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CNN Student News | September 26, 2016 (Monday) | English


And everything could grind to a halt. in fact every 19 minutes someone dies
of an accidental prescription drug overdose. most of the time it involves an
opiate. Its more common than dying in a car crash. If you want to avoid that
fate, dont take more than youre prescribed, dont use other people
prescriptions, never mix opiates with alcohol and maybe try other ways of
alleviating your pain like over-the-counter pain relievers--and good old
fashion exercise.

Things didnt go so well for my college football team this weekend, but at
least nobody disappeared, during the big ten network broadcast of Michigan
state versis wisconsin, the coach in the white short vanishes, what? Lets see
that again. Now you see him, no you dont, where did he go?, it seems he
just walk away at just the right time, watch the player that cuts in front of
him. you can see just part of the coachs white polo moving behind the
jersey, didnt want to pass on that. glad we have the option to reverse that
shot to see the trick play action. The coach got a break block while moving
from his post and out of his zone and a sort of slant route, you can see the
draw of the end around off the screen. And whats got to be called coach
and back sneak

Im carl azus and well hand it off to your teachers

First Presidential Debate | Election 2016 | The New York Times
Good evening from Hampshire university at hampstire new york,
im lester holts, anchor of NBC news nitled news, I want to walk
you to the first presidential debateThe participants tonight are
Hillary Clinton and Donald trump, this debate is sponsored by the
commission of presidential debates and--
Non profit organization
The commission rafted tonights format and the rules have been
agreed two by the campaign the 90 minute debate is divided into 6
segments each 15 minutes long well explore three topics areas
Achieving prosperity, americas direction, and security America, at
the start of this segment lead off question that both candidates
each have two minutes to respond from that point until the end of
the segment Well have an open discussion, the questions are
With the commissions or the campaings the audience to remain
silent so then we can focus
CNN Student News | October 5, 2016 (Wednesday) | English
Happy to see you today, this weekend starts with a new edition of
cnn student news, im carl azus, at the cnn center.
First up, the troubled relationship between Russia and the US
seems to be getting worse. On Monday Russia announced that it
was suspending part of the agreement with America focused on
reducing the two countries nuclear weapons. The agreement was
signed in the year 2000, it was for the two nations to get rid of
their extra plutonium, an element that could be used to make
nuclear weapons.
But because of what it called unfriendly actions by the us, Russia
said the deal was suspended, analysts say its mostly a symbolic
move that follows a series of recent disagreements between the
two countries
The us also made an announcement concerning Russia, that it
was suspending talks with the country over ending the violence in
Syria. You might remember that Russia and the us organized a
short lived cease fire there. The us blamed Russia for making
commitments in Syria that it didnt follow, but America says its still
lookin g for ways to find peace in Syria. A us state department
spokesperson said the decision to end talks with the Russia was
not linked to Russia suspension on the plutonium agreement.
In the us presidential race weve talked a lot about democratic
nominee Hillary Clinton and republican nominee Donald trump.
Not as much as democratic senator tim kaine and republican
governor mike pence. Theyre the two main parties
vicepresidential running mates.
The democrat represents the us state of virgina, tim kaine was
elected to the job in 2012, before that he served as virginas
governor for 2006 to 2010 and before that mr kaine worked as an
attorney and taught part time at the university of Richmonds
school of law. He was named Hillary clintons running mate on july
The republican governs the us state of Indiana mike pence was
elected to the job in 2012 before that he served Indiana in the us
house of representatives and before that mr pence worked as an
attorney and hosted a radio show and local tv program. He was
named donal trumps running mate on july 15
The two candidates took the stage last night for the one and only
us vicepresidential debate, it was held at longwood university in
farmville Virginia, and it was a chance for the men to discuss
what the nation would like under a clinton or trump administration.

Were gonna bring you some of the highlights in tomorrows show,

for now, a quick look at how the polls and the electoral map
appeared for the democratic and republican nominees.
The numbers say this was a very good week for Hillary Clinton,
look at this, she is at 47 seven percent five points ahead of
Donald trump, she was two points behind him about a month ago
Johnson down here at 7 percent, stein at two percent, of
course, what really matters in all of this is the electoral vote, and if
you look at the map as we project it right now, yes you see a lot of
but in the big population centers out here and over here, thats
where you have a lot of electoral votes and theyre going solidly
blue, some of the light blue ones in here also tilting that way if
Hillary Clinton wins nothing, but the blues states on this map, she
has won the election.
Donald trump has to win all the red states, all of the light red or
pink states here plus the yellow batlle ground states, and he has
to tip one of the light blue states in his direction if he is going to
have a chance of wininng in the electoral college.
It could be a done but it is a reach and the enthusiasm gap is
closing. For a long time there, we saw a tremendous enthusiasm
on his side, very little on her side.

