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Identifying Information

Name: Bill Courtney R. Padogdog

Date of Birth: November 19, 1994
Age (Years & Month): 21 years and 3 months
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Filipino
Year: 2nd Year College
School: Davao Doctors College
Examiner: Bill Courtney R. Padogdog
Dates of Assessment: February 21,22,23,24 2016

II. Referral Question

Bill is a 21-year-old, Filipino, single, male currently in his 2nd year college who
referred himself to a psychometrician to evaluate his psychosocial well-being, intelligence
quotient and emotional quotient. Bill also had stated that he is experiencing difficulties in
making his own personal decisions, confirming his decisions from his parents.

III. Background Information

A. Family Background
Bill is the eldest of the three siblings with a sister, age 18, and a younger brother
age 13. He was raised in a middle-class family. He was born in Cagayan de Oro City on
November 19, 1994. His father worked away across country as a seaman. Throughout
school age, due to nature of work, Bill only had little communication with his father, which
they would only communicate through calls. His father would leave for 12 months of work
and stays 3 months in home. As a child, Bill suffered from asthma, thus his mother was the
one providing comfort and health care. His mother is also the one providing his needs for
school and tutors him in his academic aspects.
Bill grew up in a community in a subdivision, and never had any friend in their
place nearby so he frequently stayed at their home and spent most of his time arranging
and playing with his toy cars. He was also fascinated by dinosaurs and watches programs
that involved such. Bill reported, when he went to his first day of grade school class he felt
very confused and cried almost all day because he felt that he was so scared he reportedly
said that his classroom was in the third floor of the building and thinking that the building
itself might collapse. Throughout that day her mother stayed at their classroom to comfort
him. On his elementary, Bill made several friends and classmates. Furthermore, he enjoyed
watching music entertainment programs and engaged himself in drawing and piano.
When Bill turned 16 his family had transferred to Surigao del Sur in a rural area,
because his father had decided to put up business. On this period Bill had hard time coping-
up with adjustments due to transitional changes from places. He reportedly said that he
would cry every night by himself, because he was sometimes bullied by his schoolmates
by his skin color. He said further that in his school, although it has no strict implementations
on school uniform Bills mother always insisted him to wear a complete uniform, Bill
would sometimes feel embarrassed and so he secretly changes his cloths before going to
school. Bill stated that this was the first time he had disobeyed his mother. On his third
year, one incident had happened on his right ear, he had experienced a disease that needed
surgery. After the operation he said that, his classmates would bully him from his surgical
stitches. Throughout his high school he had entered various activities such as basketball,
editing, trainings and seminars.
When he turned to college, Bill ended up studying his unfavorable course. He
reportedly said that he wanted to show his obedience by conforming himself from her
mothers decision. On his first year at college, although he had another hard time adjusting
himself to his course, Bill had shown his motivation to impress his mother. On his third
year, he said that he felt uncomfortable because his grades were dropping and he felt that
he was failing his promise from his mother. At one point, because of displeasing disposition
he drank one bottle of Hydrochloric acid. His mother had observed that he became slimmer
and asked him if he had any problems. Bill decided to tell her the truth about his course
and in that he does not desire it. His mother granted what he had requested and shifted.

B. Past Medical History

When Bill had turned a year old he was diagnosed with Asthma. Her mother
stated that he was frequently hospitalized due to the disease, this lasted until he had
turned 8. When Bill was 14, he had surgery performed in his right ear due to an
infection of preauricular pit which was performed with 12 stitches. When he
returned school he reportedly said that he was sometimes bullied by his classmates
due to stitches. His recent physical examination took place on September 12, 2015
and his general health was good. His developmental milestones were normal.

C. Behavioral Observation

During the initial testing sessions. Bill was presented as a pleasant yet a
quite person who was casually dressed and appropriately groomed. Bill appears to be of
average size and weight for his gender and age. He remained cooperative, maintained good
eye contact and readily responded to questions. He willingly volunteered himself to be
evaluated and appeared eager for the tests given. When he took the tests he moves his right
hand frequently by tapping his pen to his chair.

