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It is always of interest to document the manifestation of an archetype.

In a companion
paper (The Tripartite God of Ancient Greece), the hypothesis was advanced that, even in
the millenium before the birth of Jesus Christ, there existed an archetype for the mature,
individuated man. That archetype was the image of the god Zeus, or as the Roman‘s
named Him…Jupiter. In that companion paper, it is noted that relatively few adult men
made the leap from the archetype of "Kronos" (an archetype of the repressed masculine
tyrant king in consensus consciousness) to that of "Zeus" (the King of the Gods). In fact,
it is impossible to know relatively how many, but modern estimates from Jeff Green,
creator of the field of Evolutionary Astrology, suggests as many as one out of five
modern adult men may be in the process of individuation and therefore manifesting the
qualities of the Jupiterian Man in modern times. He estimates that perhaps 75 percent of
all persons (and males) are stuck in consensus consciousness acting out the neuroses of
the Kronos archetype.
It is thought-provoking to realize that only in the ancient art of astrology is there today
any effort to document the qualities of manifesting individuation in the context of this
ancient, three-millenia-old masculine image. Although there are many works in modern
psychology that work with this concept of individuation generally, one of the more
interesting is Steven Arroyo’s book Exploring Jupiter, which takes advantage of the
huge astrological databases available to practitioners today on the behavioral, attitudinal,
and psychological characteristics of clients of astrologists. This paper serves as a
summary of his findings. In addition, it includes some of my own observations on the
manifestation of this archetypal pattern of behavior.

The Jupiter Principle is obedience and subservience to what is perceived as a higher

authority, such as the soul, God or the Higher Self
Jupiterian Man embodies the archetype of Zeus or the Philosopher King, holding
wisdom, justice, beneficence, benevolence, kindness, tolerance and broad-mindedness as
his guiding principles
Jupiterian Man seeks to grow through creative activity and visions, self-expression, and
the warm support of others
Among the qualities of Jupiterian Man, the following exemplify the manifestation of this
He has pride in his own will to be something new constantly
He intuitively hacks into other people’s issues
He trusts in a higher order and has faith in life
He has a well-developed sense of showmanship, a charismatic personality, and an
outgoing expressiveness
He seeks to serve others less fortunate than himself
He needs an ideal beyond ego and short-sighted ambitions to motivate him
He needs to follow his heart in grand visions
He loves preaching his ‘inspired truth’, is altruistic and high-minded
He empowers others to follow their own truths
He is a Seeker of the Unknown, an adventurer
He is intuitive and empathetic rather than rationalistic
He needs to align his life to higher aims, soul-will or a revealed truth
He feels the meaning to his life is critical in choosing his directions
He has an urge to communicate
He is unpredictable
His mantra is "Self expression as one’s purpose in life"
He is rarely influenced by others and their ideas
He believes in the Principle of Mankind as a Unity Principle
He avoids perfectionism through the forgiving of personal faults
He yearns for "freedom of thought"
Jupiterian Man uses his passion to explore Creation as his mode of learning. He seeks
higher truths to enter the unknown constantly. This is Jupiter as a Path of Learning.
Jupiterian Man seeks an perspective on life from which he can live in passionate
experience instead of preoccupation with details or petty problems
Jupiterian Man is at peace with himself and with life. He came to that state of happiness
through prolonged and difficult work on his own mind and states of consciousness. In
this work, he freed himself from his past attachments, his fear of life and death, his
neurotic cravings, and his fear of the feminine part of himself. He learned what love was
and how destructive the abuse of power was. And he learned to accept others as they are
and not to interfere in their lives or to offer unasked for advice. As a result, he no longer
wastes his life force and is filled with vigor and love for his life. With negative emotions
and issues no longer pulling him down, he is able to live in the present and look into the
coming moments to see what new things might be manifesting. He faces each new day
with humor and laughter, and he faces the challenges life places before him with a sense
of play.
As a healthy, individuated man, Jupiter Man no longer attracts or invites negative and
difficult people into his life. Instead, he enjoys encounters with new people and
communicates without agendas. His positive attitudes and pleasure with life instead
attract interesting new friends.
Jupiteran Man requires Saturn’s grounding and stabilizing influence in order to stay in
balance. Saturn is the Roman name for the Greek god, Kronos, who is a Titan and
therefore a god of earth. He represents the responsibility principle in society and the
desire to "fit in" socially. Jupiter creates a "pull upward to Heaven" through devotion to
his Higher Principle, so to stay grounded in mundane reality Jupiter Man thus needs the
grounding principle of the Saturn archetype to stay grounded and focused upon life
processes on earth.
