, de-
froze the eld, the seven-time take and the champions exploi- said. Thats such an important scribing his performance as a di-
and defending series champion and the face of tation of it. A recurrence of stage, so Im going to be straight, saster, but drew comparisons
staved off a suitor for the wins Johnsons fabled knack for capi- rm and get the message across. from racing to culinary arts.
and the championships hell our sport in the talizing on good fortune what Ramsay, a self-described pet- The energy of the teams and
leave for everyone else whenev- Kevin Harvick in 2010 dubbed a rolhead who races Ferraris, Au- the respect theyve got for one
er he rides his bike or skis off near future. ... golden horseshoe stuck up dis and Porsches on track days, another, it synchronizes like a
into the sunset. To do it in a
place where he has won more
Hes a tough their (expletive) could be dis-
concerting, though. Larson, 24,
got the message across on track
food, also. Would he eat any of it?
kitchen, Ramsay said, so the
pressure is insane, but thats
races than at any other track competitor, and I continues a breakout season in (Expletive) all, no, he said. healthy and thats what makes
simply reinforced the point. which he has won a race, been a This morning, coming in one them raw.
The driver with the gray- was just able to weekly contender and led the of those tailgates, the ribs so The NASCAR edition will air at
ecked beard isnt ready to pass
any torch yet. And grabbing it
inch out over him standings for eight weeks. John-
son led seven laps.
you can smell that from about a 9 p.m. ET Wednesday on Fox.

from him wont be easy, either. on that restart. He did what he had to do to
If Johnson was thinking any get the best launch that he did,
Jimmie Johnson, Sundays winner at
of that, he wasnt admitting it. Dover International Speedway Larson said. We were both
But it doesnt matter. playing games a little bit. He just
Kyle is going to win lots of took off better than I did. I
races and be a household name wasnt really complaining about
and the face of our sport in the the eld. Halfway through the the restart. He did a good job.
near future, if hes not on his way regular season hes winning Hes a seven-time champion for
to doing that now, said John- where Jimmie Johnson wins, as a reason. Hes got a golden
son, who had to start from the he captured a victory at Texas horseshoe somewhere; and hes
rear of the 39-car eld because Motor Speedway and was in po- really good at executing. So Ive
Knaus had to change a rear gear sition to capture the Coca-Cola just got to get better at that.
in the car before the race. Hes a 600 last week before running Because Johnson isnt moving
tough competitor, and I was just out of fuel in the waning laps. aside.
able to inch out over him on that Larson, who led a race-high
restart. 241 of 406 laps, initially was up-
In a season in which nine set that Johnson had gamed the
drivers have won in 13 races, nal restart by laying back for a FOLLOW REPORTER
Johnson leads the series with stronger burst. BRANT JAMES JONATHAN FERREY, GETTY IMAGES

three. Two of those came after I just made sure I didnt @brantjames for breaking news Gordon Ramsay talks with driver Danica Patrick on Sunday in
he had to start from the rear of jump before him. But when it and analysis from the racetrack. Dover, Del., while lming a spot for his show The F Word.


Mickelson says hell skip U.S. Open

Graduation of As you look back
on life, there are
daughter takes certain things you
precedence need to be there
Steve DiMeglio Phil Mickelson on planning to attend
his daughters high school graduation
@Steve_DiMeglio ceremony, scheduled for June 15, the rst
USA TODAY Sports day of the U.S. Open

couples rst child. He had a

DUBLIN, OHIO Phil Mickelson is beeper with him throughout the
likely to withdraw from the U.S. tournament in case Amy went
Open. into labor.
He instead will attend his Mickelson lost in a thrilling
daughter Amandas high school duel with Payne Stewart on Sun-
graduation. day, with Stewart making a 20-
Mickelson informed the U.S. foot putt for par on the 72nd hole
Golf Association of his decision to topple Mickelson by one shot.
last week to be at Pacic Ridge He famously grabbed Mickelsons
School in Carlsbad, Calif., instead face and said, Good luck with the
of Erin Hills in Wisconsin for the baby. Theres nothing greater
rst round of the U.S. Open on than being a father.
June 15. Thats when Amanda, Amanda was born the next day.
the class president, will give the Phil Mickelson, shown Thursday at the Memorial in Dublin, Ohio, has nished in second place a I go back, and every year at
commencement speech for the record six times in the U.S. Open. Its the only major tournament he has not won. the U.S. Open I think back about
school. The ceremony starts at 10 that 99 Open. The birth of your
a.m. PT. there are certain things you need and have a chance, said Mickel- Shes very supportive, he child, any child, but especially
Mickelson will wait until the to be there for. son, who has played in 26 U.S. said. Shes always been. But its your rst child, is the most emo-
last minute to withdraw in case Mickelson, who has nished Opens. But this is one of those one of those things that you just tional event you can ever experi-
foul weather delays the rst second a record six times in the moments where you look back on show up. You just need to be ence and share together with
round of the Open or something U.S. Open, needs a win in the na- life and you just dont want to there. your wife, Mickelson said. And I
happens to cause the commence- tional championship to become miss it. It wasnt really something always think about that at the U.S.
ment ceremony to be moved. the sixth player to complete the Ill be really glad that I was that we discussed, because it real- Open. I think about Payne Stew-
I dont know what will hap- career Grand Slam. Mickelson, there and present. ly wasnt much of a decision. art, and I cant believe how quick-
pen, but it doesnt look very who turns 47 on June 16, said the Mickelson said his daughter, This isnt the rst time Aman- ly time has gone by.
good, Mickelson said over the decision was difficult, but he who will attend Brown Univer- da has played into Mickelsons Here she is turning 18 and
weekend at the Memorial at didnt waver on his commitment sity, knows how important the equation that is the U.S. Open. In moving off to college, and Im so
Muireld Village Golf Club. It to his family. U.S. Open is to her father and said 1999 at Pinehurst, Mickelson said proud of her. And shes a special
would have to be something un- Obviously its a tournament she would understand if he he would leave on Monday even if person. Im excited to see what
foreseen. Im always holding that I want to win the most, and played instead of going to the he was in a playoff to be with his she has to say at her commence-
out hope. As you look back on life, the only way to win is if you play graduation. wife, Amy, as she gave birth to the ment.

Dufner weathers storms for win in Memorial

Pretty good company there by his peers looking for the same
Steve DiMeglio and pretty good event to win, reading material that got him
@Steve_DiMeglio Dufner said. into the winners circle. After
USA TODAY Sports After the rst weather delay, reading articles about breathing
Dufner took the outright lead techniques employed by snipers
with a birdie on 15 and extended to slow their heart rate, Dufner
DUBLIN, OHIO Jason Dufner held his advantage to two shots with a started working this year on es-
off Rickie Fowler and weathered birdie on the 17th, where he hit a tablishing a putting routine that
Chief Leatherlips on Sunday to 357-yard drive and a 120-yard would put less stress on his heart
win the storm-plagued Memorial sand wedge and made a 3-foot rate. Using his own type of Zen
Tournament. putt. After returning to the 18th meditation, he started concen-
A day after limping into the fairway after the second weather trating on his address positions
clubhouse with a 77 in the third delay as the tournament raced to and his breathing.
round, Dufner knocked in a 32- beat darkness, Dufner rst Dufner said he takes the putter
foot putt for par on the 72nd hole chunked his second shot on the back only after he exhales. Then
to close out his victory and then hole from deep rough into more he counts 1-2 to help with the
walked over to get the coveted rough. He then hit a sand wedge rhythm of his stroke as the putter
handshake from tournament host onto the green. With Fowler just goes back and then forward.
Jack Nicklaus. Dufner, who had a off the green and in position to It worked to perfection on the
ve-shot lead after 36 holes but chip in for birdie to tie for the nal putt. And in the rst two
trailed by four after 54 holes, lead, Dufner made the putt to rounds, where Dufner shot 65-65.
signed for a 4-under-par 68 to win. His 130 total through 36 holes
nish at 13 under and three shots So today was nice. Yesterday broke the record held by Scott
clear of Fowler (70) and Anirban was not nice. But to rebound Hoch (1987) and Fowler (2010)
Lahiri (65). from it, I think that makes me I hope its the start of some big things for this year and going by one shot. In the rst two
Justin Thomas (72) and Matt really proud to kind of grind forward, Jason Dufner said after his win Sunday. rounds, he made 30 of 32 putts
Kuchar (73) nished at 9 under. through it, Dufner said. inside 10 feet.
Four players nished at 8 under, The delays werent a problem, ancient Native American burial have played through, causing de- I hope its the start of some
including Bubba Watson, who just kind of happens. I was hoping ground that included the nal lays in 27 of the 42 tournaments. big things for this year and going
earned his rst top-10 nish in a that we could get through with resting place of Chief Leatherlips, After three brilliant days of forward, Dufner said. Ive had a
stroke-play event this year. just one. But those things happen dead for more than 200 years. No sunshine, lightning and rain de- pretty good year. Ive been really
Unustered by his third round out here. Ive been through a lot evidence supports this conten- scended on Muireld Village at consistent, a lot of top-25s and a
and unruffled by two weather de- of delays, so you get a routine and tion, but locals point to the num- 4:18 p.m. local time and delayed lot of made cuts. I know that
lays late in the nal round, Duf- stick to it. ber of weather delays that have play for 1 hour, 15 minutes. After doesnt sound ashy and great.
ner won his fth PGA Tour title Not only did he beat a stellar plagued the Memorial as evi- players returned to the course, But I felt like I played pretty well
and rst since the 2016 Career- eld, but Dufner also got the best dence of a curse. thunderstorms caused action to every week this year. It was a
Builder Challenge. He joined of Chief Leatherlips. Local lore Since the rst tournament in cease at 6:49 p.m. for 1 hour, matter of time at some point
Nicklaus as the only players born holds that Nicklaus built his 1976, rain, lightning, fog, wind, 17 minutes. some things were going to hap-
in Ohio to win the Memorial. sweeping Muireld Village on an snow and even a horde of cicadas Dufner now might be deluged pen for me to be able to win.