Its still in his favor but she is getting considerable closer. But
heres on last thing that is really worth in mind and ought to
worry both parties.
When you ask voters out there, their general opinion of both of
these candidates theyre still seen in a negative light, which
suggest that no matter which one wins, the public may have a
very hard time watching that inauguration come January.
And no matter which candidate wins, he or she could have a very
strenous time determining the nations new foreign policy.
In addition to Russia, in addition to Syria there are several
international challenges awaiting the next us president. one of
them involving the communist nation of north korea, might not
even wait for innaguration day.
The us-based center for strategic and international studies says
north Korea leaders have routinely tried to ramp up international
tensions specially around us elections.
North korea has conducted missile tests and nuclear tests as a
way of trying to intimidate us leaders, though fighting in the
Korean war ended in 1953 the north has remained a us rival

North korea could be the biggest glogal headache facing the next
us president. heres why, Its a real and growing nuclear threat,
not only to the region but potentially the world. Their leader kim
jong-un is relentless. Sanctions and warnings have done little to
slow his nuclear ambitions. In fact hes accelerated his weapons
programs. Kim wants his arsenal of nuclear missiles capable of
hitting the us, and he is developing missiles that can be fired
from submarines and mobile launchers, making them really hard
to track. so the next us president faces two challenges, one trying
to convince that north koreas unpredictable, young leader to
give up his nukes and the other challenge is to be prepared for
any scenario including and attack.
On a list of endangered species you might not expect to see bees.
But for the first time, some types of bees are now protected under
the us endangered species act. Specifically were talking about
yellow faced bees. theyre native to the islands of Hawaii. theyre
said to look like small wasps, but they have unique yellow and
white marks on their faces that help distinguish them. Seven
species of yellow faced bees are now officially classified as
endangered. and experts say this is actually a good thing for
them. it provides money for their protection and allows officials to
start programs to help them recover. There are both manmade
and natural threats to these insects, destruction of their habitat,
invasive species, wildfires, droughts, tsunamis and hurricanes
And some of the problems theyre facing are shared by bees
around the world.
Its bizarre. And when a beekeeper goes into his hive, hell find a
queen. Shes healthy, laying eggs, find maybe food, some
honey, pollen stores. He wont see many signs of the disease
outright, but the bees are gone and its so mysterious.
where did they go? We just dont know and thats what we call
colony collapse disorder. My name is noah. Im a beekeeper.

in 2006, october to December an alarming number of commercial

bee colonies were dead in Pennsylvania, and this is really when
we start talking about modern day colony collapse disorder.
People like mysteries because its an interesting story but this is
really important story. we need honey bees for the role as
pollinators, for over 130 crops that humans depend on, fruits
and vegetables. They contribute over 15 billion dollars anually
just to the us economy alone. Its hard to determine the
causes of colony collapse disorder because there are no
bodies found.
How can we find out how something died without the body?
There have been some obscure hypotheses, ranging from
cellphones to aliens.
those are not well-supported, but certainly discussed. And
then there are some more well-supported hypotheses
including lack of nutrition to the habitat loss.
We have fewer flowers around and also diseases.
Here in the united states we have a lot more talk in the news and
among scientists and researches about the effects of pesticides
on honeybee health, specifically with regards to the
neonicotinoid class of pesticides.
Somethings that are research focuses is vaccine for bees, for
totally unique approach, regardless of what is killing them.

Were already looking at how to make them healthier

Bees are important, We need the bees because we need food.
bees need us because now, bees are doing much better in
managed colonies than inferior colonies.
Theyre healthier when theyre managed. so this
interrelationship that we have over evolutionary time has just
forced the two of us humans and bees together.
Ok weve heard of car wraps mat paint jobs, bedliner paint jobs.
but for this costume covering youll need to rub more than two
cents together because it took 51300 of them, plus multiple
bottles of various kinds of glue.
the coinage alone ads an additional of 282 pounds of weight to
the truck, and the man who made it says it took him seven weeks
working seven hours a day to put it all together.
He keeps extra glue for when the hood or door slam and
knock a few cents off. But all in all. He says its worth every
penny specially since its stays in mint condition.
And while a lot of folks would like to offer their two cents on
that or get a penny for their thoughts, kind of turns the whole
customization idea in its head. Though to drive it, youd have
to love heavy metal.

Hi, im carl Azus for cnn student news, jumping it right in.

