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P r o f i l e

A dedicated student aiming towards obtaining an in depth knowledge of climate change

and its impacts on various societies around the globe . I am passionate about assisting
communities most vulnerable to climate change and help them adapt to its consequences.
CONTACT I also serve as an educator of environemntal change and sustainability. Where I have
designed various courses for middle and high school students to create environmental
M: 541 543 6631

saraf@uoregon.edu E x p e r i e n c e

Environmental Leadership Program January 2017 - Present

710 E 15th alley, apt 10

Eugene, OR, 97401 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Developed a five week outdoor ciriculum for low income middle school students based on the
EDUCATION Awareness to Action international framework.
Taught the ciriculum at the HJ Andrews old growth forest to 60 middle school students.
Major Gained field-based research, writing and presentation skills.
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Instructor at Explo Wellesley College June 2016 - September 2016

Minor Exploration Schools, Wellesley, MA

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Created an intensive fourteen-day course on Model United Nations to facilitate a memorable and
informative learning experience for students.

LANGUAGES Taught two sessions on Model United Nations to a large group of international and domestic middle
school students.
Discussed the United Nations role on a global scale, how it came into existence and compared the
weaknesses and the strengths of the UN.
Led discussions on case studies such as the Cold War, Pakistan/India conflict, the Syrian refugee crisis,
capitalism and global poverty, Tuvalus environmental concerns and the economic refugee crisis of
Founder, International January 2017- Present
SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSISStudies Student Coalition

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR


Started a club at the International Studies department for increasing student engagement
within the department, connecting employers and alumni with students and creating events for
students and professors to collaborate academically and professionally.
Recruited members from various disciplines within International Studies major.
Led weekly meetings and managed the efficiency of the group
AWARDS E x p e r i e n c e C o n t i n u e d
Fund raiser, Annual Giving Program June 2015 December 2015
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
AWARD 2014
Recipient of a 100% tuition scholarship
at the University of Oregon. Selected Contacted Alumni and Friends of the University of Oregon (UO) via phone to solicit gifts in support of
the UO programs.
from 200+ applicants from around the
world to be a part of the International Served as an ambassador to the UO, clarified misconceptions related to the UO programs and
Cultural Service Program (ICSP). departments and maintained healthy relationships with alumni.
Delivered 90 hours of cultural service Provided information regarding the UO specific departments and programs.
every year, providing information on
Selected as caller of the week for having the highest number of credit card donations
Pakistan, its culture, norms, traditions
and current issues to different
communities and age groups, including
retirement homes, schools, college Vice President, UO UNICEF April 2015 June 2016
campuses, prisons, etc.
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Selected from a pool of participants to Responsible for conducting chapter meetings and leading group discussions
be a part of the Wedu Leadership and Led discussions around UNICEFs role in different countries, its current projects and its impact on
Development Program that aims to the global society
aid and strengthen women from Designed various fundraising projects for local and international UNICEF projects
developing Asian countries. It provides
Conducted interviews for hiring new officers and taught them basic group responsibilities.
mentorship to a selected group of
women by providing guidance and
training every step of the way in order
Startup Bells & Whistles June 2009 September 2012
to achieve their goals and make a
difference in this world.
Peshawar, Pakistan

YANAOKA AWARD 2017 Started an online business at the age of 14 years and gathered 2500+ likes
Recipient of the Yanaoka award for Received 800+ orders through a substantial number of clients.
academic excellence at the University Crafted 1000+ pieces of handmade jewelry and delivered finished products across Pakistan, via
of Oregon post.
Set up promotion booths for Bells & Whistles at various markets, annual gatherings and galas.

V o l u n t e e r W o r k

Fund Raising
Collected funds for the victims of the Baluchistan earthquake and the local school for
disabled children
Jewellery Making Collected funds for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) of Swat and Buner during the
operation launched by the Pakistani government against Militant insurgents in 2009.
Languages and Cultures Emergency Protocol

SKILLS Conducted frequent blood drives at Fatimid Foundation and Lady Reading Hospital for the
victims of bomb blasts in Peshawar city.
Founded an emergency task force within the community service society that responded in
MS Office times of terror attacks.
Created a WhatsApp group for community members to share alerts on areas that were
PC/ Macintosh currently under an attack threat

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