Penguins know aggression is key to success

v CONTINUED FROM 1C more important because the Pen- line, because you dont want to
guins 2-1 lead seems tenuous. interfere with their instincts,
If Crosby is frustrated that he The Predators have had several Sullivan said. If they see plays
and Malkin were limited to zero stretches in which they have that they think are there to be
shots on goal in Game 3, he didnt looked like the better team, even made, then theyre going to try to
show it Sunday afternoon when in games they lost. Their 5-1 win make them. What we try to do
he met with the media. in Game 3 was impressive. They with them is just try to get them
We had chances, Crosby said. have outshot the Penguins in to think in terms of having that
Weve just got to hit the net. each game, with a 97-67 advan- shot-rst mind-set. I think when
They blocked some, and its just a tage in the series. they do that, everything else will
matter of winning those battles. This shots-on-goal issue is also open up for them.
When a defense gures out important because Sullivans tac- Its not about the quality of
how to thwart offensive stars, its tics center on a belief that noth- Subbans breath or what comes
easy to start believing that the de- ing breaks down coverage more out of the players mouth in
fenders are getting under their than a shot on net. terms of trash-talking. As impres-
skin. Our rst impulse is to make Think about it. Defenders sive as the Nashville crowd is,
it about frustration or anger. scrambling to nd their man. De- Game 4 also wont be decided by
But Crosby always views these ected pucks. Blocked shots. Re- home-ice advantage.
situations as being more about bounds. Shots on goal create It will come down to whether
execution. chaos, and the Penguins live for Nashvilles defensive coverage is
Thats also how his coach views chaos. With their skilled players, better than Crosbys, Malkins
it. chaos is the Penguins best friend. and Kessels ability to play
We would like them to put They nd a loose puck, and often through it.
more pucks on the net, Penguins its quickly in the net. I go out there and compete,
coach Mike Sullivan said. I think Pittsburgh coaches want Mal- and, to be honest, Im not looking
they had opportunities to shoot kin, Crosby and Phil Kessel to at whos on (defense) or up front,
that they passed up. I dont think Predators defenseman P.K. Subban, right, says Penguins center shoot more. Malkin has two shots Crosby said. Im just going out
thats always reected in the Sidney Crosby cried foul over his breath. Crosby denies it. on goal for the series, and Kessel there to compete against whoever
statistics. has scored one goal in his last it is.
In this era of advanced stats, a heading into Mondays Game 4. portant one because most often it eight playoff games. At Sundays
shot on goal seems like the sim- The Penguins own a 2-1 lead in decides whether a series will be practice, assistant coach Rick
plest of stats. How hard can that the best-of-seven series, but they tied 2-2 or whether one team will Tocchet and Kessel, who have a FOLLOW NHL COLUMNIST
be? seem like the team that has work have a commanding 3-1 lead. strong relationship, had a lengthy KEVIN ALLEN
But that baseline statistic sud- to do. In the case of the Penguins vs. conversation. @ByKevinAllen for analysis and
denly looms very important Game 4 is always the most im- Predators, Game 4 seems even As a coach, its always a ne breaking news from the ice.
FORMER NBA STAR FISHER about his struggles with mental MORE THAN 1,500 INJURED fending champion Oklahoma making her sixth start since
ARRESTED AFTER ACCIDENT illness in his book Fear Strikes IN SOCCER PANIC IN TURIN beat Oregon 4-2 on Sunday in the bruising her tailbone falling down
Former Los Angeles Lakers play- Out, has died. He was 87. Piersall More than 1,500 people were in- seminals of the Womens Col- stairs. The 28-year-old won the
er and former New York Knicks died Saturday at a care facility in jured when panic swept through lege World Series. The Sooners Reignwood LPGA Classic late last
head coach Derek Fisher was Wheaton, Ill., after a months-long a crowd of Juventus fans watch- (59-9) will play top-seeded Flori- season in China. Nordqvist shot
arrested Sunday on suspicion of illness, according to the Boston ing the Champions League nal da on Monday to start the best- 69. Kim nished at 11-under-par
drunken driving after he ipped Red Sox, for whom Piersall in a piazza in the northern Italian of-three championship series. 202.
his vehicle on a California high- played for seven of his 17 seasons city of Turin, authorities said The teams have combined to win
way, authorities said. Neither in the majors. Piersalls on-eld Sunday. The Turin prefect said in the last four national titles but BRITTANY FORCE WINS
Fisher nor his passenger, girl- antics when he rst broke into a statement that the crowd was are meeting for the rst time in DRAG RACING EVENT
friend and former Basketball the majors with the Red Sox full taken by panic and by the psycho- the championship series. Paige Brittany Force won the
Wives reality star Gloria Govan, time in 1952 cracked up fans and sis of a terror attack, fearing that Parker (26-5) earned the win NHRA New England Nationals in
was injured in the early-morning provided fodder for newspaper a loud noise was caused by attack- and Paige Lowary got the save Epping, N.H., for her rst NHRA
crash, the California Highway Pa- columnists. But Piersall also had ers. The source of the loud noise against Oregon. The Ducks would Mello Yello Drag Racing Series
trol said. Fisher was driving on furious arguments with umpires, that triggered the stampede re- have needed to beat Oklahoma Top Fuel victory of the season
U.S. 101 in the Sherman Oaks area broke down sobbing one day mained unclear, officials said. twice on Sunday, and for a while, and fourth overall. The daughter
of Los Angeles when his 2015 when told he wouldnt play and Italian media have speculated it it looked like they might at least of Funny Car star John Force,
Cadillac veered onto the right got into a stght with the New might have been a recracker. force a second game. Danica she beat Antron Brown in the
shoulder while approaching an York Yankees Billy Martin at The noise triggered panic among Mercados two-run homer in the nal with a 3.716-second pass at
interchange. The car hit the Fenway Park, followed minutes thousands of fans gathered in Pi- top of the fth put the Ducks 328.62 mph. Brown had a 3.728 at
shoulders concrete curb and later by a scuffle with a team- azza San Carlo to watch the (54-8) up 2-0. 327.98. Matt Hagan won in Fun-
guardrail, overturned and came mate. He played 56 games in the match featuring Juventus against ny Car, and Erica Enders
to a rest on its roof, blocking two majors before being admitted to a Real Madrid on giant TV screens. KIM WINS LPGA CLASSIC topped the Pro Stock eld. Hagan
lanes of the highway, the Highway mental hospital with what was Fans were trampled as they tried FOR FIFTH TOUR TITLE raced to his third victory of the
Patrol said. Officers discovered later diagnosed as bipolar disor- to ee. Most of the injured were In-Kyung Kim held off two-time season and 25th overall, beating
that Fisher had been drinking der. He wrote in his book that he treated for cuts and light bruises. defending champion Anna Courtney Force Brittany
and arrested him on suspicion of had almost no memory of the Three, including a young boy, Nordqvist on Sunday in the Forces sister with a 3.897 at
driving under the inuence of al- season or his time in the hospital. were in serious condition, offi- ShopRite LPGA Classic for her 332.59 in a Dodge Charger. En-
cohol after a DUI test, authorities He returned to the majors in 1953 cials said. Juventus lost to Real fth LPGA tour title. Tied with ders won for the rst time this
said. sound and healthy thanks to Madrid 4-1. Paula Creamer for the second- season and 22nd time overall. She
shock treatments, faith, a won- round lead, Kim closed with a had a 6.534 at 213.16 in a Chevro-
FORMER MAJOR LEAGUER derful wife, a ne doctor and loyal OKLAHOMA, FLORIDA REACH 2-under-par 69 in windy condi- let Camaro to edge Tanner
PIERSALL DIES AT 87 friends. He went public to shat- SOFTBALL TITLE SERIES tions for a two-stroke victory over Gray.
Former major leaguer Jimmy ter societys stereotypes of the Shay Knighten singled in two Nordqvist at Stockton Seaview in
Piersall, who bared his soul mentally ill. runs in the fth inning to help de- Galloway Township, N.J. Kim was From staff and wire reports


