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BA (Hons) Music Performance Year 2, 2016 Musicianship 2

Negotiated Learning Plan

Name: Josh Dunne

1. You will reflect on your ability as a performer and musician, to identify areas in which you
feel you excel, and other aspects that require further development; in other words, you
will disclose your strength and weaknesses as a musician/instrumentalist.

Strengths Weaknesses


Left foot, right foot coordination

Control of roles and rudiments, moving

around the kit

Use of cymbals, having more control of the

cymbal making every hit count towards the
feel of the song, solo piece

Double strokes, and use of the kick pedal.

Developing my technique so my right foot
has more control rather than tensing up when
trying to keep a consistent double stroke (or
variation of patterns) throughout a piece

Developing knowledge of various different

playing styles in the feel of jazz, funk, Latin

Knowing when to and when not to embellish

certain parts of songs, in order to create the
appropriate feel

2. How will you address these points for development? You should give an outline of the
learning plan you will put into action to develop these areas.

Through my own research I will be gathering various pieces of exercises that are specific to
the areas in which I wish to develop the most. The exercises will gradually build with difficult
as not to overload myself, as there will be a few different exercises to get through within every
couple weeks.

BA (Hons) Music Performance Year 2, 2016 Musicianship 2

3. In order to evaluate your progress, you are expected to achieve developmental

milestones in your learning. Please give approximate dates for these milestones and what
you aim to achieve at those points in time.

In order to evaluate my progress I will be keeping a blog, which will provide various pieces of
research towards my own development as well as clips of myself to show where I am at now
and hopefully how much I have improved by the end of the year. The blog will be updated
every couple of weeks to give myself time for development in-between updates.

4. You will research and compile three pieces for your solo repertoire that reflect an
appropriate level for your development. The pieces should be sufficiently challenging and
diverse in style. The final selection of pieces will be discussed and agreed by your tutor to
ensure that the level of difficulty, style and technicality suitable for solo repertoire. Please
provide a provisional list of three solo pieces (that must be approved by your tutor).

Debaser - The Pixies

Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai
Message in as bottle The Police

BA (Hons) Music Performance Year 2, 2016 Musicianship 2