IV. Evaluation Procedures

Tests Taken Date Taken
Bar-On Emotional Quotient
Inventory (EQ-i)
MPD (Measures of Psychosocial
Ravens Progressive Metrices
Problem Experiences Checklists
V. Test Results and Interpretation

Bar-on Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i)

Factors Scale Verbal Meaning
A Intrapersonal Scale 86 Low
B Interpersonal Scale 83 Low
C Stress Management Scale 75 Very Low
D Adaptability Scale 117 High
E General Mood Scale 93 Average
F Total EQ 86 Low
G Positive Impression Scale 114 High

The results from the Bar-on EQ-I would indicate that Bills interpersonal capacity
is quite low. This suggests that he finds it difficult in understanding his own potentials and
weaknesses. Further, he does not express himself too much because he is too doubtful of
himself. This lacks him the ability to make personal decisions. In most circumstances he
finds it uneasy to express himself he prefers to adhere his choices and interests with his
peers that leads to low autonomy.
Based from the test results Bill manifests good coping ability on which he could
solve problems when there are changes that arises. It would appear that he could be
dependable and able to lead on everyday demands.

MPD (Measures of Psychosocial Development)

Resolution Scales
Unfavorable Raw Scores T-Scores Verbal Meaning
Resolution Attitude
Trust 4 39 Moderately Low
Autonomy 3 42 Normal Range
Initiative 15 62 Moderately High
Industry 11 49 Normal Range
Identity 17 61 Moderately High
Intimacy 10 53 Normal Range
Generativity 16 60 Moderately High
Ego Integrity 3 39 Moderately Low
TOTAL 79 51 Normal Range

With regards to results of MPD on the intimacy scale shows that Bill tends to
explore relationships which he seeks to find commitment with someone. He has the
tendency to offer his time and work to demonstrate his commitment to family as well as
his peers. Further he had understood the roles and. Thus the resolving scale scores high,
due to significant scores lower in unfavorable scale and higher in favorable scale.
According to the test result he has the tendency to show concerns with his younger
peers. He wanted to be involved in contribution to find into the fulfillment not just by him
but also concerns of others, which resulted to the normal scale of stagnation which in
contrast is characterized by absence of involvement in contributing younger peers thus
resulting the resolution to a higher scale.

Hypochondriasis (Hyp) 6 Average
Depression (Dep) 5 Average
Denial (Den) 6 Low
Interpersonal Problems (IPs) 11 Average
Alienation (Aln) 5 Average
Persecutory Ideas (PId) 7 High
Anxiety (Axy) 16 High
Thinking Disorder (ThD) 9 High
Impulse Expression (ImE) 0 High
Social Introversion (SoI) 6 Average
Self-Deprecation (SDp) 1 Low
Deviation (Dev) 1 Low

The test results from the BPI indicates that Bill scores low on Self-depreciation,
deviation, and denial but scores high on the four inventory context. This suggests that he
finds it difficult in dealing with changes and irritable noises when he is doing his own work.
He also has a potential being a leader, thus he is confident enough with his own abilities to
deal with problems involving at home, at school and in social context. Furthermore, he
could handle arguments with other people and could speak forthright conversations. Also
as indicated from the results, whenever he would feel bodily discomfort, he would extent
his work activities rather than concerning his own distress. His results also shows that he
expresses himself from the common social ideals. He has also have some difficulties in
considering future outcomes from his own actions and with that he prefers to explore on
other ways, because he finds routine tasks uninteresting.
Bill displays good adaptive skills which allows him to function properly in various
environments, participate in activities and communicate effectively. He also possesses
internal resources to tackle problem situations. At times, however, he may lack insight into
the causes and proceeding factors leading to his problem feelings and situations. This will
make it more difficult for him to distinguish which coping mechanisms or supports are best
for his situation. He may tend to be concerned with comfort and pleasure that with the well
being of others.
16PF (Sixteen Personality Factor) Primary Factors Sten
Warmth 5 Reserved, Imporsonal, Distant
Reasoning 3 Concrete
Emotional Stability 7 Reactive, Emotionally Changeable
Dominance 5 Avoids Conflict, Cooperative, Deferential
Liveliness 7 Lively, Animated, Spontaneous
Rule-Consciousness 4 Expedient, Nonconforming
Social Boldness 5 Shy, Threat-Sensitive, Timid
Sensitivity 5 Utilitarian, Objective, Unsentimental
Vigilance 8 Vigilant, Suspicious, Skeptical, Wary
Abstractedness 7 Abstracted, Imaginative, Idea-Oriented
Privateness 6 Private, Discreet, Non-Disclosing
Apprehension 5 Self-Assured, Unworried, Complacent
Openness to Change 7 Open to Change, Experimenting
Self-Reliance 5 Group-Oriented, Affinitive
Perfectionism 7 Perfectionistic, Organized, Self-Disciplined
Tension 5 Relaxed, Placid, Patient

