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JUNE 2017

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Sonnax products and the people that stand behind them are
part of a unique system trusted for decades to overcome
even the most challenging transmission problems.

Dont risk a comeback with parts that cant deliver reliable,

effective, top-quality repairs. From innovative components to
top-notch product support, you can always rely on Sonnax to
get you through your next rebuild.

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Sonnax is an Employee-Owned Company

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JUNE 2017
PHONE (805) 604-2000

Publisher Dennis Madden

Managing Editor Rodger Bland
Technical Director Lance Wiggins
Senior Designer Jeanette Troub Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Understanding GM 6T40 Solenoids Aus-Tex Transmission in
Shift Troubles Page 22 Round Rock, Texas
Graphic Artist Aurelio Pea Page 4 Page 50

Contributing Editors:

John E. Anderson
Jim Cathcart
Steve Bodofsky
Steve Garret Thom Tschetter

ATRA Technical Staff: 4 ON THE ROAD: Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Shift Troubles
Rolando (Rolly) Alvarez Bill Brayton by David Chalker
Mike Brown Keith Clark
David Chalker Rob Faucett 14 BACK ON THE BENCH:
Pete Huscher Shaun Velasquez Gear Ratio Codes vs Solenoid Performance Codes
Jarad Warren by Rob Faucett
Director of Event Services Vanessa Velasquez 18 LUBEGARD: POSITIONED FOR GROWTH
by Lubegard
The views expressed in this publication should not necessarily be interpreted PAID ADVERTORIAL
as the official policy of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA).
Publication of product information or any advertising does not imply recommenda- 22 TALES FROM THE BENCH: Understanding GM 6T40 Solenoids
tion by ATRA. by Jared Warren
GEARS , a publication of ATRA, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030,
is published for the betterment of the transmission industry and is distributed 32 IT CAN MAKE FOR A BAD DAY: Tackling a 4ET50 Hybrid
ten times per year. No part of this issue may be reproduced without prior written
by Steve Garret
permission of the publisher. GEARS is distributed to members of the transmis-
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from against the publisher. The publisher reserves the unqualified right to reject any
advertising copy as it deems appropriate, with or without cause. 46 You Cant Take It with You!
GEARS is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard by Nancy Friedman
to the subject matter covered. It is distributed with the understanding the publisher
is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal 48 SMART EXIT: Who Might Buy My Shop?
advice or other expert assistance, is required, the services of a competent profes- by John E. Anderson
sional person should be sought from a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted
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GEARS also welcomes articles submitted by members of the industry. GEARS Built on a Foundation of Clearly Defined Processes and Procedures
considers all articles for publication that contribute positively to the welfare of the
transmission industry, and reserves the right to edit all articles it publishes. If you by Steve Bodofsky
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the author and a telephone number where he/she may be reached. If you want 56 SHOP EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS SHOWCASE
submissions returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
65 ATRA's Powertrain EXPO 2017 Show Guide
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on page 18.
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very year around this time, familiar with the one part of a car that
students all across the country everyone else fears. You are the person
are finishing school and who does the impossible; the one who
venturing out into a new phase of fixes the mystery box that the rest of
life as a working adult. I think of that the automotive industry avoids.
every year as people here at ATRA Unfortunately, this elite position
take a day off to attend a graduation. comes at a price. Its tough. Its not for
This year it was Rodger Blands the weak at heart and itll take most of
turn, as his son, Trenton, graduated your spirit just to get by. What youve
college. Not to mention that my wife learned so far is just the beginning. by Dennis Madden
went back to school after 25 years Maybe you thought that choos- "Class of 1976"
and just picked up her degree. So its a ing a path in auto repair would let members.atra.com
subject thats fresh in my mind. you avoid the classroom; that your
As we were discussing this, education was over. Nothing could
Rodger posed this question: What be further from the truth: As a
kind of commencement speech would transmission technician, your job will from others, even the person who
you give? We were talking about demand constant education to keep up sweeps the floor or empties the trash.
the current political climate and with our ever-changing market. Youll Be the person others look up to.
everything young people face these need a clear understanding of subjects Never forget that you work for
days, but it got me thinking: What that would make most people curl up the customer. You may have a boss
kind of message would I offer to in the corner, hoping itll just go away. an employer, but in the end, you work
someone entering the transmission It wont. for the folks who are trying to get to
repair industry? But for those of you who step work or take their kids to school. Your
So here it is, my commencement up to the plate who can meet the job your future depends on how
message to people just entering this demands of this industry the skys well you can keep them happy.
industry the class of 2017: the limit. Youll have the opportunity As you begin this next chapter in
Forty years ago, I was right to go further climb higher and your life, always believe in yourself.
where you are now I was a kid at 19. earn more than nearly anyone in auto Make the most of every day, and work
I didnt know what I wanted to do with repair. Its an impressive goal. hard to set an example for the ones
my life. But I knew that, whatever I As you begin your journey, keep who will one day turn to you as a
chose for a career, itd have something these three things in mind: leader in this industry.
to do with cars. Never stop learning. Sure, you Know that youre walking in the
It was a fluke that I wound up in may have better things to do on a paths of giants who built an industry
a transmission shop and it was my first Saturday than attend a seminar, or for you. Its up to you to keep their
boss, Al Perry, who taught me what a somewhere youd rather be than at vision to help build a brighter future
terrific industry and career Id chosen. Expo, but you earn what you learn. for those who will follow in your
It was mine for the taking, if I only had Your career and earning potential footsteps.
the courage to reach for the brass ring. will depend on your ability to fix cars. Thats what I would say to them
What a blessing he gave me. And that ability will be based on your and to you.
You see, transmission repair education: The more, the better. Its If you have any new hires, share
isnt just a job or even a career: Its a that simple. this with them; it might give them a
life-changing path that takes you to Be humble. Youre a part of a nudge in the right direction.
the pinnacle of the automotive world. team. You may be the smartest person
It demands that you become intimately in the room, but you can still learn

2 GEARS June 2017

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determine Suppleme
Limit ed Slip ls.
slip differ 4
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E GROU BE (5823)
AR AUTO 800-333-LU
a STELL 62-5343 gard.com
INC. www.Lube
ICANTS, 98108
of their
INTER ntal South property
arks are
All tradem
2013 ILI.
2:19 PM

er piece_r
Kool It

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he ATRA Tech HotLine still flares or slipping 2-3 shifts, or binding
receives calls on Toyota/Lexus on the 3-4 shift.
U140/U240 and U150/U250 In the previous installment,
transmissions with shifting issues. we covered the U140/U240 series
These vehicles exhibit a number of transmissions and the slips and binds
conditions, including slipping or they run into. In this article, well
binding shifts. look at the U150/U250.
Often these problem transmis- Whenever one of these trans- by David Chalker
sions have already been rebuilt, with missions comes into your shop, first members.atra.com
new gaskets, seals, O-rings, and perform a transmission memory reset
sometimes new solenoids. But they procedure. Some aftermarket scan
still have problems: Thats usually tools can perform the transmission
when we get the call. memory reset, but its often best to
The most common issues we use a factory Toyota/Lexus scan tool.
hear about on U140/U240 are long, As we saw in the previous
drawn-out, or flare 2-3 shifts, or a 2-3 article, theres a factory bulletin,
flare with a bindup at the end of the TC002-03, that covers all models
shift. Sometimes there are even long, from 20002005 (figure 1).
drawn-out, slipping 1-2 shifts. The If you still have a slip or bind
U150/U250 complaints are usually after performing the transmission

4 GEARS June 2017

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Models: 00 - 05 All Models
June 10, 2003
- December 20, 2004: Applicable Vehicles section has been updated 2004 and 2005 Whenever an automatic transmission is replaced, overhauled or individual components
model years added, models and model years updated for various models; and Reset are replaced, use this procedure to clear Engine Control Module (ECM, SAE term:
Procedure 2 has been revised. Powertrain Control Module, PCM) Learned Values to minimize subsequent
- January 16, 2004: Tundra vehicles were added to the Applicable Vehicles chart. performance concerns.
- December 17, 2003: T100 vehicles were removed from the Applicable Vehicles chart. CAUTION: Failure to follow the procedure below may lengthen the time to readjust
Previous versions of this TSB should be discarded. the ECM "Learned Values", potentially resulting in performance concerns.

Refer to Reset Procedure 1 for the vehicles with Electronically Controlled Refer to Reset Procedure 2 for the vehicles with Electronically Controlled
Automatic Transmissions: Automatic Transmissions:

Reset Procedure 1
1. Connect the Toyota Diagnostic Tester to the vehicle.

2. Reset the ECM (PCM). Refer to the procedures below.

3. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperatures before test-driving.
4. Perform a thorough test drive with several accelerations from a stop with "light throttle" application until proper transmission shifting is verified.

Reset Procedure 2
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes.
2. Reconnect battery cable.
3. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperatures before test-driving.
4. Perform a thorough test drive with several accelerations from a stop with "light throttle" application until proper transmission shifting is verified.

Figure 1

GEARS June 2017 5

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Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Shift Troubles

reset, youll want to rule out the

possibility of a faulty PCM. For that,
follow the voltage tests for solenoids
SL1, SL2, and SL3. Refer to the case
connector and solenoid apply chart
(figure 2) to follow the tests. Refer to a
wiring diagram for wire colors.
Well be using diagrams for
a 2008 Toyota Sienna. To avoid
connector pin configuration and wire
color confusion, refer to the appropri-
ate information for the vehicle youre
working on.


Put the car on a lift and raise the
drive wheels off the ground.
Backprobe terminals 6 and 13 in
the case connector to check the SL1
Connect your positive lead to
terminal 6 and the negative lead to
terminal 13 (figure 3).
Set your voltmeter to VoltsDC.
Start the engine and shift the
transmission into drive. With Figure 2
the transmission in 1st gear, you
should see about 67 volts on your
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 2nd gear.
The voltage should drop to zero
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 3rd gear. The
voltage should jump back to about
67 volts again.
Raise the engine RPM again until
the transmission shifts into 4th gear.
The voltage should drop to 0 volts
If the solenoid voltages change
normally, the computer is controlling
the SL1 solenoid properly. If not,
suspect a computer problem.

If the solenoid voltages

change normally, the
computer is controlling
the solenoids properly.
If not, suspect a
computer problem.
Figure 3
6 GEARS June 2017

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Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Shift Troubles


Put the car on a lift and raise the
drive wheels off the ground.
Backprobe terminals 5 and 12 in
the case connector to check the SL2
Connect your positive lead to
terminal 5 and the negative lead
to terminal 12 (figure 4).
Set your voltmeter to VoltsDC.
Start the engine and shift the
transmission into drive. With
the transmission in 1st gear, you
should see about 67 volts on your
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 2nd gear.
The voltage should remain between
67 volts.
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 3rd gear. The
voltage should drop to zero. The SL2
voltage should remain at 0 volts in
4th and 5th gears.
If the solenoid voltages change
normally, the computer is controlling
the SL2 solenoid properly. If not,
suspect a computer problem.
Figure 4
Put the car on a lift and raise the
drive wheels off the ground.
Backprobe terminals 4 and 11 in
the case connector to check the SL3
Connect your positive lead to
terminal 4 and the negative lead
to terminal 11 (figure 5).
Set your voltmeter to VoltsDC.
Start the engine and shift the
transmission into drive. With the
transmission in 1st gear, you should
see about 0 volts on your voltmeter.
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 2nd gear.
The voltage should remain at 0 volts.
Raise the engine RPM until the
transmission shifts into 3rd gear. The
voltage should remain at 0 volts.
Raise the engine speed until the
transmission shifts into 4th gear. The
voltage should jump to about 67
If the solenoid voltages change
normally, the computer is controlling
the SL3 solenoid properly. If not,
suspect a computer problem.

Figure 5
8 GEARS June 2017

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Original standards. Remanufactured.

Ford is your source for remanufactured gas engines. Each one
is built to original performance specs, including the latest Ford
engineering enhancements. And since every remanufactured
gas engine is built with parts that keep it specific to make,
model, year and emissions calibration, youll get the right fit
every time. No guesswork. Thats the power of original.


Contact the Ford Powertrain Assistance Center

at 800-392-7946 or visit FordParts.com.

See dealer for warranty details.

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Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Shift Troubles


Your next step should be to check
the grounds to the computer (figure 6).
Connect your meters negative
terminal to a chassis ground and
backprobe the individual ground wires
to the computer using the positive lead.
With the engine running, each ground
wire should have less than 0.1 volts.
Voltage greater than 0.1 indicates
a faulty ground, and that could cause
a variety of problems. Repair any
ground problems as necessary. If all
grounds are good, the computer is
probably the culprit.
If the voltage checks for SL1,
SL2, and SL3 are okay, youll need to
check the solenoids and valve body. To
understand which solenoid to consider,
youll need to know what function
each solenoid performs (figure 7).
Solenoids SL1, SL2, and SL3
block solenoid modulator oil when
energized; they allow modulator
pressure through when de-energized.
Solenoid SL1 A normally
open (NO) linear solenoid. When the
solenoid is energized in first gear,
it blocks modulating pressure from Figure 6
passing through. The PCM turns the
SL1 solenoid off during the 1-2 shift
to regulate the B1 brake apply. The
solenoid turns off during the 2-3 shift
to regulate the B1 brake release and
then turns off again for the 3-4 shift to
regulate the B1 brake apply.
Solenoid SL2 The SL2
solenoid is a normally open (NO)
linear solenoid. When the SL2
solenoid is energized in first and
second gears, it blocks modulator
pressure from passing through. During
the 2-3 shift, the PCM turns the
solenoid off, opening the passage to
regulate the C0 clutch apply.
Solenoid SL3 The SL3
solenoid is a normally open (NO)
linear solenoid. With the solenoid de-
energized in first, second and third
gears, modulator pressure passes
through the solenoid to apply the C1
clutch. During the 3-4 shift, the PCM
energizes the solenoid, which blocks
the passage to regulate the release of
the C1 clutch.
Now that you know which so-
lenoid operates to control the shifts,
it makes it easier to determine which
solenoid to check or replace. The best Figure 7
10 GEARS June 2017

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Dead Transmission?
GearSpeed is on the Case!

Dont let inferior parts kill your builds...

Protect them with Genuine GearSpeed Parts!
Clean Cut Cases - Overhaul Kits - Pressure Switches - Gears - Sprags
Torque Converters - LSDs - Drums - Final Drives - Valve Bodies - Custom Parts
& So much more!

909-476-7252 www.GearspeedPartsStore.com
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Correcting Toyota U150/U250 Shift Troubles

way to check these solenoids is to

use a solenoid test machine; ener-
gizing the solenoid on the bench
isnt a very effective test method.


This leads to the next item:
the valve body. Solenoid modula-
tor pressure feeds the solenoids
to control the shifts, so these
solenoids need modulator pressure
to operate. Another valve that
commonly causes slips and binds
is the clutch apply control valve.
Look for the solenoid modu-
lator valve (figure 8) in the upper
valve body, and the clutch apply
control valve (figure 9) in the
lower valve body. Both of these
valves can wear; always examine
them for wearing or sticking, to
avoid slipping or binding shifts.
There are valve repair kits and
oversized valves available to cor-
rect these conditions.
So here are the easiest steps
Figure 8
to identify the problems which can
cause slips or binds in U150/U250
Perform a transmission memory
reset after every rebuild or repair.
Test the solenoids to pinpoint
whether youre dealing with a
solenoid or PCM failure.
Check the grounds at the PCM.
Look for solenoid or valve
That covers the U140/U240
and U150/250 series transmis-
sions. Always follow these simple
steps to keep your customers
vehicles where they belong on
the road.

Get your copy of

the U250 Rebuild Procedures
from our Bookstore today!
Call 1-800-428-8489.

Figure 9

12 GEARS June 2017

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Bigger isnt necessarily better.
Especially in the transmission kit business.
Its nice to be a big kahuna, but sometimes being smaller, focused So the next time a car is taking up your bay
and agile is more effective. and you need top-quality transmission kits
At Precision International we understand that. Thats why for fast, ask for a Precision International kit and
over forty years weve focused solely on producing the best, most avoid a costly wipeout.
complete rebuilding kits for all applications. Not just the volume Call us anytime for help, even when the surfs
numbers. up at 1-800-872-6649.
For service, tech support, kit inventory and availability for the new-
est models, to the hard to find oldies, Precision International is the
source rebuilders depend on worldwide.
Thats why weve become GMs largest transmission kit supplier
and recently were awarded the GM Vendor of the Year Award for
the third year in a row.

