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Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital

(A Unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association)
Annual Report
2009 – 2010
“Fellowship for transformation through caring”
-EHA Vision Statement

Vision & Mission Statement
JJCH Over the Years
A Short History of Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital
Geographical Location of Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital
Medical Specialties and Services.
Clinical Specialties
a.) Surgery
b.) General Medicine
c.) Ophthalmology
d.) Obstetrics and Gynaecology
e.) Orthopaedics
f.) Anaesthesia Services
Medical Specialties and Services (Cont’d.)
Clinical Specialties (cont’d.)
h.) Dental Services
Clinical Support service
Operation Theatres
Recovery Room
Labour Rooms
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Allied Health
Pharmacy Services
Laboratory Services
X-Ray & E.C.G
Rehabilitation services
Medical Specialties and Services (Cont’d.)
Allied Health (Cont.’d)
Physiotherapy services
Optical services
Materials Management
Medical Records
Facility Management
Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana
Human Resource Management
Events during the year
General Information
Patients Statistics
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Administration (Cont’d)
Revenue Budget
Word of Thanks
List of Governing Body Members
Unit Management Committee
Contact Information

Dear Friends,
We had a blessed busy year and are delighted to share our joys and troubles of t
he reporting year with you. We follow in the footsteps of the Master and many
who have served here and gone before us.
Jiwan Jyoti means ‘ Life’ and ‘Light’. JJCH’s logo introduced this year portr
ays this.
“In him was life, and that life was the light of everyone.” John 1:4
Jesus said “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds a
nd praise your Father in heaven.” One way in which we can let our light shine is
by caring for the sick and suffering.
In JJCH several changes have taken place in the reporting year. It was a big cha
nge and challenge for Thomas Kurian and his family to move out of their comfort
zone and come to JJCH. In obedience to the Master’s leading and with His help, h
e joined the leadership team as Managing Director on 1st August 2009. They were
warmly welcomed to the family of JJCH.
We acknowledge the contribution of Jone Wills during the years he served here an
d the first quarter of the reporting year.
Though there are other healthcare institutions and a well established Government
facility in Robertsganj, it is with humility that we report that a large part o
f the local population as well as people from the neighbouring States avail the
services we provide. It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the commitment of
the staff. It is their effort multiplied by God’s blessings that this report s
eeks to record.
As we truly seek to let our light shine, we ask for more grace, sensitivity, kin
dness and gentleness.
We trust the Lord for protection, provision of every need, perseverance, and for
those who, He will be preparing to join us here at Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospit
al, in the days ahead.
The leadership team at Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital, Robertsganj
(Dr. Thomas Jacob Abraham-Deputy Medical Director, Dr. Subodh Rath – Deputy Medi
cal Director, Mrs. Chandra Singh – Nursing Superintendent, Dr. Uttam Mohapatra –
Medical Director & Mr. Thomas K Kurian – Managing Director)
EHA Vision statement
Fellowship for transformation through caring
JJCH Mission Statement
Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital exists to provide wholistic care focused on the p
oor and marginalized people of Sonbhadra and its surrounding districts in the na
me and spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of race, caste, creed or reli
We care through:
Provision of appropriate health care
Empowering communities through health, literacy and development programm
Spiritual ministries and Leadership development
Capacity building through training programmes
JJCH Over the years
1930 - BCM Missionary Nurses Started the Medical work in Robertsganj.
1936 - Jim Garrood, Evangelist, started the construction of the
1938 – Mission Bungalow was built, Jim & Molley left Robertsganj.
1938-1960 Missionary Nurses with BCMS continued the Medical work.
1950 – Edith Mason, Nurse, joined and continued the medical work till her retire
ment in 1963.
1960 – The first Doctor Dr. Joyce Robinson started work at JJCH.
1962 – Construction of Nurses’ Hostel and Chapel.
1963 - Edith Smith Tyrell worked with Ramgarh project. Edith Mason retired.
1967 - Inaugurated the old OPD building, Dr. Joyce Robinson retired, Drs. Victor
& Charlotte Gardiner joined, beds increased to 18 bed hospital.
1974 - Gardiners left & Dr. Chris Benjamin joined.
1976 - JJCH was incorporated into EHA.
1977- Dr. Monica Benjamin joined Chris after their marriage and Mr. John K John
joined as Administrative Assistant. Miss Musgrove was the Nursing Superintende
nt she was Senior Administrative Officer (SAO) for a brief period.
1978 – Dr. Susim Das worked for a year.
1979 - Dr. Samuel Beenken joined. The Present OPD Block, Private wards and four
staff quarters were built.
1980 - Mr. John K John was appointed Administrator and Senior Administrative Off
1981 – Dr. Susim Das came back and worked for a couple of years.
1983 – Dr. Philip Brookes joined and worked till 1985.
1984 – Dr. Sunil Holla joined and worked till 1986.
1986 - Drs. Chris and Monica Benjamin returned from UK. Chris had further traini
ng in Ophthalmology and started the eye work.
1988 – Mr. John K. John left and Dr. Chris Benjamin became the SAO. The Hospital
was upgraded to 75 Beds.
1991- Ms. Helen Paul was appointed as Administrator and worked for a year.
1992 - Mr. Jone Wills was appointed as Administrator.
1995 - Dr. Subodh Rath, Ophthalmologist joined, later when Dr. Benjamin left he
became the Medical Superintendent.
1999 - Drs. Chris & Dr. Monica Benjamin left. Dr. Kujur & Dr. Puniavati Kujur jo
2000 - Dental Department inaugurated, Dr.Rita K Masih Dentist joined. Dr. Ajit V
arghese (Paed.) & Dr. Alfeen Varghese joined.
2002 - Dr. Uttam joined as Medical Superintendent. Additional 1 Acre land purch
ased. The Guest House (Bethany) was constructed.
2003 - Dr. Thomas Jacob (Physician) & Dr. Ivy Thomas (Jr. Doctor) joined. 5 Pri
vate Rooms were added.