NHL 9 p.m.
x-June 18: Cleveland at Golden State, SPORTS ON TV 26. (34) Ryan Sieg(i), Toyota, 400.
27. (39) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, 400.
Pro Stock
1. Erica Enders. 2. Tanner Gray. 3. Bo Butner.
8 p.m. Times Eastern. Programs live unless noted. Check local listings. 28. (37) Timmy Hill, Chevrolet, 398. 4. Drew Skillman. 5. Jason Line. 6. Kenny
Stanley Cup Playoff 29. (25) Matt DiBenedetto, Ford, 397. Delco. 7. Vincent Nobile. 8. Jeg Coughlin. 9.
30. (33) David Ragan, Ford, Accident, 393. Allen Johnson. 10. John Gaydosh Jr. 11.
All times ET WNBA COLLEGE BASEBALL: NCAA Division I tournament, regionals, 31. (22) Clint Bowyer, Ford, 391. Greg Anderson. 12. Alan Prusiensky. 13. Val
STANLEY CUP FINAL 32. (15) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 373. Smeland. 14. Shane Tucker.
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) teams and sites TBA (ESPN2, 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.) 33. (23) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, Accident,
Pittsburgh 2, Nashville 1 All times ET COLLEGE SOFTBALL: NCAA womens College World Series, 343.
May 29: Pittsburgh 5, Nashville 3 Saturdays Games championship series, Game 1, Florida vs. Oklahoma, in Oklaho- 34. (30) Regan Smith, Ford, Accident, 329. ODDS
Wednesday: Pittsburgh 4, Nashville 1 Indiana 91, Dallas 85 35. (38) Cody Ware, Chevrolet, Handling,
Connecticut 85, San Antonio 77
ma City (ESPN, 7 p.m.) 283.
Saturday: Nashville 5, Pittsburgh 1
Monday: Pittsburgh at Nashville, 8 p.m. Minnesota 100, Seattle 77 CYCLING: Criterium du Dauphine, Stage 2, Saint Chamond to Ar- 36. (27) Landon Cassill, Ford, Accident, 257. Pregame.com Line
37. (6) Kurt Busch, Ford, Accident, 93. National Hockey League
Thursday: Nashville at Pittsburgh, 8 p.m. Sundays Games lanc, France (NBC Sports Network, 2 a.m. Tuesday same-day 38. (8) Brad Keselowski, Ford, Accident, 66.
x-Sunday: Pittsburgh at Nashville, 8 p.m. Washington 78, Atlanta 72 tape) 39. (12) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, Accident, Monday
x-June 14: Nashville at Pittsburgh, 8 p.m. New York 88, Phoenix 72 Favorite Line Underdog Line
MLB: Regional, St. Louis at Cincinnati or San Francisco at Milwau- 62.
Mondays Games NASHVILLE -152 Pittsburgh +142
Predators 5, Penguins 1 No games scheduled kee (MLB Network, 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.); Washington at Los Ange- RACE STATISTICS
Pittsburgh 1 0 0 1 Average Speed of Race Winner: 104.955
Nashville 0 3 2 5 Tuesdays Games les Dodgers (ESPN, 10 p.m.) mph.
Washington at Dallas, 8 p.m. NHL: Stanley Cup Final, Game 4, Pittsburgh at Nashville (NBC, Time of Race: 3 hours, 52 minutes, 6 sec- DEALS
First Period1, Pittsburgh, Guentzel 13 Seattle at San Antonio, 8 p.m. onds. Margin of Victory: Caution.
(Cole, Crosby), 2:46. Chicago at Los Angeles, 10 p.m. 8 p.m.) Caution Flags: 15 for 72 laps.
Second Period2, Nashville, Josi 6 (Ek- SOCCER: FIFA Under-20 World Cup, fourth quarterfinal, Mexico Lead Changes: 17 among 9 drivers. BASEBALL
holm, Jarnkrok), 5:51 (pp). 3, Nashville, Lap Leaders: Kyle Busch 1-18; R. Stenhouse American League
Gaudreau 2 (Watson, Josi), 6:33. 4, Nash- COLLEGE SOFTBALL vs. England, in Cheonan, South Korea (Fox Sports 1, 6:50 a.m.) Jr. 19-21; M. Truex Jr. 22-49; K. Larson 50-80; BALTIMORE ORIOLES Assigned LHP Paul
ville, Neal 6 (Josi, Arvidsson), 19:37. TENNIS: French Open, Round of 16 (Tennis Channel, 5 a.m., 6 a.m. M. Truex Jr. 81-122; K. Larson 123-146; M. Fry outright to Norfolk (IL).
Third Period5, Nashville, Smith 1, 4:54. 6,
Nashville, Ekholm 1 (Jarnkrok, Sissons),
and 2 p.m.) McDowell 147-150; K. Larson 151-194; Kyle CLEVELAND INDIANS Sent OF Lonnie Chi-
NCAA Division I Busch 195; K. Larson 196-211; M. Truex Jr. senhall to Akron (EL) for a rehab assign-
13:10 (pp).
Shots on GoalPittsburgh 6-13-928. At ASA Hall of Fame Stadium eliminated
212-243; K. Larson 244-326; J. McMurray ment.
Oklahoma City At Goss Stadium 327-328; J. Johnson 329-332; R. Newman LOS ANGELES ANGELS Optioned RHP Da-
Nashville 12-16-533. Bethune-Cookman 6, Florida 2
Power-play opportunitiesPittsburgh 0 of Sundays Games Corvallis, Ore. 333; T. Dillon 334-360; K. Larson 361-403; J. mien Magnifico to Salt Lake (PCL). Recalled
Mondays Game Sundays Games Johnson 404-406. RHP Brooks Pounders from Salt Lake.
3; Nashville 2 of 3. Florida 5, Washington 2, UW eliminated x-Game 7 Florida (44-16) vs. Bethune- Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Lead, Laps Agreed to terms with OF Cesar Puello on a
GoaliesPittsburgh, Murray 5-2 (33 Game 12 Oklahoma 4, Oregon 2, Okla- Yale 9, Holy Cross 5, Holy Cross eliminated
Cookman (36-24), 4 p.m. Game 6 Oregon State (51-4) vs. Yale (34- Led): K. Larson 6 times for 241 laps; M. Truex minor league contract.
shots-28 saves). Nashville, Rinne 13-6 (28- homa advances Jr. 3 times for 102 laps; T. Dillon 1 time for 27 OAKLAND ATHLETICS Optioned RHP Dan-
27). At Dick Howser Stadium 17)
Championship Series Tallahassee, Fla. laps; Kyle Busch 2 times for 19 laps; J. John- iel Mengden to Nashville (PCL). Recalled
A17,283 (17,113). T2:41.
(Best-of-3) Mondays Game son 2 times for 7 laps; M. McDowell 1 time 1B/OF Matt Olson to Nashville.
Monday: Oklahoma (59-9) vs. Florida Sundays Games x-Game 7 Oregon State vs. Yale, 11 p.m. for 4 laps; R. Stenhouse Jr. 1 time for 3 laps; SEATTLE MARINERS Assigned SS Ryan
(58-8), 7 p.m. Florida State 5, Tennessee Tech 3 At Blair Field J. McMurray 1 time for 2 laps; R. Newman 1 Jackson to Tacoma (PCL).
MLS Tuesday: Oklahoma vs. Florida, 8 p.m. Game 6 Auburn (37-24) vs. Florida State Long Beach, Calif. time for 1 lap. TAMPA BAY RAYS Sent OF Peter Bourjos to
x-Wednesday: Oklahoma vs. Florida, (41-21) Charlotte (FSL) for a rehab assignment.
Mondays Game Sundays Games IndyCar Detroit Grand Prix TORONTO BLUE JAYS Sent OF Dalton
8 p.m. Long Beach State 7, San Diego State 4
All times ET x-Game 7 Auburn vs. Florida State, 7 p.m. Race 2 Pompey to Buffalo (IL) for a rehab assign-
Game 6 Texas (39-22) vs. Long Beach
EASTERN CONFERENCE At Pete Taylor Park State (39-18) At The Raceway at Belle Isle ment.
W L T Pts GF GA COLLEGE BASEBALL Hattiesburg, Miss. Mondays Game Park National League
Toronto FC 8 2 5 29 26 15 ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Optioned
N.Y. City FC 7 5 3 24 27 19 Sundays Games x-Game 7 Texas vs. Long Beach State, 11 Lap length: 2.34 miles RHP Silvino Bracho to Reno (PCL). Recalled
Chicago 7 3 4 24 23 16 Mississippi State 5, UIC 4, UIC eliminated p.m. 1. (3) Graham Rahal, Honda, 70, Running
NCAA Division I Regionals Southern Miss. 8, South Alabama 3
RHP Braden Shipley from Reno.
Orlando City 7 5 4 23 16 18
All Times ET Super Regionals 2. (13) Josef Newgarden, Chevrolet, 70,
Columbus 7 8 1 22 24 26 Mississippi State 7, South Alabama 3, June 9-12 Running
Stephens to Louisville (IL). Reinstated LHP
New England 5 5 5 20 26 21 Double Elimination; x-if neces- Southern Alabama eliminated Corvallis champion vs. Clemson champion 3. (7) Will Power, Chevrolet, 70, Running
Amir Garrett from the 10-day DL.
New York 6 7 2 20 15 21 sary Mondays Games Long Beach champion vs. Cal State Fuller- 4. (1) Takuma Sato, Honda, 70, Running
Atlanta 5 5 3 18 28 20 Game 6 Southern Miss. (40-20) vs. Mis- 5. (11) Simon Pagenaud, Chevrolet, 70,
At Boshamer Stadium ton (37-21)
Anderson on the 10-day DL, retroactive to
Philadelphia 4 6 4 16 20 18 sissippi State (38-25), 6 p.m. Lubbock champion vs. Tallahassee cham- Thursday. Recalled RHP Jeff Hoffman from
Montreal 4 4 4 16 19 18
Chapel Hill, N.C. 6. (8) Scott Dixon, Honda, 70, Running
Sundays Games At Alex Box Stadium pion
7. (14) Alexander Rossi, Honda, 70, Running
Albuquerque (PCL). Sent C Tom Murphy to
D.C. United 4 7 3 15 10 21 Baton Rouge, La. Hattiesburg champion vs. Baton Rouge Albuquerque for a rehab assignment.
North Carolina 10, Florida Gulf Coast 1, champion 8. (12) Charlie Kimball, Honda, 70, Running
WESTERN CONFERENCE FGCU eliminated Sundays Games 9. (4) Helio Castroneves, Chevrolet, 70, Run-
W L T Pts GF GA Chapel Hill champion vs. Houston champi- quin Benoit on the 10-day DL, retroactive to
Game 6 Davidson 2, North Carolina 1 Game 5 Rice 9, Southeastern Louisiana 5, on ning
Sporting KC 7 4 4 25 19 10 Thursday. Recalled LHP Adam Morgan
Mondays Game SE Louisiana eliminated Lexington champion vs. Louisville champi- 10. (15) Tony Kanaan, Honda, 70, Running
FC Dallas 6 2 5 23 21 11 from Lehigh Valley (IL).
x-Game 7 Davidson (35-24) vs. North Game 6 LSU (45-17) vs. Rice (33-30) on 11. (22) Carlos Munoz, Chevrolet, 70, Run-
Houston 7 5 2 23 27 21 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Optioned INF
Carolina (49-14), 6 p.m. Mondays Game Fort Worth champion vs. Fayetteville cham- ning
Portland 6 5 3 21 24 21 Christian Arroyo to Sacramento (PCL). Rein-
x-Game 7 LSU vs. Rice, 7 p.m. 12. (10) Conor Daly, Chevrolet, 70, Running
Vancouver 6 6 1 19 18 18 At David F. Couch Ballpark pion
13. (9) Marco Andretti, Honda, 70, Running
stated OF Hunter Pence from the 10-day
San Jose 5 6 4 19 16 20 Winston-Salem, N.C. At Baum Stadium Winston-Salem champion vs. Gainesville
14. (19) Esteban Gutierrez, Honda, 70, Run-
DL. Sent 3B Conor Gillaspie to San Jose
Los Angeles 5 5 3 18 19 19 Fayetteville, Ark. champion (Cal) for a rehab assignment. Agreed to
Sundays Games ning
terms with LHP Jarret Martin and 1B Jedrry
Seattle 4 6 4 16 17 22 West Virginia 8, Maryland 5, UM eliminat- Sundays Games 15. (16) Max Chilton, Honda, 69, Running
Minnesota 4 8 2 14 19 33 Sands on minor league contracts.
ed Game 5 Arkansas 4, Oral Roberts 3, Oral AUTO RACING 16. (6) Mikhail Aleshin, Honda, 69, Running
Salt Lake 4 10 2 14 15 35 Game 6 Wake Forest (41-18) vs. West Vir- Roberts eliminated 17. (2) Ryan Hunter-Reay, Honda, 69, Run-
Colorado 4 8 1 13 12 18 ginia (36-25) Game 6 Missouri State (42-17) vs. Arkan- ning
Fridays Game Mondays Game sas (44-18) 18. (18) JR Hildebrand, Chevrolet, 69, Run-
NASCAR-Monster Energy AAA ning
Portland 2, San Jose 0 x-Game 7 Wake Forest (41-18) vs. West Mondays Game 400
Saturdays Games Virginia (36-25), 7 p.m. x-Game 7 Missouri State vs. Arkansas, 7 19. (20) Oriol Servia, Honda, 69, Running
At Dover International Speed- 20. (5) James Hinchcliffe, Honda, 65, Me- French Open
NY City FC 2, Philadelphia 1 At Cliff Hagan Stadium p.m. Surface: Clay; Purse: $40.3 Million
way chanical
Sporting KC 3, Minnesota United 0 Lexington, Ky. At Lupton Baseball Stadium 21. (21) Spencer Pigot, Chevrolet, 65, Me- Mens Singles Third round: Kei Nishikori
Vancouver 3, Atlanta United FC 1
Sundays Games Fort Worth, Texas Dover, Del. chanical (8), Japan, def. Chung Hyeon, South Korea,
Los Angeles 0, D.C. United 0, tie Lap length: mile 7-5, 6-4, 6-7 (4), 0-6, 6-4; Karen Khachanov,
Montreal 1, New York 0 Kentucky 14, Indiana 9, IU eliminated Sundays Games 22. (17) Ed Jones, Honda, 60, Mechanical
Russia, def. John Isner (21), United States,
New England 3, Toronto FC 0 Game 6 N.C. State (36-23) vs. Kentucky Dallas Baptist 6, CCSU 5, CCSU eliminated (Starting position in parenthe- RACE STATISTICS 7-6 (1), 6-3, 6-7 (5), 7-6 (3); Gael Monfils (15),
FC Dallas 6, Real Salt Lake 2 (41-21) Game 4 Virginia (43-14) vs. TCU (43-16) ses) Winners average speed: 105.442 mph France, def. Richard Gasquet (24), France,
Colorado 2, Columbus 1 Mondays Game Mondays Games 1. (14) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 406. Time of Race: 1:33:36.3769 7-6 (5), 5-7, 4-3, retired.
Sundays Games x-Game 7 N.C. State (36-23) vs. Kentucky Game 5 Dallas Baptist vs. Game 4 loser, 4 2. (5) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 406. Margin of victory: 1.1772 seconds Mens Singles Fourth round: Rafael Na-
Chicago 0, Orlando City 0, tie (41-21), 7 p.m. p.m. 3. (2) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 406. Cautions: 1 for 2 laps dal (4), Spain, def. Roberto Bautista Agut
Houston at Seattle At Jim Patterson Stadium Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 win- 4. (13) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 406. Lead changes: 5 among 3 drivers (17), Spain, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2; Pablo Carreno
ner, 9 p.m. 5. (16) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 406. Lap Leaders: Sato 1-22, Rahal 23-24, New-
Saturdays Games Louisville, Ky. 6. (3) Daniel Suarez, Toyota, 406. garden 25-29, Rahal 30-47, Newgarden
Busta (20), Spain, def. Milos Raonic (5), Can-
Atlanta United FC at Chicago, 4 p.m. Sundays Games At Reckling Park ada, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 6-7 (6), 6-4, 8-6; Dominic
7. (19) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 406. 48-49, Rahal 50-70.
Montreal at Sporting KC, 8 p.m. Xavier 11, Oklahoma 0, OU eliminated Houston 8. (10) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 406.
Thiem (6), Austria, def. Horacio Zeballos,
FC Dallas at Portland, 10:30 p.m. Game 6 Louisville (49-10) vs. Xavier (34- Sundays Games NHRA Argentina, 6-1, 6-3, 6-1; Novak Djokovic (2),
9. (18) Kevin Harvick, Ford, 406. Serbia, def. Albert Ramos-Vinolas (19),
26) Game 5 Houston (41-20) vs. Iowa (39-21) 10. (31) Danica Patrick, Ford, 406. At New England Dragway
Game 6 Texas A&M (38-21) vs. Game 5 Spain, 7-6 (5), 6-1, 6-3.
Mondays Game 11. (11) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 406. Epping, N.H.
NBA x-Game 7 Louisville (49-10) vs. Xavier winner 12. (9) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 406.
Womens Singles Third round: Elina Svi-
(34-26), 7 p.m. Mondays Game 13. (4) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 406.
Final Finish Order tolina (5), Ukraine, def. Magda Linette, Po-
Top Fuel land, 6-4, 7-5; Karolina Pliskova (2), Czech
At Doug Kingsmore Stadium x-Game 7 Texas A&M vs. Game 5 winner, 14. (21) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 406. Republic, def. Carina Witthoeft, Germany,
Playoff 1. Brittany Force. 2. Antron Brown. 3. Leah
7 p.m. 15. (7) Erik Jones, Toyota, Accident, 405.
All Times ET Clemson, S.C. 16. (1) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 405.
Pritchett. 4. Shawn Langdon. 5. Scott Palm- 7-5, 6-1; Veronica Cepede Royg, Paraguay,
Sundays Games At Rip Griffin Park er. 6. Troy Coughlin Jr.. 7. Steve Torrence. 8. def. Mariana Duque-Marino, Colombia,
FINALS Lubbock, Texas 17. (20) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, Accident, Smax Smith. 9. Doug Kalitta. 10. Dom Lag- 3-6, 7-6 (2), 6-3; Petra Martic, Croatia, def.
Clemson 6, UNC Greensboro 3 404.
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Game 6 Vanderbilt (35-22) vs. Clemson Sundays Games 18. (24) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, Acci-
ana. 11. Clay Millican. 12. Tony Schumach- Anastasija Sevastova (17), Latvia, 6-1, 6-1.
Golden State 2, Cleveland 0 (41-20) Sam Houston State 9, Arizona 3, Arizona er. 13. Steven Chrisman. 14. Shawn Reed. Womens Singles Fourth round: Caro-
dent, 404. 15. Terry McMillen. line Wozniacki (11), Denmark, def. Svetla-
Thursday: Golden State 113, Cleveland 90 Mondays Game eliminated 19. (28) Michael McDowell, Chevrolet, 404.
Sunday: Golden State 132, Cleveland 113 Game 6 Texas Tech (45-15) vs. Sam Hous- Funny Car na Kuznetsova (8), Russia, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2; Je-
x-Game 7 Vanderbilt (35-22) vs. Clemson 20. (36) Ross Chastain, Chevrolet, 403. lena Ostapenko, Latvia, def. Sam Stosur
Wednesday: Golden State at Cleveland, ton State (42-21) 1. Matt Hagan. 2. Courtney Force. 3. Ron
(41-20), 4 p.m. 21. (17) Trevor Bayne, Ford, Accident, 402. (23), Australia, 2-6, 6-2, 6-4; Kristina Mlade-
9 p.m. Capps. 4. Tommy Johnson Jr.. 5. Cruz Pe-
At Alfred A. McKethan Stadium Monday Game 22. (35) Cole Whitt, Chevrolet, Accident, dregon. 6. Del Worsham. 7. Bob Tasca III. 8. novic (13), France, def. Garbine Muguruza
Friday: Golden State at Cleveland, 9 p.m. x-Game 7 Texas Tech vs. Sam Houston 402.
x-June 12: Cleveland at Golden State, Gainesville, Fla. State, 3 p.m. 23. (29) Chris Buescher, Chevrolet, 402.
Mike Smith. 9. J.R. Todd. 10. Robert Hight. (4), Spain, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3; Timea Bacsinszky
9 p.m. Sundays Games 11. Jim Campbell. 12. Jack Beckman. 13. (30), Switzerland, def. Venus Williams (10),
24. (32) Gray Gaulding, Toyota, 402. Alexis DeJoria. 14. John Force. 15. Tim Wil- United States, 5-7, 6-2, 6-1;
x-June 15: Golden State at Cleveland, Bethune-Cookman 6, South Florida 4, USF 25. (26) Joey Logano, Ford, 402. kerson. 16. Jeff Diehl.