As Jupiter requires Saturn’s "reality principle" to stay grounded, Jupiterian high
mindedness needs the Mercury archetype’s communication arts, amoral innocence,
access to the Underworld, and his role as psycho pomp, to stay connected to mundane
reality and access the reaches of the inner psyche. The Mercury archetype assists
Jupiterian Man in seeking practical wisdom, life in the expanded present, inspired
reasoning, meaningful diversity, the communication of wisdom, the exploration of mind,
and purposeful interaction with others.
This relationship to the Mercury archetype turns the Jupiter Man towards seeking
meaning in the realm of mythology. Myth connects him to the Divine Drama in Nature
and the Divine Persons (personalizations) of the Divine in the gods and goddesses in the
mythology of his culture. Through these Creation stories and mythology, he acquires
understanding of principles of Divine manifestation into Matter and is able to internalize
these principles as his own personal dance in the Mystery of Creation. Through
mythology, he perceives himself as a part of the Divine Dance and Mystery, and in this
realization he finds meaning in both his suffering and his joys.
Although the Mercury archetype continues to play a role in Jupiterian Man’s interest in
life process as a learning process, in time Jupiterian Man realizes that Mercury’s reliance
upon "language, concepts, or ideas" limits his learning process because language itself
limits perception, understanding and experience. This is because language intercedes
between mind and experience by forming a subjective and distorted psychic structure of
knowledge and information within the mind. That mental structure interferes with
learning because it tends to be used in place of direct experience and staying present in
the world. Instead of remaining open and present in life, Jupiterian Man may turn inward,
thinking within his established mental model of the world, and project his conclusions out
upon Reality. All too often, this individual, subjective mental structure of information,
beliefs, values, unconscious assumptions, and philosophical tenets becomes the stand-in
for "Reality". Included in this mental model are unconscious assumptions about the
nature of Reality, and thus reliance upon language trips up the process of experiential
Jupiterian learning repeatedly is tripped up until the nature of this limitation is
recognized. At some point, Jupiterian Man frees himself from language and quiets his
mind, thoughts and emotional reactions in order to relate directly to his outer world as a
higher learning paradigm. This step in his growth is a preparation for a transition to a
higher principle of living than is represented by the Jupiterian Principle.
In time, Jupiterian Man begins to lose interest in accessing the Mercurian archetype. He
discovers that no matter how much information he brings in and stores in his internal
mental model, how many people he discusses his interests with, how much analysis he
does concerning his inner dynamic or outer experience, he can never expect to
comprehend his world. Pressing the edges of his mental resources results in only periodic
collapses in the inner mental model, leaving him in chaos and confusion for prolonged
periods of time. He also sees that people around him ghost by in tune to their own inner
dialogues, disinterested and uncomprehending of what he is experiencing. In time, he
loses interest in this mode of learning, prefering to bathe in pure silent experience of the
world, feeling his way along intuitively, and following the energetic currents around him.
When this happens, he begins to lose interest in trying to communicate his experiences or
inner knowing to others, because what he is experiencing cannot be communicated in
"words, concepts or images." With this realization, Jupiterian Man withdraws into
solitude quietly waiting to see what will "happen next." His eye becomes tuned to the
Divine Drama invisibly shaping the events of ordinary life.
As his interest in conceptual, written and spoken language diminishes, Jupiter Man
becomes aware of the phenomenon called "synchronicity" by the Swiss psychologist Carl
Jung. He notices coincidences all around him that create meaningful paths of learning and
discovery. And so he begins to follow these paths of coincidences from day to day, and to
use them to determine what "he is meant to learn." This is the Uranian Principle of
Synchronous Events, which gives him an impression of a outside agency coordinating
experience for the seeker...perhaps the soul, a High Self, a guide, or even the Ultimate
Divine Source itself. Unpredictable and ambigious, this principle cannot be relied upon
continuously but seems to intervene at critical points in life and in particular aspects of
life to shatter the behavior patterns brought forward from the past, clear the table for new
behavior adaptions to current needs and direct him into new directions.
These connecting relations among planetary archetypes illustrate the principle that no
archetype is independent of mythic interconnections or complementing archetypal
patterns. In fact, it is these connections between archetypes which help to stabilize
archetypal behavior and guide the evolution of mankind into higher principles. This is the
metaphysical principle that "we are all connected", as are the stages of individuation and
evolutionary development.
Jupiterian Man learns by exploring his own mind and by watching the World. He realizes
that his understanding is subjective and that he cannot realize objective knowledge of
Reality from the narrow perspective of a human being and with the limitations of mind
and understanding human's struggle under.