2004 - Additional 2.25 Acres were purchased. Consultant’s Quarter was construct
ed. Computerization (HMS) Phase-1 was done. Dr. N.P. Kujur left, Dr. Jacob Koshy
(Ophthalmologist), Dr. Jency Koshy (Physician) and Dr. Sumant Samuel (Ortho) jo
2005 - More Residential (Quadruplex) buildings were constructed. Recreation room
was constructed, Nursing Superintendent Ms. Eshita Chanda joined.
2007 - New Operation Theatre Complex was constructed with the support of Wyne Pr
esbytarian Church, USA. JJCH became Peripheral center for DNB Course. Centrali
zed suction and Centralized Oxygen line were installed. Additional Ophthalmologi
st Dr. Jude Simmons joined.
2008 - Eye Department Building was constructed with the support of CBM Germany.
A Water tank which caters to the entire campus was constructed with the help of
Living Waters International. Dr. Isaac Jebaraj (Ortho) and Dr. Prasanna Jebara
j (Psychiatrist) from CMC Vellore came for a year. Nurses’ Hostel 1st Floor was
constructed. Mrs. Chandra Singh joined as Nursing Superintendent.
2009 - 1st Floor Nurses’ Hostel & 1st Floor Consultant’s Quarters were construct
ed. Mr. Jone Wills moved on transfer to Champa. Dr. Shyam Sunder (Ortho), Dr. R
eena (Anaesthesia) & Mr. Thomas Kurian (Managing Director) joined JJCH.
2010 – Electricity back up and support – 125 KVA Generator, Electric Panel Board
s for the Hospital and Residential campus was provided.
A Short History of Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital, Robertsganj before the incorp
oration with Emmanuel Hospital Association.
The Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (BCMS) emerged out of the Church Missio
n Society in 1922 and through that traces its origin to the launch of the CMS in
1799. BCMS now known as Crosslinks came to India and through their Missionary
Nurses, they started a health clinic at Robertsganj. The origin of the Hospital
dates back to the early 1930s when a small Medical Center was started as an ext
ension to the Hospital at Kachchwa run by the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Socie
ty, in the year 1930. In 1936 Jim Garrood an evangelist came to Robertsganj wit
h his Nurse wife Molley. They were here for 2 years involved in the evangelistic
work around the villages and Molley particularly helped in the medical work. Du
ring this time the Old Mission Bungalow was built.
Missionary nurses who came with BCMS continued the medical work at Robertsganj.
In 1950’s a nurse named Edith Mason and her assistant, an Indian nurse called Ir
ene came to Robertsganj and continued the Medical Work. Edith Mason retired in 1
963 after 11 years of dedicated service and people in and around Robertsganj sti
ll remember her.
The first doctor Dr.(Miss) Joyce Robinson joined in the year 1960 and Edith Smit
h Tyrrell a nurse, arrived a couple of years later. Dr. Robinson had worked wit
h CMC Ludhiana, Landour community Hospital and Kachchwa before she came to Rober
tsganj. Around this time Miss Decan started a small center at Ramgarh and becam
e very popular with the poor in the area with her pioneering work among women an
d children. She was so skilled that she routinely conducted forceps delivery and
saved many lives in that remote place where she operated from and lived in a mu
d house. Meanwhile the Hospital work picked up and the nurses hostel and Chapel
were built in 1962. The hospital started in a small building in 1953 and kept ex
panding. Dr. Neville Evarad came from Kachchwa and inaugurated the old OPD build
ing in 1967 (the part along the driveway). The same year a great famine struck t
he district and a massive relief effort was undertaken in partnership with CASA
when more than a million bags of wheat was distributed and large number of “food
for work” projects were completed. Villagers still gratefully acknowledge the f
act that many lives were saved from starving to death. Dr. Robinson retired and
left the same year and continued to pray for the work in Robertsganj. The hospit
al was incorporated with EHA in 1976.
Judith Anderson writes: A brief visit to Robertsganj Hospital
As a child I loved to hear stories of India, related to me by my father, particu
larly those that demonstrated God’s protection over them. I never dreamed that I
would have the opportunity to visit Kachhwa and Robertsganj hospitals where my
parents served the Lord in the 1930’s. However, when I applied to join the EMMS
tour of some EHA hospitals in March of this year, I discovered that it would ind
eed be possible for me to visit both places at the end of the tour.
So I came to Robertsganj and spent 24 hours on the hospital campus, and for me i
t was like a pilgrimage to walk in the steps of my parents, and to see how the h
ospital has grown, and the work developed over 70 years. A few village huts is n
ow a busy town, and the medical work started on the verandah of the old bungalow
has grown into a thriving hospital with 100 beds! It was good to hear that some
ladies from the surrounding villages are coming to services, and to Bible Studi
es in the hospital, and to learn of the vision that the staff have, to extend th
at community involvement.
I was thrilled by what I saw and heard during my brief visit; to meet with staff
, and to pray with some of them. God has graciously given my mother, who is now
100 years old, a brief window of understanding and recognition as I have shared
my visit and shown her photos. I will certainly uphold Robertsganj hospital and
its staff in my prayers. Thank you for your loving welcome.
(Note : Ms. Judith Anderson is the daughter of Missionaries Jim and Molley Garr
ood 1936-1938)

Geographical Location of Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital


In Robertsganj, Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital (JJCH) is known as Mission or Mi

ssion Hospital. JJCH is located close to the town centre and is on the Ranchi -
Gwalior National Highway. Robertsganj is the District Headquarters of the newl
y formed Sonbhadra district.
Sonbhadra or Sonebhadra is the largest district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The dis
trict has an area of 6788 km² and a population of 1,463,468 (2001 census), with
a population density of 216 persons per km². It lies in the extreme southeast of
the State, and is bounded by Mirzapur District to the northwest Chandoli Distri
ct to the north, Bihar State to the northeast, Jharkhand State to the east, Chha
ttisgarh State to the south, and Madhya Pradesh State to the west. The district
headquarters is in the town of Robertsganj.
The Son River flows through the district from east to west.
Robertsganj is the main city town. Almost 100 km from Varanasi, the cultural cen
tre of Indian epitome of Vedic civilization, holds a prime importance as the dis
trict headquarter. Sonbhadra is easily accessible from all parts of the country
and well connected by air, rail & road.
Population Male 7,71,817 Female 6,91,651 Total 14,63,468
Literacy Male 51.31% Female 27.09% Total 39.86%
Languages – Bhojpuri, Hindi and Urdu