PGA Tour-Memorial Tournament Emiliano Grillo (14), $33,930............................71-68-73-77289 (+1) George Coetzee, South Africa .................................73-71-73-66283 Bronte Law, $12,575 .................................................69-68-73210 (-3)
At Muirfield Village GC Zach Johnson (14), $33,930 ..............................76-71-70-72289 (+1) Thorbjorn Olesen, Denmark .....................................72-70-70-71283 Cydney Clanton, $10,259........................................75-69-67211 (-2)
Dublin, Ohio C.T. Pan (14), $33,930 .........................................76-68-70-75289 (+1) Matthieu Pavon, France.............................................74-69-74-67284 Vicky Hurst, $10,259.................................................70-69-72211 (-2)
Purse: $8.7 million Steve Stricker (14), $33,930 ..............................74-68-69-78289 (+1) Jamie Donaldson, Wales ..........................................69-69-75-72285 Perrine Delacour, $10,259 .......................................67-72-72211 (-2)
Yardage: 7,392; Par: 72 Lucas Glover (10), $26,187................................67-73-72-78290 (+2) Marcel Siem, Germany..............................................74-73-71-68286 Stacy Lewis, $10,259.................................................67-72-72211 (-2)
Final Charley Hoffman (10), $26,187 .......................72-71-72-75290 (+2) Andy Sullivan, England..............................................73-71-73-69286 Candie Kung, $7,733 ................................................73-70-69212 (-1)
Jason Dufner (500), $1,566,000 .....................65-65-77-68275 (-13) Mackenzie Hughes (10), $26,187.....................76-70-70-74290 (+2) Nicolas Colsaerts, Belgium.......................................73-72-72-69286 Cindy LaCrosse, $7,733 ............................................73-70-69212 (-1)
Rickie Fowler (245), $765,600..........................70-66-72-70278 (-10) Hideki Matsuyama (10), $26,187.....................70-74-76-70290 (+2) Austin Connelly, Canada ...........................................72-70-73-71286 Kim Kaufman, $7,733...............................................71-72-69212 (-1)
Anirban Lahiri (245), $765,600 .......................74-70-69-65278 (-10) Danny Lee (9), $21,982 ......................................73-71-75-72291 (+3) Eddie Pepperell, England ..........................................70-74-71-71286 Sakura Yokomine, $7,733........................................71-72-69212 (-1)
Matt Kuchar (123), $382,800.............................69-70-67-73279 (-9) Nick Taylor (9), $21,982 .....................................69-76-71-75291 (+3) Beatriz Recari, $7,733...............................................70-73-69212 (-1)
Justin Thomas (123), $382,800 .........................67-71-69-72279 (-9) Gary Woodland (9), $21,982............................72-73-72-74291 (+3) LPGA Classic Mina Harigae, $7,733...............................................75-67-70212 (-1)
James Hahn (89), $281,663 ..............................74-72-65-69280 (-8) Greg Chalmers (7), $20,288 .............................75-68-77-72292 (+4) At Stockton Seaview Hotel GC, Bay Course Brittany Altomare, $7,733 ........................................69-73-70212 (-1)
Kevin Kisner (89), $281,663................................70-69-70-71280 (-8) Kevin Chappell (7), $20,288..............................76-69-71-76292 (+4) Galloway, N.J. Catriona Matthew , $7,733......................................70-70-72212 (-1)
Kyle Stanley (89), $281,663................................74-67-71-68280 (-8) Martin Laird (7), $20,288...................................71-68-75-78292 (+4) Purse: $1.5 million Azahara Munoz, $7,733...........................................70-67-75212 (-1)
Bubba Watson (89), $281,663 .........................71-68-68-73280 (-8) Sean OHair (7), $20,288 ...................................73-74-74-71292 (+4) Yardage: 6,217; Par 71 Brooke M. Henderson, $7,733 ................................68-69-75212 (-1)
Graham DeLaet (70), $217,500.........................73-67-73-68281 (-7) Brian Stuard (7), $20,288...................................70-74-71-77292 (+4) Final Kris Tamulis, $5,622....................................................71-74-68213 (E)
Jamie Lovemark (70), $217,500.........................69-69-70-73281 (-7) Alex Cejka (5), $19,227 ......................................74-73-75-71293 (+5) In-Kyung Kim, $225,000.........................................66-67-69202 (-11) Juli Inkster, $5,622 ......................................................71-73-69213 (E)
Daniel Summerhays (70), $217,500 .................66-69-68-78281 (-7) Rod Pampling (5), $19,227................................72-73-78-70293 (+5) Anna Nordqvist, $137,536.......................................64-71-69204 (-9) Angela Stanford, $5,622 ...........................................75-67-71213 (E)
Jordan Spieth (59), $174,000.............................66-72-71-73282 (-6) D.A. Points (5), $19,227.......................................71-76-73-73293 (+5) Michelle Wie, $72,476 ..............................................71-70-65206 (-7) Ally McDonald, $5,622...............................................74-68-71213 (E)
Kevin Streelman (59), $174,000 ........................73-69-67-73282 (-6) Patrick Reed (5), $19,227 ...................................76-71-75-71293 (+5) Jenny Shin, $72,476...................................................65-72-69206 (-7) Eun-Hee Ji, $5,622 ......................................................68-73-72213 (E)
Jason Day (52), $143,550 ...................................75-71-67-70283 (-5) Sam Saunders (5), $19,227...............................68-74-71-80293 (+5) Jacqui Concolino, $72,476 .......................................70-66-70206 (-7) Su Oh, $5,622 ..............................................................69-71-73213 (E)
Marc Leishman (52), $143,550 ..........................70-70-72-71283 (-5) Brendan Steele (5), $19,227..............................72-73-72-76293 (+5) Jeong Eun Lee, $72,476 ............................................65-70-71206 (-7) Nontaya Srisawang, $4,819..................................71-70-73214 (+1)
David Lingmerth (52), $143,550........................65-74-71-73283 (-5) Zac Blair (4), $18,531..........................................75-72-71-76294 (+6) Jaye Marie Green , $34,412....................................71-70-66207 (-6) Laura Gonzalez Escallon, $4,819 ..........................67-73-74214 (+1)
Shane Lowry (52), $143,550 ..............................72-68-70-73283 (-5) Camilo Villegas (4), $18,531.............................74-68-75-77294 (+6) Gaby Lopez, $34,412................................................69-71-67207 (-6) Haru Nomura, $4,819.............................................72-67-75214 (+1)
Jim Herman (45), $113,100................................70-74-67-73284 (-4) Russell Knox (4), $18,183 ...................................71-70-78-76295 (+7) Mo Martin, $34,412 ..................................................68-70-69207 (-6) Lee-Anne Pace, $4,217 ............................................71-74-70215 (+2)
Pat Perez (45), $113,100 ....................................70-72-69-73284 (-4) Cameron Smith (4), $18,183 .............................74-71-73-77295 (+7) Moriya Jutanugarn, $34,412...................................65-70-72207 (-6) Jodi Ewart Shadoff, $4,217 ....................................73-71-71215 (+2)
Harold Varner III (45), $113,100........................73-71-70-70284 (-4) K.J. Choi (3), $17,661...........................................78-69-75-74296 (+8) Paula Creamer, $34,412...........................................66-67-74207 (-6) Ayako Uehara, $4,217 ............................................73-71-71215 (+2)
Ricky Barnes (39), $90,480 .................................70-77-69-69285 (-3) William McGirt (3), $17,661..............................71-72-70-83296 (+8) Sung Hyun Park, $23,342.........................................73-70-65208 (-5) Mariajo Uribe, $4,217 .............................................69-75-71215 (+2)
Ross Fisher, $90,480 ............................................73-69-70-73285 (-3) Patrick Rodgers (3), $17,661..............................70-77-72-77296 (+8) Brittany Lincicome, $23,342 ....................................73-68-67208 (-5) Amy Yang, $4,217....................................................70-73-72215 (+2)
Phil Mickelson (39), $90,480...............................70-70-72-73285 (-3) Webb Simpson (3), $17,661 ..............................73-72-74-77296 (+8) Gerina Piller, $23,342 ...............................................68-71-69208 (-5) Karen Chung, $3,690...............................................71-74-71216 (+3)
Byeong Hun An (32), $66,410 ............................68-72-71-75286 (-2) Soren Kjeldsen (3), $17,139 ..............................72-73-71-81297 (+9) Simin Feng, $23,342 ..................................................67-71-70208 (-5) Alison Lee, $3,690 ....................................................68-75-73216 (+3)
Bud Cauley (32), $66,410....................................75-67-70-74286 (-2) Ollie Schniederjans (3), $17,139 .......................74-73-73-77297 (+9) Jennifer Song, $23,342.............................................65-71-72208 (-5) Cristie Kerr, $3,690...................................................71-69-76216 (+3)
Stewart Cink (32), $66,410.................................72-73-68-73286 (-2) Curtis Luck, $16,791..........................................77-70-75-77299 (+11) Becky Morgan, $16,792............................................74-70-65209 (-4) Wei-Ling Hsu, $3,351 ..............................................72-73-72217 (+4)
Brett Coletta, $66,410.........................................72-69-72-73286 (-2) Vaughn Taylor (3), $16,791.............................73-71-77-78299 (+11) Emily K. Pedersen, $16,792 .....................................74-69-66209 (-4) Holly Clyburn, $3,351 ..............................................74-70-73217 (+4)
Bill Haas (32), $66,410........................................73-69-71-73286 (-2) Sung Kang (3), $16,530...................................75-72-71-83301 (+13) Karine Icher, $16,792 ...............................................72-69-68209 (-4) Lee Lopez, $3,351 ....................................................71-73-73217 (+4)
Peter Uihlein, $66,410.........................................76-69-68-73286 (-2) Matthew Griffin, $16,356 ...............................75-71-78-82306 (+18) Mirim Lee, $16,792 ...................................................72-69-68209 (-4) Lindy Duncan, $3,351..............................................72-69-76217 (+4)
Jonas Blixt (24), $52,744 .....................................75-69-70-73287 (-1) Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong, $16,792 ........71-70-68209 (-4) Kelly W Shon, $3,351...............................................71-70-76217 (+4)
Padraig Harrington (24), $52,744.....................71-71-72-73287 (-1) Nordea Masters Karrie Webb, $16,792 ..............................................70-68-71209 (-4) Laura Davies, $3,351...............................................69-71-77217 (+4)
Brooks Koepka (24), $52,744..............................69-73-71-74287 (-1) At Barseback Golf & CC Inbee Park, $16,792 ..................................................68-70-71209 (-4) Min Lee, $3,050.........................................................69-76-73218 (+5)
Adam Scott (24), $52,744 ...................................76-66-71-74287 (-1) Loddekopinge, Sweden Morgan Pressel, $16,792 .........................................67-71-71209 (-4) Joanna Klatten, $3,050...........................................70-72-76218 (+5)
Patrick Cantlay (19), $42,891 ..............................71-72-74-71288 (E) Purse: $1.68 million Sandra Gal, $16,792 ................................................68-69-72209 (-4) Danielle Kang, $2,937.............................................72-72-75219 (+6)
Jason Kokrak (19), $42,891 .................................73-67-70-78288 (E) Yardage: 7,729; Par: 73 Madelene Sagstrom, $12,575 ................................71-74-65210 (-3) Demi Runas, $2,937.................................................72-72-75219 (+6)
Ben Martin (19), $42,891......................................71-74-71-72288 (E) Final Brianna Do, $12,575..................................................70-70-70210 (-3) Christina Kim, $2,937...............................................70-74-75219 (+6)
Grayson Murray (19), $42,891 ............................72-71-71-74288 (E) Renato Paratore, Italy ................................................68-72-71-70281 Brittany Lang, $12,575 .............................................70-69-71210 (-3) Jackie Stoelting, $2,861 ..........................................72-73-75220 (+7)
Charl Schwartzel (19), $42,891 ...........................70-71-71-76288 (E) Matthew Fitzpatrick, England ..................................73-70-71-68282 Pornanong Phatlum, $12,575 .................................66-73-71210 (-3) Yani Tseng, $2,827 ...................................................74-71-77222 (+9)
Tony Finau (14), $33,930....................................74-73-68-74289 (+1) Chris Wood, England.................................................74-68-68-72282 Pernilla Lindberg, $12,575.......................................71-66-73210 (-3) Wichanee Meechai, $2,791 ................................70-75-80225 (+12)

On-tour parenthood
a mix of joy, juggling
Sandra Harwitt
Special for USA TODAY Sports

PARIS For any parent, the joy of

having children comes with a
heavy dose of responsibility.
If the parent in question is a
Venus Williams hits a shot during her three-set loss to Timea globe-trotting professional ten-
Bacsinszky on Sunday in the French Open. nis player, the job comes with
the added demands of being a

family constantly on the go.
Not surprisingly, there are
many more fathers than playing
mothers on the tour. But three

IN FRENCH OPEN; moms have captured Grand

Slam tournament titles after
having children: Margaret Court
won the last three of her record

