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AjCristina Meristany 2 Can¢ao Do Poeta Do Século XVII lodinhal Song of an Eighteenth Century Poet ALFREDO FERREIRA H.VILLA-LOBOS English Lyria by Sultan De Gray %8 Andantino quasi lento _ Gd Andante moderato So-nhei quea noite ¢- ra fes- ti-vae tris-tea hi - a 7 dreamt last night tke moon was heav-y - heart - ed, dois naes-tra-daen-lu=a - ra- da fri - ae @ = lone up - on the moon it street de Nu-vens a cor-rer em Driv - ing— clouds in Copyright 1953 by Southern Music Publishing Company, ac. Laternational Copyright Secured ‘Printed in U.S.A, ‘All Rights Reverved Including the Right of Public Performance for Profit ral. rit. a tempo E com as nos-sas i-lu-sdes de fan-ta-si - as And we like clouds ran seek -ing for tl Iu ~ sion co-mo no céu wed live im heaw a a tar— u-ma do - ce can- co que en-che de luz oo pad weal ting - ing of songs that fill with light our love of — pay = a od Tin - das pri-ma - ve - apring-tide of our glad ~ *