Factor Sten Meaning

EX: Extraversion 1 Introverted, Socially Inhibited
AX: Anxiety 4 Low Anxiety, Unperturbable
TM: Tough Mindedness 5 Receptive, Open Minded, Intuitive
IN: Independence 6 Independent, Persuasive, Willful
SC: Self - Control 5 Unrestrained, Follows Urges

Bills profile indicates that his social orientation is introverted. This would indicate
that he prefers to stay at home and is characterized by concerning his own thoughts and
feelings by himself. While he is capable of normal level of openness and tends to be
suspicious and defensive in relationships, he is able to achieve when interactions are kept
at a superficial level. When his intimate relationships once established, he is prone to show
adherent quality of relatedness. In the social domain, his test results would indicate that he
would rarely share his own feelings and emotion towards his family and his peers. His
profile also indicates that he is open to new experiences, having broad interests and being
very realistic. Compared with his peers, he sees himself as more open to new activities and
going to new places, and more intellectually curious and open minded.

On the other hand he may tend to accept authority, honour tradition, and as a
consequence be generally conservative. He is likely to be willing to learn from his peers
and from others theory, but he might have the lack of commitment to follow through and
make changes. His is likely to be less distressed by failure, and is likely to be able to
respond quite well to demands as they come along.
Otis-Lennon School Ability Test

Total Verbal Nonverbal

Raw Score 51 24 27
Performance by Age
School Ability Index 107 105 111
Percentile Rank 67 62 75
Stanine 6 6 6
Performance by Grade
Percentile Rank 67 62 75
Stanine 6 6 6
Cluster Analysis
Number Right Verbal Meaning
Total 51 Average
Verbal Comprehension 10 Above Average
Verbal Reasoning 9 Average
Figural Reasoning 16 Above Average
Quantitative Reasoning 12 Average

As shown in the test results, Bill scores high on verbal comprehension

which means that he is an effective communicator. Thus, he could handle
conversation with people fluently. This would also indicate that he could
demonstrate mature use and understanding of spoken language and his speech
patterns and articulation are normal when he generates the information. Although
he might have mild difficulties with attending to reason out information by
constructing more complex words.
Bill is also capable of learning efficiently with new skills. He could
demonstrate excellent abstract verbal concepts and can able to explain the concepts
of how similar things and what appropriate response was to complex problem
situations. Visual construction and problem solving are relative strengths for him
and can be utilized to enhance more his daily activities. Although, he might have a
little difficulty demonstrating his mathematical abilities when presented in complex

RPM (Ravens Progressive Matrices) Score:

Raw Score: 51/60
Percentile: 73%
Grade: 3

The test result from the Ravens test indicates that he is able to exhibit good abstract cognitive
processing capability as well as efficient word decoding ability. It appears that his visual perceptual
capabilities are his advantage.
VI. Recommendations

According to the reviewed results, He is experiencing difficulties with changes yet

he wanted to explore different approaches to his actions thus this would be resolve by
managing his stress through planning his own actions perhaps, it would be best for him to
list down his planed actions.
It would be beneficial for him to talk about various coping skills and how each
may better apply given his feelings and circumstances. Also, helping Bill identify
preceding events to conflicts and how conflicts can be resolved in a positive way may help
him gain control over his environment.
He could improve his quantitative reasoning by engaging himself with simple
mathematical problems. Some type of challenge might help by practicing operations
without using any utilities such as calculator. To improve his verbal reasoning it is
recommended that he could engage himself in different opportunity to practice decoding
through reading. This includes not only various book genres, but also magazine articles,
newspapers or novels.
According to the reviewed evidence from the results and interpretation of the tests. Bill is
having a low total score of emotional quotient. In the aspect of Intrapersonal skills in Baron
EQ, Bill should lessen his effort to compare himself with others. As a college student, he
might come to a point when his academic grades will be the basis of his ability wherein he
puts himself to compare his scores with others because it was indicated on his MPD that
Bill is competitive. Thus he should be aware of his feelings and emotion, what might cause
it and what could trigger it. Thus he should also try to assert himself little by little starting
from himself for example he might want to buy something for himself, then he should
consider the option.
The Interpersonal scales for Bill also scored low, in which Bill should try to develop
a simple progressive skill in establishing socialization with others and then observe people
through the way he approaches them. Bill could also try to evaluate his friends.

Psychological Testing
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Ronadora E. Deala

March 23, 2016