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MAKE create, generate, produce, form, craft, construct, design, conceive, establish

LIKE enjoy, adore, fond of, partial to, relish, appreciate, delight in, take pleasure in,
savor, bask in

LIKE such as, for example, for instance, as

MANY / A LOT / LOTS OF a great deal of, masses, enormous, a large amount,
plenty of, sufficient, ample, abundant, copious (amounts), plethora, excess, surplus

THING point, idea, issue, factor, feature, detail, event, incident, aspect, cause,
element, component, section

IMPORTANT - chief, principal, major, lead, main, primary, initial, foremost,

fundamental, essential, key, core, focal, significant

FIRST to start, to begin with, initially,

SECOND, THIRD - following, subsequent, succeeding, furthermore, moreover,

DIFFERENT altered, dissimilar, various, several, numerous, assorted, diverse,

distinct, opposite, varied

KIND OF type, style, variety, diverse, various, sundry, sort of, category, forms of,
manner of, method

GET acquire, develop, progress, obtain, procure, secure, gain, comprehend, grasp,
perceive, attain

DO/DID organize, ensure, perform, accomplish, complete, achieve, carry out, solve,
resolve, prepare,

BUT however, on the other hand, adversely, although, on the contrary, conversely, in
spite of (noun/pronoun/main idea), in opposition to (main idea), alternatively,

AND also, as well as, in addition, along with (noun/pronoun/main idea), furthermore,
moreover, likewise,