Medical Specialties & Services

1) Clinical Specialties
General surgery statistics have varied in the last ten years. There has also be
en a slight variation in the major and minor operations. DNB-Rural Surgery Resid
ents did their 2nd posting here. They were a big help in General Surgery, Obstet
rics & Gynaecology and Orthopaedic work. Surgical work is well supported by OT
nurses and OT helpers.
In August 2009, a 3 day Urology camp was held. We thank Dr.Tara Chand Sharma, Ur
ologist from New Delhi, for helping us in the camp. 12 urological operations we
re done. Following the camp, we have also started doing basic endo-urology opera
In the year, 158 major operations and 351 minor operations were done.
Department of General Surgery
Year 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
General Surgeries (Major) 312 269 236 281 158


A free Plastic Surgery Camp was held at the Hospital from 13th to 21st January 2
010, with the help of Interplast Team from Germany. We thank the CMO of Sonbhadr
a for giving us permission to hold this camp. 58 patients were seen in the Outpa
tient Department and 45 patients were operated upon. The operations done were:
Release of Burn Contractures - 22
Repair of cleft lip - 02
Repair of cleft palate - 01
Excision of Naevus - 02
Others -18
Most of the patients were from low socio-economic background. Some patients were
from the adjoining State of Jharkhand. All patients had good post op recovery.
We are happy that many poor patients benefitted from this free camp.
We thank Dr. Juergen and the team of Interplast, Germany, for their care for the
poor in this area and for returning again this year to do a free Plastic Surger
y Camp.

Dr. Uttam Mohapatra

Dr. Uttam Mohapatra MS, has been with EHA for the last 25 years and heads the De
partment of Surgery at JJCH. He also has the added responsibility as Medical Di
rector since 2002. It was at his initiative that the hospital has become the per
ipheral centre for the DNB Rural Surgery training. Before Dr. Uttam joined JJCH,
this unit was well known for Ophthalmology and Gynaecology. Now people in this
region look to JJCH for their surgical needs too. We thank God for Dr. Uttam Mo
hapatra’s expertise in surgery and for his and his wife’s commitment to the comm
The past one year has seen the work progress at a slow rate due to the lack of J
unior Doctors. The Department continues to provide primary, secondary and to a
certain extent tertiary level care. A significant proportion of patients are fr
om the adjoining States of Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.
TOTAL 10,566

Dr. Thomas Jacob

Dr. Thomas Jacob Abraham MD., rejoined JJCH in the year 2008 as Senior Consultan
t and continues to head the Department of Medicine. During the reporting year h
e had the opportunity to go to Australia and do the Leadership Award Fellowship.
Additional responsibility as Deputy Medical Director was added, to take care o
f the Laboratory & X-Ray departments, which has helped ease the Medical Director
’s over burdened work. The teaching and assignments for Medical Electives who co
me to JJCH is taken care of by Dr. Thomas Jacob.
In the hospital 23704 patients were seen in the OPD and 256 patients were seen o
utside the Base Hospital at Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur.
A total of 2389 surgeries were performed. 2142 cataract operations were done, ou
t of which 2128 were IOLs. 443 Phaco surgeries were done throughout the year.
At the base hospital, 2211 surgeries were performed. 1971 cataract operations w
ere done. Out of which 1957 were IOLs. Outside the base hospital 171 cataract
operations were done, which were IOLs.
176 free IOL operations were performed. 2134 students were examined in the Scho
ol Eye Check-up Programme.
Training during the reporting year
a) Dr. Jude Hans Simmons took two months training in Glaucoma diagnosis and
treatment at Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.
b) Dr. Subodh Rath also took two months training in Fundus Flouroscian Angi
oplasty and in Ultrasonography at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
c) Mr. Robin Butler, Ophthalmic Technician, took 3 months training in Optic
al Dispensing at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Equipment Donated by CBM
During the year the following equipment was donated by CBM -
A Generator & an E T O Machine.
We are grateful to CBM and the District Blindness Control Society, Sonbhadhra, U
ttar Pradesh, for their continued support and encouragement in our eye work.
Human Interest Story
Sukhu is a poor 60 year old man. He came to our Hospital with complete dimness
of vision of both eyes due to cataract. He had a free successful IOL operation
done for his right eye on 9th November 2009. He got good vision in his right ey
e after the operation and is happy.
He can move around freely now and does not have to depend on others. He has bec
ome socially and economically productive and will be able to take care of his fa
Eye Department
Year 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Ophthalmic Major 3155 2954 3547 4551 2033

Eye Operations
Eye Operation Type 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Outside Base Hospital At Base Hospital Outside Base Hospital
At Base Hospital Outside Base Hospital At Base Hospital
Cataract Extractions without IOL(adult) 0 39 0 34 0
Cataract Extractions with IOL(adult) 46 3459 69 4440 171
Cataract Extractions without IOL(0-15 yrs) 0 0 0 0
0 0
Cataract Extractions with IOL(0-15 yrs) 0 2 0 5 0
Glaucoma operation 1 39 1 37 0 41
Trachoma Operation 0 22 0 19 0 14
Other major eye operation 0 8 0 35 0 21
Other minor eye operation 1 185 0 284 7 164
Total 48 3754 70 4854 178 2211
Consultation type 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Outside Base Hospital At
Base Hospital Outside Base Hospital At
Base Hospital Outside Base Hospital At
Base Hospital
Cataract patient 2174 9971 2117 10484 198 7984
Trachoma patient 34 160 0 167 0 169
Xerophathalmic patients(Vit. A deficiency) 55 62 0 71
1 72
Glaucoma 127 1528 110 1874 15 1882
Refraction 663 7623 794 9146 20 6646
Other eye patients 1348 6737 548 8777 22 6951
New 0 12436 0 15188 0 11985
Revisit 13645 15331 11719
Total 4401 26081 3569 30519 256 23704
Eye Department
Eye Consultation 2006-07 2007-08 2008-10 2009-10
Out side Base Hospital 5126 4401 3569 256
At Base Hospital 24207 26081 30519 23704

Dr. Subodh Rath

Dr. Subodh Rath MS, continues to serve in this Department as Eye Project Directo
r, with additional responsibility as Deputy Medical Director, in charge of the
Pharmacy Services. He and his wife have continuously made their contribution to
wholistic care of the patients and community.


Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department continued to see a slight increase in the pa
tient turnover. In the Outpatient Department a total of 11892 patients were seen
, showing an increase of 1359 patients compared to the previous year. The total
delivery rate remained almost the same - 1381 deliveries compared to 1391 in the
previous year. We were able to maintain a low caesarean section rate of 28% in
spite of the high number of complicated pregnancies. There were significant numb
ers of VBAC (vaginal birth after CS) in the year.
Renovation of the Labour Room and Maternity Ward was done. We now have a comfort
able Air-conditioned Labour Room, which was inaugurated and dedicated by Dr. Ann
Thyle (Regional Director-North) on 3rd March 2010.
A transvaginal ultrasound probe was added to the ultrasound machine. New diagno
stic modalities such as transvaginal ultrasound, Hysteroscopy and HSG were start
ed. Ventouse delivery was initiated in the year. Our plan is to start Diagnostic
Laproscopy in the coming year.
We were happy to conduct the OBG CME in the hospital from 3rd-5th March 2010. We
had 4 Resource persons from Odanchhatram & USA. Doctors from several other EHA
hospitals attended the CME. It was a good learning session. During the CME, th
ere were 2 RCH nurse practitioners from USA. Nurses had a profitable time of lea
rning from the classes taken by them.
In the year, we had two 4th year OBG residents from the USA. Each had 3 weeks po
sting in the Department. They were a big help in sharing the workload.
I thank all the RCH nurses for their work in the Labour Room, Maternity ward an
d help in the OBG OPD.
Dr. Ivy Thomas
Dr. Ivy Thomas MD heads the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit which is well manage
d throughout the year. Her perseverance helped us to renovate the Labour Room.
e) ORTHOPAEDICS - JUNE 2009- March 2010

Orthopaedics Statistics
Month Major Surgery Minor Surgery New patients Old patients
June 09 4 8 59 80
July ‘09 9 3 107 116
Aug 09 9 14 80 179
Sept’09 6 20 91 155
Oct ‘09 8 21 70 174
Nov ‘09 8 7 52 122
Dec ‘09 8 18 79 118
Jan 10 11 19 72 165
Feb 10 9 22 90 219
Mar 10 11 15 70 260
Total 83 147 770 1588
Village visits-
We visited nearby villages as a team (doctor and physiotherapist) and conducted
free screening camps in the months of August, September and October 2009. We wou
ld like to continue this as soon as the new physiotherapist is appointed.
Orthopedic technician course
A new venture is the Orthopedic Technician Course which we could start, with the
help of valuable input and encouragement from Dr. Isaac Jebaraj, Mission Direct
or CMC Vellore. This involves training the students in various areas in Orthoped
ic clinic like plaster application , preparation of orthoses and prostheses, bas
ics of physiotherapy, basics of radiography and assisting in surgical procedures
. The duration of the course is 6 months. This involves few weeks of training in
CMC Vellore. Now we have three students undergoing this training.
The main aims of this course are -
1. To provide orthopedic assistance to the doctors working in mission hospitals.
2. To provide basic orthopedic services to the villagers by visiting them.
3. To screen the patients who need orthopedic treatment by visiting the villages
and educating the villagers about common orthopedic problems.
Visitors from CMC Vellore
Intermittently we had orthopedic professors and colleagues visiting us .We could
conduct some orthopedic camps and could do some major deformity corrections and
tumor surgeries.
We plan to have another such surgical camp for the disabled children in the comi
ng months.
Human interest story
Mr. Dhirender, an 18 year old patient from a nearby village had bilateral Genu v
algum (Knock knees) since the age of 5 and this condition was gradually increasi
ng. He could walk with a walking stick and fell down twice because of difficulty
in walking. He sustained fracture of the tibia after the fall and was treated w
ith a cast. His father died when he was 13 years old and his mother used work in
different houses as a maid to support him and his two sisters. The whole family
, especially the mother had lost hope. He could not continue his education becau
se of financial problems and could not work because of the disability. He could
not afford the treatment in other hospitals. He came to our hospital with severe
deformity of all the four bones of lower limbs (both the tibia and femur). A s
ingle stage surgery was done for each limb correcting both the tibia and femur a
t the same time. Although he did not have much help from his family the hospita
l resources could support his treatment.
Now by God’s grace he can walk with dignity and hope. All the glory and honor be
to Jesus. Presently he is working with Mr.Maria Selvum in our hospital’s Artifi
cial Limb Centre, attends all the spiritual meetings in the hospital campus and
is learning the work with a new hope in life and above all, he shares his testi
mony with the patients he knows. Now he feels that he can work to earn his daily
living and take care of his mother. His mother visited him few days back and we
could see the overflowing joy in her.
Dr Shyam Sunder
Dr. Shyam Sunder MS, is our Orthopaedician who heads the unit. He is enthusiasti
c to develop this department. Several needy cases have been treated at a minima
l cost. He is keen to start Community based Rehabilitation Centres. He has also
taken a keen interest in improving the Bio-Medical Waste management.
Need: An old C-Arm machine is not reliable during surgeries. There is a need fo
r a new C-Arm.
The spectrum of cases have widened. The number of paediatric cases have increase
d both in the General and Ophthalmology Departments. The critically ill and high
risk patients have been given safe anaesthesia. Different types of anaesthesia
procedures were introduced, such as:
Epidural anaesthesia, Laryngeal mask airway (LMA), Regional blocks using nerve s
Equipment purchased
Boyle’s machine
Max. Ventilator
Pre-Anaesthesia Clinic (PAC)
PAC has been started to see the patients on OPD basis and optimize them before s
The Nurse Anaesthetist course
This has been a very useful step taken in our hospital.
The course aims to equip the nurses to know:
Basics of anatomy & physiology, especially airway and spinal cord;
Some emergency conditions and procedures;
Basics of ECG, Ventilators;
Resuscitation of Adult & new born;
Simple regional blocks like – Axillary block, wrist block
The duration of the course is 6 months and the next 6 months the student is expe
cted to do most of the procedures under supervision.
Presently we have a student who completed her 6 months course and is now practic
ing safe anaesthesia under supervision. She is an ANM nurse employed in the hos
In future:
1) We would like to have students from other EHA hospitals and develop comm
on protocols.
2) We would also like to keep updating trained nurses about the recent tech
niques – like Continued Medical Education (CME)
Academics: Apart from teaching the Nurse Anaesthetist course, the DNB Rural Sur
gery Registrars are being taught about spinal anaesthesia, general anaesthesia a
nd regional blocks.
The nurses are taught about neonatal resuscitation.
Dr. Reena
Dr. Reena Kadni MD, who heads the Department was very keen to start the Nurse An
aesthesia Course, so that other EHA units will also be benefitted by sending the
ir Nurses for further training in Anaesthesia.
Need: To strengthen the department we require additional equipment - One more B
oyles Apparatus and a Ventilator.
The Department continued to function in the absence of a Paediatrician. The NICU
nurses gave good nursing care to the neonates. Managing neonates in the absence
of a Paediatrician has been challenging. The work was shared between the physic
ian and general surgeon. Immunization is available on all working days. BCG and
measles vaccine is made available only on Wednesdays.
We hope and pray that a Paediatrician joins soon.
There are times when 10 to 15 babies are in the NICU. It is difficult to run thi
s unit without a Paediatrician, but by God’s grace Dr. Uttam was able to take ca
re of this Department with his years of experience.