14 Todd Court Extension, Yaphank, NY 11980

Each kit comes with all parts sub-packaged (631) 567-2000 Fax (631) 567-2640
for your convenience, along with additional Toll Free: 800-872-6649
components you may need, to ensure the job E-mail: sales@transmissionkits.com
gets done fast. www.transmissionkits.com

1016 gears
1Ads_617.indd 13 trim 8.125 x 10.875 Bleed 8.375 x 11.125 Live 7.375x 10.125 4c #258 6/2/17 10:10 AM


There was no
activity on by Rob Faucett
the scan tool
and no voltage
ouve no doubt heard the or even a problem with the pressure
on the wire. old saying: Dont judge
a book by its cover. That
switch circuit.
I recommended he drop the pan,
He traced old saying can be revised for the
modern diagnostician: Dont judge
and, with a scan tool still connected,
remove the wire to pressure switch four,
the external a code by its description. Many code
descriptions can be very misleading,
ground it, and check for change on the
scan tool display.
wiring to and jumping to conclusions by whats
in front of you can become a costly
There was no activity on the scan
tool and no voltage on the wire. He
where the mistake.
Heres a story about a technician
traced the external wiring to where the
wire loom had fallen out of a bracket
wire loom who was working on an AS68RC that
was displaying a P0756 shift solenoid B
and rubbed against the body. The wire
was cut and several others damaged. He
had fallen out performance code. He had a few of these
valve bodies on the shelf from cores, so
repaired the wire harness and out the
door it went.
of a bracket he grabbed a solenoid, installed it and
the same code came back.
A couple days later, he was
checking a 6F35 with a P0761 SSC
and rubbed On these units, the computer
controls the solenoid; it strokes shift
solenoid performance code. He assumed
it could be a stuck valve or a solenoid
against the valve two, which is monitored by
pressure switch four. The problems
mechanical problem, so, without any
further diagnosis, he pulled the valve
body... can be a solenoid mechanical failure, a
sticking valve, a faulty pressure switch,
body. All of the valves were working

14 GEARS June 2017

1Rob 617.indd 14 6/2/17 1:16 PM

1Ads_617.indd 15 6/2/17 10:10 AM
Gear Ratio Codes vs Solenoid Performance Codes

So, assuming the problem was Diagnostic trouble codes are very
in the solenoid body, he replaced it, helpful in narrowing what possible
reprogrammed the solenoid strategy, problems exist in the transmission. But, Gear ratio
and guess what: the same code came as technology progresses and changes,
back. so do trouble code descriptions and codes
P0761 is pretty much a gear ratio definitions.
code: The computer commands the Gear ratio codes have been have been
solenoid and, if it doesnt see the gear vanishing, and now were seeing
ratio it was expecting, it sets the code. solenoid performance and solenoid- vanishing,
This can indicate a solenoid mechanical stuck-on or stuck-off codes replacing
problem, a stuck valve, a failed clutch, them. Its always a good idea to learn and now
or a problem in the geartrain. exactly what a code means, what the
Since he eliminated the valve body computer is monitoring, and why it were seeing
and solenoid with parts replacement sets that code. Never assume by its
diagnostics, I recommend he pull the description that the problem will be solenoid
transmission, which he was reluctant automatically be the same as another
to do since he told the customer the manufacturers code. performance
solenoid would fix the problem. When working in a transmission
After disassembly, he found the repair shop, two main things are always and solenoid-
2-6 piston molded seal was peeling off. top priority: customer service and
So he built the transmission and out the making money. Its all too common for stuck-on or
door it went. management to rush you into getting
Two weeks later a 6T40 rolls in things done quickly to satisfy their stuck-off codes
the door with system performance code customers, but sometimes you just have
P0965 for the CPC solenoid 2. P0965 to slow down and open the book to see replacing
is generated when the TCM detects an whats inside, and not go by whats on
invalid voltage in a pressure control the cover. them.
solenoid circuit for more than 4.4
seconds, so this is generally a solenoid
circuit code. That would usually mean
replacing the TECHM with no need to
rebuild the transmission.
Solenoid-stuck-on or stuck-off
codes for GM have essentially replaced
gear-ratio codes. The computer
commands the solenoid on or off and
looks for a specific gear ratio. It sets this
code if it sees the input shaft speed is at
least 60 RPM higher than it should be
for 2.25 seconds.

16 GEARS June 2017

1Rob 617.indd 16 6/2/17 1:16 PM

1Ads_617.indd 17 6/2/17 10:10 AM
STP_K092_K0192_Ad_2017_PRINT.indd 1 5/15/2017 3:12:43 PM
Lubegard June 2017.indd 18 6/2/17 10:22 AM
Lubegard June 2017.indd 19 6/2/17 10:22 AM
Lubegard June 2017.indd 20 6/2/17 10:22 AM
Lubegard June 2017.indd 21 6/2/17 10:22 AM

T he GM 6T40 is becoming very

familar in transmission shops;
some are calling it the new
breadwinner. The 6T40 came out in
2008 in the Chevy Malibu, but youll
and discuss how they operate. And
well look at how you can replace the
solenoids so you dont have to replace
the TEHCM.
There are two generations of the
see it in the Chevy Aveo, Cruze, 6T40, they are not interchangeable! So
Equinox, and Sonic; the Buick the first thing youll need to do is
LaCrosse, Encore, and Regal; the verify which one you have.
Saturn Aura; and the GMC Terrain.
There are two generations of 6T40: GENERATION 1 by Jarad Warren
generations one and two. To identify what generation youre members.atra.com
In this article, were going to look working on, look at the eighth digit on
at the solenoids and pressure switches, the TEHCM (figure 1). On generation

Figure 1

22 GEARS June 2017

1jarad 617 v2.indd 22 6/2/17 10:29 AM

Automatic Transmission Standard Transmission Parts
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Understanding GM 6T40 Solenoids

1 units, the eighth digit will be a 1, 2, clutch. Applying high current releases valve, which sends oil to the 2-6 clutch.
or 3. Generation 1 also has pressure the clutch. With high current applied, the solenoid
switches, which well look at later. Pressure control solenoid 3 (PCS3) sends oil to the 2-6 regulator valve;
Generation 1 units have six pres- controls oil to the R-1/4-5-6 clutch with low current, it sends little to no
sure control solenoid and one on/off regulator valve. Applying low current oil to the valve, releasing the clutch.
shift solenoid (figure 2). sends oil to the R-1/4-5-6 clutch Pressure control solenoid 5 (PCS5)
The line pressure control solenoid regulator valve, which applies the controls oil to the 1-2-3-4 clutch
is a normally high solenoid. With low R-1/4-5-6 clutch. Applying high regulator valve and 1-2-3-4 boost valve
current applied, the solenoid creates current releases the clutch. that send oil to the 1-2-3-4 clutch. With
high pressure; in effect, the The TCC pressure control solenoid high current applied, the solenoid
transmission has high line pressure. is a normally low solenoid. With low sends oil to the 1-2-3-4 regulator valve
The line pressure control solenoid current applied, the solenoid sends and boost valve; with low current
sends oil to the pressure regulator little to no oil to the TCC control valve applied, no oil gets to the valve, which
valve to control line pressure. and TCC regulator valve. Increasing releases the clutch.
Pressure control solenoids 2 and 3 the current allows a controlled flow of The shift solenoid is an on/off,
(PCS2 and PCS3) are normally high, oil to the TCC control and TCC normally closed solenoid that controls
just like the line pressure control regulator valves, to control converter oil to the clutch select valve.
solenoid. clutch apply. All of the pressure control sole-
Pressure control solenoid 2 (PCS2) Pressure control solenoids 4 and 5 noids should measure 3-5 ohms; the
controls oil to the 3-5-R clutch regula- (PCS4 and PCS5) are normally low, just shift solenoid should be 16-20 ohms.
tor valve. With low current applied, like the TCC pressure control solenoid. When testing solenoids resistance,
it sends oil to the 3-5-R clutch reg- Pressure control solenoid 4 (PCS4) always remove the solenoid from the
ulator valve, which applies the 3-5-R controls oil to the 2-6 clutch regulator TEHCM to prevent damage.

Figure 2

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Understanding GM 6T40 Solenoids

The transmission fluid pressure

switches are normally closed, allowing
current to f low with no pressure
applied (figure 3). When theres
pressure at the switch, it opens
the circuit.
Pressure Switch Application
Pressure Switch Clutch Circuit
1 1-2-3-4
2 2-6
3 3-5-R
4 R-1/4-5-6

The eighth digit on the generation
2 TEHCM is going to be a B, C, or D.
These units have six pressure control
solenoids, one shift solenoid, and no
pressure switches. The PCS2 and
PCS5 solenoids are in different
locations and operate differently from
those in generation 1 units (figure 4).
These four solenoids are identical
to the generation 1 solenoids in op-
eration and location:
Line pressure control solenoid
Pressure control solenoid 3
Pressure control solenoid 4
TCC pressure control solenoid Figure 3

Figure 4

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Understanding GM 6T40 Solenoids

Solenoid Air Test Procedures

Solenoid Entry Port Exit Port
Line Pressure 6 6A Open
PCS4 5 5A Closed
PCS2 4 4A Closed
Shift 3 3A Closed
TCC 2 2A Closed
PCS3 1 1A Open
PCS5 1 1B Open

Figure 5

The solenoids that have changed should be 16-20 ohms. When testing Remember, these are variable
in generation 2 units are pressure solenoids resistance, always remove bleed solenoids so theyll all leak a
control solenoids 2 and 5 (PCS2 the solenoid from the TEHCM to little air; even the normally low
and PCS5). prevent damage. solenoids. The normally high solenoid
Pressure control solenoid 2 (PCS2) There are no pressure switches in will allow more air. With a little testing
is now normally low, just like the TCC the generation 2 TEHCM. and playing around youll quickly
solenoid, and its in a new location on learn how they should function.
generation 2 units. DIAGNOSING PROBLEMS If you find a bad solenoid, you can
Pressure control solenoid 2 (PCS2) Among the more common 6T40 replace the TEHCM, confident that
controls oil to the 3-5-R clutch regula- transmission problems to reach the you found the problem. Or you may be
tor valve. With high current applied, it ATRA HotLine are units with no able to replace just the solenoid in
sends oil to the 3-5-R clutch regulator forward or no reverse. Here are a few question.
valve, which applies the 3-5-R clutch. tests that may help identify whether You may be able to find broken
Low current releases the clutch. the problem is being caused by a TEHCMs with bad connectors cheaply
Pressure control solenoid 5 (PCS5) solenoid problem: from your hard part suppliers. Sure,
is now normally high, just like the line CAUTION: Never apply voltage the connectors broken, but the
pressure control solenoid, and its in a to the solenoids or solenoid block; solenoids may be okay to reuse. That
new location on generation 2 units. doing so could damage them. way you can replace the individual
Pressure control solenoid 5 (PCS5) If you remove the solenoid block solenoids instead of the TEHCM. And,
controls oil to the 1-2-3-4 clutch from the TEHCM, you can control the since youre reusing the same TEHCM,
regulator valve and 1-2-3-4 boost valve solenoids with a solenoid driver or test you wont have to reprogram afterward.
that sends oil to the 1-2-3-4 clutch. machine. You can test the shift solenoid These six-speed transmissions are
With low current applied, the solenoid by applying 12 volts but never apply 12 quickly becoming one of the more
sends oil to the 1-2-3-4 regulator valve volts to the pressure control solenoids. common units to reach your shop.
and boost valve; applying high current For this test, youre going to apply Learning how they operate and how to
shuts off oil to the valves, releasing 45 PSI of air pressure, without test them is the best way to make sure
the clutch. energizing the solenoids (figure 5). Use the future youre looking at will be a
Just as with generation 1 units, all a plastic test plate to cover the fluid bright one.
of the pressure control solenoids should entry port, and check for air coming
measure 3-5 ohms; the shift solenoid out of the exit ports.
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JUNE 27 & 28
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R E 0 F 0 8/0 9A/B - Internal

This and other technical webinars

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Tackling a
by Steve Garret

4ET50 Hybrid
any transmission techni- Layout
1 Engine
cians are hesitant to tackle 1
hybrid and electric trans- 2 Torque Dampener
mission repairs. But those repairs may 3 1-3-Reverse Clutch
not be as difficult as you might think. 4 Drive motor/Generator A
As with all repairs, the first time
5 Battery
you work on a specific unit, youll
want to be extremely careful not to 6 Inverter
make a mistake. With hybrid/electric 7 Plug-in Cord 2
applications, you also need to pay close
attention to the safety aspects of the 3 8 1-2-Reverse Clutch
repair process.
9 2-3-4 Clutch
GM uses the 4ET50 (RPO MKA)
4 10 Planetary Gearset
in the Chevrolet Volt and the 4ET55 6
(RPO MKD) in the Cadillac ELR. 11 Drive Motor B
They switched to the 5ET50 (RPO 5
8 12 Reduction Gearset
MKV) hybrid/electric transmission 13 Vehicle Drive Wheels
for 2016-and-later Chevrolet Volt and 9
Malibu applications.
The Volt equipped with the High Voltage Disconnect
4ET50/5ET50 is classified as an
Extended Range Electrical Vehicle Plug Location 11 12
(EREV). This type of hybrid/
electric vehicle uses a gas engine to
help extend its driving range. The 13
Volt uses electric drive motors
mounted in the transmission. The gas
engine charges the battery through one
of the transmission drive/generator
Figure 1

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Yes, the vehicle and its systems The 2-3-4 clutch is applied,
are high tech, with multiple
controllers; four, high-speed CAN bus System diagnosis connecting drive motor/generator
A to the transmission planetary.
communication systems; two DLC This allows drive motors A and B
connectors; and three separate cooling is supported by to drive the vehicle.
systems. Keeping that in mind, GM Engine On combined; Motor
has done everything possible to make more DTCs B and Motor A drive the
diagnosis and repair very technician vehicle The 1-3-reverse and
friendly. System diagnosis is supported than any other 2-3-4 clutches are applied. Drive
by more DTCs than any other GM motors A and B drive the vehicle
vehicle. Scan data support parameters
are very complete and easy to use.
GM vehicle. while the engine charges the
The transmission consists pri- As in many other vehicles, the
marily of Electric only (Motor B) Engine driver can select various driving modes
a torque dampener assembly Off The 1-2-reverse clutch is by pressing a button on the driver
a G-rotor main pump applied (holds the planetary ring information center (DIC). The driver
an electric auxiliary pump gear). Drive motor B drives the can choose the preferred driving mode
one planetary gearset vehicle. based on operating conditions. These
two rotating clutch assemblies Electric only, Engine On modes include:
one stationary clutch assembly Drive motor B drives the wheels, Normal The normal mode
a valve body with TEHCM motor A charges the battery: maximizes the battery charge and
two, 360-volt, 3-phase AC electric the 1-2-reverse clutch holds use mileage.
drive motors/generators the planetary ring gear while Sport The system releases
Drive motor/generator A (1) is the 1-3-reverse clutch connects more current during acceleration
55kW and drive motor B (2) is a 111kW the transmission to the engine to make the vehicle more
unit. (Figure 1) through motor/generator A. responsive to accelerator pedal
These systems have four modes of Electric combined, (Motor input.
operation possible: A and Motor B) Engine Off

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Tackling a 4ET50 Hybrid

Figure 2

Mountain The system maintains a reserve charge for offer and add to your bottom line. Shops are starting to pop up
climbing hills by running the engine to keep the battery around the country specializing in hybrid and electric vehicle
charged. repairs. Few transmission shops are offering to service these
Like other hybrid and electric drive vehicles, the Volt vehicles, which may be a lost opportunity.
offers you the opportunity to expand the type of services you Remember, this type of vehicle has a transmission;


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its just a little different than the transmissions youve
serviced for years. Back in the early 90s, everyone was afraid
to work on the new electronic transmissions. This is really no
different. Its time to jump into hybrid/electric transmission
service with both feet!
Lets look at a very common repair for the 4TE50/4ET55
transmissions. One of the common issues with this unit is a
scraping noise whenever the drive wheels are turning. The
noise is more apparent at low speeds and during regeneration
or deceleration mode.
The noise is usually caused by a failed drive motor B
support bearing. This repair doesnt require removing the
transmission and its fairly straightforward.(Figure 2)

Safety Considerations
Before working on any electric or hybrid vehicle, youll
want to disable the electrical system. Remove all jewelry and
watches and always use personal protective equipment such Figure 3
as safety glasses and high-voltage, class-0 insulated gloves,
which are available from your local parts supplier or electrical Check the resistance at high voltage terminals A and B
supply warehouse. As always, refer to the factory manual for as outlined in the factory service information. With the high
information regarding disabling the high voltage system. voltage disconnect plug removed and stored in your toolbox,
Next, youll want to disconnect the vehicles 12-volt take some UL-approved electrical tape and cover the hole for
battery. Then disconnect the high voltage disconnect plug, the plug.
located in the center console armrest area. Wait five minutes At this point, youll need to disconnect the inverter
or more for the capacitors in the inverter to discharge. electrical plug to isolate the inverter from the system.
(Figure 3) Measure the voltage at terminals A and B of the inverter

GEARS June 2017 35

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Tackling a 4ET50 Hybrid

Figure 4

Bearing Disconnect the stabilizer link

Make sure to place Replacement from the strut assembly.
the side of the Once you have the electrical system
disabled, youll need to remove the
Remove or tilt the cradle.
Remove the side cover.
bearing with the part transmission side cover. With this Use a narrow jaw puller and a
application, you dont need to remove bridge to remove the bearing from
number facing your the axle shaft or any suspension parts the rotor.
to access the cover. Removing the side Inspect the side cover bushing for
bearing driver tool. cover will expose the bearing, which is evidence of damage. If the cover
mounted to the rotor of drive motor B. bushing, bearing mounting area,
To remove the side cover youll or resolver (stator position sensor)
harness as outlined in the shop manual. need to: are damaged, youll also need to
The voltage at each point should be Support the engine with a sling or replace the side cover, and replace
less than 3 volts. As always, make sure engine support fixture. or transfer the resolver from the
youre wearing high-voltage, class-0 Remove the 3-phase cable old cover. (Figure 4)
insulated gloves and following the shop brackets and reposition the cables Install a new bearing onto the
manual steps while making the vehicle as needed. rotor using the appropriate tools.
safe to work on. Unhook the shift cable and Make sure to place the side of
bracket and move the cable out the bearing with the part number
of the way. facing your bearing driver tool.
Mark the transmission mount Drive the bearing into its bore
position and remove the mount until the bearing outer race is
bolts. 0.951.2mm (0.0370.047)
Remove the wheelwell liner. below the bearing bore.
Lock the steering wheel in the (Figure 5)
straight-ahead position, and As you can see, the repair isnt
remove the steering intermediate difficult. If the transmission is
shaft. contaminated with metal, youll need to
Disconnect the stator/drive motor flush the cooler, just as you would any
electrical connectors. other transmission. Once the repair is
Drain the transmission fluid. complete, youll need to:
36 GEARS June 2017

1scottshotton617.indd 36 6/2/17 1:19 PM

Figure 5

Connect, install, and reposition hybrid and electric car market to 52% cutting-edge technology
the components you disturbed disappear, but according to a 2017 29% carpool lane access
during disassembly AAA survey, the demand for electric 12% other
Refill the unit with Dexron VI cars may be as robust as it is for pickup As you can see, this technology is
fluid trucks. This was based on a survey of likely to be around for quite some time.
Reinitialize the system 1,004 adults in February 16-19. Maybe its time for you to make some
Clear the DTCs Reasons for interest in electric cars money from these high-tech vehicles.
and reset the adapts prior to road vary: Nows the time to educate yourself on
testing. 87% concern for the environment these systems and start advertising your
A lot of people would like the 62% lower long-term costs services.