MUGURUZA DEFEATED 24 Grand Slam singles titles af-

ter her son was born; Evonne
Goolagong won the last of her
seven majors as a mom and,
Its all behind me now, so more recently, Kim Clijsters
Sandra Harwitt whatever happens in this tourna- won three of her four Grand
Special for USA TODAY Sports ment is not necessarily my con- Slam trophies with daughter,
cern anymore, said Williams, Jade, in tow.
who will be 37 when she steps on There seems to be a real
PARIS It turned out to be an un- the court at Wimbledon. Im chance that a mother could win Kim Clijsters holds daughter Jada after winning the 2010
satisfying day for American play- looking forward to my own next another Grand Slam title. U.S. Open, one of the three majors she won as a mom.
ers and former womens Grand tournament. Its all I can focus on Serena Williams, holder of an
Slam tournament champions right now. Open-era record 23 Grand Slam dle of the night when she was spending too much time at
Sunday in the French Open. The fourth seed, Muguruza singles titles, is six months preg- sleeping, and then asking for home, Im feeling guilty about
No. 10 seed Venus Williams, was attempting to successfully nant. Victoria Azarenka, a two- breast, it was a little bit difficult. not being at the courts. Its hard
competing in an Open era-record defend a Grand Slam title for the time Australian Open champion, But still it was great having a kid. to nd that perfect balance.
20th French Open, met the crite- rst time in her career. That op- will join the traveling mom club Its better to travel with her Just over a year into being
ria in both categories as she will portunity came to a crushing halt this month with 6-month-old because shes making me laugh Sophias dad, Andy Murray also
depart Paris with a fourth-round against 13th seed Kristina Mlade- Leo. even if I have lost and Im in a says fatherhood has called for
loss. novic, a Frenchwoman who post- Some might think its a good bad mood. She comes and says, I career adjustments.
Williams was the last Ameri- ed a 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 upset cheered by time for Williams, 35, to plan a love you. Its great to have her When Im looking at my
can standing when she suffered the home crowd. graceful exit from the tour. But and not to think about only schedule I speak with my wife a
a 5-7, 6-2, 6-1 loss to 30th seed Defending her title was an from the moment she an- tennis. lot about it, about which events
Timea Bacsinszky of Switzerland. emotional and intimidating situa- nounced she was pregnant in Germanys Tatjana Maria says shes going to potentially come
It marked the second consecutive tion for the Spaniard. April, she said shed be back. In having a 3-year-old who con- along to, and making sure that
year in which Williams fell to She was still struggling to calm fact, when Williams contacted stantly wants to play is more de- were not apart for more than
Bacsinszky in the fourth round down by the time she arrived at her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, manding than when Charlotte three or four weeks at a time,
here. Bacsinszky turned her back her news conference, where early to tell him the exciting news, she was a content, sleeping baby. he said. I have noticed, especial-
in straight sets last year. into the proceedings she dis- didnt suggest he search for a Maria nds many of her peers ly in the last few months, the
Probably she wanted the re- solved into tears and had to brief- new player to counsel. even the single players in- older that she gets, the more
venge of last year, Bacsinszky ly step away to compose herself That was the whole discus- quiring as to how she copes as a things shes doing, the more
said. All the time when I step on before returning. sion when she called me, Mou- playing mom. shes changing, so I dont want to
these courts here, theres some- Everything played out against ratoglou said. Her rst sentence I just tell them to enjoy it if miss anything.
thing special happening. I feel Muguruza on Sunday, especially was, I am pregnant. But in the they do it and you will feel what James Blake lasted on the
really privileged to be able to play that the crowd was supporting same sentence it was, But I is right, Maria said. road for 18 months after his old-
on these courts. one of its own. want to be back. Bob Bry- er daughter, Riley, was born be-
It looked as if Williams might I think the crowd today was a There is no an, who fore deciding it was time to quit
battle it out against the Swiss little bit obviously tough for me, chance my ca- Its better to along with after the 2013 U.S. Open. He felt
player when she rebounded from Muguruza said. I understand. I reer ends like his brother, ready for the new stage of his
a 5-1 decit to win the rst set, just think that they were a little this. travel with her Mike, has life, which includes commentat-
but she ran out of energy to ght bit, sometimes should be a little Then the because shes won a rec- ing for Tennis Channel and play-
Bacsinsky in the nal two sets. bit more respectful. The chair next questions ord 112 ing golf for pleasure.
She had so many answers to- umpire has to always calm the was, Are you making me laugh doubles ti- Tennis is such a bubble,
day, Williams said. I just give crowd down. OK to wait for even if I have lost tles, includ- Blake said. It is your No. 1 (pri-
her credit for playing well every Im not here to create ene- me? Will you ing 16 ority), No. 2, No. 3, and every-
point, even in the rst set. Some- mies, she added. I mean, I love wait for me, be- and Im in a bad Grand thing else pales in comparison.
times its just bad luck. playing here. cause as soon as mood. She comes Slams, trav- When you have a kid, it slows
Before Williams took the court, Mladenovics win puts her into I have the baby, els part that down. Im excited to see
21st seed John Isner, the last her second career Grand Slam I want to go and says, I love time with how they (Williams and Azaren-
American man in singles, lost to quarternal, where she will battle back on tour you. his wife, ka) do. ... But I think if they do it
unseeded Russian Karen Khacha- Bacsinszky. Mladenovic also and want to Michelle, right, the perspective they can
nov 7-6 (7-1), 6-3, 6-7 (5-7), 7-6 reached the quarternals of the keep winning. I Kateryna Bondarenko, on her daughter, and three gain may even help their tennis.
(7-3). 2015 U.S. Open, while Bacsinszky said to her, Yes, Karin children, Asked how sure he was that
Williams, 36, also was the nal has played in three other quarter- I will wait for ranging in Williams will return for the 2018
former Grand Slam champion re- nals, with her best Grand Slam you, and I am happy to. age from 5 years to 20 months. season, Mouratoglou offered no
maining in the womens draw. At showing a 2015 French seminal Ukraines Kateryna Bonda- The Bryans have made more hesitation in his reply. We are
the start of Sunday, there were berth. renko initially thought mother- concessions of late with the fam- talking about Serena, so Id say
four former major champions in The other quarternal pairing hood signaled the end of her ily staying behind at times and 99% yes (shell come back), he
the mix: defending champion determined Sunday will match tennis career. But a few months when on the road bringing a said. You know that Serena is
Garbine Muguruza of Spain, Svet- 11th seed Caroline Wozniacki, a after her daughter, Karin, was nanny along to help. not afraid about challenges. She
lana Kuznetsova of Russia, Sa- former world No. 1, against 47th- born, Bondarenko missed play- Its made the road a lot more needs challenges. Theres no
mantha Stosur of Australia and ranked Jelena Ostapenko of Lat- ing and mounted a comeback. challenging, Bob Bryan said. challenge too big for her.
Williams. via. Rejoining the tour came with Sometimes you have that feel- Please write that she has no
Asked to weigh in on the lack Wozniacki, from Denmark, complications, but the 30-year- ing of guilt that youre spending chance to come back, because
of former Grand Slam champions outlasted 2009 French Open old never regretted the decision. too much time at the courts thats the best motivation you
in the draw moving forward, Wil- champion Kuznetsova 6-1, 4-6, It was hard at the beginning, when you should be being a dad can give to her, he added,
liams lacked interest in the 6-2, while Ostapenko upset 23rd Bondarenko said. I was still and helping relieve some of the laughing.
situation. seed Stosur 2-6, 6-2, 6-4. breast-feeding, and in the mid- pressure off Michelle. And if Im

Players condent in security at Wimbledon

Recent terror attacks in Britain of things, Nadal said, but its
happening very often today and
dont prompt players to skip major (it) is difficult to change that for
the moment.
France is still under a state of
en people in a busy area of Lon- emergency after a string of Islam-
The Associated Press don on Saturday night. ic extremist attacks, including
Its very hard to stop someone two in Paris.
getting in a van and driving The French Open continues
PARIS Professional tennis play- around trying to knock people until next weekend. Wimbledon
ers at the French Open say they over. How do you stop that? Its starts July 3 at the All England
are not worried about competing very difficult. Its very sad. Its Club in southwest London.
at Wimbledon next month de- tragic, Jamie Murray continued. Its obviously very awful
spite the recent attacks in Britain. Its just a shame that theres peo- whats happening, or whats hap-
Im sure Wimbledons on top ple out there that want to do that pened the last few weeks, and ob-
of that stuff, Britains Jamie stuff to other humans. viously what happened here in
Murray, the brother of No. 1- A van veered off the road and the past, as well, said former
ranked Andy Murray, said Sunday barreled into pedestrians on Lon- No. 1-ranked Caroline Wozniacki,
after reaching the doubles quar- don Bridge. Three men with large who is Danish. You know, I dont
ternals at Roland Garros. That knives then got out of the vehicle know what you can do to prevent
seems to be the world that we and attacked people at bars and it.
have to live in these days, which is restaurants in nearby Borough France is still under a state of emergency after a string of Is- Added Wozniacki: I think they
not much fun for anyone. But I Market until they were fatally lamic extremist attacks, including two in Paris. are, here and (in) the U.K., trying
guess you just have to trust in the shot by police. to do everything they can to keep
authorities and the people that There was a similar vehicle- Ariana Grande concert in Man- 10th at the French Open. (Its) the security at the highest level,
are in charge that they know and knife-attack on Westminster chester in northwest England. very bad news, and with these and I think here they are doing a
what theyre doing. Bridge in London in March that Its terrible to hear these kind kind of things, you cannot feel good job.
Britain suffered its third major left ve people dead. And on May of things, all around, said Spains 100% safe. ... Thats very bad news Im sure that when we go to
attack in three months when men 22, a suicide bomber killed 22 Rafael Nadal, who has won two for everybody. the U.K. to play, they will do a
using a van and knives killed sev- people and injured dozens at an Wimbledon titles and is seeking a Its tough to accept these kind great job, too.
Bill Cosby sex assault
trial is set to begin
What you
need to know
as the drama
unfolds 2D



Youll want to


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Donald Glover
says his next
Childish Gam-
bino album will
be his last.
Glover, who
created and
Theyre kicking butt and taking names on the big screen
stars in FXs
Atlanta, will
play Lando Andrea Mandell, Brian Truitt and Bryan Alexander l USA TODAY
Calrissian in the upcoming Han
Solo Star Wars spinoff and
Simba in the live-action Lion
Lets be clear: Gender equality in Hollywood is still a long way off. But theres progress afoot, and
King remake. Ill see you for the this summer were celebrating 10 women who are making their marks by breaking stereotypes.
last Gambino album, he said
at Governors Ball in New York.
Who should be capturing your attention? USA TODAYs movie team has thoughts.
Career check: After supporting Career check: Indias highest- Career check: The 32-year-old Career check: The Algerian-born
roles in Michael Clayton, Inher- paid Bollywood actress sprang Israeli actress earned her action- dancer has worked acrobatic
ent Vice and Steve Jobs, Water- to fame in the USA in 2015, movie bona des in the Fast screen magic as a lethal-footed
ston, 37, dived headrst into thanks to her role as an FBI agent and Furious franchise, though assassin in Kingsman: The Secret
the tentpole pool last fall as a in ABCs Quantico, just renewed she broke out as the powerful Service and with a scene-stealing
good-hearted witch in Fantastic for a third season. Wonder Woman, nearly stealing turn as the alien Jaylah in Star
Beasts and Where to Find Them. the show in last years Batman v Trek Beyond, where she had the
GETTY IMAGES Why were obsessed: Aside
Superman: Dawn of Justice. audacity to lounge in Kirks
Why were obsessed: Just from her acting chops, Chopra,
Mark Wahlberg is 46. Nick captains chair.
as galactic creatures feared 34, has become a red-carpet Why were obsessed: Before
Kroll is 39. Pete Wentz is 38.
Sigourney Weaver, theyd better favorite, with appearances at the she rejoins her fellow do-gooders Why were obsessed: Boutella,
STYLE STAR beware of Waterstons no- Oscars and the Met Gala. Bay- in this falls Justice League, Gadot 35, has double duty this summer
Zendaya was nonsense Daniels in Alien: watch (in theaters now) marks wields a sword, shield and her as a French spy seduced by
the epitome of Covenant (in theaters now). Chopras rst major U.S. lm role, signature Lasso of Truth in Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde
Hollywood glamour With lives on the line, she bran- and as the reboots chief villain, Wonder Woman (in theaters (July 28) and as Ahmanet, the
in a black gown, dishes a blaster and bungees off she kills it with a glamorous, now). Princess Diana tackles the cursed ancient princess brought
retro hairstyle a ying spacecraft to take down ruthless performance that should battleelds of World War I in her back to life to crush Tom Cruises
and pearls an alien on the way to being our put her on James Bonds radar. rst solo lm, with the hearts of Nick Morton in The Mummy
Saturday at new cosmic crush. fanboys and fangirls everywhere (Friday).
the Chrysalis on the line.
Butterfly Ball in
Brentwood, Bow down to Wonder Woman
Calif. Her outfit Diana Princes love life 4D Box office report 5D
Baker, the
late entertainer
and activist. MUSIC
Saturday was
the 111th anniversary
of her birth. Undaunted, Grande leads One Love concert
GREGG DEGUIRE, that left 22 dead and more than as Bieber performed.
Kim Hjelmgaard 100 injured as they exited the The message was repeatedly
USA SNAPSHOTS @khjelmgaard singers show at Manchester Are- made clear: Whether Manchester,
USA TODAY na. The concert took place de- London, Paris or Orlando, the ter-
spite an attack that killed seven rorists wont win.
Passwords in London Saturday night. More Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt
in a safe place MANCHESTER , ENGLAND The than $2.5 million was donated. emblazoned One Love Manches-
show went on. And it turned We came to show our respect, ter, Grande bounced around the
into a deant party with a mes- not just for Manchester (but) also stage and never appeared to
sage for those who would seek for London, said Jason Geal, who stand still for very long. It looked
to divide us. was attending with his wife and like she fought back tears once or
Fifty thousand people joined daughters. The Geals were in the twice, but on the whole she was
Ariana Grande, the Black Eyed audience during Grandes perfor- upbeat and energetic. Manches-
Peas, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieb- mance last month. We need to Ariana Grande performs at ter, I love you so, so much, she
the One Love concert, a fund-
of Americans keep a piece
er and more of the worlds big-
gest musical superstars for an
emotional but ultimately spirit-
show we are not scared, he said.
Summer was in the air and the
concert had an atmosphere remi-
raiser for bombing victims.
said on several occasions.
Pharrell Williams, Cyrus, Katy
Perry, Coldplay and One Direc-
of paper with all of their ed and uplifting concert Sunday niscent of an outdoor music festi- groups of girls in bunny ears tions Niall Horan also eceived
passwords somewhere to raise money for the victims val. There was beer and ice cream linked arms and sang along. rapturous welcomes from fans.
they deem safe. and families of the Manchester in ample supply and stalls selling Perhaps one of the most touch- Hundreds of millions of people
bomb attack two weeks ago. T-shirts and other band para- ing moments came when a police from more than 50 countries
SOURCE McAfee survey of 1,005 adults It was Grandes rst perfor- phernalia. Families mixed with officer joined hands with a group were expected to watch the con-
MICHAEL B. SMITH AND JANET LOEHRKE, USA TODAY mance since the May 22 attack teenagers and young adults and of children and skipped in a circle cert in some format.