Work in the dental department continued at a steady pace. Even though the overal
l number of patients was lower than the previous year, there was an increase in
the number of active clinical treatments & cases undertaken in the dept. There
has been a substantial increase in the number of Root Canal Treatments and Oral
prophylaxis cases. At the same time the number of extractions being done has sig
nificantly decreased. This is encouraging because it indicates an increased awar
eness concerning oral health care and the importance of healthy and functioning
teeth and gums for a healthy life. This augurs well for the dental department i
n the future.
We thank Drs. Sam & Swapna for their service here and contribution to the commun
Clinical Support Services
a) Operation Theatres: The General OT has 3 Operation Theatres, fully equi
pped with various equipment.
When the Eye department was built in 2008, with the support of CBM, 3 Operation
Theatres were built exclusively for Eye Surgeries.
b) Recovery Room: The Recovery Room is built adjacent to the General OT and
has 12 Beds. The Post-surgery Patients are kept for a day or two at this facili
ty, depending on their recovery from the surgery.
c) Labour Rooms: JJCH is also known for ‘Mother and Child’ care. This year
we were able to improve the facility by renovating both First Stage and Second
Stage Labour Room. The 1st Stage Room has 7 beds and 2nd stage has 4 Delivery
d) Intensive Care Unit (ICU): ICU is equipped with 6 beds with basic medi
cal equipment. There is a need for more Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators, ABG Machi
ne and Infusion Pump.
e) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Dr. Ajit Varghese started the NICU
in 2000. Presently we do not have a Paediatrician. Dr. Uttam and the team of
doctors take care of this unit. The NICU was earlier equipped with 4 baby warmer
s and one Phototherapy unit. However 2 Baby warmers need to be replaced.
Allied Health Services
a) Pharmacy Services: JJCH Pharmacy is registered with the local Drug Lice
nsing Authority. Registration is given for 5 years at a time and we thank God th
at this year again, registration was renewed for another 5 years. Mr. Moses Jey
asingh and Mr. Diwakar Tyade, registered Pharmacists, ably carry on this service
. This facility is also available 24 x 7 for the patients. Dr. Subodh Rath – Dep
uty Medical Director is in charge of Pharmacy Services.
b) Laboratory Services: The hospital laboratory is open from 8 am to 5 pm a
nd during emergencies. Mr Ravi Roshan Lal joined as Lab Technician on 01-10-200
9. He joins the Lab Technicians Mr. Velusamy Daniel, Mrs Caroline Paul and Mr. S
anjay Pradhan in managing the lab work. This year we have added a new Olympus M
icroscope to enhance the quality of our microscopy services. Mr. Sanjay Pradhan
attended the Tuberculosis CME at Nav Jiwan Hospital in Satbharwa. The Laborator
y has also started reporting all communicable diseases to the District hospital
every week. The Laboratory has seen an overall increase in the number of investi
gations despite a decrease in eye camp patients.
Below are the statistics for the last 5 years:
Particulars 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Clinical Pathology 34830 35092 47778 47052 50,316
Clinical Biochemistry 16135 17982 18116 22434 18,381
Microbiology 10144 9615 12451 10261 12,459
Total 61109 62689 78345 79747 81,156

Biopsy tests facilities are not available at our hospital. Hence such tests are
outsourced. Specimens are collected on Surgery days and sent to Dr.Lal Path Labs
, New Delhi. Reports are received within a week. Total biopsy tests done for th
e period are 146.
Dr. Thomas Jacob Abraham- Deputy Medical Director is in charge of Laboratory Ser
c) X-Ray & E.C.G: These two services are managed by Mr. Yogesh Naik and Mrs
. Naginder Butler. These services are also available to the patient 24x7. In fut
ure we would like to replace the old method of processing the X-Ray films with t
he Digital X-Ray system. The statistics of the reporting year and previous years
are given below:
Year 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
X-ray 2388 2470 2630 3514 3655
ECG 1074 1291 890 784 608

d) Ultrasonography: The Wipro GE’s Logic 200 pro Ultrasound Machine is more
than 8 years old. Presently the machine is functioning well and we have bought
an additional probe (TVS Probe) for more diagnosis. We recognize the need to re
place this machine with a newer machine in the near future. Ultrasound Registrat
ion is in the name of Dr. Uttam Mohapatra. The statistics of the reporting year
and previous years are given below:
Rehabilitation Services:
Developments in the Orthotic and prosthetic Department-
We are blessed with Mr.Maria Selvum who has retired from the Artificial Limb Cen
tre, CMC Vellore. He makes all the calipers and prosthetics. The gift of an Ove
n from CMC Vellore (thanks to the efforts of Dr. Isaac Jebaraj), has made it pos
sible for us to manufacture most of the orthoses and prostheses in our hospital
at a very low price.
Physiotherapy Services:
As part of the Orthopedic Department, physiotherapy services are made available
to patients. We are grateful for the services rendered by Ebenezer Joshua, phys

Optical Services:
The Optical Dispensing Unit was started, initiated by CBM. Training and initial
funding for the set-up has been provided by CBM, for which we are thankful.