Part # 4009N A f f o r d a b le
Ultra-Quik Release P r ic e
a n d In S t o
Internal Solenoid ck
6.1 lbs. Lighter then Cast Iron Valve Bodies
6061T6 Billet Aluminum Material
Race Tested for 12 Months before Full Production

375 Turner Industrial Way Aston, PA 19014 (610) 485-9110


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Whats Covered CHRYSLER
GENERAL 42-48RE Units AS68RC
- TCC Shuttle, Bucking, Feels Like a - Input Shaft/K1 Clutch Update and
All LCT 1000 Misfire Changes
- Remote Reprogramming Reprogramming - Stator Support Shaft Updates and
- TCM-PCM-TCCM Calibration - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD, Changes
- No Forward or Reverse
Updates 2014 GMC Sierra HD - Oil Pump Cover Update and
All Hyundai 62TE Reprogramming Changes
- 1-2 Neutral Shift
- Unable to Program the TC/PCM - 2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Stator Support Pump Body
Subaru J2534 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2014 Updates and Changes
- Dog Clutch Pressure Transducer
- Reprogramming Not Available on Dodge Journey Reprogramming - Pump Body Updates and Changes
Factory Website 845RFE - Bind in Park After Rebuild
All Reprogramming - Reprogramming - Scraping Noise from Flywheel Area
- Unable to Program, No Error
FORD U150 RE0F11A,
CFT 6F35 - Slipping or Binding Shifts, Solenoid RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Delayed Engagement After - Moves Forward in Neutral and Test - Primary Speed Sensors
Overhaul, DTC 0868 Binds in Reverse After Overhaul - Slipping or Binding, Solenoid Test - Output Speed Sensors
Torqshift, 4R100, E4OD, - Reverse Engagement Issues - Air Checks - Ratio Control (Stepper) Motor
4R70W 4R70W - Pump Gear Direction - External Lube Filter Replacement
- Wiring Issues - Locks Up on Top of 2nd Gear - Anti-Rattle Clip - Service Information
Torqshift - Pressure Regulator Valve - Sprag Rotation RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Coast Clutch Drum Repair 6R80 - Clutch Application - Input Speed Sensors
- Delayed Forward Engagements - Updates - Solenoid Identification RE0F11A
- Delayed Reverse - Torque Specifications - Speed Sensor Shims
- Bind Ups - Bolt Removals - Solenoid Identification and Function
- Binds in Reverse - Valve Body Breakdown - Fluid Temperature Sensor
- Binds in Drive - Accumulator Location - High Clutch Pressure Sensor/
- Venting - Codes Switch
ZF6HP19A - Case Connector
- Coolant in Transmission
Pressure Sensors/Switches
Clutch Apply Chart w/ Ratio
4L60E, 4L80E 6L50 - Transmission Fluid Contamination Change
- Erratic Shifts, Possible P0730 Set - Updated Pendulum Torque Mercedes 7G DCT - Pressure Tap Locations
4L80E Converter - Introduction - Secondary Bearing Failure
- No Lock-Up Command 6L50/80/90 JF011E - Broken Transmission Case
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 - No Reverse After Valve Body - DTC P0845, Valve Body RE0F10A/B
- No Lock-Up Command Replacement Interchange - Solenoid Identification and Function
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 6L80/90 Nissan/Jatco CVT RE0F06A
- Hybrid Start/Stop Feature No - No 4th, 5th, 6th Gears, Possible - Applications - Solenoid Identification and Function
Longer Operates After Repairs, No DTC P0796 - Introduction RE0F09A/B, RE0F08A
DTCs Set - Burnt 2-6 Clutch - Idle Neutral Control - Fluid Temperature Sensor
6T40 - Delayed Engagement, Slip, - G Sensors (Late Models) RE0F06A
- DTCs Set After TEHCM Shudder, Clutch Damage - G Sensors Calibration - Fluid Temperature Sensor
Replacement - Interchange 1-2-3-4/3-5-R Drum - Speed Sensor Function RE0F10/09/08
- Fast Learn Software Changes Intermittently Neutrals on Launch - Fluid Temperature Sensor - Pressure Sensors/Switches
- Generation 3 Oil Pump Update 8L45/8L90 - Ratio Change Most Other CVTs RE0F10A
Change - Harsh Shifts - Pulley Assembly Tools - Pressure Tap Locations
6T40/45/50 - Delayed Engagement, Drops Out RE0F11A, JF015E, - Service Information
- AWD Final Drive Failure of Gear at Stop Signs F1CJB - Secondary Bearing Failure
Slipping/Damaged 3-5-R or 8L90 - Introduction - Pressure Sensor Failures
4-5-6 Clutch - Hard Downshifts, Especially the RE0F10/09/08A/B, - P0218 Transmission Overheating
6T70 3-1 Shift, Possible Flare/Bump on RE0F06A - Case Air Checks
- Repeat Burnt 3-5-R Clutches the Upshift or Downshift - Introduction Nissan/Jatco CVT
6T70/75/80 - Applications, Accelerator Pedal RE0F11/10A - Heater Thermostat
- TCC Slip, Shudder, No Apply After Position Sensor Updated Design, - Range Sensors - Push Belt Failure
Service Shift Point Changes RE0F10D/E/H/J VT1F
- Gen 2 Valve Body Identification 4T65E - Speed Sensor Locations - Belt Failure
6L45 - P0742 Set, Chuggle/Surge During - Fluid Temperature Sensor RE0F09A
- No Reverse Followed by No Deceleration When Coming to a RE0F10/09/08A/B, - Pulley Failure
Forward or Reverse, GM and Stop RE0F06A/B - Bearing Failure
BMW Applications LCT1000 - Speed Sensor Locations F4A42-F5A51
6L50, MP1622G, - DTC P0847 - Harsh Engagements
MP3025G - 2nd Gear Hold
- Transfer Case Shift Concerns - 2-3 Flare
Colorado and Canyon - No 3-4 Shift Commanded

atra seminar 617.indd 1 6/2/17 1:51 PM


by Thom Tschetter

p Your Business is an ex- one of their studies, titled A Man and technical team. The best way to do
clusive GEARS Magazine His Work. The study asserts that all this is with a concept called adjust-
feature in which I share employees want four primary things ed capacity.
stories, insights, and reflections about from their work: This is important because its
real business and life challenges. 1. Success They want to master vital to track how productivity is
When considering the shop equip- what they do and to receive trending. You need to determine
ment and tools theme of this issue of recognition and respect for it. your shops current level of pro-
GEARS, dont ignore the importance 2. Fair Compensation Note the ductivity as the starting point for
of management equipment and tools word is fair not high pay, more measuring progress.
as well. money than the other guy, or some Your teams production capac-
This article focuses on five steps other similar catchphrase. ity isnt necessarily the total number
you can take to increase technician 3. A Good Fit Feeling comfortable of hours your techs work per week.
efficiency. Ironically, for the most and reasonably challenged in the job Youll need to adjust their actual
part, these five steps have little to and enjoying the work environment, capacity for a number of factors,
do with the skill or efficiency of the including the people. resulting in the adjusted capacity,
technicians themselves. 4. Meaning The feeling that their which could be more or less than the
Instead, youll have a more work matters that its purposeful total hours worked.
significant effect on performance by and significant. For instance, auto Your shops adjusted capacity
the things you do or fail to do techs dont just fix cars; they fix is the number of hours of tech time
relative to your team members. Often, people by solving their transporta- that are actually available for the
your shops processes, operational tion problems. They help parents get shop to sell and reasonably expect
procedures, and policies negatively kids to school, workers get to their to produce per day, week, month,
inf luence your techs abilities to jobs, etc. or year.
perform at a sustained high level Here are the steps to calculate
of efficiency. Five Best Steps adjusted capacity for one technician
So what are the five best steps to for one week. Do this for each
What All Employees Want incorporate these four primary factors tech and then add them together
What do top performing tech- and boost your shops efficiency, to determine the shops weekly
nicians have in common, besides the productivity, and billable hours? combined adjusted capacity.
three core attributes: good attitudes, 1. Establish a baseline of current Calculate the number of hours the
aptitudes, and abilities? Authentic performance levels for each tech tech is at work per week.
Manhood answers this question in and a composite for the entire Estimate how many of those
40 GEARS June 2017

1tschetter 617.indd 40 6/2/17 10:30 AM

hours are actually available for While this might seem like a interesting would it be to play a
doing work. Deduct: daunting task, its actually quite game that conceals the results from
Structured lost time breaks, simple. Once youve done it a few you? Imagine bowling and only
lunch, paid holidays, paid sick times, itll go fairly quickly. The hearing the crash of the ball into the
days, paid vacations challenge is accuracy, because so pins because the pins are concealed
Process related lost time much of the data is estimated or behind a curtain that drops down
time spent waiting for purely subjective. after the ball is on its way down
job assignments, time spent There are easy-to-use time clock the alley.
waiting for parts or ordering features available as add-ons to most When it comes to technicians,
parts, time spent performing shop management computer systems. their efforts are lost when the
technical research or calling a One company I know of, ProfitBoost shops focus is on sales dollars.
tech hotline Software, offers this feature with They need to know that what they
Underemployed lost time their new Auto Shop Software do matters and understand how
doing non-billable work like package. These time-clock features improvements in their adjusted
cleaning the shop, running automatically capture and calculate capacity translate into more billable
customers home, stocking the precise data needed to determine a hours and greater success for
parts inventory, or other things technicians adjusted capacity and the everyone, including the shop owner.
that waste the techs ability to production teams adjusted capacity. After all, its their production that
produce revenue that matches 2. Use adjusted capacity in setting drives billable hours, which, in turn,
his skill value production goals. Since billed and drives revenue.
Non-revenue jobs warranty produced hours are the best measure 3. Provide rewards for meeting
repairs or fixing another tech- of a shops efficiency, why not use production goals. Add small in-
nicians mistakes adjusted capacity to measure the cremental bonuses when techs
Technician efficiency this technical proficiency of the shop? exceed their respective individual
can be an addition or deduction Set short-term targets related targets. Give production team
because it answers the question, to improving adjusted capacity for bonuses when the team exceeds
How long does it take this tech, each technician as well as a team composite production targets.
on average, to perform a job target. Carefully determine the Bonuses based on shop
compared to the time allowed targets to make sure that achiev- sales are lost on the tech team
(and hopefully billed) in the ing individual targets will result members. But they do understand
shops labor guide? For instance, in meeting the shops objectives hours produced and will respond
if he can do a 2-hour job in 1.5 and goals. favorably to bonuses based on that.
hours, he has an efficiency factor Employees typically perform Consider posting the daily tar-
of +33% (2 divided by 1.5 = better when trying to achieve a gets on a whiteboard in a prominent
1.33). But if it took him 3 hours goal. But most of all, they need to spot in the shop, and periodically
to do a 2 hour job, he has a 67% understand how they can directly throughout the day update their
or a -33% efficiency factor (2 influence the achievement of the progress toward those targets.
divided by 3 = 0.67). To maintain goal. Provide week-to-date tallies daily.
consistency and accuracy, always People like to play games that All of these things demonstrate that
use the same labor guide because have winners and losers, or at least youre paying attention and that
the guides vary. provide performance feedback. How what theyre doing matters.

GEARS June 2017 41

1tschetter 617.indd 41 6/2/17 10:30 AM

5 Steps to Boost Technician Efficiency

Again, automated time-clock for a thorough diagnosis, it can service writer to provide your
features streamline this process. cost the shop in several ways. For auto shop management software,
Imagine the impact of real time example: would you?
feedback when technicians are con- Lost sales from overlooking Let the team know that you care
nected to the network with work- needed repairs so they dont about them and want them to
station laptops or tablets they get sold care about customers. Nurture a
can receive progress reports and Misdiagnosis that leads to customer-centric service culture.
virtual high fives throughout longer repair times, warranty Remind the techs that they dont
the day. repairs, and other types of just fix cars they fix customers
Celebrate achievements. Ac- comebacks by solving their transportation
knowledge individual techs when Doling out jobs too slowly, problems.
they set new production records. causing delays while the tech
Being noticed by the boss and waits for his next job, or holding Closing Thoughts
getting high fives from peers is the next job back until the tech These five steps to greater effi-
energizing for everyone. completes the job hes on. Its ciency are most effective when theyre
When the production team sets better to keep at least one job on accompanied by a company culture
a new record, its time for pizza! the board ahead of the technician. that truly cares about its employees.
Make it fun and exciting. That way he knows theres a job When employees are treated well, so
4. Remove obstacles to productivity. waiting. This eliminates the time- are the customers they serve.
Here are some common obstacles: wasting situation of the work These processes are easier to
Assigning a job to the wrong expanding to fill the time. Also, implement with an up-to-date auto
technician When you assign a sometimes a tech can jump on the shop management software system
job to the right tech, he or she has next job while another job is hung thats easy to use, improves overall
a better chance to beat the allotted up for parts, authorizations, or efficiency, and provides timely, ac-
book time, which increases technical research. curate reports to share performance
technician efficiency. We refer to Make sure your shop software results with the repair shop team.
this as a good fit. system includes an easy, accurate, Im amazed at how many shops
Technicians waiting too long for and beneficial time-clock feature are quick to buy the latest new tech
the parts for their assigned job to help facilitate workflow, to tool, but still operate with antiquat-
This is a process problem you boost your shops efficiency, pro- ed processes and outdated computer
need to fix. ductivity, and billable hours. systems. Its time to step up and
Jobs hung up in the office waiting 5. Provide a first-class work envi- recognize that you can enhance tech
for customer authorizations ronment. This shows that you care efficiency by using effective shop
This is also a process problem, and respect your team members. management tools.
but this one is almost invisible Start with a climate-controlled
because it doesnt directly affect shop area. Its been proven time
the technicians efficiency. It and again that happy technicians
does affect adjusted capacity, are more productive. What could
though, because its a bottleneck. make a technician happier and
Contemporary auto shop software more productive than working in
systems can save time in this area an air-conditioned shop during About the Author
with features like: the heat of the summer or a warm Thom Tschetter has served our
Streamlined check-in process shop in the depth of winter? industry for nearly four decades as
that automatically populate the Provide state-of-the-art equip- a management and sales educator.
repair order with vehicle and ment and diagnostic tools. The He owned a chain of award-winning
transmission centers in Washington
customer information days of technicians providing
State for over 25 years.
VIN readers 100% of their tools are long
He calls on over 30 years of
Sending customers text gone. Some equipment is simply
experience as a speaker, writer,
messages with estimates and too expensive and each techni- business consultant, and certified
pictures of the damaged parts cian doesnt need to own it arbitrator for topics for this feature
Obtaining customers its appropriately provided by column.
authorizations by text the shop and shared by the Thom is always eager to help
Ordering parts directly from production team. Its the shops you improve your business and your
the repair order responsibility to supply the life. You can contact him by phone at
Online tech support essential diagnostic tools, (480) 773-3131 or e-mail to
Rushed diagnostics when a computers, and electronic equip- coachthom@gmail.com.
tech isnt given sufficient time ment. You wouldnt expect your

42 GEARS June 2017

1tschetter 617.indd 42 6/2/17 10:31 AM

Your goal is to make your transmission shop more successful,

and ours is to help you do it. As the worlds largest and strongest

trade organization of transmission rebuilders, ATRA is your

premier source for transmission problem-solving and repair

information. A partnership with ATRA means profit for you.