A us warship was recently targeted by two missiles, near the

middle eastern country of yemen. An American military
spokesman said the uss mason was in international waters in the
southern part of the red sea when the attacked happened.
the ship deployed onboard defensive measures. the missiles
missed their apparent target, hit the water, caused no damage.
but where they did come from?
The Us says they were launched from a part of yemen controlled
by houthi rebels. Who are the houthis?
They are a group that drove out the yemeny president and
government last year.
The houthis have taken control of much of war-torn yemen, but
they deny that they targeted the us warship.
This goes deeper though.
The houthis are shia of muslim group, and theyre supported by
iran, a mostly shia muslim country. But theyre opposed by
Saudi Arabia a mostly sunni muslim country Thats leading other
nations in attacks against the houthis.
Tensions between shia and sunni muslims date back centuries
6 noviembre

Its great to see you, thanks for taking 10 minutes for current
events sans commmercials, im carl azus in Atlanta.
In sana the capital of yemen, international workers, civilians,
women and children, pack the airport, exhausted for conflict and
relieved to be going home. Thousands are being evacuated from
the shelling, the bombing and the gunshots.
But their flights have to be coordinated with the military and
neighboring saudi Arabia, because its leading the airstrikes
against the houthi revels that have taken over yemens
Hundreds have been killed in the fighting. the houthies are allied
with iran. Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region want to
kick out the rebels and reinstate yemens deposed president. the
Saudis firepower is inmense.
Saudi Arabia is the best funded armed force in the gulf region
with training in operational ties to the us, uk and france.
According to the institute of strategic studies in 2014 the countrys
defense expenditure was 80.8 billion, thats 10 percent of the
countrys gdp and the third largest defense budget in the world.
Its military force is made up of 227.000 active members, the army
has 75.000 troops, but its biggest grand force is the 100.000
strong national guard, made of largery and militia,
10 noviembre
Hey welcome to the weeks pun ultimate presentation on cnn
student news, im carl azus with 10 minutes of commercial free
Were starting with news concerning Saudi Arabia. a middle
eastern country, thats the world thirteen largest nation in area
and its biggest export of oil.
Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, king abdulla whos led the nation
since 2005, died last week, and president obama recently traveled
there to pay his respects and visit Saudi Arabias new leader king
Saudi Arabia is an ally of the us in fighting terrorism, but it has a
bad record on human rights, a blogger who spoke out against
the saudi government was recently whipped a thousand times
and imprisoned for 20 years.
The nation doesnt allow women to drive, made this a politically
chagelling trip for president Obama.
President Obamas stop in saudi Arabia was brief, but spoke
volumes about us relations with this key mideast ally.
After cutting short his trip to india, following the death of saudi
king Abdullah, the president and the newly crowned monarch in
rylladh were all smiles, when mr Obama praised king salmans
palace. the response was now that you hear its even more
But the president declined to criticize the kingdom for the beating
of a saudi blogger who was punished for scrutinizing his
countrys religious police.
When you speak about the blogger to the.
I think on this visit, obviously a lot of this is just paying respects
to king adbullah.
cnns fareed zakaria asked the president

11 noviembre
What he would say to americans appalled by saudi Arabias
human rights record. Well what we would say to them is that it is
important for us to take into account existing relationships, the
existing alignments within a very complicated middle east, to
recognize that we have strategic interest in common with saudi
Common interests like isis, yemen where the us if fighting al-
qaeda and saudi Arabias main rival, Iran. A senior saudi official
brushed off white houses assurance that iran is not in charge of
the houthi rebels in yemen, saying, if the houthis are not
controlled by iran, then who is giving them guns and money? to
us, that is control.
The saudi trip is something of an optics due over, after the
white house failed to have a high profile presence following the
terrorist attacks in paris. by contrast the president saudi
delegation was a Washington who is who,from secretary of state
jhon Kerry, senator john McCain and CIA director jhon brennan
to former secretaries of state james baker and condoleeza rice.
Top white house aides complain thats an unfair comparison
You have, I think a period of time where different leaders are able
to pass through saudi arabia to pay their respects and to meet
the new king so there is a difference.
We can not rewrite history but we can write history, the words of
a judge yesterday in overturning the convictions and sentences
of the friendship 9. It was a group of African American protesters
who were students at friendship college in rock hill south
On january 31st in 1961 they sat at lunch counter that was
designated for whites only, they were immediately arrested. their
penalty a choice, pay a hundred dollar fine or accept 30 days of
hard labor. they chose the labor and took a seat in history.
eight of the protesters Were still alive seven were at yesterdays
hearing. The judge was the nephew of the judge who originally
sentenced them in. there was a standing ovation when he
officially vacated their convictions.
But we will not let him play any hero worship. We were
simply---students who was tired of the status quo.
Tired of being treated like second class citizens, tired of being
spat on, kicked, calling word, drinking out of color water
fountain, we got tired of that.
Time for the shout out, worldwide there are about 3500 species of
what animal, if you think you know it, shout it out. Is it mosquitoes,
cats, horses or sea urchins you got three seconds, go.

these animals there are more different species of mosquitoes than

the others combined.