It has been a great privilege for us to serve in the Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospi
tal for the past two years. We thank God for this great opportunity and His fait
hfulness throughout these years. It is our joy to serve the patients in Uttar Pr
QUALITY CARE: The Nursing Department works as a team to provide 24 hours day and
night care to the patients in three shifts. The quality of
service is improving in various areas like ward cleaning, ward maintenance and b
ehavior with patients and their relatives. Health teaching is given to the mothe
r and relatives before they leave the hospital with the new-born. On-going teach
ing is given to the Nurses in an effort to continuously improve the quality of c
are. The nursing staff pray with the patients and their relatives where possible
IN-SERVICE TRAINING: The Nursing Superintendent arranges In-service education fo
r the nurses. This year we organized very few classes due to shortage of nurses.
Nursing staff are encouraged to take part in health teaching in the wards and O
The nurses are also encouraged to counsel the patients and their relatives, read
professional magazines, nursing journals and spiritual books.
Nursing Staff Details-Chart-Posting Chart
Sl.no WARDS No. of Nurses Total
1 Labour Room 6 6
2 Intensive Care Unit 4 4
3 Recovery Ward 4 4
4 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 4 4
5 General Ward , Private and Casualty 4 4
6 Female Ward and Deluxe Ward 1 4
7 Operation Theatre 4 5
8 Out Patient Department 1 1
9 Trainees 4 4

Graphical Representation

We would like to thank Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital, Alipur and GEMS Hosp
ital, Dehri-on-Sone, who had sent their nurses to help us when we had a shortage
of nurses.
Mr. Jone Wills was the Managing Director for the first four months of the report
ing year. He moved to Champa Christian Hospital, Champa,Chhatisgarh, on transfe
r and his successor Mr. Thomas Kurian was transferred in from Herbertpur Chris
tian Hospital.
Special thanks is due to every staff member in the Department who work hard, so
that the Medical and the Nursing teams get the full support of the Administratio
They were of immense help as I took over the reins, and I thank God for them.
Financial Audit:
a) Statutory Audit : M/s K.L.C. & Co., New Delhi, audited the books of acco
unts for the Financial Year 2009-2010. The suggestions for improvement in the F
inancial system given by the auditors have been implemented.
b) The Internal Audit for the year was done by M/s S.K. Das & Co., Allahab
ad. Their suggestions have also been taken into account.
We are thankful to both Mr Jayaswal and Mr Chhabra for their valuable input and
Financial Overview
Salary revision was the major concern of the year. New salary scales for all th
e employees were introduced in the month of October 2009 and 31 Temporary employ
ees were made Contract employees. These changes resulted in an increase of sa
lary expenditure by 38%. To meet this demand it was required to revise the Pati
ents’ Fee structure.
The Consolidated Financial Statements were prepared and the overview of the same
is as follows –
The Out Patient Income reflects an Increase of 17% as compared to the budget –
(Budget Rs. 8500000, Actual Rs. 9946169, Variance Rs.1446169). The 5% increase
in the Total General Patients as compared to last year (in spite of a variance
of -2.3% against projection of 27000 (Actual 26380)) and the increase in OP Fee
s has contributed to the increase in OP Income.
In Patient, Eye & Dental Income reflect a variance of - 6.75%,- 30% & -38% resp
ectively as compared to the budget. The variance in IP income is due to a decre
ase of 32% in the total number of Admissions (6826 as against the projections of
10000). The decrease in Eye Income is largely due to both Ophthalmic surgeons
having been away for 2 months each for further training. The vacuum in the dent
al department following the resignation of both dentists Drs Sam and Swapna, acc
ounts for both the decrease in Dental statistics and income.

After charging depreciation there is a surplus of Rs.31063058/-.
Some of the highlights of the expenses as compared to the last year are – The re
vised salary scales along with the change of status of 31 temporary employees to
Contract Employees has resulted in a hike of 5.57% in Establishment Expenses.
The utility expenses have gone up by 73.2% due to payment of outstanding Electri
city bills of the previous year, received this year. There is a 6.32% decrease i
n Administrative Expenses largely due to control over vehicle expenses.
Materials Management: Mr. Jyoti John played a major role in managing this depart
ment. Improvements have been introduced in the Purchase System with every purch
ase being centralized and a Purchase Order for every item necessary.
The details of major purchases done through this department for the last 3 years
are given below:

Hospital Supplies 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10

Pharmacy 5840379 6231743 5895159
Lab Supplies 722328.6 945258 1120113
Linen & Bedding 69668.75 146910 90838
Medical & Surgical 1674895.72 1489963.2 1854729
Dental Supplies 53668 42153 23493
Printing & Stationery 281380 330685.96 338724
X-Ray 49957 61183.6 33715
Ortho Supply 256511 271624
Eye Supplies 594730 888432 903238
Total 87,53,726 9504408 9628395
Medical Records: Mrs. Promila Lyall & Mr. Shyam Pyare work in this department.
All Out patients and Inpatients records are retained and kept as per the regulat
ions. Staff and their dependants’ records are kept separately. Medico Legal Cas
es are also kept separately.
Facility Management:
The role to ensure proper operation of all aspects of support services to mainta
in an optimal environment for both the staff and the patients has been accomplis
hed by managing the following activities –
Environmental Health and Safety
Waste Removal
Building Cleanliness: This sub-discipline of facility management includes routin
e cleaning and hygiene maintenance.
Mechanical Systems
Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration
Preventative Maintenance (Scheduled maintenance to prevent break down)
Elevator Maintenance
Bio-medical equipment
Power Systems
Normal power
Electricity Control Panel Board
Emergency power systems -
- Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
- Standby generators
Building Systems
Building Maintenance
Life/Safety Systems
Fire Extinguishers
Central Supply of Oxygen
Technical Services
Water Pumps
Grounds and Garden
Electric Supply to this part of Uttar Pradesh is erratic though there are severa
l Power Plants in Sonbhadra District. This necessitated the purchase of a 125 KV
A Kirloskar Silent Generator with the support of CBM. A 250 KVA Industrial Servo
Voltage Stabilizer was also purchased and installed to prevent the constant bre
akdown of very sensitive medical equipment as a result of severe fluctuation in
the power supply.
An Electric Panel Board was installed for the proper distribution of power suppl
y to the hospital and the residential area.
The year’s highlights of Building Construction: The Nurses Hostel and Consultant
’s quarter were constructed and dedicated. The Elevator for the Eye Department
was erected. Renovation of the wards was done. Hospital funds have been utilized
for these various projects.
Thanks is due to Mr. Joel Lyman, Jocan, Mathew, Ashish, Vimlesh and several cont
ract staff who have with limited knowledge/training but with vast experience bee
n involved at the operational level.
A Facility Manager for involvement at the Strategic level is a felt-need. The ne
ed to outsource the Security Services is under consideration.
Rashtrya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)
Rashtriya Swasthaya Bima Yojna is a Central Government Scheme announced by the P
rime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh on August 15, 2007. It is a new health insuran
ce scheme for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in the unorganized sector. I
t was formally launched on October 1, 2007.
The majority of the financing, about 75 per cent, is provided by the Government
of India (GOI), while the remainder is paid by the State Government. State gove
rnments engage in a competitive bidding process and select a public or private i
nsurance company licensed to provide health insurance by the Insurance Regulator
y Development Authority (IRDA). Currently, the Insurance Co. is ICICI Lombard. T
he insurer covers the benefit package prescribed by GOI through a cashless facil
ity that in turn requires the use of Smart Cards which must be issued to all mem
bers. The insurer agrees to engage intermediaries with local presence such as NG
Os etc. in order to provide grassroots outreach and assist members in utilizing
the services after enrolment. The insurer also provides a list of empanelled hos
pitals that will participate in the cashless arrangement. These hospitals meet c
ertain basic minimum requirements (e.g., size and registration) and agree to set
up a special RSBY desk with Smart Card Reader and trained staff. The list inclu
des public and private hospitals.
The Hospital is empanelled in this programme from February 2009.
Human Resource Management
Mr. Chandreshwar Singh was given the additional responsibility to co-ordinate v
arious functions of this Department.
All professional staff is normally recruited by EHA and the Non-Professional sta
ff is selected at the Unit level.
Professional Development
1. Mrs. Chandra Singh, Nursing Superintendent attended Senior Nurses Leader
ship Seminar from September 8-9, 2009 at New Delhi.
2. Mrs. Indu Naik, RNRM, attended Leadership Workshop from July 2-4, 2009 a
t Herbertpur Christian Hospital, Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
3. Mrs. Kamini Soper, RNRM and Mrs. Pratisha Rekha Endwar, RNRM attended Hi
ndi MUC from September 4-6, 2009 at Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
4. Mrs. Vinu Masih, N/Aid and Mrs. Vimla Anthony, N/Aid attended Hindi MUC
from Aug 31- Sep 2, 2009 at Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
5. Mrs. Paulina .S. Hembrom, RNRM and Mr. Masih Charan Hembrom, S/N attende
d three days Haggai Seminar from October 2-4, 2009 in our hospital (J.J.C.H.).
6. Mrs. Prajwala Sahu, ANM (RCH) and Mrs. Neera Sidar, ANM (RCH) attended R
CH CME from January 18-20, 2010 at Herbertpur Christian Hospital, Dehra Dun, Utt
7. Mrs. Neera Sidar, ANM successfully completed the RCH training from Herbe
rtpur Christian Hospital, Herbertpur, Dehra Dun, Uttrakhand.
8. Ms. Shabnam Topno, ANM successfully completed six months Anaesthesia cou
rse from September 15, 2009 – March 15, 2010 in our hospital (J.J.C.H.).
9. Ms. Suman Kumari, N/Aid is doing ANM training from GEMS Nursing School,
10. Ms. Saroj Masih, N/Aid is doing ANM training from Nav Jiwan
Hospital, Satbarwa.
Plans for future Staff Training
1. Mrs. Runa Praveen, N/Aid pursuing the possibility of ANM
training in Nav Jiwan Hospital, Satbarwa.
2. Ms. Neelima Dangwar, N/Aid is applying for GNM training at Chattarpur Ch
ristian Hospital, M.P.
3. Mrs. Indu Naik, RNRM is applying for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing at Dhamtari
Christian Hospital, Dhamtari, M.P.
Medical Staff
1. Dr. Subodh Rath, Ophthalmologist attended a short term course– Fundus fl
uorection Angiography at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
2. Dr. Jude Hans Simmons, Ophthalmologist attended a short term course – Gl
oucoma Diagnosis and Therapy, Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.
3. Dr. Uttam Mohapatra,Medical Director attended
a) Rural Surgery Conference, Kota, Rajasthan.
b) CMAI Regional Conference, UP.
4. Dr. Shyam Sunder, Orthopaedician, attended Junior Consultants meeting co
nducted by EHA.
5. Dr. Reena Kadni, Anaethetist, attended Junior Consultants meeting conduc
ted by EHA.
6. Dr. Thomas Jacob Abraham, Physician, has done -
a) A short term course in Leadership Award Fellowship, Australia.
b) He attended the TB CME conducted by EHA at Nav Jeevan Hospital, Satbarwa.
7. Dr. Ivy Thomas, Gynaecologist attended OB/Gyn CME conducted by EHA at JJ
CH, Robertsganj.
Allied Health
1) Mr. Robin Butler, Eye Technician attended a short term course on Optical
Dispensing at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
2) Mr. Ebenzer Joshua, Physiotherapist attended Mission Update Conference,
3) Mr. Yogesh Naik, X-Ray Technician attended CMAI, Regional Conference.
4) Mr. Sanjay Pradhan, Lab Technician,
a) Leadership Development Seminar, Haggai Institute-Alumni, Robertsganj.
b) TB CME, Nav Jeevan Hospital, Satbarwa.
1) Mr. Jyoti John Stanley, attended the Mission Update Conference (English)
, at Torch Bearers, Dehra Dun.
2) Mr. Thomas K Kurian attended the Leadership Development Workshop, for Ad
3) Mr. Chandreshwar Singh attended the -
a) Leadership Development Workshop, New Delhi.
b) Finance Workshop conducted by EHA at Makunda.
4) Mr. Sugunakaran attended Finance Workshop conducted by EHA at Herbertpur
5) Mr. Praveen Kumar attended the Leadership Development Seminar Haggai Ins
titute, Alumni, Robertsganj.
Nursing Staff
1. Ms. Rashmi Archana Lal, GNM, w.e.f. 25.7.2009
2. Mrs. Soney Biswas, RNRM, w.e.f. 1.8.2009
3. Mr. Berlin P , Bsc. Nurse, w.e.f. 1.1.2010
4. Ms. Salomi Nivedita Singh, B.Sc. Nurse, w.e.f. 12.10.2009
5. Mrs. Lynda K. Das, RNRM, w.e.f. 18.01.2010
Allied Health
1. Mr. Ravi Roshan Lal w.e.f 1-01-2010
1. Ms. Preeti Mishra, ANM, w.e.f. 1s5.10.2009
2. Ms. Saraswati Mahato, ANM, w.e.f. 16.10.2009
3. Mr. Berlin .P., Bsc. Nurse, w.e.f. 1.10.2009
4. Ms. Sunita Kumari, ANM, w.e.f. 12.2.2010
5. Ms. Lalsa Kumari, ANM, w.e.f. 13.1.2010
6. Ms. Manorama , Ward Assistant w.e.f 01-10-09