atra membership
we do.indd2 1 2/24/14 1:41
3/28/17 2:37 PM
by Jim Cathcart

ormer civil war officer and But when someone takes the lead four pink diamonds of the world are
Baptist minister Russell H. and starts each day with gratitude from Golconda.
Conwell was once asked to Look at this! Another beautiful Where are your diamonds?
mentor seven young students who opportunity to help people today! Perhaps theyre hidden among your
couldnt afford college tuition. This then people smile more often, employees who have untapped poten-
led to his delivery of 6,152 lectures in find more meaning in their jobs, and tial? Or dormant among your former
what became a worldwide tour and the discover opportunities that others dont customers who seldom hear from
creation of his famous book, Acres of notice. you anymore? Could they be waiting
Diamonds. The funds generated by In the Acres story, Conwell tells among your friends and colleagues
the book and his lectures allowed him of a man in India named Ali Hafed. who could refer business to you, and
to found Temple University, and has One day he welcomed a traveler to you to them? Is there a stash of
provided education for thousands of his home who told great stories of diamonds in the added services that
struggling youth. the wealth that came to those who you could easily offer, or in the tech-
The gist of Conwells famous discovered diamonds. The story so nology that youre barely using at all?
message is that you and I are currently captivated Hafed that he sold his farm Its been proven that the most
surrounded by opportunity. Were and traveled the world, desperately reliable source of good, future employ-
sitting on our own acres of diamonds. seeking to discover diamonds. ees is the referrals to acquaintances of
But like the man in his story, we Then one day, the traveler your current employees and customers.
usually wander elsewhere in search returned to the farm and spoke to Have you looked for diamonds (talent)
of it. the new owner. He asked about a there? Do people know that youre
Conwell would prove his concept large decorative stone that the farmer always seeking talented people to join
by spending a few days in each city had placed on the mantle above his your team? Do your customers know
before his lectures, researching fireplace. The farmer replied, Its just that you consider them precious assets,
local opportunities. Then hed fill an interesting stone that I placed there and that youre eager to be of further
his speeches with stories about for decoration. There are lots of them service to them and their families,
opportunities here and now. all over the farm. companies, and friends?
Attitudes toward opportunity As it turns out, the stone was Maybe today would be a good
are illustrated in the familiar a diamond, but neither the farmer day to start roaming your farm
Opportunity is Nowhere, vs. nor Ali Hafed knew what diamonds and looking for diamonds in their
Opportunity is Now Here looked like in their rough state. Before rough state. A bit of polishing and
statements. They use the same letters theyre cut, diamonds dont look like expert cutting might just produce a
in the same order, but the space diamonds. The farm in the story beautiful gem.
between now and here makes referred to what we know today as the
all the difference. Which statement Golconda Diamond Mines.
describes the views in your shop? Heres what Wikipedia says
People tend to embrace the about these mines: Out of 38 diamond Jim Cathcart is a strategic advisor
attitudes around them. If the leader mines of India, 23 were located in to ATRA and a valued contributor to
has a limited mindset all work the Golconda Sultanate, making it GEARS. You can schedule him as a
and no play, just do the job, things the Diamond Capital of the past. It speaker or acquire his many books
are tough and then you die. Get over was considered a point of pride by by simply visiting Cathcart.com or
it then the team will be likewise any ruler to be the owner of one of searching for Jim Cathcart online.
uninspired. the Golconda Diamonds. The top
44 GEARS June 2017

1chatcart 617.indd 44 6/2/17 10:31 AM



1Ads_617.indd 45
17SS_Attendee_Ad_Gears_Magazine.indd 1 6/2/17
5/12/17 10:10
9:12 AM
FACT: Im not an expert on That day when we say, Its time. Be
transmissions. Never really saw one it time to retire, time to slow down,
until I spoke at Expo a few years ago. time to sell, or just time. Maybe just
FACT: I am an expert on peo- time to leave early.
ple. Ive spent a lifetime creating While succession planning is
programs, ideas, tips, skills, and critical in all small businesses, its also
techniques for people on the topics critical to be sure the folks who stand
of sales, customer service, and by our sides the staff we hired to
communications. do the work are well-trained, so we
So, when I got asked back to can feel comfortable taking time off.
speak at this years Expo, it was an Im always surprised when I hear by Nancy Friedman
honor and certainly a compliment. that those plans arent in place. And President, Telephone Doctor
What it said to me was, Gee, she if those plans arent in place, we, as Customer Service Training
may not know too much about small-business owners, worry a lot.
transmissions or how to rebuild And, of course, then we cant take that
them, but she sure knows her stuff time we so need.
about people. We worry whatll happen if
Im also a small-business owner. we arent in the shop every day. We
They call folks like us entrepreneurs, worry if our customers will be treated
and Im damn proud to be one. the way we know they should be. We do everything. Im sure you know the
But no matter what they call us, worry if we can take time off for a golf feeling.
we have a small business that we game, let alone a true vacation. We may know how to do it better,
created, was handed down to us, or Well, let me help you remove yes, but we need to be sure those
that we bought. Its ours. And we get some of that worry. weve hired, put into place, and who
to do pretty much what we want with If you can get a plan in place, even work with our customers, can do it at
our businesses. a mini plan, you can play golf, you can least well.
There are pitfalls of course, but take a vacation, you can relax a little Im betting one of the reasons
there are pitfalls in every business. So more. You can have time because, as you dont take time out for yourself
that doesnt scare me at all. Id rather the title of the article says, You cant isnt because youre worried the others
make less money and run my own take it with you. arent able to rebuild transmissions.
business than have more business and What plan, Nancy? What do you Heck, thats what theyre trained to do;
do what someone wants me to do that I mean? its what they get paid for.
dont like to do. Does that make sense I mean the feeling that we, as Rather, its because of how your
to you? owners, are the only people that can do employees might treat your customers.
So I decided to make this article things. That were the only ones who Because if youre a true entrepreneur,
bulletproof, if you will, for that day. know how to operate the shop. How to you worry about that part a lot.

46 GEARS June 2017

1TelDr 617 v2.indd 46 6/13/17 1:57 PM

So here goes: Put this checklist 2. Rushing Threatens Customers to remember Thank you and
into place at your business. Make your Sure, you may understand Youre welcome are beautiful
folks accountable for the results. Have something quickly, but rushing words. The customer cant hear
a meeting or get-together once a week customers along will only make them too often. But if youre telling
to be sure they understand what you them feel intimidated and you wont your customers to have a nice
need and want. It doesnt need to be see them coming back to you. Take day, please say it with meaning!
a long meeting; 15 to 20 minutes will it easy. Remember, speed isnt I recently had a checkout clerk
be fine. If you do make it longer, feed success! Trying to be done with tell the floor to have a nice day.
them that always helps. a customer as quickly as possible She wouldnt look at me. Make
Put these 6 ground rules into feels rude and uncaring. Take your eye contact when youre saying
place, to be followed day in and day time with each contact. something nice.
out by everyone. No exceptions! 3. Company Jargon Not everyone 6. Be Friendly Before You Know
And, if you do, youll have more time is as familiar with transmissions Who It Is Theres a good lesson
for you. as you are. Did you ever get a report to be learned here. The Telephone
FACT: The best weapon for a from a company and not understand Doctor motto is, smile before you
small business against the big guys is it? Some companies have jargon that know who it is. Itll earn you many
customer service. Its that simple. makes the CIA wonder whats up. classic customer service points.
Well pay more for better service! Be very careful to avoid using Customers need to know you want
So, if youre a small-business owner your own company jargon with your to work with them, no matter who
whos looking for ways to improve, customers. You and your employees they are. Remember, sometimes its
read on. may understand it very well, but way too late to smile and be friendly
Adapting and putting these easy the customer may not. And youll after you know who it is.
steps into place will make your day, only cause a lot of unnecessary I still dont know too much about
and, more importantly, make the confusion. Spell things out for transmissions or how to rebuild them.
customers day a better experience. your customers. Dont abbreviate. But I do know if you put these 6
Once you feel everyone on your staff Remember, dont use military principles into place, youll have happy
is on board, youll find yourself taking language on civilians. customers and youll have time to play
more time for you. Cause remember: 4. Dont Be Too Busy to Be Nice golf, semi-retire, or whatever you want
You cant take it with you. Hey, everyones busy! Thats to do.
1. People Before Paperwork what its all about. Being busy Remember: They can go some-
When someone walks into your doesnt give you carte blanche to where else to get their transmissions
place of business or calls you while be rude. Remember, you meet the rebuilt. Dont make them go elsewhere
youre working on something, drop same people going down as you do for better service.
everything for that person. Remem- going up. Theyll remember you.
ber, paper can wait; people shouldnt (Whats worse than being busy? Not
have to. Weve all been abused when being busy.)
we go shopping and been ignored, 5. Uh-huh Isnt Thank You;
and we know how that feels. Lets not There ya go Isnt Youre
abuse our own customers. Remember: Welcome How often do you
People before paperwork. hear these slang phrases? We need

GEARS June 2017 47

1TelDr 617 v2.indd 47 6/13/17 1:57 PM


ll business owners want to upcoming neighborhood changes that
know, Whats my business will suddenly make your shop busier
worth? But different buyers and better.
will put different values on your shop: The strategic buyer may be
Family willing to pay much more than other
Employee types of buyers; well beyond the cash
Ambitious Rebuilder f low value. This is why Facebook,
Competitor Amazon, Apple, and Google pay
Investor billions for firms just a few years old
Strategic Buyer that currently lose money but could
Its because they want different add dramatic value to their company in by John E. Anderson
things. Family, an employee, or a the future. Or they may want to keep MS Management
non-employee rebuilder all want to that new companys technology away smartexit@atra.com
operate and build your business over from a competing giant.
time. Owning and being involved in If you have an excellent shop,
growing the business appeals to them. a terrific staff, and experience
The competitor may also want to own selling businesses, then strategic or
and grow your business, continuing investment buyers could be the best
in the current location or closing your new partners to grow your venture Identifying the best candidate,
location and merging your customers further and then transfer ownership. testing that person, and building
into their shop. If yours isnt an extraordinary the possibility takes time. The first
Both the investor and strategic shop, then you should focus building candidate may not work out. Its a
buyer have different interests from value to fit one, and probably only one, delicate dance, exploring and testing
the others. The investor and strategic of the other types of buyers: family, while keeping your risk low and
buyer are keenly aware of the value of employees, an ambitious builder, options open should insurmountable
your current and potential cash flow. or a competitor. Each type of buyer problems arise with one candidate
The first four probably dont clearly requires a different set of prepara- or another.
understand cash flow. The investor tions and offers different benefits There are two things you
is prepared for steady, incremental and risks. should do next: First, increase your
growth from profitable operations and The more strategic you are commitment and dedication to
eventual sale. in your business preparation, the operating the best damn shop you
The strategic buyer sees some better the result for both you and the can by making sure you: a) please
special potential in your operation that buyer. Making your business ideally customers, b) practice delegating
few others could take advantage of, fit a particular buyer increases the responsibility and authority to
but they believe they can achieve it. business value to them, making it more employees, and c) strive to make the
Maybe its the location, reputation, or appealing and smoother to transfer. shop clean, organized, and appealing.

48 GEARS June 2017

1Anderson 617.indd 48 6/2/17 10:33 AM

Second, reread Smart Exit potential competitors. Are they a strong, reports substantiated with income tax
The Best Way Out, in the April, 2017 single store, or a chain with horsepow- returns. Youll augment these with a
issue of GEARS. In it, we ask three er? Like investors and strategic buyers, list of your tangible assets: equipment
questions: they may make a big offer to capture with their liquidation and replacement
1. Do you have something to sell? your attention and sweep you off your values, and inventory (useable current
2. Can you prove its worth buying? feet with their promises. inventory, not obsolete or scrap parts).
3. Can you find someone Beware of threats in the offering These financial reports convert
whos interested? and selling process. Here are some into ratios, such as current assets
Start with question 3 and make possible situations: divided by current liabilities, accounts
a list of possible candidates for each Shoppers and Due Diligence receivable divided by accounts
category: family, employees, rebuilders, Tire kickers who take your time and payable, cash flow, return on equity,
and competitors. What do you have to dig in your mine to discover your gold. and many others.
sell thats especially appealing to each High dollar offers typically have Your sales, profits, and these ratios
category or candidate (question 1)? a due diligence clause that, if they enable you and others to compare the
Describe which attributes of your discover the value is lower than they value of your shop to others that sold
shop are of greatest importance to originally believed, their payment recently or are currently on the market.
each category or candidate. From that is significantly reduced until actual There are industry averages and
list, further define those attributes and sales prove the higher value is valid. benchmark targets shops strive to
how you could prove their value. Dont You receive this smaller payment achieve. We recommend a certified
discount anyone because of some upon closing. valuation every three to ten years and
perceived shortcoming. These sales are structured such then having your business value mea-
Dont let money or the lack that you can earn the remainder only sured annually to be sure management
of it write anyone off as a possible if they reach certain performance is going in the right direction.
candidate. You should be able to standards. But now theyre operating Valuation is an ongoing process.
find workarounds for nearly any your business and youre no longer Determine what your business is worth
shortcomings. For example: in control. and find the best way out to achieve
Family A nephew, niece, or Creating Your Toughest Competi- your smart exit!
best friends relative is a mechanic and tor you get what appears to be a great
his wife is an accountant. Their goal offer with a high dollar sale. In walks a
is to end the long commute to the big- knowledgeable industry expert (maybe
company job. with a team of accountants and ana-
Employee One or more trusted lysts) to see behind your curtain and
employee of 5+ years could be trained study your customer list, vendor pricing John E. Anderson will be speaking at this years
to operate, manage, and partner with agreements, inventory, and history. Expo. John is a longtime business coach who helps
you and then buy you out. You know They get a complete picture business owners evaluate their businesses, adjust their
and respect the employee and his or of your operation, taste your secret operating practices, build a strategic plan and make a
Smart Exit.
her family. sauce, and then invalidate the purchase
In the coming issues, John will discuss some of
Ambitious Rebuilder Youve agreement because of something they the strategies hes developed. Hell show you how
heard about a tech whos new in town. find. Not only have you invested a to turn your business around, so you can answer the
He talks a good game, has his own great deal of time focused on them three questions, and ultimately, find a smart exit that
tools, and looks like he could have the instead of growing your business, but works for you.
management experience hes claiming; now they have information they can Post your questions and observations on the ATRA
Forum. A CEO Circle of shop owners is forming to
he has potential. use against you.
discuss these topics leading up to the EXPO. Email
Competitor Distinguish be- Ultimately, your business value ATRA for further information smartexit@atra.com
tween direct local versus next-city will be largely influenced by financial

GEARS June 2017 49

1Anderson 617.indd 49 6/2/17 10:33 AM

SHOP PROFILE Brought to you by: by Steve Bodofsky

A us-Tex Transmission is in
Round Rock, Texas, about 10
miles north of Austin. So why
Aus-Tex, if it isnt in Austin?
Because this is a new location;
the old shop was in Austin. They
moved to the new shop in October
of 2016.
Okay, moving to a newer,
larger shop isnt uncommon; a lot
of shop owners move once their
business outgrows the original
location. But 10 miles is a long
way to move even in Texas
(where, you know, everythings
bigger). Generally, a move like
that means starting over. Why
so far? The crew of Aus-Tex Transmssion, from left to right: Sabrina (Administrative Assistant), Ryan (Lead Diesel
Turns out the old shop was in Technician), Charles (General Service Tech), Tere (Owner), Pepe (Owner), Noemi (Receptionist).
a not-so-nice neighborhood, and In back: Alfredo (Owner's Son - Jr. Transmission Re-builder).
it was affecting their business.
We had a really hard time a nice neighborhood. The new shop is The move also puts Pepe closer
getting people to come work there, 10,600 square feet; about three times to home: Were just seven minutes
says Aus-Tex owner Pepe Torres. the size of the old building. from home now, he explains. And that
Good potential employees would be We drew up the plans for the makes a lot of things easier for him
scheduled for an interview. Theyd building we wanted the offices, and his wife, Teresa, who manages
look at the shop, they couldnt find the waiting room, the transmission the shops business and marketing
a parking spot, and theyd just keep building room and we signed a operations.
going and never come back. 5-year lease-to-buy contract. At the The move wasnt easy for them.
Thats not a problem with their end of five years I have to buy the There were many expenses and
new shop: a build-to-suit property in building. setting up the shop was very costly,
50 GEARS June 2017

1shop profile617 v2.indd 50 6/2/17 2:01 PM

Pepe and Tere Torres, Owners of Aus-Tex Transmission.

he says. But with hard work and some

valuable business practices, Aus-Tex
is starting to climb back and become
successful again.