Cosby drama nally reaches courtroom

Sex assault trial
likely his end, no
matter the verdict
Maria Puente

More than two years after Bill

Cosby was shoved off his showbiz
pedestal by an avalanche of accu-
sations of sexual assault, the once-
acclaimed comedy icon goes on
trial Monday over what happened
with one accuser more than 13
years ago.
Expect a trial as tightly focused
as Judge Steven ONeill can make
it on what happened at Cosbys
suburban Philadelphia estate in
January 2004, when Temple Uni-
versity official Andrea Constand
arrived for dinner and advice
from her mentor, Cosby, a Tem-
ple alum.
Do not expect to see Cosby tes-
tifying; he has said he wont.
Do not expect to watch the
trial; there will be no cameras in
and no transmissions of any kind
from the courtroom.
But it will be covered: More
than 100 journalists signed up to
watch the proceedings in Norris-
town, Pa. Bill Cosby goes on trial on charges of aggravated indecent sexual assault Monday in Norristown, Pa. He will not testify.
No matter the outcome
whether the jury nds him guilty elapsed. So Constand led a civil behavior with women as taken in
or innocent of three charges of suit; it was settled in 2006 for an his deposition.
aggravated indecent sexual as- undisclosed sum, and sealed.
sault this much is clear: Cosby In December 2015, local Dis- THE DEFENSE
is a broken idol, shattered by ac- trict Attorney Kevin Steele cited Cosbys team is headed by Phila-
cusations that he drugged and/or Cosbys unsealed deposition as delphia lawyer Brian McMonagle
raped women he knew or met new evidence when he led the and Los Angeles lawyer Angela
when he was becoming one of the charges against Cosby, just weeks Agrusa. Their strategy is likely to
most famous, powerful and be- before the statute of limitations focus on details in Constands sto-
loved gures in Hollywood. was to expire. ry they believe could lead to rea-
Cosby has said he hopes to re- sonable doubt. For instance, they
turn to his career. But thats high- THE ACCUSERS say, she told police she went to
ly unlikely, says Stuart Slotnick, a In a he-said-she-said case such as Cosbys house and left after he
criminal defense attorney who this, Constand will be the key touched her inappropriately the
has been following the case. witness. The prosecution sought rst time. But then she returned
There is no recovery for Bill to call 13 other accusers to testify after he invited her to dinner.
Cosby, based upon the massive to Cosbys alleged prior bad
number of reports of sexual KEVORK DJANSEZIAN, GETTY IMAGES
acts, but ONeill has allowed OTHER LAWYERS
abuse that the public has Attorney Gloria Allred, right, only one known by the pseud- There are a half-dozen lawyers
heard over the past several with accusers, including onym Kacey after ruling that who represent other accusers who
years, Slotnick says. Kacey, at her right, who her story (similar to Constands have led civil suits against Cosby.
If hes acquitted, Cosby, 79, will testify at the trial. in some details) can be heard by Gloria Allred is the main player
nearly blind and in uncertain the jury because its probative in this crowd. She will be in the
health, will at least avoid pris- THE CASE value outweighs any potential for courtroom when her client Ka-
on. If hes convicted, he could Cosby is charged with drugging unfair prejudice. cey testies.
get years behind bars. That will and then molesting Constand, Moreover, she has used the
have to be enough for the ve now 44, after she visited him at THE PROSECUTION Cosby case in her ongoing effort
dozen women who have come his estate. He says their encoun- According to former Pennsylva- to persuade legislatures to elimi-
forward since October 2014 to ac- ter was consensual. She reported nia prosecutor Dennis McAn- nate or extend statutes of limita-
cuse Cosby: Its too late for them the encounter to police a year lat- drews, the prosecutions case is tions on rape and child moles-
to pursue him in criminal court Cosby accuser Andrea er, but the then-district attorney expected to focus on Constands tation cases so that accusers can
because of statutes of limitations. Constand in December 2015. declined to le charges, citing testimony, Kaceys testimony pursue defendants in criminal
What else to expect in the trial: lack of evidence and the time and Cosbys own words about his court years after alleged assaults.

Powerful women give summer some sizzle


Career check: Johanssons
career needs little introduction,
but lets put it plainly: Playing
Black Widow in Marvels Aveng-
ers franchise has made her one of
Hollywoods wealthiest, most
bankable stars. Still, her recent
op, the critically derided Ghost
in the Shell, means ScarJo, 32,
could use a summer rebound.
Why were obsessed: Johans-
son gets down and dirty in Rough
Night (June 16), her rst raunchy,
R-rated summer comedy. The
bachelorette romp has every-
thing: copious amounts of Danielle Macdonald plays aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski,
tequila, a male stripper who dies aka Killa P, aka Patti Cake$. It hits theaters Aug. 18.
and Kate McKinnon.
rsum speaks for itself. Action
TILDA SWINTON lm nerds couldnt help but put
her on a pedestal, however, after
Career check: Swinton, 56, CHUCK ZLOTNICK
the 41-year-olds turn as the hard-
continues to add breadth to Michelle (Zendaya) helps keep Peter Parker (Tom Holland) charging Furiosa in 2015s Mad
her iconoclastic career as the grounded in Spider-Man: Homecoming, out July 7. Max: Fury Road.
creepiest dictator on a train in
the dystopic Snowpiercer (2014) Why were obsessed: Seriously,
and the wise Ancient One in whats not to love about her badly
Marvels Doctor Strange (2016). bruised, emotionally broken but
ultra-sexy MI6 agent in Atomic
Why were obsessed: Swinton
JONATHAN PRIME Blonde? In the midst of taking
straps the evil back on for Snow-
Charlize Theron goes Atomic down a German spy ring, she
piercer director Bong Joon Ho,
Blonde July 28. kicks a dude down a ight of
portraying the powerful CEO
stairs, seduces a lovely lady and
of a multinational corporation
looks really good in neon.
looking to prot from the strated glimpses of serious star
massive, lovable title creature potential but hasnt truly broken
in Netixs Okja (in theaters in out with roles as the mysterious DANIELLE MACDONALD
New York and Los Angeles and Margo in Paper Towns and
Career check: Macdonald, 26,
on Netix June 28). Enchantress in Suicide Squad.
took a turn on American Horror
Why were obsessed: The Story: Roanoke but became an it
role of Laureline in director Luc girl at this years Sundance Film
Career check: The mononymous Bessons Valerian and the City Festival, thanks to her role as
youngster has grown up under STX/EUROPACORP of a Thousand Planets (July 21) a young rapper in Patti Cake$
Mickey Mouses eye: The Cara Delevingne has her game face on in the futuristic Valerian sets Delevingne in the spotlight (Aug. 18). The art-house lm
20-year-old fashion maven, and the City of a Thousand Planets, coming July 21. as a futuristic special operative sparked a major bidding war
singer and former Disney alongside Dane DeHaan (A Cure and was bought by Fox Search-
Channel kid got her start on for Wellness). And shes got some light for $9.5 million.
Peter Parker in Spider-Man: smack-talking the teen hero.
Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover wild outts to boot.
Homecoming (July 7). While No web shooters needed. Why were obsessed: The
and has a self-titled pop album
shrouded in some mystery is CHARLIZE THERON go-for-broke Australian actress
to her credit.
she a new version of Peters long- CARA DELEVINGNE makes Patti Cake$ the underdog
Career check: Shes one of the
Why were obsessed: Zendaya time comic-book love Mary Jane story of the summer, spitting re
Career check: The 24-year-old most famous actresses in the
offers quirky swagger as Michelle, Watson? her quick-talking as a blue-collar New Jersey teen
British supermodel has demon- world, and her Oscar-winning
a classmate of Tom Hollands character has no problem with hip-hop aspirations.

What its
like to go
on a date
made for
reality TV
Tag along Carly Mallenbaum
with @thatgirlcarly

date on reality TV?
Whats it like to
and one Rachel Lindsay, ABCs rst
of her black Bachelorette, knows about
the lights, the producers and the
admirers screaming fans all too well. After
all, the 32-year-old attorney ap-
peared on Nick Vialls season of
The Bachelor and has been on
plenty of group dates this season.
But for 27-year-old Anthony
Battle, joining Lindsay for a one-
on-one that involved riding hors- Anthony Battle and Texas native Rachel Lindsay bring a little rodeo to Rodeo Drive on The Bachelorette.
es and shopping on Rodeo Drive
was, well, his rst rodeo. hat is left with a producer, who speaking in TV-friendly sound-
I was right there last March, lets me try it on. bites.
when USA TODAY got an exclu- Other producers admire the Once you start getting focused
sive glimpse of what Mondays hat, reassure each other the date on whats happening, you dont
episode of ABCs The Bachelorette went well and snack on cupcakes. even see the cameras anymore,
(8 ET/PT) is like between takes. Lindsay stands out in the the Chicago native says. Obvi-
For one, I learned that theres a group of makeup-free producers ously, in everyday life, you dont
lot of sitting around. wearing sweats: Shes movie-star get interviewed after every expe-
After Battle and Lindsay shop glamorous with a fresh face and a rience you have. So its something
in posh Beverly Hills stores, their striking, gap-toothed smile. Shes to get used to even more so than
equine companions waiting out- happy to talk about her recent the cameras, he says. Of the elab-
side, they sit on benches outside date, which, she says, was custom orate horseback riding date, he
of City Hall. With buses of tour- tailored for her. adds, Im just excited to get out
ists out of sight, they can relax. Maybe Im being a stereotype of the house and spend some
At least they appear relaxed as right now, but I am from Texas, so time with Rachel.
they wait to lm the confession- Ive expressed that I have this city Though Battle has traveled the
al interviews that are reality-TV side, but I also ride horses, Lind- world teaching English, this one-
staples, and then get ready for an- say says. I like a guy that can roll on-one date marks his rst time
other date. They seem to have an with the punches and not be out of the Bachelor mansion since
easy chemistry, but sit apart, per- afraid to try something new, says shooting began, and the rst time
haps saving more conversation the attorney, whos since revealed hes ever ridden a horse.
for when the cameras are rolling. that she is engaged to someone Producers gather around Bat-
Talk about embracing the en- on the show. tle and give him a pep talk before
tire look, Lindsay quips to Battle, Could it be Battle, the comput- he changes for another date. One
whos wearing the new cowboy er software engineer sitting just suggests he have a little make-
hat he and Lindsay purchased feet away from her? out with Lindsay.
(with ABCs money) on the date. Lindsay started her reality-TV experience as a Lindsay and Battle go off to Well see if the prompting was
He smiles. Meanwhile, Lindsays contestant when Nick Viall was The Bachelor. shoot, but he has less experience effective on Mondays episode.


Dear pop stars: Where

are the protest songs?
Maeve McDermott

What does protest music

sound like in the age of Trump?
Todays biggest pop stars have
some ideas.
According to Katy Perrys
purposeful pop song Chained to
the Rhythm, the resistance is a
disco track about suburban mal-
aise. Lana Del Rey claimed North
Korea as the inspiration behind
her new song Coachella Wood-
stock in My Mind, a track thats as
ery as a music-festival ower whose pre-Inauguration Day al- Kendrick
crown. Miley Cyrus told Billboard bums focused heavily on politics. Lamar leads
shes making a political new Snoop Dogg drew ire from the the way with
record. Yet, her lead single Mali- president for his Lavender video DAMN., a
bu had all the Americana inu- and YG and Nipsey Hussle re- vivid narra-
ences of Laurel Canyon folk and leased the boldly titled track (Ex- tive about
none of the progressive politics. pletive) Donald Trump. And the his view of
Considering all three of these best recent example of Trump- the country
stars have been accused of appro- era purposeful pop is Solanges under Presi-
priating urban culture, its time A Seat at the Table, released a dent Trump.
they stop stealing and start listen- month before the election, yet
ing. Since the election, hip-hop more politically resonant than
artists have released the dening few works of popular music since.
music of the Trump resistance. Of course, the spectrum of an-
Hip-hops political conscience ti-Trump music extends beyond
is nothing new, with protest in- just Lamar and Perry. Modern
grained in the storytelling of the folk music, has seen recent songs
genres forefathers. like Jason Isbells Hope the High
Kendrick Lamars chart-top- Road and Bruce Springsteens
ping DAMN. is 2017s best-selling That What Makes Us Great, an-
release so far, an album that thems focused more on staying
weaves vivid narratives about positive than taking a stand. Neil
race and poverty in America. Young and Green Day released
A month after DAMN.s re- social justice-oriented albums
lease, Logics Everybody replaced last year, and Gorillaz new Hu-
Lamars album at No. 1. Everybody manz references the dread, if not
features verses from Public Ene- the politics, of life under Trump.
mys Chuck D, Black Thought And with full albums coming
from the Roots and Killer Mike from Perry, Lana and Cyrus, in
from Run the Jewels, uniting addition to Ani DiFranco and Jeff
three decades of socially con- Tweedy, theres more potential
scious rap. The month before, for protest songs to come.
Joey Bada$$ All-Amerikkkan Less than seven months since
Bada$$ landed at No. 5, an album the election seems too soon for a
that borrows both its spelling and Blowin in the Wind-style genera-
its excoriation of police brutality tional anthem to arrive. But con-
from Ice Cubes 1990 classic sidering the bold statements from
AmeriKKKas Most Wanted. the hip-hop world, the protest song
Alongside Lamar, Logic and that comes to dene the Trump
Bada$$ are A Tribe Called Quest era will likely sound less like Imag-
and Run the Jewels, two groups ine and more like Alright.


