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Full ESST Meeting June 7, 2017

All ESST Members Present


- Review the minutes from the last meeting

- SIP review activity given to SPRs reviewed.
- SIP evaluation
- AP Class discussion continuation from last year.
- Items for Next Year

Review the SIP Strengths, Needs, Next Steps

Action ESST members to review the SIP individually and among smaller groups and bring ideas and
thoughts to Principal.

- Discussion about the goals, which will remain and which will changes or evolve.

Review of Action Items from last meeting

AP class

- AP class will be reduced next year to 25min and lunch will be reduced to 50min, this will allow
the classes to be 60min, which is what they ideally would be.
- Tutoring AP has been going well and students have been asking if it will continue again next year.
- Committee and ESST should get back together in September and Problem Solve around things
we should trial.
- Could be based on student need and supporting students with things like organization etc.
Tutoring and mentoring.
- Should we be targeting grade 9s more within our APs?
- Find the commonalities about where students and teachers want to be.

Action now AP classes will not change drastically at the moment, a small identified number of students
will change classes for next year.

Discussion of school in Saskatoon

- Dealt with a drop in population from 1200 to 200 when students all decided to go to a different
- They have a similar class as AP called ILO (Independent Learning Opportunity).
- School population is 40% First Nations and 30% ELA.
- During ILO the students choose the area of interest they want to attend for that time and there
are opportunities to switch areas.
- Student Engagement is a huge focus of this school and you can see it all over the building (large
chalkboard calendar, messages on the walls, graffiti art on posts).
- During that time the Administrators are out in the halls and are not in the office at any point
during that time.
- Announcements are done during this time.
PBIS / Grade 9

- To be rebooted in the Fall, it is a way to engage kids and a way to work together.
- Parents will need to know what PBIS is and what the expectations are.
- There will have to be consistency from teachers, admin etc. Parents and students will be quick
to point out inconsistency.
- Mr. S will be able to support us with creating Vinyl Lettering etc. to help us promote and get the
word out.
- Engaging kids through prizes and awards can and should be done.
- Larger community involvement will help to engage kids, tap into individuals and groups of
people who are already connected to OHS.
- We need to tighten up on things for example students being in the parking lot during class time.
- Staff engagement in the school is an area of opportunity along with increasing student


- By Monday - How are we going to assess the disengagement of the staff? Survey the staff. ESST
Members are to develop questions to send to Susan, so it can be sent out to the staff before the
end of the year.
- Brochure and a letter for grade 8 students to go home this year. Ms. M and Mr. H will create this
and get it out to the feeder schools.

Actions for next school year

- Trauma Informed Care Professional Learning is essential and we need to get that asap next
school year.
- ESST to model the PBIS behaviour that we want to see in our larger staff.
- Activity Expo in September
- Open House will be early in September and we will have a specific focus on grade 9s.