I came from very humble
beginnings, explains Pepe. I grew up
as a farm boy in Mexico. My parents
moved here when I was a kid. They
taught me to work hard and always
respect others.
I got into the auto repair business
when I was 15 years old. My first real
job was at Pep Boys as a tire buster;
I was doing tires and oil changes. I had
to lie about my age because I wasnt
18 yet.
The Lone Star Flag proudly displayed at Aus-Tex Transmission.
They moved me up to flag hour
(flat rate) within a year, while I was
still a minor. Then I took at job at a when I worked for the dealer. But was misled, but was able to make the
GM dealership for about four years. I didnt really know what was going best out of a bad situation.
I became an ASE Master on inside. I passed the test based on So how was Pepe able to create a
Technician when I was 22 years old. simple logic. successful transmission business with
The only test I had a little problem I got into the transmission work almost no transmission experience? In
with but I still passed it! was the in 2004. I made one of the biggest the beginning he was self-taught and
transmission test. Id never really been mistakes of my life and bought a he learned a lot of what he needed by
into a transmission before. failed, bad-reputation, bad-reviewed trial and error.
I knew how to R&R a trans- transmission shop. That was how Then he found ATRA: I learned
mission and Id had a 4L60 pump out I got into transmissions full time. I about the ATRA seminars and I
GEARS June 2017 51

1shop profile617 v2.indd 51 6/2/17 2:01 PM

Aus-Tex Transmission: Built on a Foundation of Clearly Defined Processes and Procedures

Noemi assists Ryan in diagnostics. Pepe in the build room.

started going to them. I started reading about Duramax from when I worked at avoid repairing themselves are transfer
GEARS and reading on line, learning the dealer. cases. I dont like messing with
more and more about transmissions. So I started working on diesels, transfer cases myself because I always
The first time I went to an ATRA and two years later I took the L2 end up spending too much on parts,
seminar, I barely had enough money ASE certification for advanced diesel explains Pepe.
for gas. I didnt want to be late so I performance. I actually learned from Even if I have to sell a transfer
drove to Houston the night before the test and I got really interested in case for just about my cost, Im not
and stayed in the parking lot cause I them. going to build it; Ill sell a reman
couldnt afford a hotel. It was freezing; I started telling people we do transfer case every time.
I had to start my car every few hours diesel work and I hung a sign that said
just to warm up. diesel specialist. We started getting PROCESSES AND
It was an experience Ill never in a lot more work. Today about 50% PROCEDURES
forget, but it was my first ATRA of our revenue is from diesel repair. The importance of creating a
seminar and I loved it. I grasped And, of course, their diesel work often business model built on specific
as much information as I could. leads to transmission repairs. processes and procedures should
It was the first time I heard about One thing hes discovered is that be a familiar one to regular GEARS
shift adapts. a lot of those transmissions behind readers. And at Aus-Tex, those
I always sit at the front of the diesel engines are being torn up processes and procedures have become
class, asking all the questions I can; because the vehicles owner installed nearly an art form.
whether its at a seminar or at Expo, a tuner to alter the engines power According to Pepe, every em-
it doesnt matter. Im always asking curve. But that additional power can ployee has a checklist of procedures
questions. quickly destroy a transmission that to follow for every job he or she does.
would have been fine behind a factory- And they have to initial each step to
TRANSMISSIONS AND tuned diesel engine. verify that theyve performed them.
DIESEL REPAIRS That experience is why Pepe will The transmission rebuilder help-
When Pepe bought Aus-Tex, it be at this years Expo, to present er has a list that says wash the case
was a transmission-only shop. When a program for the technical track, in the parts washer, clean the pan,
I first opened the shop I didnt have tentatively titled Blame It on the Tuner. make sure the magnets there. He
a lot of experience in transmissions. In it, hell discuss what hes learned knows exactly whats expected of
So I knew I needed a backup plan: about building transmissions that can him, and he knows hes responsible for
something else that was certain to keep up with that additional power. doing each step properly, says Pepe.
bring in money. Its my way of giving back to the And not just the technicians; even
I started working on a couple Association, he says. the service advisors have a checklists
diesel trucks, because no one in Austin Aus-Tex handles all transmission to follow. The services writers
wanted to work on them. I knew a bit repairs in house. The only thing they checklist says they have to greet the
52 GEARS June 2017

1shop profile617 v2.indd 52 6/2/17 2:01 PM

General Motors Ford Imports Chrysler

Why does it cost So Much?

Why Should I get my Transmission Rebuilt?

Answer your Customers questions by

ordering the New Posters Now!
Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association
2400 Latigo Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030 Toll Free (866) 464-2872 (805) 604-2000 Fax (805) 604-2003
members.atra.com www.atra.com www.gearsmagazine.com

2017-Gears-bookstore-AD.indd 1 6/2/17 10:17 AM

Aus-Tex Transmission: Built on a Foundation of Clearly Defined Processes and Procedures

Charles works on another important checkmark

on his checklist, keeping the shop clean.

when we have to let someone go for

not following procedures.
Yeah, we have some employee
turnover, but you cant afford to
have people who arent doing the job
Sabrina takes photos of the vehicle before starting work on it.
right when youre offering a 3-year,
100,000-mile warranty. And, thanks
customer and they have to have a estimates for me or Teresa to call the to those checklists, everyone in the
conversation with the customer that customer. shop knows what it means to do the
has nothing to do with their cars, So everyone has a list of pro- job right.
explains Pepe. It can be about the cedures to follow and initial. And
weather or how their kids are doing. its worked real well for us; weve NEW EMPLOYEES
Something to help build a personal perfected it over the years, and we While many successful shops
relationship with them. keep adding and modifying the have a number of longtime employees,
Then they have to log the vehicle checklist about every year. Aus-Tex is mostly staffed by new
in, record the customers original The checklist is also a terrific help people. Thats because Pepe doesnt
complaint, and determine how the for training new employees. New believe in keeping an employee who
customers going to get home or to employees dont know what to do. You wont conform to his business model.
work whether they need a ride or give them a list and they know whats He wants people wholl do a good
have transportation planned. expected of them. job and wholl follow his procedures.
Part of logging the vehicle Of course, not everyone follows If they cant do that, hell send
involves taking pictures of the car. We procedures exactly as theyve been them packing.
take a picture from every corner, to listed. That can lead to problems for We open at eight oclock; thats
record any dents or scratches, so there the shop and the employee. People when customers start coming in,
arent any questions about whether who dont like to follow directions explains Pepe. I need my guys here to
they were there before the car came often skip steps and thats when road test cars or take customers home.
in. And they take a picture of the mistakes happen. If they cant meet my requirements, I
odometer or hour meter. If theres a mistake, we go back dont want them here.
And all of those photos are kept in to the checklist and ask, Why didnt Fair enough, but a lot of shops
the shops files, just in case a problem you follow the steps? Youve made deal with employees who maybe
comes up later on. this mistake three times; youve arent exactly what they were hoping
They also have to dispatch the skipped this step three times. And for. They have to, because they just
job to the right technician and prepare that provides us with documentation cant find qualified help to replace
54 GEARS June 2017

1shop profile617 v2.indd 54 6/2/17 2:02 PM

urs! 5
ox to yo
ou r to ol b

How to Fix Bad

Converter Clearance
- Part 3: Ford Clearance
Converter clearance is a crucial part of
any installation, but what is the perfect
amount? 1/8 to 3/16. This is the
critical measurement you should verify
on every install.

Q: What do you do when the

converter clearance is too tight?

A: This usually means the torque

converter is not properly installed into
the transmission. Similarly to adjusting
GM clearance as talked about in Part 2,
rotate the converter while applying an
inward pressure and supporting the
pilot hub. This will allow the two sets
of splines and the pump lugs to align
properly. Normally, you will feel two
clunks as the converter aligns.
Alfredo at the work bench. Tere focuses on her adminitrative duties.
Q: What do I do if the converter is too
loose, i.e. more than 3/16 clearance?
them. Where does Pepe find new Pepes always on the lookout for
technicians? a strong candidate: Ill be talking to A: This usually causes a no-move
condition as the pump gear has
Ill put ads on social media, someone at a diner or at a store, and broken. This is a very common
Craigs List, and even Monster.com, well make a connection. If they seem situation on E4OD, 4R100, & 5R110W
units. But Ford uses studs. So, what
and let people know Im looking. Ill interesting, Ill look into them further. should you use? Same as with a GM
ask them to send me a text message; I also build relationships with unit, start by double checking the
flex-plate to see if it was bent or has
that shows me that they have at least technicians in other shops the guy I lost its flex. Just like any other
some familiarity with computers. hired to handle a reflash or something spring, a flex-plate can lose its tension
Once I get a few people inter- like that. They get to know me and, and move, causing too much clearance
and more than the 1/8 to 3/16 that
ested, Ill run online checks. Ill check one day, when theyre looking to move is critical. Once you have determined
their social media pages to see what on, theyll contact me. that the flex-plate is good,
double-check the converter clearance.
they post. If they show me something According to Pepe, looking for Still too much? Use one grade 8
having to do with car repair, I know new talent is a full-time job. It isnt flat-washer per converter stud to
reduce the total clearance. Place the
they have some pride in what they do; something you can do just when flat-washer on the stud base making
theyll get an interview. you have an opening. You have to sure it fits not only the stud but the
Pepe also has a page on his keep an eye out all the time or a base of the stud flat against the
stud-pad. This usually is the solution to
web site AusTexTransmission. terrific employee might slip through set the converter clearance to
com for people whod like to your fingers. approximately 1/8 inch.
work there. We get people who fill It must be working, because Stay tuned next month for more on
out the online application. Well go even with a recent move, Aus-Tex this topic in Part 4 - Chrysler & Import
Converter Clearance.
through those applications and run a Transmission is well staffed and doing
basic background check to see if the great. We look forward to hearing
applicant might be a good fit. If so, Ill from him at this years Expo. Gary S. Carne, Brad Laskowski, &
give him an interview. Mark Kidder

GEARS June 2017 55

1shop profile617 v2.indd 55 6/2/17 2:02 PM

Shop Equipment
and Tools
W hat makes your job pos-
sible? Your unique skill
set? Sure. But what about
the tools and equipment you use every
day? Without the inventiveness and
Some are new; others have been
around for awhile. But most could
be considered a must have for a
professional transmission technician.
In this issue of GEARS, we salute
utility of the tool manufacturers, you the manufacturers and distributors who
might find yourself struggling to put work tirelessly to provide the tools
those cars back on the road. and equipment that keeps you working
Heres a showcase for some of at your best, and keeps our industry
the most valuable tools and equipment profitable.
designed to help you tackle the
unique challenges you face every day.

A & Reds Ultimate Engine Adapt-A-Case Stainless Steel

Hanger Teflon Ring Installers and Resizers
The Ultimate Engine Hanger is made with twin steel beams no Teflon Ring Tools (T-1618SAC)-4R70 Direct Drum and (T-2142SAC)-
need to worry,Its is strong enough. Needle bearings makes handles work 4R70 (Input) Shaft. Adapt-A-Case has many different specialty tools
easy,fully adjustable,hinged shock towers,full ball bearing front feet and that are all manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. Check out our full line of
wall hanger for easy storage. This is the right tool for your shop. products and distributors at www.adaptacase.com.
A & Reds Transmission Parts 800-835-1007.

56 GEARS June 2017

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 56 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
Adapt-A-Case Alignment Adapt-A-Case Dodge RWD
Tools Differential Carrier Bearing
Alignment Tools (T-0159AC)-5R55N/S/W Converter/Mid-Plate Adjuster T-78925AC
Alignment Tool, (T-46664AC)-6L50/80/90 Pump Alignment Tool and This tool makes it easy to adjust the ring and pinion on a Dodge 7.25,
(T-76867AC)-Universal Pump Clamp Tool not compatible with 6L80. 8.25 and 9.25 rear end.
Check out Adapt-A-Case's full line of products and distributors at Simply use set screws on tool to lock on to your long extension.
www.adaptacase.com. Works on both sides.
Adapt-A-Case has many different specialty tools that are all
manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. Check out our full line of products and
distributors at www.adaptacase.com.

EZ-Driver, Arizona Transmission Machine HT-VBT Deluxe - Valve body

Here is the Universal bering installation system as used in ATRA's testing unit, Cottingham Engineering LTD
webinar training series. From Packards to Porsche to Moto Guzzi to The ultimately advanced tool for Valve Body testing - introduced with
Goldwings the EZ-Driver handles all light to medium duty applications for the aim to improve the general quality of Transmission rebuilding for its
bearing installation. Kit includes 28 interchangeable force distributors, 21 users and exclude turn-ins after the repair services.
for tapered roller bearings and 7 ball bearings force distributors (flat) Tubes HT-VBT Deluxe emulates the work of a transmission unit and runs
come in 3-6-9 inch lengths and has a connector for using 2 tubes for added a series of tests checking performance of a malfunctioning Valve Body
length. Use with press or hammer and comes in a carrying cases. Special at various gears and pressure input. The system makes a graphic that is
offer is trade show price need to call or e-mail. compared to the one taken from an original new
Arizona Transmission Machine Inc. Call (602) 992-2961 Michael Valve Body of the same model. This comparison
Tilley, President. mtilleyathome@aol.com. www.ez-driver.com makes it possible for Valve Body Rebuilders to
determine the exact source of the problems with
the Valve Body under rebuilding.
Cottingham Engineering LTD
Kettering, UK NN16 8TD
Tel.: +44 1536 511123,

HT-SOL model 2 - Solenoid

testing unit, Cottingham Engineering LTD
The Solenoid Testing machine is used for checking the condition of
solenoids of various automatic transmission manufacturers. It is supported
by a number of various solenoid test blocks making it possible to run
tests for the majority of most popular makes on the present-day market.
The unit is powered by a special version of
a most advanced HTC-K Controller (used in
the Valve Body testing machines) adopted for
solenoid testing.
Cottingham Engineering LTD
Kettering, UK NN16 8TD
Tel.: +44 1536 511123,

GEARS June 2017 57

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 57 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
HT2000 - Circuit Integrity Leak WS 2.0 - Torque Converter
Test Machine, Cottingham Engineering LTD 2-Gun Welding Stand with
This portable unit allows Automatic Transmission Rebuilding MIG and TIG, Cottingham Engineering LTD
specialists to test the hydraulic integrity of the individual This Welding Stand is a part of our new complete Torque Converter
gearbox components. To identify Transmission Leaks a rebuilding line Hydra-Torque. The unit has dual chuck system for precise
test plate is attached to the transmission. Then using the flow Torque Converter alignment during the welding process - so you will have
meter, the operator performs a test to indicate the amount maximum precision as the result. Maximum diameter
of leakage at the piston or servo seals. of the welded Converters is 460 mm, which
With that, a pass/fail condition can be will cover all civil vehicles and some of heavy
determined. It is an efficient and easy-to-use duty converters too. The welding process is
tool implemented to save AT rebuilders' time automated (8 points + circular welding), you
and funds. will just need to do manual positioning of the
Cottingham Engineering LTD welding torch - which is very convenient and
Kettering, UK NN16 8TD effective.
Tel.: +44 1536 511123, Cottingham Engineering LTD
sales@hydratest.co.uk Kettering, UK NN16 8TD
Tel.: +44 1536 511123,

Automotive Power Pusher Rostra Precision Controls

The Automotive Power Pusher is a battery-powered, heavy-duty, Honda/ Acura Pressure Switch Reference Guide
multi-use device designed to move immobilized vehicles more efficiently Rostra Precision Controls presents a Reference Guide covering nearly
and help reduce the risk of injury. It is able to push or pull almost anything the full line of Honda/ Acura pressure switches, both late and early
on wheels and can move inoperable vehicles with only two people, instead models. Rostra's Honda/ Acura pressure switches combined, are
of five or six that are normally required to move them. compatible with over twenty different applications. This guide includes the
The Automotive Power Pusher is the most efficient tool a service following information: Location of Switch, Application, Year, Trans Codes,
department or fleet can employ, not just an extra piece of equipment, it's Suppliers Cross Industry Reference Numbers, and OE #. Our Honda/
a working member of the team requiring little maintenance Acura Pressure Switches are designed to be exact OE replacements,
It increases productivity and reduces direct labor cost on non-profitable and are 100% tested to guarantee proper operation. Rostra products
activities, getting the job done in less time with less people come with a 12,000 mile/ 12-month warranty. The Reference Guide is
The Automotive Power Pusher is ready when you are with its built-in available to download at
battery charger plug into a 115V outlet when the unit is RostraTransmission.
not in use com. Contact Brian
The Automotive Power Pusher is durable, Sandlin for any questions
mobile, fits through most standard doorways or inquiries at bsandlin@
and is easily stored Rostra.com
Power Pusher, Division of Nu-Star, Inc.
Julie Hicks, 952-445-8295; jhicks@nustarinc.com

Sonnax Vacuum Test Stand

Kit, Essential Equipment for Proper
Vacuum Testing
Vacuum testing is an efficient, cost-effective way to accurately
evaluate valve/bore wear and confirm repairs, but you need the proper
equipment for reliable results. Sonnax vacuum test stand kit VACTEST-
01K takes the hassle out of building and calibrating a homemade kit,
allowing you to start successfully diagnosing problem valve bodies quickly
and easily. Each high-quality kit includes a test stand, accessories and
easy-to-follow instructions to
start your next rebuild right.
Visit www.sonnax.com for
details. 800-843-2600
Sonnax is an Employee-
Owned Company.