Stacking up real, TV Daytime Divas 10 ET/PT), a soapy parody of the former View co-host Star Jones, She has no reservations about ried to a race-car driver. We have
Lorena Blas genre. author of Satans Sisters, the basis comparisons. Its another strong a journalist who has been in the
@byLorenaBlas The basic analogy? Daytime for Daytime Divas, who told her woman whos in charge and there thick of war and considered a
USA TODAY Life Divas is to The View as Lifetimes all the stories she wrote were are high expectations. ... Theres very credible war correspondent.
UnREAL is to ABCs The true. an effort for perfection. We have the young character who
Bachelor. Williams plays presiding diva Other characters, Williams was a child star in her own TV
Vanessa Williams knows a I understand the game. I un- Maxine Robinson, a TV journalist says, are an amalgamation of dif- show who struggles with addic-
thing or two about daytime talk derstand the show, Williams says who rules from the coveted left ferent hosts from The View and tion and her own demons that
shows. of Divas, adding, But, obviously, chair on The Lunch Hour. Sound newer rivals The Talk and The Maxine is trying to mentor.
Ive been able to co-host a few the behind-the-scenes drama is familiar? (And no, Williams Real. Heres the rundown of the Day-
times on different talk shows, nothing that I experienced. doesnt know whether View cre- Weve got a comedian who has time Divas and the real-life talk
says the actress, who stars in She received a call about the ator Barbara Walters has seen it a standup career. We have an hosts who have something in
VH1s Daytime Divas (Monday, series last year from attorney and yet.) evangelical character whos mar- common:


(WILLIAMS), a snarky comedian who KELLOGG a Pulitzer-winning jour- (CHLOE
a respected journalist likes stirring things up nalist with a taste for
(FIONA serious topics that BRIDGES),
and interviewer of kings a former child star
and presidents
REAL-LIFE GUBELMANN), she would like to
PARALLELS: The a conservative, faith-and-family continue to pursue REAL-LIFE PARALLELS: The
REAL-LIFE PARALLELS: The Views Joy Behar, mom whos married to a Views Raven-Symon, The
race-car driver REAL-LIFE
Views Barbara Walters tops Rosie ODonnell, PARALLEL: The Reals Tamera Mowry-Housley
the list and Maxines Lunch Sherri Shepherd REAL-LIFE PARALLELS: The Views Lisa Ling, a and The Talks Sara Gilbert all
Hour introduction echoes and Whoopi Gold- Views Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a globe-trotting report- were child actors.
Walters View opener. The berg all have solid com- conservative mom married to a er who outside of the show
Views Meredith Vieira lls the edy credentials. The Reals Loni former NFL quarterback, covered a drug war in Colombia Contributing: Bill Keveney
bill, too. Love is a stand-up pro, too. served as The Views conserva- and elephant poaching in Chad. DAYTIME DIVAS BY VH1; WALTERS BY IDA MAE
tive bulwark. Or maybe Can- ASTUTE, AP; ODONNELL BY MARY ALTAFFER, AP;
dace Cameron Bure, a mother HASSELBECK COURTESY OF ABC;
whos married to a former NHL LING BY FREDERICK M. BROWN, GETTY IMAGES;


Wonder Woman wears the cape in this relationship

Diana may have
Steve, but shes a
force all her own
Andrea Mandell

The rst man Wonder Woman

ever met turned out to be her
perfect Bumble match.
Amazon warrior Diana Prince
(played by Gal Gadot) and Steve
Trevor (Chris Pine), an American
spy ghting alongside the Brits in
World War I, are brave, physical
characters, operating with a sense
of duty and not too shabby in
the looks department, either.
But its worth pondering: Why Steve Trevor to Superman (and, Gadot and
did lmmakers decide to swipe ahem, even some women). Pine radiate
right on Steve? Could Diana And Pine, 36, delivered: Critics that star
Princes origin story have sur- have hailed the chemistry be- power off-
vived without a boyfriend at all? tween the two stars, who banter screen, too.
Director Patty Jenkins says easily throughout the course of a
Wonder Woman deserved an wide-eyed Dianas acclimatiza-
equal. In my mind, I always tion to a mans world.
thought, just because shes a Gadot and Pine have fantastic
woman (doesnt mean she chemistry and Pine does well as
shouldnt) have the great love, the audiences surrogate, display-
too, Jenkins says. ing appropriate amusement
But in making Wonder Woman and curiosity at Dianas strange
(in theaters now), lmmakers ways, USA TODAY critic Kelly
kept a careful eye on how their Lawler writes.
Steve was drawn. Case in point: Upon meeting
The last thing Diana needed as Steve, Diana asks the chiseled
she set off to ght the god of war blue-eyed spy if hes a typical ex-
was to be in a condescending re- ample of the male species. Later,
lationship, Jenkins says. as the two sail away from the all-
With (Steve), theres room for female island Themyscira, Pine
her to be the superhero that she claries that hes more fairly de-
is. If what were doing is living scribed as above average.
that dream of being the super- In todays Hollywood land-
hero you want to be, part of that scape, it can be difficult to nd
dream is meeting a man who is a an A-list male star willing to
truly great man who has no prob- play second ddle in a woman-led
lem with that and who wants to story. But Jenkins says Pine was
be with that woman. game.
Slowly, Steve learns of Dianas No stranger to roles in big-
power while still aiming for Theyre both about whos going to be in charge, Chiseled spy budget spectacles, from Star
something resembling chivalry. (and) when. Steve (Chris Treks Captain Kirk to Cinderel-
Whats great about the love alphas. ... Theres A love interest squares Diana Pine) meets las grin-inducing prince in Into
story for me is that theyre denitely a struggle with the boys tales, making her more than the Woods, Pine acted as a sturdy
both alphas, says screenwriter no different from Iron Man, Cap- his match in foil for Gadot, 32, on Wonder
Allan Heinberg, calling Wonder about whos going tain America or Batman, all the fearsome Woman.
Woman his favorite superhero to be in charge, of whom had love interests in Diana (Gal She had the weight of the
since childhood. And neither one their silver-screen origin stories. Gadot). world on her shoulders in some
of them really wants a relation- (and) when. Theres also the source material. regard, he says. I was just was
ship. Theres curiosity at rst, Screenwriter Allan Heinberg In the comics, Wonder Woman there to support and make her
but theres denitely a struggle has dated a series of men, from laugh and irt.

What a weekend for Wonder Woman

$100 million debut complained of gender inequality
after the Alamo Drafthouse
But Pirates still sails well over-
seas. It has collected $386.6 mil-
breaks Hollywoods scheduled a handful of female- lion internationally, driving the
only screenings across the coun- Disney sequel to more than $500
male-superhero grip try. Lebanon banned the lm be- million worldwide.
cause Gadot is Israeli. The Dwayne Johnson and Zac
Nevertheless, Wonder Woman Efron reboot of Baywatch
Jake Coyle represents a turning point for dropped to fth place in its sec-
The Associated Press Warner Bros. and DC Comics, ond weekend with $8.5 million.
which have together struggled in The success of Wonder Woman
recent years to match the Mar- gave the summer box office a
NEW YORK Wonder Woman con- vel-Disney juggernaut. While much-needed charge. Thus far,
quered milestones and movie Wonder Woman didnt match the the seasons only blockbuster has
myths at theaters, where the Pat- box office might of Batman v been Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.
ty Jenkins-directed superhero Superman: Dawn of Justice (a 2, which fell to fourth place for
lm powered its way to a $100.5 $166 million opening) or Suicide the weekend with $9.7 million. It
million debut this weekend and Squad ($133.7 million), it was has made $355.5 million in North
became the biggest blockbuster much better-received than those America and $816.6 million
ever directed by a woman. roundly derided releases. worldwide.
The well-reviewed movie easi- This is a dramatic step in the Wonder Woman, though,
ly surpassed industry expecta- right direction, Goldstein says. pushed the weeks box office up
tions with one of summers Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman were many steps over the rest. Weve heard fans. Weve heard 30% over the same week last year,
biggest debuts, according to stu- critics. These properties are very according to comScore.
dio estimates Sunday. Starring cluding $38 million in China. just 9% of the 250 top-grossing complicated and beloved. To get This saves the day, at least for
Gal Gadot as the Amazonian war- It shows that superhero movies in North America in 2015 it right, it takes a lot of work. now, for the summer box office,
rior princess, Wonder Woman is movies arent just about men. and only 7% in 2016. Last weeks top lm, Pirates says Paul Dergarabedian, senior
the rare and most successful Theyre about women as well, Jenkins, who directed 2003s of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell media analyst for comScore.
female-led lm in an overwhelm- says Jeff Goldstein, distribution Monster, starring Charlize The- No Tales, slid dramatically to Heading into this weekend, the
ingly male superhero landscape. chief for Warner Bros. All the ron, now holds the record for big- $21.6 million in its second week. summer movie season was down
It proved a hit with movie- noise about Patty Jenkins break- gest domestic opening for a It landed in third place, behind about 9%, and that decit has
goers, earning an A on Cinema- ing the glass ceiling for directors female director. The old mark Captain Underpants: The First been cut by about half in this one
Score. While skewing somewhat added to its success as well. was Sam Taylor-Johnsons Fifty Epic Movie. The animated re- weekend.
female, it drew a fairly evenly Women have long struggled to Shades of Grey with $85.1 million lease, in which a pair of students Final gures are expected
split audience: 52% female and get behind the cameras of Holly- in 2015. make their principal think hes a Monday.
48% male. Wonder Woman added woods biggest productions. Some still had problems with superhero by hypnotizing him,
$122.5 million internationally, in- Female directors accounted for Wonder Woman. Online critics opened with $23.5 million. Contributing: Kim Willis

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BY Patrick Jordan By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek 6/5 B B E T T Y Y S E L B K
THATS AN Find and Circle:
Seven words starting with AB O G H E I B I V K B A E
INSULT! Five five-letter colors
Andrews McMeel

Home to Batman: ____ ____ R I C L A H O A C L R D

ACROSS Two four-letter bodies of water
1 Challenger to Trump Enduring actress White B E I J WC L U I A D O
10 Quitting hour for
14 Slip N Slide By John Wilmes 6/5 By David L. Hoyt and Russell L. Hoyt 6/5
15 Basra native 1. COMMON
16 Like some surgery or Church benches
exams 2.
17 Like rectangular- Elliptical shape
shaped diamonds
Rhyming --> 4.
19 Drop in the ocean?
20 Flipped, as a house 5.
Point of ____ Return by
21 Makes unwanted Kansas 6.
advances to, say
Andrews McMeel

23 Potatoes purchase Small pit 7. BOSTON

25 Taylor of
2007 film, Clues: Fridays Answer
American Crime ____ Almighty 1. It benefits everyone GONNA GIVE
26 Winter hrs. in Peoria
Fridays Answer 2. Positive press GIVE IN
29 Component of --> tequila brand 3. Marketing event IN THE
concrete L A Z E 4. Risk-taking fill-in THE NATURAL
31 1980 chart-topper for Sluggish 5. Way to up the ante NATURAL DISASTER
Blondie Andrews McMeel 6/5 A C E R 6. New Orleans, to Chicago DISASTER RELIEF
35 With a fresh start 69 One who says, in a 18 Woeful word 59 Creatures in I N T O 7. Beantown neighborhood RELIEF PITCHER
37 Delivery door spot, game 22 Jai ___ Darwinian theory QUICKCROSS
often 70 Contract detail 24 Theyre covered by 60 Weigh station visitor R E A S ON YOUR PHONE PLAY ONLINE
6/2 mobilegames.usatoday.com PUZZLES.USATODAY.COM Andrews McMeel
39 Products of planning 71 The first liquid midis 62 Egyptian queen,
sessions laundry detergent 26 Atkins Diet taboos, informally
40 Portnoys 72 Trims to fit, perhaps briefly 63 Ingredient in SUDOKU
Complaint author 73 Green-skinned 27 Snobbish sort homemade pie crust
Philip mentor in 57-Across 28 Colorful aquarium 64 Austen novel made Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x2
box contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). box contains the numbers 1 through 6 (no repeats).
41 To whom a soul may fish into a movie
be sold DOWN 30 Geena of The 67 Typical Happy Meal
43 Rascally kids 1 Mother of Chaz Bono Exorcist eater 4 8 5 3 6 6 4 1 3 5
44 Contemporary of 2 Surrounder of the 32 Curtis who ran
Bela in horror Vatican with Wallace in 3 8 6 9 5
46 Entree go-with 3 Gets value from 1968 Fridays Answer
47 Forceful blow 4 Planes in the Pearl 33 Canadas 1 7 5 5 3 6 1
48 Comic book fastener Harbor attack national tree
50 Super Monkey Ball 5 2012 addition to the 34 Krupp family city 3 7 9 5 6 6 2 4 5
creator MLB playoffs 36 Sound from a
52 Nikkei Index currency 6 OHares airport code lion tamer 7 4 2 8 1 3
53 Faucet word 7 Word in supersonic 38 Drives a bumper
55 Model in a bottle, speeds car, say 2 5 6 1 7 3 2 1 5 6
maybe 8 ERA part 42 Chickens on DIFFICULTY RATING )
57 Movie series with the 9 Acid used in fertilizer many egg farms 6 7 3 Fridays Answers
Force production 45 At a snails pace 2 3 7 1 5 9 4 6 8 4 3 6 1 2 5
61 Source of prophecy 10 Archaeology class 49 Tick away 4 3 2 5 4 9 6 7 3 8 1 5 2 1 2 5 6 4 3
65 The bearded Smurf outing, maybe 51 Far from stuffy 8 1 5 4 2 6 9 7 3
66 Spoken-word 11 Controller of the 54 R2-D2 or WALL-E 3 5 8 6 4 5 4 8 6 9 3 7 2 1 5 1 3 4 6 2
3 6 1 2 7 4 5 8 9
competition pupils size 56 Pale-looking 6/2 6/5 DIFFICULTY RATING )$$$$ 9 7 2 8 1 5 6 3 4
2 6 4 5 3 1
68 Boardroom VIP, 12 Barn roof attachment 57 Do a spit take CROSSWORDS SUDOKU FUSION 3 4 1 2 5 6
7 2 4 5 8 1 3 9 6
briefly 13 Grand Lodge group 58 Roll after landing ON YOUR PHONE ON YOUR PHONE 1 5 3 9 6 2 8 4 7 6 5 2 3 1 4
Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. mobilegames.usatoday.com mobilegames.usatoday.com Andrews McMeel 6 8 9 3 4 7 2 1 5 6/2

1 2 3
Todays theme WIGGLES 3D GAMES
Character traits M O S C O W
Across Down 4
Humorist Franklin P. Rearrange the words to complete the quote.
4 1. 73255377 1. 78845377 Use the 5 Jones reflects BEING MAKES MORE NOISY NOTHING PARTY TOLERANT
4. 84265 2. 5463 phone L S A N A A
5 keypad to
on human nature.
6. 37833633 3. 759 E T D N
8. 749 5. 78376 decode the ___________ ___________ YOU ________
clues. R H O
9. 226 7. 879
6 7
For example: 6
______________ OF A NEIGHBORS ___________
2 could be A,
B or C ... and E E ___________ THAN ___________ THERE.
5678 could 7
L U S A K A 6/5

8 9 be LOST
Fridays Answer: I am not a heavy drinker. I can sometimes go

USA TODAY and Rich Coulter Fridays solution for hours without touching a drop. - Noel Coward

CALENDAR Plan your week in entertainment with these highlights and pop-culture milestones:

VIEW: The blockbuster Beauty
and the Beast is out Tuesday.
The live-action remake of the
Disney animated classic stars
Emma Watson as Belle and
Dan Stevens as the Beast.