1. Ms. Aruna Abha Ekka, ANM, w.e.f. 5.4.2009
2. Ms. Daya Muni Soren, ANM, w.e.f. 9.7.2009
3. Ms. Milicent Mundu, ANM, w.e.f. 13.10.2009
4. Ms. Kanak Lata Chorauth , ANM, w.e.f. 13.10.2009
5. Ms. Salomi Masih, ANM, w.e.f. 24.10.2009
6. Ms. Rashmi Archana Lal , RNRM, w.e.f. 21.10.2009
7. Ms. Renu Kispotta, ANM, w.e.f. 30.12.2009.
8. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, S/N, w.e.f. 11.01.2010.
9. Ms. Kuru Yami, ANM, w.e.f. 31.01.2010
10. Ms. Libeni, ANM, w.e.f. 31.01.2010
11. Mr. Anupam Lal, S/N, w.e.f. 31.01.2010
1) Dr. Sam K Baby (Dentist) w.e.f 8-08-09.
2) Dr. Swapna Sam (Dentist) w.e.f. 22-01-10
3) Dr. Jude Hans Simmons (Ophthalmologist) w.e.f. 31-03-10.

Allied Health
Mr. Ebenezer Joshua (Physiotherapist) with effect from 4th February 2010.
Transfer in
Mr. Thomas K Kurian(Managing Director) from Herbertpur Christian Hospital w.e.f.
1st August 2009.
Dr. Selwyn Tirumalai (Dentist) from Herbertpur Christian Hospital w.e.f. 19th Ma
rch 2010.
Transfer out
1. Mr. Jone Wills (Managing Director) to Champa Christian Hospital w.e.f.
13th August 2009.
2. Mr. Avinash Sona to Champa Christian Hospital (Clerk) w.e.f. 1st January
Munni Begum (Ward Aid) retired on 31st August 2010.
Honorary Services:
a) Ms. Nisha Simmons: Nisha Simmons offered her services during her stay at
JJCH from September 2009 to March 2010. She was a great help in many areas whi
ch required improvement.
b) Dr. Anupam Yadav: Dr. Anupam was doing his MS Ophthalmology in Chennai
and offered his services for a couple of months from November to December 2009.
During winter the Eye patients load is quite high and it was the right time tha
t this help came our way.
We take this opportunity to thank both Ms Nisha Simmons and Dr Anupam Yadav for
their short yet dedicated service.
Events during the year
a) Stakeholders Meeting:
Purpose – It was CBM’s requirement to have a Stakeholders Meeting and report the
same. We were encouraged by this and organized a meeting in the month of March
2010. Most of the local NGO heads, Heads of Schools at Robertsganj, Government
officials, patients & patients’ relatives were invited. The main purpose was t
o assess the performance of JJCH health facility over the last few years.
Around 20 participants attended the meeting which was interactive.
Outcome - Many of them commended the good work of JJCH. Some of the suggestions
given for improvement are -
• Hospital should have consultants in the major areas like Eye, OG, Paedia
trics, Ortho, Medicine & General Surgery at any point of time.
• Free Eye Camps for the poor patients should continue.
• Free Medical Camps (Health Check up) be conducted in the nearby villages
• Blood Bank or Blood Storage facility should be made available.
b) August 15th Flag Hoisting, Staff Picnic to a nearby Reservoir
c) Christmas get-together for staff and people from the community outside
d) Community Lunch on 25th December for the staff, family & local community
e) Staff meetings -2
f) Community Lunch on 1st January for the Staff
g) January 26th Flag Hoisting, Staff Picnic to Fossil Park
h) Annual Sports Events for Staff and dependents
Staff and Staff dependents actively participated in the Sports events. Mr. Ashis
h Das & Mr. Sanjay Pradhan took the initiative to organize various tournaments
and plays. Winners were given Prizes at a special occasion.
i) Community Dinner on Easter Sunday

General Information
a) Bed Distribution
Total Bed strength : 100
ICU : 6
Labour Room : 7
Recovery : 12
General Ward : 15
Female Ward : 20
Private Deluxe : 5
Private : 7
NICU : 8
Eye Ward : 20 (4 Pvt & 16 General Ward)