58 GEARS June 2017

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 58 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools Sonnax Valve Body Reaming
Fixture, Get Consistent, Reliable,
High-Quality Results
The patented VB-FIX is a self-aligning fixture that provides an
external, rigid pilot bore for the reamer and guide pin, allowing the fixture
to be used on multiple valve bodies and valve bores. Only the VB-FIX
process allows you to accurately locate the original bore centerline and
then securely hold the reamer, ensuring that the reamed bore will remain
on that centerline. Concentricity through the entire length of the bore is
critical to correct valve fit and function.
The VB-FIX is for use only with special
Sonnax parts and tools which service a specific
bore in a certain valve body.
Visit www.sonnax.com for details.
800-843-2600 802-463-9722
Sonnax is an Employee-Owned Company

SuperFlow's Transmission Shift SuperFlow's Transmission

Consoles Dynamometers
SuperFlow's Axiline and Hicklin transmission shift consoles help SuperFlow's Axiline and Hicklin transmission test stands cover
remanufacturers test and control transmissions for a variety of needs. the complete range of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and cross
These standalone controllers are not limited to dynamometer testing drive transmissions on the market today. With solutions for everything
meaning technicians can diagnose transmissions before they are ever from passenger cars to the M1 tank and features like mechatronic
removed from customer vehicles. The SuperShifter platform of electronic shift controls, no-hassle precision alignment tooling and the available
transmission controls are handheld diagnostic devices that test shift WinDyn Data Acquisition and Control system for fully automated tests
function and solenoid performance with the transmission in the vehicle, and reports, SuperFlow transmission dynos are the only choice of
on a bench or on a dyno and are available for most light and medium the top transmission remanufacturers worldwide. SuperFlows custom
duty transmissions. The Hicklin heavy duty shift consoles are designed for engineering team has developed and installed more than 30 cross drive
service centers who need the ability transmission dynamometers, AC regenerative transmission test
to control and test HD transmissions, stands and a variety of custom
flash transmission control modules, transmission and gear
code CIN numbers and perform box test stands for
diagnostics on the TCM under test. customers worldwide.
Visit www.superflow.com or call Visit www.superflow.com
888.442.5546 for more information. or call 888.442.5546 for more

SuperFlow's Valve Body & Torque Converter Rebuilding

Solenoid Test Stands Systems (TCRS)
SuperFlow's line of valve body and solenoid testers offer transmission Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems (TCRS) from SuperFlow are
remanufacturers unmatched features like the WinDyn CAN Control the choice of converter rebuilders worldwide for one reason, quality. The
mechatronic test option and fully automated testing to eliminate TCRS system has been proven on millions of torque converters and is
operator induced errors. The Axiline VBT-8000 and SolX Pro test stands in use at the big three automakers Ford, General Motors and Daimler
accommodate more transmission applications than the next closest Chrysler. TCRS sets the industry standard
competitors combined and cover the range of light, medium, heavy and for precision alignment and is the only system
extreme duty transmissions like the X-1100. Plus, in the rare event you available with all the tools to do the job right, with
have an application that we don't, we'll develop it at your request. Don't repeatability and precision within .001 of an inch.
chance your quality reputation with TCRS representatives will not only help you select
whoever remanufactures your valve the correct equipment for your rebuilding goals, but
bodies, put Axiline test stands in your also consult on the floor plan and staffing needs
shop and take control of your quality to make money rebuilding your own converters. If
and bottom line. Visit www.superflow. youre purchasing six or more converters a day from
com or call 888.442.5546 for more an outside source an in-house converter rebuilding
information. program from TCRS will save you money. Visit
www.SuperFlow.com or call 888.442.5546 for more

GEARS June 2017 59

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 59 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
Accumulator Buddy
Superior Accumulator Buddy SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS Problem
Solver The Accumulator Buddy is a set of three
brushes that work in bores ranging from 1 to 2 inches
to remove light scratches, small burrs and bore glazing,
leaving a clean polished bore for sealing. The long
STAINLESS STEEL shaft allows you to use them with
the transmission in or out of the vehicle, and the brushes
fit into any type of drill. The Accumulator Buddy
polishes bores in seconds, saving time compared with
the use of polishing pads. Great time saver ! Ask for it
by name!
Superior Transmission Parts Inc.
Go to www.superiortransmission.com to view
products or email us from the contacts section.

Bench Buddy Bore Cleaning K0100 Supertuff 6F35 / 6T40 /

Brushes 6T30 Drivers Side Axle Bushing
Superior Bench Buddy SUPERIOR Replacement Kit
SOLUTIONS Problem Solver: Our New K0100 includes a high-quality, 3-piece tool set designed for quick
Impregnated with a special super fine abrasive, removal of the worn bushing and an indexed re-installation of the SuperTuff
Bench Buddy(R)brushes easily remove small burrs bushing. The two-sided driver head allows the user to install an included seal
and polish the inside of a valve bore with virtually no made of better-than-OEM materials. Kit includes (5) axle seals and (5) SuperTuff
Teflon bushings. Re-order Kit K099 for bushing and seal reloads ( one seal / one
enlargement of the bore diameter itself. Each Bench
bushing per K099 ).The durable SuperTuff Teflon coated bushing from Superior
Buddy(R) kit features 4 different sized brushes.*
Transmission Parts Inc. virtually eliminates premature wear and the resulting leak
Improves the surface finish of a bore by up to at the axle seal. The new SuperTuff bushing is 23% wider than original to offer more
50%* Restore smooth valve operation in seconds* support, Teflon coated for durability and engineered with a lube window that allows
Services bores from 1/4 to 1. Ask for your Bench more oil in to provide better lubrication.
Buddy by name, it's the mechanics best friend! Except no imitation, if it's not stamped stp-10000 on
Superior Transmission Parts Inc. the bushing its not the original... Ask for your supertuff k0100
Go to www.superiortransmission.com to view by name! and tell your distributor "I want my Superior" and "I
products or email us from the contacts section. want it now!"
For more on the K0100 or the K099 refill go to
www.superiortransmission.com to view products or email us
from the contacts section.

K0110 Honda Large Collar/ K0135 Honda Small Collar/

Bearing Removal Tool Bearing Removal Tool
Sleeve Remover Tool Problem Solvers, the K0110, is designed to safely Sleeve Remover Tool Problem Solvers, the K0135, is designed to safely
and easily remove the secondary shaft bearing and oil collar without and easily remove the secondary shaft bearing and oil collar without
damaging the bearing, collar or bell housing. If you work on Honda or damaging the bearing, collar or bell housing. If you work on Honda or
Acura transmission, this is a must have tool for your workstation or toolbox. Acura transmission, this is a must have tool for your workstation or toolbox.
With the Superior K0110 Honda/Acura Large Collar Puller Kit you can With the Superior K0135 Honda/Acura Small Collar Puller Kit you can
remove the bearing and collar in just under 5 minutes! remove the bearing and collar in just under 5 minutes!
Go to: Go to:
www.superiortransmission.com www.superiortransmission.com
Click on contact us and send Click on contact us and send
us an email or hit the link find a us an email or hit the link find a
distributor near you. distributor near you.

60 GEARS June 2017

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 60 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
Sussex Auto Parts CVT Tool Teckpak-Fitzall KT3507
Kits Yoke Seal Installation Kit
Sussex Auto Parts are stockists of complete tool kits for a range of FREE Tool, when you buy a six pack of Teckpak-Fitzalls specially
CVT transmissions, including MINI CVT, VW 01J, Mercedes 722.8, and designed yoke seals.
Jatco JF010E and JF011E. The tool attaches to any 3/8" socket extension and allows you to
Our large inventory of specialist tools also covers Aisin, DSG, 0AM, insert one of a 350, 375, 700-R4, C4, AOD & AODE just to name a few.
DCT, and ZF. From hand tools to diagnostic equipment, we have got you The seals are designed to grab the inside of the yoke for a tight,
covered. secure fit that will stop driveshaft yoke leakage forever.
Why not contact our friendly, experienced team for pricing and The kit contains (6) Yoke Seals and (1) Free Installation Tool. Part#
advice. SUSSEX Auto Parts. You can reach us on (814)838-4888 KT3507
Erie, PA or at our Head Office on 0044 1323 848886. Request the bestAsk for genuine Teckpak-Fitzall
Email: info@sussexautos.com 1-800-527-2544

Teckpak-Fitzall T-0154-M Mini Teckpak-Fitzall PRNDL Switch

Slide Hammer Removal Tool T4T65-326
This Slide Hammer, from Teckpak-Fitzall, is perfect for those hard Save Your PRNDL Switch. Use this 3/8" slide-hammer attachment
to get to areas. The hex shaped design of the shaft allows the weigh to with the Teckpak-Fitzall mini 3/8" hex-shafted slide hammer to remove
be used to turn the shaft. This tool also has 3/8 threads on one end and those stubborn Nail Head type pins. Simply insert, Twist & Pull and the
10mm threads on the other. pin is removed without damaging the switch. Fits almost all Nail Head
The T-0154-M weighs in at just under 2 lbs & 11 inches long. type pins, such as those found in 4T65E, 6T70E, 6T75E, 6F40/45/50/55
Request the best Ask for genuine Teckpak-Fitzall. 1-800-527-2544. just to name a few.
www.teckpak-fitzall.com PRNDL Switch
Tool part# T4T65-326,
Mini-Slide Hammer part#
Request the best
Ask for genuine Teckpak-
Fitzall. 1-800-527-2544.

Teckpak-Fitzall GM
Transmission Dowel PIN Repair
Kit T350-301
Repair dowel pin hole wear in hard to find Chevrolet transmission
cases. Repair the case by sleeving the worn dowel pin hole with Teck-
Fitzalls repair kit. The precision boring fixture allows perfect alignment of
the steel sleeve in minutes.
This kit includes: (1) Alignment Tool, (1) Alignment Pin, (1) 11/16"
Drill Bit, (2) Mounting Nuts and (6) Repair Sleeves. Part# T350-301.
Extra Repair Sleeves (part#
SM-134) are available.
Request the best
Ask for genuine Teckpak-
Fitzall. 1-800-527-2544.

GEARS June 2017 61

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 61 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
Teckpak-Fitzall Chrysler FWD Teckpak-Fitzall Ford Shift
Carrier Bearing Remover & Linkage Pin Removal Tool
Installer T604-306 #TK-56-RTD
The 10-Minute Solution. Easy, inexpensive solution, from This tool, from Teckpak-Fitzall, removes material from around the
Teckpak-Fitzall, for customers with older, less expensive vehicles, as shift lever pin to allow the pin to be easily removed. Works on A4LD,
well as a more efficient way of providing service to your late-model 4R44, 4R55, 5R55, AODE, AOD, 4R70W & 4R100 transmissions just
customers. to name a few.
Provides an opportunity to expand your customer base in both The TK-56-RTD also includes samples of Teckpaks Shift Lever Pins,
directions. This tool allows you to remove or install a carrier bearing uniquely designed with a head for easy removal.
in most FWD Chrysler transmissions (in the vehicle or on the bench). Available in both 3mm
604 (41TE/41AE), A670, (part# P56-PIN3) and 1/8"
A470, A413 & A404 (part# P56-PIN18) sizes.
just to name a few. Part Request the best Ask
T604-306. for genuine Teckpak-Fitzall.
Request the best Ask 1-800-527-2544.
for genuine Teckpak- www.teckpak-fitzall.com
Fitzall. 1-800-527-2544.

Trans-Tool T-2003-M GM Ford Trans-Tool TRANS TOOL

Teflon Ring Installer Kit and T-0012-TPThe TransPorter
T-3074-90-M Teflon Ring FINALLY AVAILABLE AGAIN! The TransPorter is the only fluid
Installer-Resizer evacuator and installer on the market. Removes and installs fluids
T-2003-M GM Ford Teflon Ring Installer Kit GM Applications through the pressurized container, complete with hose and adapter
6T40-E/6T45E 6T70E/6T75E Ford Applications 6F35/6F50N/6F55N for transmission pan. Improved pressurized
Competitive Model Adapt-A-Case # T-46624-SAC cap for easy pressure release after use.
User Price $199.00. Distributor Price $139.30 Call your Local Distributor/Mobile Tool
T-3074-90-M Teflon Ring Installer-Resizer GM Applications 6L80/6L90 Dealer or Trans Tool
User Price $195.00. Distributor Price $136.50. for more information.
Call your Local Distributor/Mobile Tool Dealer or Trans Tool 800-531-5978 or visit:
for more information. www.atec-trans-tool.com
800-531-5978 or visit

Transtar RAP Kit (Remote

Assisted Programming)
The RAP Kit, manufactured by DrewTech and available exclusively
from Transtar, allows you to program and flash a vehicle right from your
shop! No additional tools, software, or expensive subscriptions are
required. Everything you need to program a vehicle is right in the convenient
RAP Kit box. The RAP Kit includes a tablet, the vehicle interface, an OBD-
II connector, and a 4G dongle. All you need to do is plug in, make a phone
call, and let Transtar do the rest! The RAP Kit is absolutely free you
pay only for each programming event.
The only requirement is for you to use
the kit two or more times a month.
Programming a vehicle has never been
this easy. For more information, or to
obtain a RAP Kit for your shop, go to
Transtar1.com/RAP-info. The RAP Kit
exclusively from Transtar.

62 GEARS June 2017

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 62 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools Transtar 1000-Pound (1/2-Ton) Air/Hydraulic,
Telescopic Transmission Jack
This -ton transmission jack from Sunex is available from Transtar
(Transtar part number T7796). The Sunex 7796 1000-pound air/hydraulic
transmission jack is used for removing and installing transmissions and
transfer cases on all vehicle types supported by lifts. This 2-stage jack
has an air operated first stage and a manual hand pump second stage,
allowing very precise alignment of the transmission. A foot activated pump
pedal allows you to raise the ram hands free. The side-to-side fore and
aft tilt knobs with quick adjusting ratcheting fingers and large saddle can
accommodate virtually any transmission shape or size. A nylon strap tie
down conveniently secures the load to the saddle for added safety and
the overload valve prevents the jack from being used beyond its rated
capacity. A foot activated release pedal also provides a slow controlled
lowering of the load. Wide base legs with swivel caster
provide stability and easymaneuverability even under
load with two locking castersto prevent jack frommoving.
Transtar carries a complete line of transmission jacks from
Sunex. For more information, visit Transtar1.com/tools

Transtar Air/Hydraulic Jack Transtar Pilot Bearing Puller

The Sunex 1-Ton heavy duty transmission jack, available from The Sunex Pilot Bearing Puller is designed to remove worn-out
Transtar, can accommodate a wide range of transmission sizes (Transtar pilot bearings and stubborn, stuck flywheel pilot bearings, especially
Part Number 7798).The air over hydraulic system allows for fast and in cramped spaces where a slide hammer puller just isn't practical.
easy use when connected to an air compressor and the fast rise foot With a jaw spread of 1 to 1-1/2 and a reach of , this puller can be
pump lifts the load when air is not available. There are two methods of used on most models with the engine
release: A fast-drop foot pedal for quickly lowering saddle without a load, in chassis. This puller is made from
and a fine tune hand dial to set the speed while being used to match the chromoly steel, is built to last, and is
weight of the load. The wide base keeps the jack stable even with an available from Transtar - guaranteed
uneven load. The redesigned ram is equipped with a large heavy-duty with the SUNEXpress Lifetime Warranty.
saddle and long extendable fingers to handle (Transtar Part Number 3916) For
more types of transmissions. The upgraded Transtars comprehensive tool offering,
2 wide strength non-marring tension straps visit Transtar1.com/tools.
in the place of traditional ratchet straps or
chain makes work holding and positioning
adjustments safer, faster and easier. Transtar
carries a comprehensive line of transmission
and shop tools ask your sales rep for details
or visit Transtar1.com/tools.

Transtar CUDA 50-Gallon Parts Transtar Cuda Front-Load

Washer Automatic Parts Washer
The 50-Gallon Parts Washer, manufactured by Cuda, is now available The Cuda 2840 is available from Transtar and is the second largest
from Transtar (Transtar Part Number T2848). The Cuda 2848 is front-loading and parts washer of all front-loading washers. This unit (Transtar Part Number
features a turntable diameter of 28-inches, working height of 48-inches, and load T2840) features a load capacity of 1,000 pounds, a working height of 40,
capacity of 1,000 lbs. The 2848 is the largest front load parts washer to offer a and a 28 turntable diameter. It also has a 3 HP seal-less vertical pump,
single-phase model; the 5 HP pump pushes 110 GPM which is more than double
and produces 50 GPM at 45PSI. The front access screen is a patented
every other parts washer in the single-phase category, and the series also offer 4
product that provides a filter for the wash solution. This allows the
models in the three-phase category. The turntables are located knee high, control
panels chest high and a curved, recessed entry that spray nozzle to spray clearly and effectively, and also provides a screen
allows for easy loading and unloading of extra-large for small parts that may have been
parts. The easy access debris screen prevents foreign washed through the cleaning chamber
objects and small parts from falling into the sump, by accident. The control panel has
and the sump cover permits quick and easy cleaning simple controls for heater, turntable and
of the parts washer. The automatic low water shut off wash cycle operation, plus low water
enhances safety and protects the heating element by shut off indicator. The parts washer is
automatically turning the unit off if the water level drops equipped with a 6kW heater. For more
too low. Built-in wheels allow the parts washer to be
information, visit Transtar1.com/tools.
moved easily about the shop. Ask your Transtar sales
Order your Cuda Parts Washer from
rep for details or visit Transtar1.com/tools.
Transtar today.

