Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education

June 6, 2017
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a. identify the different Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies;
b. differentiate the different PEC’s;
c. demonstrate the different PEC’s specially in a critical situation.

A. TOPIC: Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies
 https://www.slideshare.net/djpprkut/tle-entepreneur
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aACh74rv7Mw
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4gTguql1xc
 TLE_PECS7-12-00-1

C. MATERIALS: Multimedia Presentation, Computer, Manila Paper, Markers.

A. Preliminary Activities:
1. Checking of attendance
2. Motivation
How do you love your family? How about your friends? (Teacher will show
some images)

B. Development of the lesson:
1. Unlocking of Difficulty
a. Personal
b. Entrepreneurial
c. Competencies
d. Employee

2. Presentation of the Lesson: (4A’s Approach)
Students are grouped into 4. Teacher will distribute the manila papers and
markers for each group. Teacher will discuss information about PEC’s to the class. Teacher will
let the students write as many as they can about the different characteristics/attributes of an
employee in the circuit of knowledge.
From the activity, students will answer the following questions:
 Why should an employee possess these characteristics?
 How can it help the company’s success?
 What is the difference between ambitious and confident?
 How will you handle your employee’s if you are the CEO?
 What will you do if you’re always being targeted by your co-
 What are the different Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies?
 What are the importance of learning these competencies?
 Who is an employee?
Each group will present a short role-play about employees who shows
1. Conflict in the work area (5 PEC’s)
2. Collaboration in the workplace (5 PEC’s)

4 Group members delivered their role play and showed at least 8 PEC’s. 2 Group members delivered their role play and showed at least 4 PEC’s. What is Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)? Prepared by: GENE PAUL A. Who is an employee? 3. EVALUATION In a 1-whole sheet of paper. 1.Subject Teacher . IV. CRUZ ICT . What is Quality Standard (QS)? 2. What are the 10 Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies? 2. ASSIGNMENT/AGREEMENT 1. Students will answer the following questions. 1 Students were not able to deliver their role play and did not respond at all. What makes PEC’s as an important ingredient in the success of every company? V. 3 Group members delivered their role play and showed at least 6 PEC’s. HOLISTIC RUBRIC FOR PEC’s Score Description 5 Group members were able to deliver their role-play and showed at least 10 PEC’s.

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