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The CONTRACTOR shall fully and faithfully deliver, undertake and perform the supply of labor, materials,
consumable, tools, equipment, supervision and other facilities needed for the Complete and Functional
Fire Protection System Works of Building G Jpark Island Resort from Lower Ground to 10 th Floor and
Roof Deck based in the plans, specifications, supplementary drawings and within the contract time in
accordance with the plans and specifications.

All items of Proposal shall be performed by the CONTRACTOR and the scope of works shall include all
Fire Protection System Works.

1. The CONTRACTOR is required to refer to all architectural, structural, mechanical, sanitary/plumbing,

and electrical plans. And investigate all possible interference and conditions affecting their work.
2. All works shall comply with the pertinent provisions of the Fire Code of the concerned city, National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA 13, 18, 20, 75, 80, 101 and 418) and Underwriter's Listed/Factory
Manual (UL/FM).
3. Complete Installation of Automatic Fire Sprinkler and Combined Stand Pipe system having water
pressure maintained at all times including supply and installation of Bl Pipes, Schedule 40 supply and
installation of sway braces, OS & Y gate valves, floor control valves, supervisory switches, water flow
switches, pressure gauges and gauge cock valves, valves (check valve, gate valve etc.), drain valves, sight
glass, tamper switches, flow meter, pressure stop valves, alarm check valve complete with trims, alarm
test valve, return chamber, water motor gong alarm switch (interfaced with FACP), pressure switches,
complete set fire department inlets/connections, fire department hose valves with cap and chain,
inspector test valves/connection, roofcv manifolds and accessories. All valves should have proper valve
tagging upon turn-over and all supplied pressure gauge should be calibrated with calibration
certification/factor test certification and tagging.
4. Complete installation of return pipe to fire storage tank and PRV assembly for jockey pump.
5. Complete Installation of Sprinkler Heads for exposed public areas, Pendent type with chrome finish for
all areas with ceiling and extended coverage horizontal sidewall sprinkler with chrome plated finish and
matching escutcheon.

6. Complete Installation Fire Extinguishers including supply and installation of steel plates, bracketing
supports and expansion bolts.
7. Complete Installation of locally fabricated Fire Hose Cabinets with flush mounting door with trim for
all glass plate, fire hose rack and other standard accessory.
8. Installation of Fire and Jockey Pumps and its flexible connectors, controllers including supply and
installation of the necessary connecting valves, pipes, and electrical works up to circuit breaker of pump
9. Complete supply and application of fire resistant materials/sealant for all openings through which fire
may spread from one floor to the other such as holes and pipe penetrations through floors made for the
passage of sprinkler pipes.
10. Complete Supply and Installation of all fittings, unions, flanges, couplings, elbows, victaulic couplings,
tees, reducers, plugs, threadolets, valves, miscellaneous materials, metal works, signs and supports,
galvanized steel bolts, expansion shields, galvanized steel angle supports welded on all joints and other
necessary accessories and consumables.
11. Sleeving, block-outs and roughing-in fillers including rectification/restoration works and other
incidental embeds on pace with structural works.
12. Painting of pipes, fittings, hangers and supports.
13. Testing and commissioning of the entire Fire Protection System such as Flushing Test, Water Flow
Test, Hydrostatic Flow Test, Leakage Test, and Drainage Test including incidental material to conduct the
said tests such as fuel, water and electricity.
14. The CONTRACTOR shall comply with the obligations in a proper, workmanlike manner, to the best
of its skills and ability and shall maintain a high degree of efficiency.

Prepared by: Noted by:

Engr. Marc Winston A. Laygo Engr. Lyndon Erl C. Beup
MEPF QA/QC Engineer Construction Manager