GEARS June 2017 63

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 63 6/2/17 11:56 AM

Shop Equipment and Tools
WIT Arbor Press WIT CVT Press Plate
WIT now carries a ratcheting arbor Whatever It Takes now carries a CVT Press plate to work with their Arbor
press with a 8" x 18" base for use in Press to aid in the teardown and assembley of your cvt transmission
your shops repair operations. Please rebuilds. Please contact WIT for any of your Transmission tool needs
contact Whatever It Takes for any of 800-940-0197.
your Transmission supply needs

WIT Adapt-A-Case CVT Puller WIT transmission Bearing

Tool Set (Part #T-CVTAC) Puller for use on CVT's
WIT now carries the Adapt-A-Case CVT Puller Tool Set (Part #TJ-1)
(Part # T-CVTAC). This tool comes complete with all pieces needed to Whatever It Takes now carries a transmission Bearing Puller for use
spread the variators on Ford, Nissan, and Saturn CVT transmissions) on CVT's (Part # TJ-1). This is a 2 jaw puller with a 9 1/4" REACH and a
Please contact Whatever 2 3/4" TO 14 3/4" SPREAD RANGE. Please contact WIT for any of your
It Takes for any of your CVT transmission Needs 800-940-0197.
Transmission tool needs

64 GEARS June 2017

1shop-tools-equip jt.indd 64 6/2/17 11:56 AM

OCTOBER 19 - 22

hosted by

Schedule At A Glance
7am - 5pm Attendee Registration

7:30am - 9am 8L90 Service, Updates and Repairs - Steve Garrett

9:10am - 10:40am FCA 8 and 9 Speed Automatic Transmission Update - Alan McAvoy
10:50am - 12:20pm Restoring Functional Reliability - Dean Mason
1:50pm - 3:20pm Introducting the 9T50 Transaxle - James Rokitski
3:40pm - 5:10pm Using Scopes to Streamline Diagnosis: Part 1 - Scott Shotton
5:20pm - 6:50pm CVT Workshop - Robert Bateman & Mike Souza
9am - 4pm Selling Boldly - Alex Goldfayn

7am - 5pm Attendee Registration


7:30am - 9am Using Scopes to Streamline Diagnosis: Part 2 - Eric Ziegler

9:10am - 10:30am Introducing the 845RFE - Bill Brayton

10:30am - 11:50pm Helping the Rubber Meet the Road - Keith Clark
8:30am - 10am From Mindset to Mission - Dennis Madden & Rodger Bland
10:15am - 11:45am Building Decision-Makers! - Maylan Newton
12pm - 2pm ATRA Luncheon - sponsored by Raybestos
2pm - 7pm Trade Show
4pm - 6pm ATRA Chapter Presidents Meeting
7pm - 9pm Transtar Cocktail Reception

8am - 5pm Attendee Registration

8:30am - 10am Tips and Tricks from the Builders Bench - John Parmenter
10:10am - 11:40am Converter Control - Bob Warnke

2:10pm - 3:40pm Introducing the ZF 8HP Hybrid - Dirk Fuchs


3:50pm - 5:20pm Blame It On the Tuner - Pepe Torres

8:30am - 10am Transmissions 101: Scan Tool 101 - Jarad Warren
10:10am - 11:40am Transmissions 101: ATF Today; Surviving in an OE Drive Market - Pat Burrow
2:10pm - 3:40pm Transmissions 101: Series Circuit Essentials You Should Know - Dan Marinucci
3:50pm - 5:20pm Transmissions 101: R&R 101 - John Parmenter
9am - 10:30am Gain Control of Your Business by Letting Go - MaryAnn Croce
10:45am - 12:15pm Would You/Could You Take a Vacation? How Valuable Are You, Really? - Nancy Friedman

12pm - 5pm Trade Show

3pm - 4pm ATRA Longtimers Meeting

9am - 10:30am Hydraulics 101 - Bill Brayton Las

10:40am - 12:10pm Toyota, Lexus U881E and GM AF50 8 Speed Automatic - Mike Brown
9am - 12pm Smart Exit Workshop- John Anderson Cu
produced by


12PM 7PM
sponsored by

hosted by



3655 S Las Vegas Blvd 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109 Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 603-4389 (877) 603-4389
Room Rate: $179* Room Rate: $119*
Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017 Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017
*A Daily Resort fee of $29 *A Daily Resort fee of $29
will be charged. will be charged.

7:30am - 9:00am 10:50am - 12:20pm
8L90 Service, Updates and Restoring Functional
Repairs Reliability
Presented by Steve Garrett Presented by Dean Mason
In this seminar, well focus on 8L90 Take an in-depth look at broken,
operation, repair and updates for the 8L90 malfunctioning, or compromised systems,
transmission, paying particular attention to with an eye toward the fundamentals of
the TCM/valve body flow rate calibration process, as well functional reliability and dependable design.
as common product issues for this unit. And well take a
closer look at how to interpret scan data for diagnostic
1:50pm - 3:20pm
9:10am - 10:40am Introducing the 9T50
FCA 8 and 9 Speed Transaxle
Presented by James Rokitski
Automatic Transmission Youll get a general overview of the major
Update components in this new transaxle and
discover unique operating features and
Presented by Alan McAvoy
FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) now offers the 9-speed
948TE automatic transaxle in the latest FWD and AWD
diagnostic procedures that youll find indispensable in
the shop. is
Chrysler and Jeep vehicles, including the new Chrysler
Pacifica, Jeep Compass, and FIAT 500X Crossover. The
8-speed 845RE and 8HP series are now available in all
Jeep RWD and 4WD models, Dodge Challenger, Charger,
and Durango, the Chrysler 300, and all Ram 1500 trucks.
Well discuss current service procedures and the latest
updates, along with the use of FIATs latest scan tool
software: wiTECH 2.0.
3:40pm - 5:10pm 5:20pm - 6:50pm
Using Scopes to CVT Workshop
Streamline Diagnosis: Pt. 1 Presented by Robert Bateman &
Presented by Scott Shotton Mike Souza
Learn how to use an oscilloscope to Seal Aftermarket Products Technical
diagnose electrical faults accurately. Well Advisers Robert Bateman and Mike
examine actual case studies to illustrate Souza will tear down the Nissan RE0F11A
proper scope use, with emphasis on the advantages of an CVT, demonstrate the disassembly and
oscilloscope over other tools. Part I of this seminar will reassembly of the pulleys, and go over
focus on speed and position sensors, including testing the some of the technical aspects of the CVT.
actual sensors and using their signals for other diagnoses. And well go over some similarities and
differences with other Nissan and Jatco


sda y
Thurw all
is noday!
9:00am - 4:00pm
Selling Boldly
Presented by Alex Goldfayn
Join Alex Goldfayn, author of award-winning Revenue Growth Habit, and

the upcoming Selling Boldly, for a powerful all-day session on (1) knowing
how good you are, and (2) behaving - and selling! - boldly.

& Sales
This will be a memorable day full of high-impact learning, application, and
fun. Alex will interview at least two customers of audience members on the

phone live in the room, during the workshop. You leave knowing how to deal with damag-
ing fear of losing the sale. Youll practice obtaining testimonials (with one of your actual
customers!); asking for referrals; offering the customer more of what they can buy from
you; and following up on quotes and proposals. Well do live case studies, small group
work, and have an altogether highly interactive, memorable, and hugely valuable day!

7:30am - 9:00am 9:10am - 10:30am
Using Scopes to Introducing the 845RFE
Streamline Diagnosis: Pt. 2 Presented by Bill Brayton
This 845RE introduction seminar will cover
Presented by Eric Ziegler identification of the internal components
Learn how to use an oscilloscope to and follow the power flow through the
diagnose electrical faults accurately. Well eight forward speeds for this popular,
use actual case studies to illustrate proper 8-speed Dodge/Chrysler, rear-wheel drive
scope use, with emphasis on the advantages of an transmission. And well cover the principles of operation
oscilloscope over other tools. Part II of this seminar will for this increasingly common unit.
focus on making current and pressure measurements to
help diagnose a variety of issues.
10:30am - 11:50am
Helping the Rubber Meet
the Road
Presented by Keith Clark
Well take a close look at all-wheel drive
systems in late-model American vehicles.
Youll examine the components and control
systems, and discover how they interact
with other drivetrain control systems. And well cover
important details for servicing, diagnosing, and repairing
these systems.
8:30am - 10:00am
From Mindset to Mission
Presented by Dennis Madden & Rodger Bland
Everything gets created twice: once in our minds and once in reality.
Putting our thoughts into action seems like the most natural thing we
could do, but nothing could be further from the truth!
What we think about we become all day long. In order to change Team
anything in our lives, it begins with our mindset. Rodger will offer ideas
that help you clear the clutter in your mind and stay focused on the most Development
important aspects of your business and life!
From here, Dennis will help you develop a clear purpose and mission for
your business. Whether you get this right or wrong will affect everyone
in your company. Even large and well-known businesses have failed by
getting this wrong.
Dont let your business be relegated to a simple to-do list or series of

10:15am - 11:45am
Building Decision-Makers!
Presented by Maylan Newton Vision
Ever wish your staff made better decisions? Or made a decision at all?
Making decisions is a skill set that must be developed. Join us as we
discover how to make ourselves and our staff better decision-makers! 6
tips to coach your staff on making better decisions.

8:30am - 10:00am 2:10pm - 3:40pm
Tips & Tricks from the Introduction of the ZF 8HP
Builders Bench Hybrid
Presented by John Parmenter Presented by Dirk Fuchs
Youll get a firsthand look at real world Discover the difference between micro,
issues for the latest transmissions youre mild, and full hybrid systems. In this
seeing on the bench today. Well cover how program, well compare the ZF 8HP hybrid
to diagnose todays vehicles, perform the with the regular 8HP transmission. Well
most current repairs, and discover what causes those examine what you need to know about the hybrid drive
conditions. And well take a close look at scan tool use motor, the high voltage cables and connectors, and how
and diagnostic aids, and their relationship to the fix. This to disconnect these systems safely before servicing.
is a must-attend show!
3:50pm - 5:20pm
10:10am - 11:40am
Blame It On the Tuner
Converter Control Presented by Pepe Torres
Presented by Bob Warnke Its easy to blame a transmission failure
Learn how to deal with the units your on a high-performance tuner. But, before
shop today. Well revisit the existing units you blame it on the tuner, learn how to
and take a closer look at how to deal correct hydraulic problems that may be
with common problems that are often sabotaging your rebuilds. Youll discover
overlooked and hard to diagnose. how to combine high performance parts and tuners on
68RFE and 48RE transmissions.
Back by popular demand!


k to Ba s i c
Bac aining by ran
Tr te
Indu peakers!


8:30am - 10:00am 2:10pm - 3:40pm

Scan Tool 101 Series Circuit Essentials
Presented by Jarad Warren You Should Know
Discover the ins and outs of performing
a voltage drop test as part of computer Presented by Dan Marinucci
system diagnosis. Youll learn how to The series circuit is the essential, basic
interpret scan data to help you diagnose building block of the entire electrical
and repair problems on the latest vehicles system, so its important to master fast,
coming in to your shop. accurate methods for testing any series circuit. Discover
the vital voltage checks including the proper voltage
drop procedure for testing a circuit confidently. Even
10:10am - 11:40am experienced technicians will benefit from this seminar.
ATF Today; Surviving in an
OE Driven Market 3:50pm - 5:20pm
Presented by Pat Burrow
With no industry-wide ATF standards R&R 101
(only individual OEM-required lubricants), Presented by John Parmenter
it isnt easy to know what youre doing A comprehensive class covering everything
when it comes to selecting transmission fluids. In this todays R&R techs must know, from
seminar, youll learn how to separate the three types of shop safety to key steps for removing
automatic transmissions (CVT, DCT, and step automatic) the transmission efficiently and safely.
by fluid type and function, paying special attention to the This is an introductory course, designed
equivalency requirement when you arent using the OE specifically for beginners, students, and new employees.

9:00am - 10:30am
Gain Control of Your Business by Letting Go
Presented by MaryAnn Croce
Maryann Croce a fellow shop owner since 1999, will share her lessons learned and
aha moments that took her business and relationship with her business partner
and husband Tony, to the next level. You dont have to do it all, so stop trying to.
Focus on the activities that will move your business forward to have a business and
life you love.

10:45am - 12:15pm
Would you/Could you - Take a Vacation?
How Valuable Are You, Really?
Presented by Nancy Friedman
How do you handle growth and change? What about bad news? Or other
obstacles that come your way? Does apathy sound familiar? In this program,
keynote speaker Nancy Friedman shares how to handle growth and change
with grace, and uncovers the strategies behind these 7 leadership traits:
Choose your attitude in advance
Visualize Success
Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm
Resist Negative Tendencies
Be a Whatever It Takes Person
Embrace Change; Expect it and Accept It
Be Grateful For What You Have

9:00am - 10:30am 10:40am - 12:10pm
Hydraulics 101 Toyota, Lexus U881E
Presented by Bill Brayton and GM AF50 8 Speed
Learn the principles of hydraulic systems,
with a focus on the properties of the Automatic
most common valves in the valve body. Presented by Mike Brown
Youll discover how to read todays oil Take a first look at the new Toyota
schematics, so you can isolate the valves U881E 8-speed and GM AF50, including
responsible for a function or malfunction and solenoid and component function, pressure taps, and
address it with a targeted modification that will offer the test procedures. Learn how to evaluate pressure and
results youre looking for. gear ratio. Covers transmission disassembly, clutch
clearance, torque specifications, air checks, valve body
p break down, transmission fluid type and fill procedures,
and computer relearn procedures.

9:00am - 12:00pm
Smart Exit Workshop
Presented by John Anderson
Do you have something to sell? - Learn the four steps to making your
Smart Exit.
What do you have to sell? - Evaluate your shops management tools and
Whats Your Shop Worth? - How are businesses valued.
Who might buy your shop? - Consider who are the best prospects.
Can you increase the value of your shop? It would be foolish to sell a car without washing
it, changing the oil and giving it a tune up, right? Make your shop sparkle!
Because theres many moving parts that change over time, its best to have a written plan
you can refer to, update and change as circumstances develop. Learn how to maintain
your Smart Exit Strategic Plan.

Selling a business can be risky Not preparing to sell may be more risky Take the time to learn how
and get expert help! Reduce your risk and increase your final gain. Make a Smart Exit!
(as of 5/30/17)


Adapt-A-Case Motor Age Training
Allomatic Mustang Dynamometer
Alto Products Corp. NATPRO-National Transmission Products
ArmaKleen / Armex North American Powertrain Components (NAPC)
Ascension Engineering Northland Transmission Inc.
ATK and Parts, LLC Omega Machine & Tool, Inc.
Automotive Training Institute Performance Products & Machining (PPM)
Autoshop Solutions, Inc. PML, Inc.
BAAN Powertrain Corp. Portland Torque Products
BlueReach Automation & Control Power Pusher-Div. of Nu-Star, Inc.
Berkeley Standard Precision International
Capital Core Inc. Precision of New Hampton, Inc.
Central Valve Bodies, LLC Raybestos Powertrain
DACCO Ream Man Valve Bodies
DCM Tech, Inc. R.O. Writer Shop Management Software
Dieselsite, Inc. Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.
Dura-Bond Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.
EasyPay Finance Seal Aftermarket Products
ESi Seminars Slauson Transmission Parts
ETE Reman Sonnax Industries
EVT Parts STK Transmission Parts Co., Ltd
Exedy Friction Technics SuperFlow Technologies Group
Ford Motor Company Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.
Freudenberg-NOK (TransTec) Sussex Auto Parts, LTD
G-Cor Automotive Corp. Synchrony Financial
GearSpeed TCS Performance Transmission Products
Genuine GM Parts Tenn-Tex Automotive
GFX Corp. TRANSBRITE / Allen Woods & Associates, Inc.
G-TEC Inc. TransGo
Hayden Automotive Transmaxx, LLC
Hydra-Test/Cottingham Engineering Transmission Digest
Hot Flush, LLC Transtar Industries, Inc.
Idemitsu Lubricants America Corp. Wesco Automotive, LLC
JDS Worldwide Corp. West Coast Standards
KINERGO JSC Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc.
KUHLE, Inc. YanTai HeXie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd
Level Seven Yie Kuang Enterprise Co., LTD
Lintex Auto Parts Co., LTD ZF Services North America
LUBEGARD, A Stellar Automotive Group Co. Zina Autoparts Co., LTD
McLeod Racing




Registration EXHIBIT HALL


Friday-Saturday Thursday-Sunday Thursday-Sunday Thursday-Sunday
(Oct. 28 - 29) (Oct. 27 - 30) (Oct. 27 - 30) (Oct. 27 - 30)
Access to Technical Seminars
Access to Management Seminars
Expo Tech Manual
Expo Tech Program CD
Expo Management worksheets
with leather binder
Expo Management Program CD
Coffee Breaks
Friday Luncheon
Friday Cocktail Reception
Friday & Saturday Trade Show
Audio recordings of both the
Technical & Management semnars
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Can I register at the door? What if I want to attend more than one seminar
Yes. The following are the dates and times for On-Site in a session?
Registration: Audio recordings of both the Technical and Management seminars
Thursday, October 19: 7am - 5pm will be available to all Complete Conference attendees after the
Friday, October 20: 7am - 5pm Expo.
Saturday, October 21: 8am - 5pm