LISTEN: Lady Antebellum
releases Heart Break on Friday.
The albums rst single, You Look
Good, arrived in January. The
group is on the road now for its
You Look Good World Tour.
TV WATCH: The ladies of Litcheld
TUNE IN: Season 2 of Queen return to Netix for a fth season MUSIC
of the South premieres Thursday of Orange Is the New Black GO: The Mummy hits theaters
at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA. The series on Friday. Last season left off with nationwide Friday. The movie
starring Alice Braga asTeresa the inmates rioting after the death stars Tom Cruise as adventurer
Mendoza, aka Queen of the South of one of their own at the hands of Nick Morton, who inadvertently
is based on the novel La Reina one of the guards. This season unearths a powerful Egyptian
del Sur and follows Mendoza takes place in the days after princess (Soa Boutella), and
as a Mexican woman who tries the incident. chaos ensues. Russell Crowe
to bring down the drug ring that and Annabelle Wallis also star.
has her on the run. Compiled by Mary Cadden

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
ABC The Bachelorette Six men go to a comedy talk show; Rachel takes a bachelor Still Star-Crossed Following Prince Local Programs Jimmy Kimmel Live
horseback riding. (N) Escalus order. (N)
Kelly Lawler CBS Kevin Can Wait Man with a Plan Mom Adam moves Life in Pieces Scorpion Attempt to rig presidential Local Programs Late Show
@klawls Kevin in control. Blizzard. in temporarily. Family moments. election. Stephen Colbert (N)
USA TODAY Fox Gotham Gotham villains reveal their plans; Gordon tries to get Lee back. (N) Local Programs
(Season finale)
NBC 2017 Stanley Cup Final Game 4: Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators from Bridgestone Arena (Live) Local Programs Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon (N)
GOTHAM PBS Antiques Roadshow War memorabilia. Secrets of the Tower of London Independent Lens Gay rights. Charlie Rose (N)
FOX, 8 ET/PT CW Supergirl Supergirl is seriously injured. Whose Line? (N) Whose Line? Local Programs
Fans are speculating about which ION Criminal Minds Criminal profiling. Criminal Minds Hostage situation. Criminal Minds Diffusing situation. Criminal Minds Kates replacement.
new Batman character will pop Telemundo El Capo Lder narco. (N) La querida del Centauro (N) La querida del Centauro (N) Al rojo vivo (N) Titulares y ms
up in the two-hour Season 3 Univision La reina de la cancin (N) La Doble vida de Estela Carrillo La Piloto Viajes ilegales. (N) Primer (N) Noticiero Univ. (N)
nale, but it will certainly be CABLE
eventful, with Gothams factions A&E The First 48 Violent turf war. Women Who Kill Women more likely to kill family. (N) The First 48 Murder on video.

gearing up for war after a virus AMC Tombstone (1993) Better Call Saul Jimmy tries to reconcile his debts. Better Call Saul Desperate measures. (N) Better Call Saul Desperate measures.

was unleashed in last weeks Animal Planet Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Files (N) Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Files (N) Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Files (N) Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Files

episode. It might be hard to top BBC America Star Trek: Voyager Transporter mishap. Star Trek: Voyager Seska calls for aid. Star Trek: Voyager Kazon takeover. Star Trek: Voyager Q holds a trial.

that bombastic outing, but this BET Precious Gabourey Sidibe (2009) (6:00) Deuces A cop must choose his job duty or loyalty to his new best friend. (2016)

show always seems to nd a way Bravo Southern Charm Southern Charm (N) Southern Charm Savannah (N) What Happens Southern Charm

to go bigger. Cartoon King of the Hill American Dad! Cleveland Show American Dad! Bobs Burgers Bobs Burgers Family Guy Family Guy
CMT Monster-In-Law Woman battles mother for sons love. Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda (2005) Monster-In-Law Woman battles mother for sons love. (2005)
CNBC Shark Tank Popsicles; goat rental. Shark Tank High-tech insole. The Profit Ice cream shops. The Profit Father and son.
CNN Anderson Cooper 360 (N) Anderson Cooper 360 (N) CNN Special Report (N) CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (N)
Comedy South Park South Park Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Daily Show (N) @midnight
Destination Am Paranormal Lockdown Paranormal Lockdown (N) Paranormal Lockdown Unlocked (N) Paranormal Lockdown
Discovery Street Outlaws: Full Throttle (N) Street Outlaws Midnight Rambler. (N) Street Outlaws
Disney Stuck in the Middle Andi Mack Liv and Maddie Liv and Maddie Tangled: Series Tangled: Series Pat the Dog Jessie
DisXD Gravity Falls Billy Dilley Star vs. Forces Star vs. Forces Pickle and Peanut Pickle and Peanut Walk the Prank Walk the Prank
E! Keeping Up with the Kardashians Keeping Up with the Kardashians Keeping Up with the Kardashians E! News (N)
Esquire Knife Fight Knife Fight Knife Fight Brew Dogs Expensive beer. Brew Dogs Race track beer.
Food Kids BBQ Championship (N) Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (N) Incredible (N) Diners, Drive-Ins Diners, Drive-Ins Diners, Drive-Ins
Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight (N) The Five (N) Hannity (N) Tucker Carlson Tonight
Freeform Shadowhunters Widening rift. (N) Stitchers (N) (Season premiere) Shadowhunters Widening rift. The 700 Club Six-Day War.
FX Snow White and the Huntsman Snow White is joined by a hunter on a campaign to kill her stepmother. (2012) Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
FXX The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons
JEFF NEUMANN, FOX GSN Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Cash Cab Cash Cab
Something big is brewing for Jervis Hallmark Last Man Standing Last Man Standing The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle The Golden Girls The Golden Girls
(Benedict Samuel) and Gotham. HGTV Tiny House (N) Tiny House (N) Tiny Hunters (N) Tiny Hunters (N) House Hunters (N) International House Hunters International
History American Pickers American Pickers (N) Pawn Stars (N) Pawn Stars (N) Pawn Stars Los Angeles.
DAYTIME DIVAS HLN Primetime Justice (N) Beyond Reasonable Doubt Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files
VH1, 10 ET/PT ID Real Story with Maria Bill Cosby: An American Scandal (N) Real Story with Maria (N) Real Story with Maria
Daytime television has plenty IFC That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show That 70s Show
of drama on screen and in the Lifetime Escaping Dad Runaway wife must keep kids safe. (2017) The Psycho She Met Online House guest has evil intentions. Charity Shea (2017)
headlines, but if you ever MSNBC All in with Chris Hayes (N) The Rachel Maddow Show (N) Last Word with Lawrence ODonnell (N) The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (N)
wondered how much more MTV Teen Mom Traveling to Puerto Rico. Teen Mom Counseling session. (N) Teen Mom (N) Promposal Tm Counseling session.
drama there might be behind the NatGeo Year Million Virtual humanity. Explorer Life on the inside. Explorer Mental health. (N) Explorer Life on the inside.
scenes, VH1s soapy series hopes NatGeo Wild Animal Dance Battles Attracting a mate. Animal All-Stars (N) (Series premiere) Animal Fight Night Killer contest. Animal Dance Battles Attracting a mate.
to satisfy your curiosity. The Nick The Thundermans Nicky, Ricky Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends
show, which stars Vanessa OWN Dateline on OWN Murdered woman. Dateline on OWN Husband vanishes. Dateline on OWN Shifting stance. Dateline on OWN Murdered woman.
Williams, follows the backstage Oxygen Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped
antics at a ctional daytime talk Pop My Best Friends Wedding A woman tries to prevent a wedding. Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz (1997) Taxi Taxi driver has tips for bumbling cop. (2004)
show, The Lunch Hour, which Science What on Earth? Biblical mystery. Unearthed The lost city of Chichen Itza. Unearthed Lost civilization. What on Earth? Biblical mystery.
looks a lot like The View or The Spike Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops
Talk. Divas is based on the ction Sundance Edward Scissorhands A young man with scissors for hands tries to adjust to life in the suburbs. (1990) Christine Middle-class teenagers take heroin. (1987)
book Satans Sisters by original Syfy The Da Vinci Code A plot to find descendants of the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene unfolds. Tom Hanks (2006) Pompeii Kit Harington (2014)
View co-host Star Jones. Think of TBS Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy American Dad! (N) Angie Tribeca (N) Conan (N)
it as the UnREAL of daytime talk. TCM Roman Holiday A princess pretends to be a commoner. Gregory Peck (1953) Love in the Afternoon A woman becomes obsessed with a playboy. (1957) (10:15)
uStory, 4D TLC Long Lost Family A fathers regret. Long Lost Family Searching for truth. Long Lost Family A male musician. Long Lost Family Searching for mom.
TNT American Sniper Deadliest sniper questions every kill shot as targets are men, women and children. Bradley Cooper (2015) Talladega Nights: Ballad (2006)
Travel Bizarre Foods Bizarre Foods Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Best Bars (N) Best Bars (N)
TruTV Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes
TV Land M*A*S*H Everybody Loves Raymond Loves Raymond Loves Raymond Loves Raymond King of Queens King of Queens
USA WWE Monday Night Raw from Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (Live) Queen of the South Teresa is pursued.
VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Rocky start. (N) Basketball Wives Jackie hosts party. (N) Daytime Divas (N) (Series premiere) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Rocky start.
Viceland Intervention Intervention Dreams derailed. Intervention Female addicts. The Therapist (N) Desus & Mero (N) Desus & Mero
WE CSI: Miami Fierro returns. CSI: Miami Refinery explosion. CSI: Miami Fisherman in danger. CSI: Miami Woman assaulted.
Weather Secrets of the Earth Python; killer bee. So You Think Youd Survive? Highway Thru Hell Trucks lumber. Highway Thru Hell Stuck under semi.
WGN America E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial A young boy befriends an alien. Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas (1982) How I Met Mother How I Met Mother How I Met Mother
Cinemax The Ring A reporter investigates a videotape that causes each person who sees it The Exorcist An aging priest is called in to drive a demon from the body of a
to die. Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson (2002) 12-year-old. Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow (1973)
Encore Transporter 2 Mercenary battles boys Bad Girls Four former prostitutes become outlaws in the Stargate A language expert helps the military open a portal
kidnappers. Jason Statham (2005) (7:30) Old West after a deadly encounter. Madeleine Stowe (1994) that leads to other worlds. Kurt Russell (1994) (10:43)
FXM Battleship During a naval war games exercise, an international fleet of ships comes in contact with an Battleship An international fleet of ships battles an alien
alien armada, and an intense battle erupts between them. Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgrd (2012) armada of unknown origins. Taylor Kitsch (2012) (10:40)
Hallmark Movies Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery During a renovation demolition, Murder, She Wrote Producer killed at
Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Clary Courtney Thorne-Smith (2017) (7:00) the bones of a teenage girl are discovered. Jewel, Colin Ferguson (2017) Milan Film Festival
(Katherine McNamara) are back
hunting demons on Shadowhunters. HBO If Youre Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast Life after 90 is Get Smart A quirky analyst is promoted to help an agent fight The Leftovers The Book of Nora.
celebrated. Carl Reiner (2017) evil syndicates crime wave. Steve Carell (2008)
SHADOWHUNTERS Lifetime Movie Wrong Swipe Young girl has dangerous connection on dating app that uses GPS The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit Strangers handcuffed together go on a journey to
to match users. Anna Hutchison, Karissa Staples (2016) find answers. (2017)
Showtime Twin Peaks: The Return Case files. Im Dying Up Here The stand-ups are Twin Peaks: The Return Case files. Im Dying Up Here The stand-ups are
The paranormal series returns for introduced. introduced.
its second season on Freeform as Starz American Gods Shadow & Mr. The White Princess King Henrys The White Princess King Henrys American Gods Shadow and Mr.
the network continues to seek a Wednesday seek shelter. weaknesses are revealed. weaknesses are revealed. Wednesday seek shelter.
show that will lure fans the way TMC Enemy at the Gates A Russian and a German sniper take part in game of Woman in Gold Holocaust survivors familys art claimed by government, sparking
Pretty Little Liars did in its early cat-and-mouse during battle. Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes (2001) legal battle. Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds (2015) (10:15)
years. Shadowhunters is not that SPORTS NETWORKS
show, but its a fun urban fantasy, ESPN 2017 NCAA Womens CWS WCWS Finals, Game 1 (Live) SportsCenter MLB Baseball Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live)

based on Cassandra Clares The ESPN2 2017 NCAA Baseball Championship Regionals (Live) SportsCenter NCAA Baseball Championship (Live)

Mortal Instruments book series, FS1 UFC Fight Night Prelims from Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil FIFA Confederations Cup Preview MLB Whip Around

that might satisfy fans who miss Golf Feherty Feherty Feherty Golf Central

The Vampire Diaries. MLB MLB Baseball Regional (Live) MLB Tonight
NBA NBA Specials NBA TV Finals Film Room 2017 NBA Finals Film Room, Game 2 NBA Specials

Robert Bianco is on sabbatical, but NBCSports Poker After Dark Poker After Dark Poker After Dark NHL Overtime (Live)

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