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Preposies em Ingls: www.napontadalingua.hd1.com.


Preposies na lngua inglesa geralmente vem antes de substantivos

(algumas vezes tambm na frente de verbos no gerndio).

Algumas vezes algo difcil de se entender para os alunos de Ingls

pois a traduo para a lngua nativa torna-se impossvel. Uma prepo-
sio na lngua nativa pode ter muitas tradues dependendo de cada

tambm difcil de se estabelecerem regras de quando devemos usar

certo tipo de preposio. Uma maneira de estudar e aprender
atravs do uso de um bom dicionrio, leitura em Ingls e aprender
algumas frases de uso dirio.

Na tabela a seguir temos uma lista contento as preposies mais

usadas em Ingls.

Prepositions Time
English Usage Example
on days of the week on Monday

months / seasons
in August / in
time of day
in in the morning
after a certain
in 2006
period of time
in an hour

for night
at night
for weekend
at at the weekend
a certain point of
at half past nine
time (when?)

from a certain
since point of time (past since 1980
till now)

over a certain
for period of time for 2 years
(past till now)

a certain time in
ago 2 years ago
the past

earlier than a
before certain point of before 2004
Preposies em Ingls: www.napontadalingua.hd1.com.br

English Usage Example

to telling the time ten to six (5:50)

past telling the time ten past six (6:10)

marking the
to / till / from Monday to/till
beginning and end
until Friday
of a period of time

in the sense of
how long He is on holiday
till / until
something is going until Friday.
to last

I will be back by 6
in the sense of at
the latest
by By 11 o'clock, I
up to a certain
had read five

Prepositions Place (Position and Direction)

English Usage Example
in the kitchen, in
room, building,
street, town,
in the book
in in the car, in a
book, paper etc.
car, taxi
in the picture, in
picture, world
the world

at the door, at the

meaning next to,
at the table
by an object
at a concert, at
for table
the party
for events
at the cinema, at
at place where you
school, at work
are to do
something typical
(watch a film,
study, work)
Preposies em Ingls: www.napontadalingua.hd1.com.br

the picture on
the wall
for a place with a
London lies on
the Thames.
being on a surface
on the table
on for a certain side
on the left
(left, right)
on the first
for a floor in a house
for public transport
on the bus, on
for television, radio
a plane
on TV, on the

Jane is
left or right of
by, next to, standing by /
somebody or
beside next to /
beside the car.

on the ground,
the bag is
lower than (or
under under the
covered by)
something else

lower than the fish are

below something else but below the
above ground surface

put a jacket
covered by
over your shirt
something else
over 16 years
meaning more than
of age
over getting to the other
walk over the
side (also across)
overcoming an
climb over the

higher than
a path above
above something else, but
the lake
not directly over it

getting to the other walk across

side (also over) the bridge
getting to the other swim across
side the lake
Preposies em Ingls: www.napontadalingua.hd1.com.br

something with
limits on top, drive through
bottom and the the tunnel

movement to person go to the

or building cinema
to movement to a go to London /
place or country Ireland
for bed go to bed

go into the
enter a room / a
into kitchen / the

movement in the
go 5 steps
direction of
towards towards the
something (but not
directly to it)

movement to the jump onto the

top of something table

in the sense of a flower from

where from the garden

Other important Prepositions

English Usage Example
a present from
from who gave it

who/what does it a page of the book

of belong to the picture of a
what does it show palace

a book by Mark
by who made it

walking or riding
on foot, on
on horseback
on horseback
entering a public
get on the bus
transport vehicle

in entering a bus get in the car

Preposies em Ingls: www.napontadalingua.hd1.com.br

English Usage Example

leaving a public
off get off the train
transport vehicle

leaving a car /
out of get out of the taxi

rise or fall of
something prices have risen
by travelling (other by 10 percent
than walking or by car, by bus

she learned
at for age
Russian at 45

for topics, meaning we were talking

what about about you

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