Although he is likely to accept Natural Law as "Reality", Reality in society, to him, is
merely a set of social agreements which all together are pathological in their impacts
upon the psyche and lead those who participate in those agreements into psychological,
emotional and spiritual unwellness. Therefore, he is non-conformist and strongly
individualistic. His own mind, and not the world, is his Unknown and he is fascinated
with the Mysteries of Existence. The World--especially the Natural World--is his
Instructor. In this way, he learns to follow and learn from Reality As It Is, but is not
likely to accept othersas his learning exemplars.
Jupiterian Man learns through deep and wise participation in and understanding of
mundane experiences while simultaneously preserving his own unique nature
The Jupiterian Man is the very image of a whole, individuated man who is realizing his
full adult potential.
Jupiterian learning is no longer found in academia, where Mercurian data analysis and
logic has become so entrenched
Because Jupiterian Man is subjective, he realizes that the understandings of other people
are likewise subjective…even when they insist that they see Reality objectively. Thus,
Jupiterian Man is not likely to waste energy on arguing over what is right and what is
wrong, or to worry overmuch about other’s views of him.
Jupiterian Man is likely to be extremely self-contained and self reliant.
The Jupiterian Man carries unconscious loyalties to traditional religion and assumptions
from traditional religion which often conflict with his needs to open to new experiences
of the Divine. These loyalities may serve as barriers to further evolution so long as they
remain unconscious because they are usually ideals generated by remaining neurotic
needs rather than purely archetypal.
Jupiterian Man’s energy is ambiguous, intangible, hard to express or define clearly
Jupiterian Man needs time alone to explore his inner world; he may be found on the
sidelines of social life in his community and prefers solitude over joining groups and
community organizations. He tends to slip in and out of social organizations rather than
maintaining a constant membership or take a leadership role because he finds the
pressure to conform and integrate into the group uncomfortable. He is not comfortable
with a static identity or with the loss of individual freedom to express his sometimes
radical or revolutionary viewpoints. He recognizes that any group can function as a
control mechanism over its members. A related archetype to Jupiter is the tarot's
"Hermit" archetype.
Jupiterian Man may manifest the talent or art of Seership.
Jupiterian Man is the symbol of health and sanity, of inner integration and successful
living. His eye is on the Journey through Life…not the goal.
Jupiterian Man feels a need to impact "large concerns", to make a difference in
his world. However he resists taking big responsibilities in community
organizations because those imply a loss of individual freedom and loss of
solitude. This fact reveals the transitional status of this stage in the individuation
process because Jupiterian Man can only serve by surrendering these personal
preferences for freedom and independence that are still so important to him.
He follows the principle of focused transformation driven by mundane action to stay well
here in the physical as the means of exploring the Principles of Higher Meanings. The
Jupiterian is working from a strong and resilient ego using personal will to explore the
world and the mind. He takes authority for making the decisions in his life.
In time, the Jupiterian learner enters an energy of the Neptune archetype, or Piscian
energy. This further evolves the individuating learner into these higher energies and pulls
his interest away from sole focus upon mundane experiences. In Neptune’s energy, the
learner experiences dissolution of the ego and with it the personal will. Neptunian
learning requires submission to a higher power not definable in terms of traditional
religious concepts.
Both Neptune and Jupiter yearn for freedom, seek personal growth and transformation,
represent super conscious needs, hold to higher ideals, tend towards a religious,
metaphysical or philosophical interpretation of life. But Neptune’s energy is less
accessible, less comprehensible than Jupiter‘s; and its perceptions, if expressable at all,
can only be expressed in poetry or music or art. Jupiter is more concerned with
expressable knowledge, philosophy, and higher mental/abstract pursuits. Both Jupiter and
Neptunian learning can lead one into glamour or illusion.
As he begins to experience the energies of Neptune, Jupiterian Man eventually learns to
balance his Jupiterian character against that of Neptune to transcend his unconscious
reliance upon the symbols and concepts of traditional religion and to align more to the
energies of the indefinable. Neptune’s influence moves the Jupiterian Learner in more
mystical directions, away from total reliance upon separateness and the mundane and
away from ego and will.
Moving beyond the stage of evolution represented by the Jupiter archetype and into
Neptune's dominion means moving into a union with the Divine Source and thereby
moving beyond duality, language, mythologies, and the need for meaning. In these later
stages, the individual loses his identity as a person and individual, becoming the channel
for Divine expression itself in the physical. What is realized and understood in these later
stages is impossible to express in language or image but is felt as the energy of Love and
In other words, the archetype of Jupiter is not the highest principle of individuation. The
highest principle in life on earth tends to be represented by the Neptunian Principle,
which manifests in the form of "Spiritual man"…the Avatar.