What are the hotel rates? 4 Easy Ways to Register

Hotel Room Rate Cut-off Date Call: (800) 428-8489 or (805) 604-2000
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Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seating is limited
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Does ATRA make hotel reservations or is it time. Arrive early to be sure of good seating, and to meet with
included in the cost of registration? instructors and other seminar attendees.
All attendees make their own hotel accommodations directly
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with the Paris Hotel or the Ballys Hotel by calling (877) 603-
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What are the registration cut-off dates for Expo? seminars Thursday through Sunday, Friday Luncheon & Cocktail
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the Technical and Management seminars will be available to all
Will I receive a confirmation for my registration? Complete Conference attendees after the Expo.
Your confirmation will automatically be emailed to the email
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Saturday ATRA Trade Show admission, the Expo Technical Manual,
Technical seminar program CD or Management worksheet
Does my guest need to register? materials.
Yes, everyone attending the seminars or trade show must have
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Cancellation Policy
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Yes, you can switch the name on one or more of your registrations
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youd like to make. Any changes needing to be made after 10/7/17
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GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available
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with applicable digital photo or drawing to apena@atra.com or send by mail to
GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Sonnax Introduces Motorcraft has helped them meet or JAMAR Releases Rugged
New GM Manual Valve exceed a customer need or grow their Off Road Disc Brakes for VW
businesses: Link Pin Front Ends
Anthony Vigliarolo,
Service Manager
C&M Truck and Tire Repair Corp,
Staten Island, NY
If we can trust Motorcraft for use
in servicing emergency vehicles, we
GM 6L45 and 6L50 transmissions know we can trust it to perform for the
may not engage when shifted into rest of our hard-working fleets.
forward or reverse, often because the Kandy Kiehamer, Owner
narrow OE manual valve stem breaks Lakeview Custom Coach, Oaklyn, NJ
into two pieces, forcing the car into Ten times out of ten, I will choose
neutral. a Motorcraft part over an aftermarket
Sonnax standard-sized manual valve part. Motorcraft parts are built to spec, JAMARs sophisticated and brutally
assembly 104740-24K overcomes this so we avoid trouble with the parts over rugged DB300VWLP is designed and
problem, and offers additional benefits time. manufactured for use with VW link pin
including: How have Motorcraft parts helped front end assemblies. Intended for the
Hardcoat anodized valve and you build customers for life or improve serious off roader, these ultra rugged
aluminum link your bottom line? Send them your brake assemblies easily handle the
Larger stem diameter for added story atMCStory.com. abuse encountered in off road sports.
strength to prevent breaking All components are made of the
Longer spool lengths for increased Ford Has a New CEO highest quality aircraft materials
stability and leak prevention available. 100% Made in the USA.
Learn more at www.sonnax.com. Suggested retail is $838.50.
For complete details visit JAMAR
Motorcraft: Quality Parts at www.jamarperformance.com
Solve Customer Concerns
and Grow Business Join the Training
Following the 2016 relaunch of at automechanika:
Fords Motorcraft parts brand aimed July 2629, 2017
at improving the customer experience
Jim Hackett, New Ford President and CEO
through more competitive pricing
and increased accessibility Ford Jim Hackett named as Ford
is sharing Motorcraft-driven success Motor Company president and CEO,
stories from technicians across the succeeding Mark Fields, who is
country. retiring. Hackett, who will report
When it comes down to it, to Executive Chairman Bill Ford,
technicians need products that help is recognized as a transformational Theres a demand among shop
them do business successfully, said business leader owners and the driving public to
Marc Liskey, North America repair Hackett led Steelcase Inc.s have well-educated technicians and
product planning maintenance and turnaround to become the worlds No. repairers who understand the changing
light repair manager. We work to 1 office furniture maker, served as complexities of today's vehicles.
ensure Motorcraft products meet both interim Athletic Director at University Automotive professionals have
customer and installer needs, and of Michigan and has led Ford Smart found big boosts to their careers by
sharing the stories of how Motorcraft Mobility LLC since March 2016. He joining the free training at NACE
parts have helped technicians solve served on Fords board from 2013 to Automechanika Chicago in the past.
problems for customers or grow their 2016 This years program will take place
business is a great way to illustrate Hackett, together with Bill from July 26 through 29.
the many ways in which Motorcraft is Ford, will focus on three priorities: We hope youll take a few minutes
working to meet and exceed the needs Sharpening operational execution, right now and register. Look over the list
of all customers. modernizing Fords present business of classes covering driveabilityissues,
Ford called upon technicians and transforming the company to meet including:
nationwide for their input on how tomorrows challenges. Glow Plug Diagnostic Strategies
GEARS June 2017 81

1PINS 617.indd 81 6/2/17 10:34 AM

Mode $06 Fixing the No-Code A Look Back at This attendees got a chance to rub elbows
Misfire Years TCRA Meeting and share their experiences with one
In-Cylinder Pressure Transducer and Seminar Event another.
Diagnostics Torque converter rebuilders from Saturday was a full day of seminars,
and much, much more. all across the country gathered in presented by experts from all walks of
Plus, when you use code beautiful Ventura, CA for the 2017 the industry. GEARS Managing Editor
NAPA2017, NAPAwill cover all of TCRA meeting and seminar program Rodger Bland started things off with
your registration costs making your this past April 21 and 22. As you might a short presentation about the history
training free! expect for SoCal, the weather was of the California missions and some
To register, visit https://registration. warm and sunny: a welcome respite interesting facts about the area they
n200.com/survey/01j7h7as2441z for many of those in attendance whod were visiting.
been fighting their way through the last He was followed by industry
E-ZOIL Introduces remnants of winter. experts covering a wide range of topics,
Environmentally Friendly This years TCRA event took place from basic torque converter rebuilding
Hand Cleaner and at the Marriot Ventura Beach. Things techniques to diagnostic procedures
Shop Wipes began bright and early Friday morning and converter-related transmission
with a visit to the Haas Automation issues.
plant, where they build some of the After the seminars, Jim Naylor
CNC machines used in many of todays from the Ventura Raceway opened the
torque converter rebuilding shops. raceway gates for all TCRA Members,
Attendees got a first look at the latest to enjoy an evening of dirt track
equipment available for their shops, racing. Then, during intermission, Jim
and were able to ask questions and arranged a ride-along in one of the dirt-
discuss equipment issues with the folks track cars for TCRA President Martin
who design and build them. Brooks. It was a blast! said Martin.
From there it was a short bus ride Overall, it was a terrific event, with
E-ZOIL, manufacturer of to ATRAs home office for a tour of the like-minded folks getting together to
performance-enhancing fuel additives facilities and a catered luncheon hosted share stories and build relationships.
and cleaning solutions, has introduced by ATRA. Then it was back to the And for many, it was an opportunity to
Hardy Hands a new hand cleaner for hotel for a TCRA Members meeting, take their businesses to a new level of
professional technicians. Utilizing a followed by a reception, where professionalism.
high-performance formula with natural
ingredients, Hardy Hands contains
walnut shell scrubbers to quickly
eliminate dirt and grime. The product
contains six different lotions that leave
hands soft and clean with a fresh citrus
E-ZOIL has also introduced, Hardy
Wipes, a combined hand, tool and
surface towel. The companion product
utilizes the same high-performance
formula in Hardy Hands to remove
dirt, grime, grease, oil, tar and many
other soils. The two-sided towel has an
Bob Warnke of Sonnax provided one of TCRA Board Member, Raffi Pilajvian kept the
abrasive side to cut through soils and
several technical presentations. meeting running smoothly.
the smooth side is designed to wipe
surfaces clean.
Hardy Hands is available from
authorized E-ZOIL distributors
in 3- and 18-ounce bottles and an
85-ounce jug. A dispenser for the
jug is also available that is ideal for
shop environments. Hardy Wipes are
9 x 12 and available in a 70-count
For more information on E-ZOIL,
phone (716) 213-0106 or visit www.
ezoil.com. A day of learning during TCRAs 2017 Annual Seminar at the Ventura Marriot Beach Resort.

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(805) 604-2000.

Division of Wentworth Engineering

Need Hard
Authorized Parts Distributor Parts?
Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP
BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover
Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Just Ask!
Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals
Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

Fax: (860) 395-0047
www.zftranspart.com 1.877.888.5160
146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

COMPUTERS gcor-just-ask-2014-2.25x3-shopper.indd 1 12/1/13 7:18 PM

Foreign & Domestic

Computer Module Specialist Engine Control Module (ECM)

Off Vehicle Flash Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM)

A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Accept Major Credit Cards One Year Warranty

Technologies, Inc.
8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037


CASH for Transfer Case Assemblies

with Encoder Motors
Solenoid CORES Reman Transmissions
New & Reman Engines
Aisin AW 5- & 6-Speed
3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts &
Chrysler 45RFE/545RFE/68RFE
Labor Warranty
(early & late) & 62TE
Nationwide Delivery
*Ford 5R55N/W/S & E4OD/4R100
Truckload Pricing
Honda 5-Speed Dual Linear
Only at
Visit www.sonnax.com
to start a core return online, or call
(800) 843-2600, Ext. 379 GREEN BAY, WI

*OE & Remanufactured


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GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
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BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock.
Immediate installation available.
2 year unlimited warranty.
Remanufactured torque converter included.

Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010
tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019

n Pushes 18,000 lbs up a 5% grade

n Safe for use on plastic bumpers
n Variable Speed Soft Touch Control
n Built-in 115V charging system

powerpusher.com | 800-800-9274
2017 Nu-Star, Inc.

With over 150,000 transmission, engine and
internal part cores on the shelf, we have the cores
you need _ ready to ship today!


Las Vegas, NV Chicago, Il

800.426.8771 800.826.7403
702.649.7776 773.624.6111
702.649.6777 FAX 773.624.6660 FAX
Find vintage cores on Memory Lane

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Expect the
Standard Transmissions
Transfer Cases
Quality New & Used Parts
Remanufactured Rebuilt Units
Torque Converters *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*
Distributorships Available
Visit our website:
www.cvcconverters.com 866-571-GEAR
4 3 2 7


The Future of CONVERTERS?
Training at
Your Fingertips

Overhaul System!


Call for a free catalog

JUNE 27 845RE Internal 6747 Whitestone Road Baltimore, MD 21207
JULY 11 RE0F08/09A/B
Equipment Manufacturing Corp.
ATRA Webinars are presented every two
weeks from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and
click on the webinar schedule under $4,995.00
HARD PARTS FOR the events menu. Once registered, you In Stock
Domestic and Foreign will receive an email confirming your
registration along with the information
you need to join the webinar.
Late and Early models
This and other technical webinars *Free for everyone on the
are made possible by; day of the webinar. ATRA
Members have access to all
CALL 602-971-0477 pre-recorded webinars. See
page 45 for details.

WE SHIP UPS DAILY The technology leader in parts cleaning for over 20 years

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our full line of high-precision Why buy foreign,
TORQUE CONVERTER When you can buy
American Quality
rebuilding equipment. Tools and parts
washers GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00
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Unbeatable Price!
tion. ATRA members are eligible to receive
up to three (3) FREE classified advertise-
Visit our website for more information, ments in GEARS annually (per 10 issues).
or the links below for our Parts Washers: Members wishing to place ads once their
three FREE ads have been placed may do so
www.partscrubber.info www.partscrubberx.info
at the cost listed above. Ads exceeding the
www.midipro.info maximum word count will cost $1.50 for each
www.transmissionpartswashers.info additional word (not including phone number
www.SuperFlow.com/gears | 1.888.442.5546 and address).

BUSINESS FOR SALE: Well established list, can send pics. Call shop, ask for Chris HELP WANTED: Southern Oregon Close
transmission business including building (931) 552-0221, or Cell (931) 257-0000 to Hunting, fishing, camping, boating and
and land, established over 36 years in shopping. Automotive General Technician
California. 2000 sq. ft. building with 3 racks, EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Converter - with transmission removal & installation
owner wants to sell due to health issues, TCRS Auto Aliner with miller CP-302 power abilities, generous compensation for
great customer base, very profitable. source. Victor 1860E Lathe with cutting the right person, benefits included.
Contact Steve (760) 660-9003. ATRA Mbr heads. Bonding machine and hydraulic Transmission Rebuilder also needed with
riveter. Low volume shop use only. Pictures ability to do all Automatics and Standards.
BUSINESS FOR SALE: Business and available. Pier Transmission, Boston, MA Seperate rebuild room with heating and
property for sale, approximately 3300 sq.ft, (617) 268-7409. ATRA Mbr A/C, organized parts room with about 75K
7 bays, 50 car parking lot, 2 furnished parts in inventory. Fast pace shop with
apartments on the 2nd floor. Reputable and HELP WANTED: Positions available for quality-minded technicians to work with,
established transmission shop for 30 years. Sales (Center) Managers, Rebuilder, R&R complete diagnostic equipment with Mitchell
Equipment and inventory, lifts, part washer, Technicians and General Techs throughout On Demand, Identifix, Transgo Tec, Steve
waste oil furnace, turn key operation. Central Florida and Orlando areas. Contact Younger, ATRA, ATSG, computer system
Located downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Orlando Area Aamco Dealers Group at for build room. Call us: (541) 535-1075 ask
owner wishes to retire. Call (502) 585-2255 aamcojobs@gmail.com or fax resume to for Jim or Rich jimnewcomb1978@gmail.
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. (386) 202-2955. com. ATRA Mbr

BUSINESS FOR SALE/LEASE: Looking HELP WANTED: Successful and family HELP WANTED: Looking for a motivated,
to Expand or Relocate? 8,000 sq. ft. owned shop in southern California punctual mechanic and or transmission
Reputable and established shop for lease looking for a hard working and motivated rebuilder. Must be available to work Monday
or sale in sunny Arizona, located near Las Transmission installer and/or rebuilder. - Friday 8am - 5pm, have own hand tools,
Vegas and Lake Havasu City. Operated as Please have some experience and be speak English and most importantly follow
a transmission shop for 23 years, same available to work Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm. directions. Preferred experience removing
owner. Call (928) 530-6350 to inquire. Please contact Mike (805) 236-1114. and installing transmissions front and rear
ATRA Mbr ATRA Mbr wheel drive. Not required but preferred!
Reading and comprehension necessary.
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: TCRS HELP WANTED: Looking for an Pay is good, weekends and holidays off.
Autowelder, clutch bonder, cutting lathe experienced Torque Converter Rebuilder. Great opportunity for the right person with
with 6 jaw chuck, TCRS faceplate, all Contact Atlas Automotive Inc. Irene or Erika, a positive attitude and strong work ethic.
tooling, and air ram. Riveting station, tooling ibogdan@sbcglobal.net or (216) 671-0100. Call or text Steve at (805) 896-2939 or
benches, leak test station, parts washer, trans58.sp@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr
balancer, jet drive DC drive. Too much to

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Don't Miss the ATRA SEMINAR Near You!


8/5 - San Antonio, TX 8/12 - Atlanta, GA 8/19 - Anaheim, CA
8/26 - Portland, OR 8/26 - Tulsa, OK 9/9 - Billings, MT http://members.atra.com
9/16 - Newark, NJ 9/23 - Chicago, IL 11/4 - Baltimore, MD MEMBERS.ATRA.COM

ATRA'S POWERTRAIN EXPO 2017 October 19 - 22

HELP WANTED: Ralphs Transmission is a Diagnosticians, Service Advisors (Sales). THE TRANSMISSION INDUSTRY.
growing shop in Modesto seeking qualified Visit: www. RalphsTransmission.com to Fast, Easy and Free service to industry
and experienced transmission specialists. learn more about Ralphs Transmission employees! Low cost and an easy way to
We have an excellent facility with completely and employment opportunities. Contact recruit nationwide for shop owners! Serving
upgraded equipment. Ralphs offers a Mario Jauregui at (209) 526-1909 or the transmission industry since 1997. Visit
positive work environment, competitive pay, Mario@RalphsTransmission.com. our website at: www.transteam.com or call
benefits and other great employee incentives. us toll free at: (888) 859-0994.
We are currently accepting applicants for HELP WANTED: NATIONAL
the following positions: R&R Specialist, EMPLOYMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR

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GEARS 2400 LATIGO AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA 93030, or call: (805)604-2000

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NamePage NamePage

ATRA BookStore...............................................................................53 Automechanika Chicago27

members.atra.com NACEAutomechanika.com

ATRA Membership............................................................................43 Precision European, Inc....................................................................87

members.atra.com www.PEIus.com

ATRA Powertrain Expo.................................................................65-80 Precision International13

www.powertrainexpo.com www.transmissionkits.com

ATRA Seminars...........................................................................38, 39 Raybestos Powertrain15

members.atra.com www.raybestospowertrain.com

ATRA Webinars.................................................................................29 Rostra Precision Controls Inc.35

members.atra.com www.rostratransmission.com

Adapt A Case41 NATPROOBC

www.adapt-a-case.com www.natpronet.com

ETE Reman30, 31 SEMA45

www.etereman.com www.sema.org

EVT Parts33 Sonnax IndustriesIFC

www.evtparts.com www.sonnax.com

Ford Customer Service Division9 Superior Transmission Parts17

www.fordparts.com www.superior-transmission.com

GearSpeed 11 Sussex Auto Parts Ltd.34

www.gearspeedpartsstore.com www.sussexautos.co.uk

H G M Electronics25 Transmission Specialties37

www.compushift.com www.transmission-specialties.com

Jasper Engines & TransmissionsIBC Transtar Industries, Inc.7

www.jasperengines.com www.transtar1.com

LUBEGARD, A Stellar Automotive Group Company3 Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc.23
www.lubegard.com www.wittrans.com

ATRA Supplier Members

Reserve your free table top display for the
ATRA 2016 technical seminar series today!

Call (805) 604-2018

See ATRA Seminar

Schedule information at:
Also see pages 38 and 39.

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Continuing to Invest
and Grow in the West!

Watch for more
west coast

The Best for the Best!

Technical Support
Customer Service
Best Fill Rate in the Industry
Everything you Need to Service Automatic

Why settle for next day when you can have it in hours?
145 Mason Cir # B 1927 E. Cedar Street 675 Gateway Center Drive, Suite B 1450 N 26th Ave
Concord, CA 94520 Ontario, CA 91761 San Diego, CA 92102 Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: (925) 798-8504 Phone: (909) 443-5920 Phone: (619) 281-6600 Phone: (602) 415-9509

5151 Heliotrope Ave 4212 Roseville Rd, Suite A 3744 Meade Ave # 12 1095 Andover Park E
Vernon, CA 90058 North Highlands, CA 95660 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: (323) 562-2111 Phone: (916) 830-4370 Phone: (206) 892-3270
Phone: (702) 247-4150

2017 National Transmission Products, LLC. All rights reserved. natpronet.com

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